Trans-Galactic Tournament: Free-to-Play MOBA Action on PS4

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Trans-Galactic Tournament: Free-to-Play MOBA Action on PS4

Trans-Galactic Tournament on PS4

Hey PlayStation fans! I’m David, a writer and developer at Kiz Studios, and I’m excited to bring you an exclusive first look at Trans-Galactic Tournament, our fast-paced, free-to-play MOBA, developed in co-operation with Hibernum Creations and designed and optimized for PS4.

“What if the Star Wars cantina starred in an 80’s cartoon, which suddenly broke out into a football match, which suddenly broke out into Wrestlemania?” It’s a weird start to a design document, but the Tournament’s universe is everything we love: monsters, space and sports, clenched together in a fist and ready to punch the lights out of the world of online multiplayer games.

Trans-Galactic Tournament is faster than almost any MOBAs you’ve played. As much a love-letter to the FPS deathmatches of our youth as any MOBA, TGT is about thrilling 4v4 team strategy and the frantic kill-or-be-killed moments in-between. Our three launch modes all offer something different than the MOBA modes you’re used to. Plunderball is Capture-the-Flag meets Thunderdome. Conquest is our many-headed Hydra mutation of King-of-the-Hill, where the challenge isn’t capturing Control Points, it’s keeping them. And Deathmatch, well– look, we gave our Champs fists for a reason.

But making those fists connect is going to take skill! TGT’s combat isn’t the stand-and-click mathfest of other MOBAs. In TGT, a well-timed hit can blast an opponent over a ravine for a one-hit kill, and the best players can parkour over obstacles with well-timed jumps- or even use opponents as platforms to reach shortcuts or chase down fleeing enemies! Every option is tightly balanced: whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, victory’s only factor is how you play. There’s no in-match levelling; instead, our Champions are customizable outside of battle to suit your unique play style.

Trans-Galactic Tournament on PS4

Trans-Galactic Tournament on PS4Trans-Galactic Tournament on PS4

Our Champs are unique in a lot of ways beyond that, too. Our starting roster is drawn from fever dreams and the deepest reaches of space. Fueled by fate, glory and madness, their ranks include fearless amphibians, alien gladiators, hungry vampires and straight-up platypi. My favorite is Rook, an ancient living statue with the power to raise walls and teleport across the battlefield. She’s not very strong on her own, but paired with a bruiser like Brutus, she’ll ruin anybody’s day.

We’re launching with a ton of content: 3 multiplayer modes, 6 arenas, and 10 launch Champions. A free weekly Champ rotation lets everybody test drive new fighters, and every Champion and stat-altering item can be unlocked through play- it’s how our devs do it, anyway. If that’s not enough, we already have plans for more Champions, Arenas and Modes post-launch– including exclusive free content just for PlayStation Plus members! Trans-Galactic Tournament will be available for PlayStation 4 soon, so head over to and sign up for the newsletter to receive all the latest news and updates! See you in the arena, Champs!

Trans-Galactic Tournament on PS4Trans-Galactic Tournament on PS4

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  • Please dont be Pay2Win

    • Hey! I can assure you, Trans-Galactic Tournament won’t be Pay-To-Win. We know how much serious players dislike it– and honestly, we don’t like it either– so from the start of development, we’ve designed TGT to favor players over payers.

      First and foremost, no element of the game that affects character stats is solely purchasable through real-world currency. Every single Champion, Weapon and upgrade can be earned solely through play.

      Secondly, we’ve balanced the game so that when you upgrade your characters, you aren’t simply making them “better”; you’re customizing them to your own play style. That seems like a subtle difference, but in TGT, your champions don’t get better just because you pump up their stats. Instead, you change them to fit the way you play, so you can use your own skills more efficiently in battle.

  • Will there be any local split-screen/multi-player?

  • seems like a nice fun game. i really hope this type of genre of games are more apparent on Home Consoles. i mean for the ps4 we only have Awesomenauts and for me at least that got kinda boring really fast! hopefully this game is better!

    • Thanks! We’re really excited to be on PS4 too. We’ve been working on TGT for a while now, so you’d think we’d have gotten tired of it– but the variety in our game modes really keeps the game fresh each time!

