Bloodborne Sells One Million, First 1.03 Details

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Bloodborne Sells One Million, First 1.03 Details

We are amazed and very grateful for the way in which the community has embraced Bloodborne. As you may have seen, we’ve just announced that Bloodborne has now sold through over one million copies worldwide. Thank you to everyone who has supported the project!

We also wanted to provide more information regarding the next patch for Bloodborne.

As we confirmed previously, the 1.03 update seeks to reduce certain load times in addition to performance optimizations. The patch also resolves an issue that resulted in abnormal game behavior after many continuous hours of play. Additional fixes will be included as well.

Bloodborne, Hunter

The team is currently working towards a global release of the 1.03 patch before the end of the month. We will try to provide more specific timing as soon as we are able.

We’re continuing to monitor popular communities and forums for feedback, in addition to the comments below, so please share any other issues or questions you may have.

Please note: online play will need to be disabled for a short period of time to facilitate server-side updates. In this case, and in the case of any future server maintenance downtime, it has been determined that starting at 1am PT on a non-Friday weeknight will disrupt the fewest players. We will target this time for any necessary future server maintenance downtime, which will only last a couple hours in each instance.

On behalf of the Bloodborne development team, thank you for your ongoing passion and support.

Network Issues for Certain users

If you are having trouble accessing online features, please check your NAT type and ensure proper ports on your network are open.

How to check your NAT type

Please check your NAT type by following these steps on your PS4.

PS4 Home Menu -> Settings -> Network -> View Connection Status -> NAT Type

Check whether it is Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3.

Online functionality may be restricted when playing under NAT Type 3.

Bloodborne, Hunters dream

Opening ports / Port Forwarding

The following shows the ports necessary to connect to PSN as well as Bloodborne’s online servers. If you are having trouble connecting, please ensure that these ports are open on your network hub.

Port number required to connect to PSN:

  • TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480, 5223, 8080
  • UDP: 3478, 3479, 3658

Port number required to connect Bloodborne’s online servers:

  • TCP: 18671, 20443
  • UDP:9305, 9306

Please check your network hub or contact your provider for more details.

*If you are unsure of your network environment, please either refer to your network hub manual or contact your internet service provider.

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  • Congratulations on the sales, and thanks for the hard work on future updates.

  • Congratulations!

  • Photo Mode for Offline Play please!

    This game NEEDS a photo mode. Since it wouldn’t work well in online mode, would try it for offline!

  • Congrats on the sales guys! It is an awesome game and truly deserves it. I loved every second I spent getting the Platinum trophy in it. Hope you guys work with Sony again. Also it would be awesome if you guys added a Photo mode to this game.

  • Thanks for the tips


  • My first “Souls” game and I have to say it is both the most punishing and rewarding game that I have ever played. The one aspect that I find odd is that in chalice dungeons you cannot keep on progressing with a coop partner through the entire dungeon, instead they help you but they don’t get any progress and you must wait for them to finish that same area you completed together.

  • I love the crap out of this game. The sales and high praise are all well deserved. Thanks for the patch update. Looking forward to the shortened load times. :-)

  • I haven’t run into any issues, except the odd graphical or gameplay bug, like enemies getting caught in the environment. But the load times are a pain, and I’m surprised the team went with a boring screen of just the game’s name.

    And I know this is by design, but man am I having a tough time with the Defiled Dungeon. I’m on the third boss, and I can only get him to a quarter health before eventually getting one-shotted. Kind of a drag to then have to go farm for more vials…

  • glad this sold well unlike The Order which flopped and sales dropped off a cliff once people realised how awful it was. Bloodborne will reach 3 million lifetime. The Order will be free on PS Plus by the end of the year.

  • Also I would be very happy if there were some Bloodborne DLC in the pipeline (including full transformation into a beast) :)

  • Glad to see the concerns are being addressed, and in a timely manner.

    BTW Congrats on this classic game. I’m trying to get the platinum for this game because I love it so much.

  • Congratulations and keep it up with the good work.

  • Congrats From Software and SCEJ. You deserve it. Bloodborne is a great game. Really looking forward to the 1.03 patch. Keep up the great work, guys. :)

  • Really enjoy this game, hope Bloodborne 2 is in plan

  • Forwarding ports does NOTHING to fix the matchmaking issues. Invasions work fine, then stops completely. It is obvious that it isn’t working.

