Second-Person Shooter Screencheat Coming to PS4

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Second-Person Shooter Screencheat Coming to PS4

Hi everyone! I’m Nicholas McDonnell from Samurai Punk and I’m really happy to announce that we’re bringing our game Screencheat to PS4! We’d like to share some info on the game, why we think you’ll have a blast playing it and hopefully answer any questions you may have about the game.


Screencheat is a split-screen, multiplayer shooter where everyone is invisible and you have to “screencheat” by looking at other players’ screens. What was once taboo is now the key to your success! Screencheating is made fun and easy through our maps and weapons, which are designed to maximise the joy of destroying your enemies. Maps are color coded to break the space into quadrants, then using distinct structural elements and smaller landmarks you can triangulate your opponents position. Weapons give off trails and visual tells which also reveal your position, so if your enemy misses, you get an easy shot at revenge.

So let’s talk about guns. Screencheat has a lot of guns, 10 guns in fact, each completely different from one another. First off we have the iconic Blunderbuss, a trusty, reliable weapon that blasts away opponents at short distances. From there we move onto weapons like the Sörgeån which fires a rocket propelled yo-yo mace, and the Hobby Horse, a toy horse and sword that you ride on at lightning speed to skewer opponents. Remember, all the weapons are one hit kills, but they reveal your position, so thinking about each shot will reap dividends on the battlefield.

The maps themselves are set in a color-coded world. Players must duke it out in tight spaces built for fast encounters, where you’re rewarded for fast reflexes, getting in your opponent’s head and of course a healthy amount of screencheating.

Screencheat features 10 maps, each with a different playstyle. We begin with “Museum,” the quintessential entry-point for Screencheaters, a twisting, multi-levelled building with distinct landmarks to help you track your opponents and shortcuts to get the jump on them. Other maps include the open “Garden”, featuring two opposing mansions connected by an underground passageway and the wild “Loop,” a tea house in space where the gravity loops around, allowing players to flow seamlessly from the top to the bottom of the map and back again.

With loads of game modes from classic Deathmatch to the unique Cluedo-like Murder Mystery. Screencheat’s game modes provide spice to your gameplay which can be seasoned further with game mode customization and crazy mutators. All up Screencheat features 9 distinct game modes (as well as team variants) but with these customization tools you’re able to create tons of variations and new modes all together to play with your friends.

Screencheat features online play for between two and eight players, allowing you to battle your friends over the web with a mix of local and online play. In online mode, all players’ screens are visible in splitscreen, just as if you were playing locally!

You’ll be able to get your cheat on when Screencheat comes out on PS4. Thanks for reading! Please ask us any questions you might have, we’re happy to answer them!

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  • Wow. I have played a few FPS games, but most of them don’t appeal to me. This is a Goldeneye 64-esque game that looks very appealing. I love how this throws back to traditional local-play shooters and that oh-so-familiar accusation of “You’re looking off my screen!”

    I am really looking forward to this. This is a fresh take on multiplayer shooters that I think my family will really enjoy!

  • I like the concept, will keep an eye on it.

  • @2 …and I will keep an eye on you. ;)

    Smart idea for a game! Very interesting.

  • Long live split-screen games. Keep ’em coming!

  • What an awesome idea! Really looking forward to playing this :)

  • YES YES YES! Love split-screen games and been waiting to get this on steam but now for PS4 this makes it so much easier. And side note i think this will make another great drinking game.

  • No thanks. I like the entire screen. Have fun with it tho to the rest of ya.

  • Got to get my brother to play this with me like in the old days.

  • Saw this on Achievement Hunter, and it looked like a blast. I can’t wait to grab it when it’s out… By the way, any idea when that will be?

  • This would be a great Vita title

  • With old split-screen games, I always wanted to put up a big cardboard barrier so that nobody could peek at the other screen and cheat. Now, those same games are played by people that each have their own screen, maybe hundreds of miles away from each other. But this game embraces the fact that everyone is going to peek, and makes it a key factor in the game? What a great idea. Maybe it was always accepted as feature of split-screen games, and was never actually “cheating” … hmmm.

  • Now this puts a unique twist on screen watching. Consider me intrigued.

  • Now this is some original concepts here. Can’t wait to see what’s in store and hopefully has a lot to the game.

  • Great concept. It reminds me when 4- player split screen gaming was king. I’ll show my support with a purchase.

  • This looks fun! And it has online mode too. I like the idea of screencheat jajaja. I will definitely get this =)

  • hahaha I like the concept, I’ll also have to keep my eye on this one!

  • @mr-krispy-kreme you should be fine then, this is a second-person shooter ; )

  • So would I be able to play with an odd amount of players such as just playing the three people?

  • This… Actually really interests me. For a cheap price (Or on the Vita), I’ll be looking forward to it.

    Hopefully there’ll be a ton of Towerfall-style “Variants.” I’ve found that messing around with those with friends can be great fun.

  • Interesting idea, but this is something many people prefer to avoid… Good luck with it though.

  • This sounds really neat. It’s probably not something I would want to play, but I appreciate the unique concept and that you are supporting online play as well. Things are getting a little backwards these days, which some games being local-only and not supporting the fact that most gaming is now done online.

    One criticism, though: Really, really bad title. It’s like calling Call of Duty “Shooting game” or calling Uncharted “Nathan Drake cover-shooter”. Don’t make the title so literal. It detracts from the game’s creativity.

  • @10 It’s almost impossible. The catch is that it should be played in splitscreen mode so you can “know” where the other players are without “comsat” (term coined for peeking on another’s computer during LAN party sessions). Playing it on a Vita, it would be akin to said LAN party sessions, so you can only play it via ad-hoc. Otherwise the screen is just too small for splitting.

  • This announcement has gotten me excited!! I was in the beta for this on steam and when playing i loved it and thought, “This would be perfect on PS4.” Now months later I find out I am not the only one that thought that. This will be a day one purchase for me.

  • Release date?

  • No thanks I’m color blind…..

    • Nicholas McDonnell

      We actually have colourblind support which replaces the coloured regions of the maps with high contrast textures that read even in grayscale. I hope you’ll check the game out again when we release on PS4! Thanks for reading.

  • I like the co-op and Cluedo concepts. I’ve never enjoyed online shooters much, other than Ghostbusters and Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3.

    will there be stereo 3D support?

  • Will buy! :)

  • @26 – Stop spamming. If there was 3D support, it would have been mentioned in the post. No one is going to add it just because you asked.

  • Its funny how all the games on my Steam wishlist are getting the console treatment.

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