Photo Mode Now Live in The Order: 1886

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Photo Mode Now Live in The Order: 1886

We’re very excited to announce a new feature that has been requested by fans of The Order: 1886. In the latest patch you’ll find our powerful new Photo Mode. Fans expressed an overwhelming desire to see and share the realism, beauty, and detail of our Neo-Victorian world. With Photo Mode, you’ll be able to compose, capture, and share stunning images of your favorite moments, characters, and environments.

The Order: 1886 Photo Mode

Note: Enabling Photo Mode will disable the Camera Bias option if you have turned it on in the Controls menu.

Developed by Ready At Dawn from the ground up, we took a slightly different approach with our version of Photo Mode while trying to keep many aspects of it familiar so that users would immediately feel at home using the feature, which includes a fully untethered camera. To learn about our Photo Mode in The Order: 1886, please watch this tutorial video.

Photo Mode Now Live in The Order: 1886

As shown in the video, we’ve added the ability for you to play the game with your selected Colour Grading. Want to see what The Order: 1886 feels like if you play through it in high-contrast, gritty, black & white? Since The Order: 1886 is completely rendered in real-time with no pre-rendered frames, you’re able to play in a customized look from beginning to end. If at any time you want to change Color Grading styles during gameplay, simply enter Photo Mode and make your adjustment. You can also reset the option if you wish to play the game as it was originally intended.

To kick off Photo Mode, we’re also running a special contest (click here to visit the official page and legal rules), looking to find what our fans are capable of with this new addition to The Order: 1886. Our team has worked to give aspiring in-game photographers the best creative resources, and will reward the best of the best with prizes that include team-signed prints of your photo and The Order: 1886 swag packs!

The Order: 1886 Photo Mode

Each in-game photograph must represent one of the following four categories. Members of our development team will select their Top 3 for each category, for 12 winners total. You may enter one photo per category:

  • Landscape
  • Still Life
  • Character Portrait
  • Combat

The Order: 1886 Photo Mode

How To Enter:

  • STEP 1: Follow @TheOrder1886 Twitter account
  • STEP 2: Using the PS4 Share Function, tweet your photo(s) to @TheOrder1886 and include the hashtag #ContestEntry AND which of the four categories (Landscape / Still Life/ Character Portrait / Combat) you are submitting for in your tweet:

The Order: 1886 Photo Mode Contest begins right now, and will end on Midnight PST, April 27th.
We hope you’ll enjoy this fun new tool and we can’t wait to see what incredible images you’ll create with Photo Mode and The Order: 1886. Good luck and good shooting!

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  • Amazing! If there is a game that deserved a photo mode is this one. Being able to play using different filters is a big plus. Thanks for the update!

  • @PlayStation really? I platinum The Order 1886 and deleted the game off my HDD and you just add photo mode. You should of delayed the game ?

  • Congrats on making the lamest game this gen even lamer.

  • @Dana Jan
    I enjoyed The Order:1886 and while it certainly has its flaws that I hope will be taken to heart with some of the criticisms made in a sequel; I think time would be better spent on other projects than providing new features. Photo Mode really should have been a day one feature. Supporting it now and pushing it out the door just spot lights the sore spot with this game.

    Thank you for making The Order:1886, I’ll be patiently waiting for news on Ready At Dawns next project sequel, spin off, or new all together. Please keep going strong and making games.

  • Nice add, but a little late for me. I already played it and took my stills with the Share button. Would have been nice to have this at launch.

  • Well I just picked this game up, and I think adding features like this is cool. So… thanks. Can’t wait to sit back and enjoy this cinematic experience.

  • Sucks that you have to take shoulder switch off if you want to use it.

  • Does anyone even care about this boring, over-hyped game anymore? I thought we had all moved on to Bloodborne.

  • It is nice to see a game continue to get supported rather than just dropped off. And it’s funny to see people reply that since it doesn’t help them, it is a pointless update.

  • KidGreengene, those people you find “funny” are commenting on a game they purchased. It is criticism that the company should take to heart if they ever plan on release an actual game in the future. Realistically they should simply stick to b-movies, but they are pretty confident with their skills. To each their own.