    If you’re “monitoring popular communities and forums” then you must have watched the streamers on Twitch that are trying to get invasions with 3000 people watching. When that many people are watching, a huge chunk of them are obviously trying to connect to the streamer. When the streamer still can’t find any invasions, and neither can a lot of the people watching, something is obviously very, very wrong with the game/servers.

    Please, please, please tell me this is something you’re trying to fix. If matchmaking keeps being this bad, this game will be dead in a month.

  • This has to be one of the best all time informational and helpful blog posts ever. You gave specific network information to help troubleshoot, and also told of the reasoning behind when server maintenance will occur.

  • Will the 1.03 patch fix the stuck elevator glitch before Ebriates?
    See here for more details:

    Thank you :)

  • Congratulations on the sales! My first game from From Software and I absolutely love it. I don’t know if I can look at any other game the same way now.

    My one issue: framerate seems to drop only when my co-op with a buddy and we both use Chikage’s, lol.

  • Is the elevator glitch going to be fixed?

  • Bloodborne 2 please
    And Demon’s Souls Remaster

  • Here’s to 1 million more! BB is absolutely brilliant. Looking forward to dlc..some new weapons and attire perhaps?

  • Thank you for blessing us with blood! Finest game for me ever; except for maybe Pong. My suggestions which are shared by the multitudes: Load times, CO-OP CHANGE (so very, very difficult to connect with those I love to play with and playing through a dungeon FOUR times just so TWO players can advance is ludicrously tedious), more Bloodstone Chunk drops please. These seem more rare than chunks from the darklord minions…

  • Bloodborne is a masterpiece on the PS4. Thank YOU PlayStation, From Software and Sony for making the best games.

  • Thank’s so much Sony Japan Studios and From Software for making an incredibly beautiful and haunting game! The only thing I would add is now a PVP arena because I wanna kill more people legitimately without having my HP reduced or fighting an opponent who has his HP reduced. It would be a lot of fun :)

    Once again thank you for this amazing masterpiece!



  • @MortonHE

    Your head is broken if you think a Souls game would be dead in a month because of matchmaking issues.

  • Fantastic sales news for a fantastic new franchise! I hope there is a Bloodborne II in the works because you struck Platinum with Bloodborne. Congrats on the sales! I am glad I contributed to the success of this new Sony franchise. I am average at best and taking it slow. But to hear the load times are going to improve makes mediocre Bloodborne players like myself very happy! Keep up the good work!

  • Fully, totally, completely agree with #3.

    Photo Mode, Photo Mode, Photo Mode.

    …and congrats on sales numbers! Absolutely brilliant game, and I haven’t even played it online, yet. Never really been a fan of the ‘Souls’ games, but I am absolutely in love with this one.

  • Im praying the game breaking elevator bug gets sorted!

  • I have DMZ enabled so I don’t need to forward any ports and finding other players is still a long and painful experience. Even when I’m trying to join a friend’s game and we’re using the same password it could take anywhere from 1min to 15min!!! I though next-gen load times were supposed to be drastically reduced? :(

  • How about remove the 30% hit on phantoms and invaders inside the Chalice Dungeons.
    Remove the limit of 1 blood rock per family of chalice dungeon. Can only get a total of 3 blood rocks from the chalice dungeons on a char at this time and then 1 blood rock per NewGame cycle.
    Fix insight being used when you ring the bell to insight being used when a person actually joins for coop.
    Add chunks to buy after you kill the Queen in the chalice dungeon.
    Force a bell maiden to spawn at any level, this includes low levels like 4, if the host has 2 phantoms.

  • Amazing game and congrats. Curious to know if matchmaking for co op will ever be remedied though. Game is set up very well for that. Would love to see some Raids that are Bloodborne style lol.

  • Congratulations to FROM software. I think the game has been a much bigger hit than you expected. Do you have any plans to expand on Bloodborne?

    I’d love to see a ps4 port of Demon Souls/Dark souls 1 at some point with higher res and 60 fps if that is in any way a possibility.


  • I don’t know if it’s possible (at least while playing offline) or if it would break gameplay experience, but I’d be glad to have Photo Mode in the game and take amazing pics while fighting bosses.

