Invisible, Inc. Coming to PS4

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Invisible, Inc. Coming to PS4

Hello Playstation.Blog, and fans! I’m back with another announcement from the land of Klei Entertainment. Today we are pleased to announce that Invisible, Inc. is coming to PS4 for its exclusive console debut. PlayStation has been an incredible partner to work with, and we’re proud to once again bring our newest game here.

Invisible, Inc. is about leading your team of elite spies to infiltrate the world’s most secure complexes. As the Operator, your job is to pick targets of opportunity, steal from the corporations, and upgrade your agents and programs in order to prepare for the final standoff. The world is different every time, and the corporations are constantly adjusting to topple your plans.

As with Don’t Starve, your choices always matter so if your agents expire, they are gone for good. Only the best operators will make it to the end.

Invisible, Inc.Invisible, Inc.

The amount of build combinations that this game brings is incredible; each playthrough is different and you can never quite expect what challenge may be around the next corner. I’ve personally sunk hundreds of hours into the game, and I’m still learning new strategies. I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do!

Key Features

  • Character selection: Start with any of the 10 unlockable agents in the game, plus 6 agent variants, and 6 starting programs to crack corporate security.
  • Deep customization of builds: each playthrough is different as you create your own strategy using agents, items, augments, and programs, and adapt to your surroundings.
  • Randomly generated world: locations, threats, and loot are randomly generated so each playthrough is vastly different and you’ll never get complacent.
  • Choose your own game mode: with 5 different game modes and extensive custom generation options, each player can play the way they prefer.
  • Fully animated cutscenes and voice over: with hundreds of lines of voice over, great animation, and fully animated cutscenes, we didn’t spare any expense to make an immersive experience.

Invisible, Inc.

As the trailer above suggests, we don’t have a set launch date yet, but we’re working hard to get it to you as soon as we can. There’s a lot of work to be done, and as soon as we have more information, we’ll post it here.

Thanks again for supporting our studio and its games! It’s a pleasure to bring them to you.

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  • I was really hoping this game would make it’s way to PS4. Thank you guys so much. Can’t wait!

  • I man I’m glad I put off getting this on Steam. Can’t wait. :D

    • If you already knew you’d be interested, the wait will be worth it :) The final release update on Steam and what comes to the PS4 will be very different and completely refined to the current Early-Access Beta version.

  • YEEEEEEEAAAHHH!!! This is THE indie title I’ve heard about that I wanted to make it to Playstation platforms when it was only announced for PC. I am thrilled this will be coming at some point. My only wish is that a port would make it to Vita as well, as I don’t currently own a PS4 (will hopefully rectify that problem soon)! This game would be amazing on Vita and be a perfect on-the-go strategy title (since Vita never got X-Com :( ).

    Please consider it, Klei!

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    Friend me on PSN: GStylez1980

    • Thanks so much! Early in development we described the vision of the game as “If XCOM had a baby with FTL, that was raised by Mark of the Ninja, and grew up playing Shadowrun.”

      We wanted to take out the usual “kill all the things!” and really make stealth and sneakiness fun and powerful. Also, adding in procedural generated maps makes every single playthrough unique, so information about your environment and situation becomes very important for a clean mission. However, we of course give you a slew of tools in-case things don’t go as smooth as you originally planned ;)

      For Vita, we don’t have plans at the moment. We’re going to be focusing on PS4 development once the PC version drops. If it becomes a possibility, we’ll let everyone know for sure!

  • Looking forward to this game on PS4 whenever it eventually releases

  • Great that this is coming to PS4

  • So happy to see this coming to PS4, I’ve been keeping my eye on this since it’s announcement almost 2 years ago. Hopefully it’s coming soon, but least now I know ill be able to play it when it comes.

    • Thanks so much! Once we have a solid date we’ll let everyone know here and on our social. We’re @klei on twitter and /kleientertainment on Facebook.

  • Also glad I held off on the Steam version. Much happier gaming on PS4 and looking forward to this one!

    • The final version on PS4 (and even the upcoming PC launch update) are really different than anything that’s been playable on Early-Access so far. Super excited to show off it’s final refined form :D

  • Love the art for this, might just have to pick this up when it comes out. Glad to have another great game on another great console, the PS4!

    • Thanks! We’re really happy with how the final style of the game shaped up. It went through a lot of revisions over the course of PC development and Early-Access on Steam. We like trying to put a new unique look to each game we release. Aside from the hopefully looking cool and interesting, we know how important on screen information is in a Stealth game. We think we’ve hit a pretty great balance in our launch builds.

      Speaking of art, we just uploaded a really awesome new wallpaper to our main website drawn by one of our artists CJ.×1080.png

  • Any chance you guys are going to work towards a Vita version?

    • No plans at the moment, once the PC version releases, we’ll be focused on developing the PS4 version. But if it ends up happening we’ll let everyone here know for sure!

  • I love the art style. Great addition to the PS4 library!