  • Nice to see a MOBA on the Playstation 4, thanks guys! Hoping to see many updates for this title after launch to keep it lively. If I may suggest, skins for some heroes/champions are nice but some should feature more than just armor changes. A select few skins should feature particle effect changes as well as a spin on the characters itself. From what I’ve seen in the trailer, the cosmetic options seemed a bit bland but I can totally be wrong upon release. Cheers to an awesome looking game and I can’t wait to play it!

    • Hey Sean! I think you’re going to really dig our Weapon system. Each Champion at launch comes with a default Weapon, but additional weapons can be unlocked and equipped through play. Weapons not only change the appearance of your champion when equipped (and if you equip its matching Outfit, you’ll get the full effect); they also statistically alter your Champion. Some of our Weapons in development even swap out skills, meaning they can radically change a Champion’s role in battle!

      Also, if I may, there are few things in life that quite compare to the electric thrill of pouncing across an arena onto an unsuspecting foe while playing a frog that’s dressed like George Washington, so yeah, I think at launch, you’re gonna be pleased with the cosmetic options we have. Thanks!

  • Promising MOBa :) Glad to see this genre grow on PS4 :)

  • Nice, great looking game. I really enjoy the cartoon feel to it. Do you have concept art to post?

  • This isn’t a Ps4 exclusive… This is Smashmuck Champions which was taken offline a year ago from PC. They’re not only re-adding their own characters they’re using the exact same gameplay.

    Lots of people on PC paid a hundred dollars during the beta when the game was never actually released.

    What’re the chances they do it all over again?

    I wouldn’t expect to see this staying online once it’s online.

    • It’s true– Trans-Galactic Tournament used to be Smashmuck Champions. We understand your concern– and share it! That’s why over the past eight months, we’ve been working hard to overhaul the game and make sure new and old players alike will have the best experience possible. Everything, from graphics to controls to game balance, have been re-examined, tweaked, and optimized for the PS4. It isn’t just a name change: Trans-Galactic Tournament is the best looking, best playing version of this game ever.

      We have plans underway to reward every player that supported us back then. Honestly, if you have specific requests or questions about any of this, shoot us an email at, and we’ll do everything we can to help. We really hope we’ll see you and other veteran SMC players in game when Trans-Galactic Tournament launches this summer– TGT could use players like you.

  • I have never played a MOBA game but I am quite intrigued by this trailer.

  • Looks fun. And why not try it being free. As long as there is a lot to do in it, doesn’t feel like I have to pay, and there is a lot of content and rewards to keep me playing I think you have something here. Can’t wait to play it.

  • So it’s almost like LoL, then? Hahah

    As much as my life for MOBA solely pledges allegiance to League of Legends, I’d be willing to try a good console MOBA.

    Looking forward to it!

    • Thanks! We’re big fans of other MOBAs here too, but we know nothing can replace the spot LOL fills in your heart. I think you’ll find we’re a little different than League of Legends, but hopefully just as fun and compelling! See you in the arena this summer!

  • Loadout said it wasn’t pay to win, and then you couldn’t do anything without grinding like crazy just to get started or dropping some currency.

    I don’t mind paying $5-10 for a good free to play. Just like I would to play any other game… But the game has to have microtransactions that feel like they’re targeted to be worth it, a little money, and some real tangible benefits. There’s a reason why I bought the double coin boost thingy for Jetpack Joyride.

    The Pay to get high level boost on WoW is why I will probably never play that game again as long as it’s ALSO a subscription fee game.

    It’s all about respecting my money, and my time. So here’s hoping you strike a good balance. I’m fine with giving you money, you just have to not make me suffer if i don’t, or make my effort meaningless if I do.

  • If it has OFFLINE local / couch co-op multiplayer then consider me interested. IF not then i’ll move on.


  • looks like it could be fun for a few weeks. Definitely not interested if its a pay to win. Only thing i’d be willing to pay for would potentially be new character options or something along those lines.

    • Thanks! If you’re interested in new character options, I think you’ll be pretty happy with TGT. We have some pretty awesome Champions, Outfits, and Weapons planned for post-launch!

  • You can easily access your preferred power options.

