Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture: New Trailer, Song Debut

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Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture: New Trailer, Song Debut

We’re a couple of weeks out from Beta for Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture on PS4, which is incredibly exciting and quite scary in equal measure. There’s always a point in every game development where you start counting down the days and hours, and everything gears itself around the question of “right, we’re shipping this thing, are we ready?”

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture: New Trailer, Song Debut

Everyone’s time is split between chewing through bugs and carving out time for as much polish and finesse as we can. There’s always something that can be improved. Late tweaks to design, signposting, player flow, discovery — this is all still happening. Rotating a prop by a few degrees can make a dramatic difference to how you navigate a space, or the likelihood of encouraging an area to be explored in more detail. Small adjustments to things like audio volume, or the area boundaries of ambient or procedural sound, can have an impact on the emotional tone of a space or moment, which has a knock-on effect to things like pacing or the interpretation of a story beat.

There’s some big, exciting changes too. This month Jessica (our talented studio head and composer) went to Air Studios to work with a world class team of musicians and engineers and came out with a soundtrack that is going to be one of the highlights of game music this year (actually, I think it’s better than that, it’s one of the best game soundtracks ever created). We’ve spent a fantastic week implementing it into the world and it’s transforming the experience, adding a huge jolt of warmth, depth, and humanity. These are the most rewarding moments in development, where the game leaps forwards and just transforms around you. It’s really exciting and makes all of the grunt work worthwhile.

Everybody's Gone to the RaptureEverybody's Gone to the Rapture

So the end is in sight. We’re going to announce a launch date shortly, so stay tuned for that. I’m so proud of the team and the game we’ve made. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is going to be really different, an apocalypse like no other, and we think it’s going to be good.

To give you an updated look at the game, there is a new trailer above, which is focused a bit more on the tone and story of the game — we’ve got a lot of beautiful world to show you, but we wanted to go small and intimate with this one, be a bit different with it. Finally, you get one of those amazing music tracks from that soundtrack I was just raving about. Enjoy!

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  • The game is looking great just to make sure this is going to be digital download only right?

    Looking forward in playing this soon.

  • This game looks sweet! Can’t wait to hear about the official release date

  • Just ashame to just find out about this project. Is looking real good, waiting for more details.

    Looking forward to walk those landscapes


  • The music sounds amazing. I’m looking forward to hearing the release date. This game looks like it could be a good fit for Morpheus!

  • Will there be weaponry or is this a run and hide game?

  • There wasn’t a game in this trailer. It makes me nervous about a game when studios do this, like they’re almost afraid of what they actually have. Reminding me of The Order 1886 in that regard.

  • Please don’t let this thing become another “all show, no content” game. Talk more about gameplay and less about visuals and sound.

  • For folks confused, this is a narrative exploration game, like Dear Esther (the game this developer made before this one). The visuals, sound, and experience are the whole point – and it looks incredible so far!

  • Where do we sign up for the beta??? Very interested

  • Been looking forward to this since my fiancee brought it to my attention. Unfortunately for her, she only has a PC, and fortunately for me, I have a PlayStation 4, so I get my hands on it first, heh.

  • The game looks amazing can’t wait to play! definitely day one

  • Been waiting years for this game so glad that the end is in sight. I’m guessing it is a digital only title but it would be cool if you could work with Sony and somehow make a disk copy.

  • The soundtrack is amazing and the graphics are looking phenomenal. Hyped to see more gameplay near release.

  • I have been waiting for this game for so long…I can’t believe the wait is almost over! Thank you so much for making a game that looks like it’s going to be a totally unique experience. This will definitely be a day one purchase for me as well. It’s games like this one that make me feel that the future of gaming is in good hands.

  • Looks amazing, sounds phenomenal. Can’t wait!

  • Was a great looking game, I cant wait to explore this world.

  • Can’t imagine how amazed I will be with this game.
    Beautiful world and music the gameplay looks totally promising
    It’s a must have for me.I wish the best to you guys at The Chinese Room and I congratulate you for this amazing piece of art
    Thank you!

  • The minor resolution in the music in the trailer is awesome. Really adds to the tone of the game. I’m excited for this one.

  • This is one of those rare games that I’m actually very excited about before I even try it.

  • Pffft, where’s the gameplay? No game in that trailer, thats for sure. So what, you walk around and find stuff? Lemme guess, the story comes through only by finding snippets here and there and making up the rest? How the heck would i even know? All you wana talk about is music and environments. And ill bet its $20. Count me all the way out.

  • The music remids me of ICO – You Were There Soundtrack – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWVij6r4QBw

  • And people panic because they didn’t know what games were coming out for the PS4 Lol.

  • As someone who grew up in semi-rural England in the 1980’s I’m so looking forward to this game, Looks and sounds great from all the trailers I’ve seen and I can’t wait to explore Yaughton. Absolute day 1 purchase for me.

  • Very interested in this…..

  • I’m excited for this one.

  • This is a day one purchase for me. But I find it disappointing, though not overly surprising, that there are a number of comments from people that don’t understand a game that doesn’t contain guns, shooting or violence.

  • @8 Thank you, I was wondering this, and I am glad it is what you are describing vs. yet another zombies hiding type game. It will be really nice to have a gorgeous place to explore without having to worry about some nasty crap killing you.

  • You can easily access your preferred power options.

  • Part of the reason I bought a ps4 this, it’s mildly interactive but I think it expands what games can be. It’s different to The Order certainly, which I felt was using mainstream mechanics to try to be a hollywood blockbuster, this is trying to use exploration and performance to tell a story unique to games!

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