Kill Strain World Premiere Livestream Tonight at 5:00 PM Pacific

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Kill Strain World Premiere Livestream Tonight at 5:00 PM Pacific

At PlayStation Experience in December we introduced the world to a new title we have been working on at San Diego Studio — Kill Strain.

Kill Strain

For those of you that don’t know, Kill Strain is a top-down shooter with a momentum twist, bringing intense 5v2v5 combat to PS4. With always evolving combat, two teams of humans fight each other and a third team of mutants trying to infect and turn their enemies into mutated allies.

With the mutants able to turn their enemies into allies and change the teams of battle, Kill Strain offers competitive and evolving gameplay where no two matches are the same. Another aspect of Kill Strain we are proud of is its development under our community-driven Games as a Service initiative.

The goal of our Games as a Service initiative is to make great games; and who knows more about the games you want to play than you, our amazing PlayStation community? I would like to invite you to join the Kill Strain development process with us, and help us make Kill Strain a game that can continue to grow and evolve.

Much like our other community first: Games as a Service titles: Guns Up! and Drawn to Death, Kill Strain will begin with a slow roll-out: with private access testing, closed beta periods, and ultimately launching into an open beta. This schedule is designed for you to join us in the development process, and help shape Kill Strain into the game and community you want to be a part of.

The beginning of this journey starts tonight.

At 5:00 PM Pacific on the San Diego Studio Twitch channel, we will host our inaugural Kill Strain livestream. We encourage you to tune in, ask questions and give us your thoughts on this early stage of the game.

We also encourage you to head to and register for our community. Community members will be first in line for a chance to participate in the various Kill Strain tests — which will soon begin their roll-out. We also have been known to be kind to those passionate and helpful within our communities (Hint Hint).

We’re excited for you to get a look at Kill Strain this evening and join us in our journey. See you all in the live stream tonight!

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