Creating the Hotline Miami 2 Collector’s Edition Vinyl Set

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Creating the Hotline Miami 2 Collector’s Edition Vinyl Set

Hello PlayStation fans!

I’m Noah from iam8bit, here to tell you a bit about the AWESOME Hotline Miami 2 Collector’s Edition Vinyl Set that’s NOW available for PlayStation!

Hotline Miami 2 Soundtrack on Vinyl

We met Devolver Digital at last year’s SXSW Gaming Convention in Austin. At that time, we were already huge fans of Hotline Miami and couldn’t shake the urge to collaborate on something special for the release of the sequel. Even a year out from release, the hype for the game was already palpable.

Music is such an integral part of the Hotline Miami experience. When we started discussing the vinyl design with Dennaton Games, we had one specific goal in mind: Let’s make the most BADASS vinyl set possible. Even while working their butts off to finish the game, Dennaton kindly and carefully curated the tracks that would go on the vinyl, and their friend and excellent artist, Niklas Åkerblad, worked diligently on the album design.

The soundtrack for the first Hotline Miami was a big pair of Reebok Pumps to fill. But the fans worldwide have spoken, blogged, shoutcasted and tweeted, enthusiastically proclaiming that the Hotline Miami 2 vinyl set has delivered the goods. Featuring dozens of incredible artists from around the world like: Jasper Byrne, El Tigr3, El Huervo, Perturbator, Magic Sword, and more – the album packs a combo punch of amazing sound and energy.

The discs are bright and heavy, the music sounds loud and clear, and the art looks phenomenal! As a nifty trick, the album jacket expands to a whopping 12 x 37 inches – and a few folks have even told us that they’re planning to frame it!

(Yeah, yeah – we’re tossing around a lot of superfluous adjectives and exclamation points, but it’s because we mean it. This soundtrack gets played probably a bit too much around the iam8bit office.)

Hotline Miami 2 Soundtrack on Vinyl

The fan response to date has been truly heartwarming. After selling out two pressings for PC, we’re now on our third (and final) — and we’re so happy to finally be able to offer a version for PlayStation. The third pressing is extremely limited, and once these sell out, they won’t be coming back!


Hotline Miami 2 Soundtrack on Vinyl
  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita
    You get a download code for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number with 3-way Cross Buy!
  • 3-Disc, 180 gram vinyl featuring 28 tracks from the game
    All three discs are 180 grams, making them less prone to warping over time. For audiophiles, this means premium quality, through and through.
  • Beautiful tri-fold jacket with art by Niklas Åkerblad
    This giant work of art is simply stunning in person. Pictures just don’t do it justice.
  • FULL digital soundtrack download with 49 music tracks
    You get a code to download the entire Hotline Miami 2 soundtrack.
  • Replica Hotline Miami phone card
    Straight out of the 80’s, this phone card is authentically made out of thick plastic, and to reveal your code you need to scratch it off like a lotto ticket. The best part is that everyone’s a winner!
  • **We should mention that while the records are completely region free, the game code will only work with North American PSN accounts**

    You can pre-order here!

    Again – We’d like to extend a HUGE thank you to Devolver Digital, Dennaton Games and of course, all of the Hotline Miami fans. We can’t wait for you to start spinning these records on your turntable!

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  • I have absolutely no use for this, and I want it anyways.

  • Sheesh, I’d get this if it wasn’t 60bucks. I’d pay at most $45.

  • No, thanks! Not after that fiasco about the t-shirts from them.

  • that artwork though. I want that in a picture frame.

  • I’m just wondering how many people have a record player. I sold all my vinyl years ago . did everyone read the article? they said vinyl then in the what you will get section they said disc. vinyl was never called a disc ( atleast not in my time ) only cd’s are called disc. so the real question is since they don’t know the difference, which are you actually getting. I’m not getting it , I don’t even like the game lol

  • Will there be a digital release?

  • @jerk_man I hear ya. Id get it if I could for $60 but after shipping and conversion to Canadian dollars it’s gonna come out to be $103. definitely can’t justify that.

  • @milymill, I believe you can call them vinyl disc. It’s what they are. Disc made of vinyl. I have a vinyl disc player. They sell them in a lot of places now a days.

    @TheL0ken, hot damn. That is way to much, lol. I’m attracted to the artwork more than anything, but I just can’t drop that much on it.

  • Looks awesome! Ordered!

    Look forward to hearing the soundtrack mastered for vinyl.

  • Does this mean that there’s going to be a way to get the full digital soundtrack from somewhere other than Steam? If it’s going up on PSN I hope it’s going to be high quality.

  • How come you can’t unlock the soundtracks in the game?

  • I already own the game but damn I want that vinyl

  • Pffft vinyl…. My Dad’s 8-Tracks still work, Lol. 8-Tracks or no buy!

    Still, fighting the temptation, love the colors and art.

    My .02

  • I am so on the fence for this. I want the soundtrack, but I do not need/want vinyl in my house. I’m still trying to remove the VHS. Decision, Decision.

  • I know this is way off topic but, When is the next Flash sale?

  • For the uninformed out there…vinyl is still VERY much alive, and in high demand. It still remains one of the very best ways to enjoy music…for all of it’s limitations, analog still sounds better than digital. There was even a piece on NPR today about how the high demand is the reason that United Record Pressing is opening a second factory to meet that demand! If you don’t currently own a turntable, there are MANY out there that are affordable and of good quality. You can get a basic turntable for $200-$300 that will sound pretty good…audiophile turntables are being sold that run in the tens of thousands! (I used to work for a HiFi shop in the Seattle area that sold tables in that price range on a fairly regular basis)

    So keep your jokes about 8-tracks and how vinyl is “dead”…it’s still very much alive, and is still a respected format…hence the promotion of this (excellent) deal!

  • You can easily access your preferred power options.

  • I’d love to buy this whole set since I haven’t bought the game yet but I live in Asia so imagine how much an order of this would cost me. Too bad. I’m just gonna buy this and shovel knight later on psn.

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