Bloodborne Collection on PlayStation Gear Store

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Bloodborne Collection on PlayStation Gear Store

Bloodborne Collection on PS Gear Store

It’s time to show off your love of dying at the hands of the horrific beasts and other nightmarish creatures that lurk in the dark alleys of Yharnam with the new Bloodborne line on the PlayStation Gear Store!

Show off your Hunter cred with the Logo and Hunter Art tees. Keep all your Blood Vials and pebbles safe in the Bloodborne messenger bag, and use the Bloodborne pint glass to take the edge off of all that beast slaying.

Check out the Bloodborne Limited Edition Hunter Statue displaying the protagonist taking on one of Central Yharnam’s beasts. The Bloodborne Hunter statue is available for pre-sale in the Collectibles section of the PlayStation Gear Store.

Bloodborne Collection

There will be more Bloodborne goodness on the way so keep checking back at for the latest items straight from Yharnam!

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  • Looks awesome!
    I want the shirt!!!

  • Looks awesome!
    I want the shirt!!!

  • Man I wish I had the money for that Statue.

  • Keema, is there any way you could work with third party video game series to be added and included in the Gear store? I’d love to see these kinds of products and apparel for series like Tekken, Sonic the Hedgehog, Kingdom Hearts, etc.

  • These look good. I’m still hoping for a Freedom Wars ‘No PT No Life’ t-shirt. ( or something from Freedom Wars )

  • Is there any info about how much does it cost to buy it from other countries, for example latin america ??

  • That Bloodborne bag looks hella sick

  • Time to get jobs people or your gonna miss out.

  • I’m definitely getting that bag. That’s just a given.

  • So how many molotovs and blood vials can that messenger bag hold?

  • Disappointed there isn’t a Threaded Cane shirt. I got Platinum in the game using that weapon. I would have bought the shirt for sure.

  • I’m a little disappointed the obvious (and in my opinion, classy) design of the hunter symbol has not been used to create a shirt. The Saw Cleaver is too restrictive as many of us didn’t use that weapon and the Bloodborne logo shirt is just kind of boring. The hunter symbol would have been a perfect shirt and I hope that you guys do eventually make that an option.

  • Those shirts look sweet!

  • I was looking forward to the gear section but little uses much imagination. There should be more artistic or game specific references in them instead of just the games name. The saw cleaver shirt and the statue is the most original of them. You guys should sell something like the hunter hat or a cleaver replica etc… Just stuff specific to the content of the game like the above guy mentioned with the hunter symbol.

  • Please hear me out and have INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.
    Your devoted fans are spread across the globe, don’t shut us out.

    From Israel.

  • @Kid_Loser I feel the same way. If the sweatshirt had the Threaded Cane on the back I would have picked it up.

  • Yeah, the bag does look neat.

  • So what took so long to put this incredibly boring gear on the store? I was really hoping the wait meant you guys learned your lesson and were actually putting some effort into it this time. Is it really so hard to take concept art for all the hunters, piece them together and throw “The hunt begins” on the back? Could do the same for bosses, them on front “YOU DIED” on the back.

    How about an Eileen shirt? pic of her on the front, big print of the hunter symbol behind “The Hunter should hunt Beasts. Leave the hunting of Hunters, to me” quote on the back. How about one with doll and a bunch of messenger in the different adornments or just the messengers, whatever. I just came up with those and we were kept waiting for generic logo and box art…..with no blood?! @_@ Come on.

    Also, that statue. The nightmare edition would like a redux.

  • Pra vcs e bom q e barato, e pra quem e Brasileiro 690 q nem MK X

  • Hey Keema is there anyway we could get a poster version of the art that was on the EDGE magazine cover?
    It looks awesome and i want it on my wall! Also the statue isn’t very exciting, the whole thing about Bloodborne is killing the big bad guys, not the nobodies. I’ll be getting the awesome Hunter statue that comes out in December though.

    • Thank you for your feedback, it is absolutely appreciated. I am taking this back to the team so we can explore other product options. Keep checking out the gear store for updates as we have more planned.

  • You guys should add a shirt with the Hunter Symbol.

    This is the one I’m talking about.

  • This is great news… You know i always thought that the ps store should offer stuff other than digital content. Controllers, cords, headsets and all that jazz. Yeah I know i could just go to amazon but how cool is it to have it all right there on my ps4??? More, more, more!!!

  • I love that statue, but seems very pricey for only a ten inch piece.

  • I gotta have that lithograph.

    *sees shipping to Canada is an extra $25*

    I will live without that lithograph.

  • As others have pointed out I’d like to see the Hunter Emblem used on a tee. I’m not all that interested in the ones that were made but same can be said about other lines too. A lot of improvement can be done in regards to the tee designs….

    I did have to buy that litho though. It’s not all that great but it’s good enough. The Diorama is incredible. If it weren’t for the fact I haven’t worked for months and going in for surgery next month I’d be all over that. Same as the God of War statue/throne. I do think some of the art and the figures are looking great. Just hope to see that continue and hope to see better designs on the tees.

  • That statue…. it has to be mine. My blood to the moon for one!!!! Seriously, cool merch. LOve the bag as well.

  • The real question is when the Playstation Gear Store will go up to a size 3x? Can’t give y’all know money if y’all want to act all petty now!

  • I retract that last statement. It appears some stuff do up that far! XD

  • although I wasn’t the biggest fan of Bloodborne that Pint glass looks sexy :)

  • Hi Guys! Personally, I’m in trouble in the digital version of Bloodborne. I can not start the game ( Eroor CE-34878-0). For weeks I try to support Chat, but is in offline. Please, help-me :(

  • Good start on the Bloodborne gear and good start on the store. How about bringing over items like the Bloodborne Sackboy keyring, Kirk-hammer letter opener and the saw cleaver keychain? Cool items get released or licensed worldwide, let’s bring some of that goodness our way ;)

  • You can easily access your preferred power options.

  • All I want to see from Bloodborne is:

    -Better loading times now that 1.03update is out, make it even faster.

    -A Stereoscopic 3D PATCH for the game! It looks flat as paper without it!

    -Sell me a real CD Soundtrack or the soundtrack on Vinyl! That piece of paper inside the “Collectors Edition” was a joke! I was able to download the MP3s from a website for free before that limited edition even hit the store shelves! So I have a cdr for my soundtrack of the game, which is so not the way I wanted it. You made a REAL CD Soundtrack for Dark Souls 1 and 2 on the PS3, but not on PS4. The PS3 version even had MANUALS… I feel ripped off. :P

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