    • Thank you! The game actually went through a lot of style changes. 3/4 of the way to completion we also embarked on creating 3D cutscenes with full VO for the game. All of the animation and voice over were done in-house at our studio in Vancouver. Typically we’re known for our 2D art, so getting a chance to work in 3D while trying to capture the style we created with our 2D in-game art was a fun project. We hope everyone enjoys them!

  • Is this a co-op game?

    • Invisible, Inc. was designed a single player game. We dabbled with the idea early on, but decided to focus our resources and vision on building a really refined and deep tactical espionage experience for single player.

  • i hope the trophy list isn’t as snarky this time.

  • Yo. I’m a big fan of your ‘Mark of the Ninja’. I’ll definitely get my hands on this one. I know a lot goes into making a great indie, so Kudos to you and your team. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for release.

    • That means a lot to hear, thanks for the support. Most of the the original Mark of the Ninja team developed and designed Invisible, Inc. We got a lot of amazing feedback and learned a lot from our first dance with the stealth genre. Combining it with a tactical gameplay was a unique challenge and really fun to see come together. We hope you enjoy it!

  • Invisible? I just don’t see it.


  • Thanks for bringing this to Playstation!

    Please Klei, make Mark of the Ninja for Playstation 4. I really want my friends to play that AMAZING game. It’s one of my all time favorites. It sits as my ‘favorite game’ on Steam with all achievements and badges.

    Again to sum it up; make Mark of the Ninja for PS4, please.

    • Thanks so much for the love! It’s not possible at this time to move it to new platforms, if that situation changes we’ll let everyone know. However, if you were a fan of Mark of the Ninja Invisible, Inc. was made by the same team! We definitely learned a lot about stealth from Mark of the Ninja and carried that love and knowledge forward in our approach to Invisible, Inc.

  • Looks amazing. Hope there’s a Vita version too. :)

  • Yesss! Max hype! Loved Shank and Shank2, Mark of the Ninja was my GotY when it came out and Don’t Starve: Giant Edition was my GotY for 2015.

    I love you, Klei – thank you for this. (Vita version please!)

  • Whups 2014.

  • I’m extremely excited for this game to drop on the PlayStation platform. I watched an interview on IGN with Jamie a while back, and it’s amazing how hard KLEI works on consistently releasing quality games. Keep up the good work, and, if you ever get the time, please release Don’t Starve Together content on PS4 (I’d love not starving with my older brother)!

    • Thanks so much! We’re really excited to finally be releasing this and getting to see all the awesome strategies and builds players come up with.

      We aren’t sure if it’s possible to bring Don’t Starve Together to console yet, so no plans at the moment. Our focus right now is to get it launched on PC. If it ends up happening you can be sure we’ll be back to shout about it :)

  • Heck yea! Excited for this!

  • Nice to see this coming out on PS4. I already bought two copies for Steam from you guys at PAX Prime a couple of years ago. Looking forward to it – I’ve avoided the early-access stuff.

    • Thanks for supporting our Early-Access! If you’ve been holding off on spoiling too much, the next launch update and what comes to PS4 is substantially different, deeper and much more graphically impressive.

      We’re looking to be back at PRIME again this year, swing by if you attend!

  • Klei, you guys are awesome! Looking forward to playing this! (A Vita version would be really sweet, too.)

  • I am waiting for Don’t Starve Together to come to PS4 before I get anything else from Klei Entertainment for the Playstation.

  • This would be perfect for the Vita. Also please bring Shank 1&2 to Vita. Lastly, i think that Mark of Ninja might be exclusive to Microsoft but it would be nice to see on PS4 and Vita. You guys are awesome, but we need some Vita love.

  • I like many others it seems was waiting for this on console from when it was called incognita.
    very glad for the announcement.
    Also Don’t Starve Together on PS4 w/ split-screen & online could be a top seller. Like REALLY top.

  • Ah hey, you guys are back with another game? I really enjoyed don’t starve (got all the trophies) and I’m really looking forward to seeing your guys’ take on the strategy stealth genre! :)

    *P.S: When Don’t Starve first came out me and my brother had a lot of fun taking turns playing and learning how the game worked, don’t starve together would be great to have on ps4. :)

  • Thank you for bringing this game over.

  • Game looks really cool. I had never heard of it, but am now very interested. Would love a Vita version, but this coming to PS4 is just fine. Keep up the great work.

  • i cant wait for this game. i bought shank 1 and 2 and mark of the ninja for a reason all right lol.

  • The PS4 version looks fantastic, guys.

    Also, +1 for bringing Mark of the Ninja to PS4. I know, I know, you’ve got that Microsoft deal and everything, but a man can dream, can’t he?

  • Please do let us know if you’re able or not to bring Don’t Starve Together to PS4, I got DS on PS4 hru Plus and then paid for RoG on PS4 as a thank you for bundling it with the Vita version that came later. Love your work!

    With that said, this looks HOT! Love how it oozes style and the palette, consider me sold :)

  • This game looks amazing. Would love to try it once it comes out. Would also love a Vita version if it ever comes. Please keep it in mind. Love your work, keep at it.

  • Oh sweet, I was about to pick this up for my PC but I’ll wait for the PS4 edition. You guys have been doing a great job of getting a variety of quality indie titles on the PS4.

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