  • I’m in but how to get in the tournament

  • Part 1 of 2:

    I knew this game looked familiar. It IS Smashmuck Champions. Well… here we go:

    I am a huge fan of MOBAs, having played every one I could possibly get my hands on over the past 5 years (Smashmuck Champions included.) The biggest problem with Smashmuck Champions (and these types of games) is that they are not MOBAs — they are brawlers.

    A brawler is a game where players fight to reach a score or some goal, with no in-game progression and no penalty for dying other than the potential of losing points/getting behind. Smashmuck Champions was a brawler, NOT a MOBA. A MOBA requires meaningful choices and actions in the game that have repercussions, such as making the enemy stronger. Making a brawler top-down does not make it a MOBA.

    • Hey Traegus! You dropped a ton of great comments and critiques, so if you don’t mind, I’m going to reply to you in a couple parts too. Glad to see another old player finding the game again.

      We call TGT a MOBA because, well, it’s Multiplayer, Online, and about Battles in Arenas. It’s a genre description that fits the game really well, and honestly, if we just put out the game without any sort of genre descriptions, folks would see our team based combat and top-down perspective and call us a MOBA all the same.

      That’s fine! Genre distinctions are fuzzy in gaming anyway. We used to consider things RPGs if they had leveling systems, experience points and intricate narratives, but nowadays most shooters have those too. We’re a MOBA, but our own kind of MOBA– one that pulls inspiration not just from our favorite Real-Time Strategy offshoot, but shooters, sports games, and more.

      If you only want to play MOBAs with lanes, jungles and creeps, that’s great. Dedicate yourself to what you love and excel at it. But if you want the same competitive gaming, but with a twist, we’ll be waiting for you in the PlayStation Store.

  • Part 2 of 3: (I lied)

    That being said, my issue with Smashmuck Champions was very much along the same vein. There was no in-game progression or purpose for killing the enemy other than scoring points. There were no in-game items, or a play on in-game leveling up (like Heroes of the Storm.) A MOBA needs some type of in-game progression in order to make your character stronger and lead toward victory. Smashmuch Champions will be very similar to the Dead Island “MOBA” (which is also not a MOBA. In-game progression can be diverse too; it doesn’t need to be items or leveling up, (be creative, idc!) but it has to have SOMETHING. Otherwise, there is no point in trying to stay alive other than to get kills/points and winning the game.

    MOBA is a very cool, hip term for gamers now, and I don’t blame every company for wanting to put out a MOBA and tap into that market. But, the fact that this game is being passed off as a MOBA is utterly disgusting from the perspective of someone who plays MOBAs.

    • Progression: Trans-Galactic Tournament has a ton of weapons and upgrade items for you to get all crunchy with. The trick is we like our changes to be persistent, so while you earn the money to buy them in-game, you purchase and equip them outside of combat. Our upgrade system has been completely overhauled since SMC, so if you didn’t like it then, come back and try the new one– it’s a lot more straight-forward, and has a couple options for unlocking new abilities that we really like.

      Even better are our weapons, which not only change your appearance when equipped– they also change your stats, and sometimes change entire abilities!

      All of these aren’t given to you– players have to earn them through play. Sure, it’s not in-match, but you’ll be making persistant changes to your character over time, and we think that’s a good way to do things.

  • Part 3 of 3:

    Unless there are meaningful choices in the game, and some type of in-game progression system, this game is a brawler. It may do okay as a brawler, but it will flop as a MOBA. Please, for the love of the genre, learn from the mistakes of your first game. Do not try to be hip and call yourself a MOBA if you are not one. Or, even better, MAKE IT A REAL MOBA. Hell, I’ll even help test and make your game better. Otherwise, this game is dead in the water, and I (along with many gamers who want a real MOBA) will never touch it.

    • Man, you really care about your games! We hope you’ll come and try TGT when it launches sometime this summer. We’ve been working hard to craft a MOBA that’s just as strategic and thrilling as a fine game of DOTA, but as fast and fun as TF2. We’ve also made sure that players that care about crafting their characters and love making choices about stats and progression will be well rewarded through play. If you’d love to help make the game better, you’re exactly who we want in TGT, so keep your eyes open for updates about our launch, and I hope I’ll see you in the arena soon.

      Thanks man!

  • What did you do to Smashmuck champions? You guys just abandoned it and rebranded it for PS4. Not cool devs, not cool.

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