    Here’s a feedback on a issue I had while playing coop. I’ve recorded it:
    I was summoned to fight the third boss. We won, but I was poisoned and died while returning to my world. Instead of returning to where I was when I got summoned, I was tossed straight into the boss stage. I panicked and used a Bold Hunter’s Mark, hoping I would go back to my last lamp. However, I was again in the boss stage, but this time it glitched and did not attack me at all. Since it didn’t have a health bar, I kept beating it… but it died! :(

    I read in a forum that it might have happened because the host may have activated the lamp in his world, and this action “leaked” to my world. And that the boss didn’t attack since I didn’t enter the stage through the fog. Is that correct?

    As always, thank you guys for another amazing game. I’m having a lot of fun and tense moments!!

  • An ARENA would be awesome.
    Having a fixed quantity of Blood Vials and Quicksilver Bullets which you get for free for every combat would be ideal. Besides, having a fixed amount of skill points to create your own classes would be cool too.

  • Great game, can not get enough! It’s great to see all the positive feedback in these comments, shows that people don’t want to troll a quality experience.

    My pie-in-the-sky request would be the ability to play co-op in a more traditional manner. My brother and I have a great time playing together, but it would be an even better experience if it wasn’t limited to current boss levels and if we recieved equal loot. I’d love to be able to play the whole game from beginning to end with him on a single play-through. As is we basically have to play twice, once on each of our save files, plus a third save for my own personal game. Unfortunately, I do not have that much free time.

    Love, love, love the game though. Congrats on the mil.

  • Please fix the load time only, but please don’t fix the glitch on the infinite blood echoes.

  • Mass Congrats!! You´ve made quite the amazing game. Definately the most rewarding game I´ve ever played.

  • Demon’s Souls remastered!!! I love your games! Each and every one.

  • Request: more chandelier werewolves. There was nowhere near enough chandelier werewolves in Bloodborne. Maybe DLC?

  • Congrats on the SAAAAALES! I have never played the Dark Souls games before. This game is truly a great, new experience for me. I love it! It’s a spicy meat-a ball! 10/10! Instantly one of my favorites. Thank you so much! And awesome! Fater load times would be amazing lol.

  • 1: Add Photo Mode please!

    1: Any updates regarding the guide? There are a lot of us trying to uncover the misteries of Yharnam and a new hint besides the game itself would be welcome to figure it out what it’s happening in Bloodborne.


    Many times the camera zooms in too close when the player is cramped in tight spaces. I cannot see. I wish we could pull the camera further away with a max FOV setting. It usually happen when the player is touching a wall. The camera should move out and away from the obstruction, not zoom in.

    It’s my soul complaint for an otherwise great game.

  • Congratulations From Software! I did my part by buying my Bloodborne retail copy DAY 1.

    Any chance of adding a LAN mode for some PvP / Co-op on the same home/ different rooms? Would be awesome!

    And also i would love to see another KINGSFIELD game on the PS4! Big fan of the series since the ps1 days :)

    Thank You

  • I loved the game!!!. I just finished over the weekend but I would love to see some story DLC. For the meantime I think I will grab Dark Souls.

  • Can something please happen in regards to co-op? It’s seems like a broken system, and even if you follow everything right there’s still a chance you won’t get connected or you’ll have to wait a very long time.

  • “View spectre” rarely works. Clicking a tombstone just makes the tombstone go away.

    In the Hunter’s Dream the spectres work mostly.

    Is this also being looked at?

  • Bloodborne deserve all the hypes.
    I rate the game – 9.49/10.

  • I am obsessed with Bloodborne. I do a lot of co-op, a lot, and I rarely have problems finding hosts. Based on my considerable experience, I would say matchmaking is based on 2 things:

    1) Your level. If you’re in new game and level 100, you will be matched with people in NG+ and above. Because that’s what most people at level 100 would be.

    2) Proximity. I’ve noticed that new phantoms will be summoned automatically as we travel through a level. That phantom is not at the lantern, but nearby our location in his world. So if you’re not getting summoned right away, like 2 or 3 minutes, go walking through the level and you’ll be matched. I’ve tested this many times. I’ll position myself closer to the boss, and when summoned, the host will be running by me, very far from the nearest lantern.

    3) I’ve never tried to co-op with a targeted person in this game so I can’t comment on how hard that matchmaking is.

    Just fix loading times, please.

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