    Fact of the matter is that they really should have had this, and any feature for that matter, in the game day 1 in the first place. The game takes 5 hours to complete and that is only due to movies you cannot skip and walking scenes you cannot bypass. The only thing they did right was the graphics and I would have gladly missed out on the graphical experience if it meant the game had any replay value whatsoever or at least breached the 10 hour mark.

  • @9 KidGreengene
    Normally I’m all about post release support. For instance trophies on Heavenly Sword, MGS4, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, and Resistance Fall of Man, only 2 of those games got such support. Lair is another, they patched in rumble and new dragons, but didn’t give you the option of using the old flight controls with any of that which sucked. Lair could have used more support and it was a good game, it just wasn’t communicated very well to the player. Conveyance, the magic potion of new ideas.

    The Order didn’t have Lair’s issues, it was very well communicated, but it wasn’t a finished product. Ideas were left half baked or scaled back due to some limitation or another. Don’t get me wrong there is fun to be found in The Order:1886 and at present it is one of my most enjoyed games of 2015. I feel like as a series it has potential to be much more than the final product alludes too. Like Assassin’s Creed and other games before it, this could be the first release that leads to a fantastic sequel(s).

    So we don’t ask for support its not just because we ourselves don’t need it, but we feel the resources could be better spent else where then plugging a hole or two or adding an extra cannon to a sinking ship.

  • i think i will never use that feature if i will get game. what’s the point?

  • I’m going to have to play it again just take some shots! Also playing the game in B&W looks pretty cool to say the least.

  • We could already see the game was gorgeous, but I look forward to seeing what others can capture with this new feature.

  • @12, it’s obviously not for everyone, but for people who like playing with filters / photo mode and appreciate a good cinematic / shot.

    And it’s AWESOME that we can PLAY with these filters on…aaaaah how I wish driveclub would let us actually drive with the filters on…every game with a photo mode should allow those filter / brightness / contrast / color saturation settings to be played with in the full game, not just in photo mode.

  • wow, this photo mode looks like the best one for a game yet. very intuitive. i’ve been having a lot of fun with the photo mode in infamous first light, and now i can’t wait to try this one.

  • Will you guys be adding some way to keep track of what collectibles we got in each chapter to make getting those collectible trophies less tedious?

  • This game sucks. Even PS fanboys think this game sucks.

  • Oh boy, ONE filter? How exciting! Just move on from 1886 already. Make something that more resembles a game and not a cutscene tech demo.

  • Some great additions to improve the game would be:

    – Making collected collectibles viewable at any time after being found. This would save a lot of headaches for completionists, and also make the lore easier to digest and more accessible to the player.

    – Adding an “Armory” with a New Game+ mode, where after completing the game you can choose to replay it, but select any gun at any time (Including all the science weapons, of course). This would probably be the best way to negate most replayability criticisms, and give players a fun diversion to do after experiencing the story. I mean, who wouldn’t want to mess around with the rocket launcher on some lycans?

    – Adding an unlockable “Extreme” difficulty. After beating the game, another great way to expand longevity would be unlocking a much tougher mode, similar to Uncharted or The Last of Us’ extra difficulty levels.

  • @Astroking112 Those are some good additions. I enjoyed the game. It suited the time and energy I have to play right now and was a nice change of pace. The photo mode is a nice edition especially for anyone that may pick up the game now or later, but probably not something I will get into. Really hoping that DLC expanding the story/bridging to a sequel gets made because after platinuming the game I held on to it partly for that reason.

  • Sony should allow us to use those incredible images as backgrounds for our PS4’s.

  • #22 has the right thinking process.

    I would really rather have a movie mode where the game plays itself (with the stupid gunfights, infinite enemy respawn cut short of course) from the beginning to the end since the game already dictates player controls anyway.

  • Like some others, I loved The Order: 1886, but the sad reality is that I completed everything the game had to offer within 3 days. I bought and sold that game ages ago, and I don’t plan on playing it again. This feature should have been on the disc from the start, as it really doesn’t add a whole lot of anything to the actual game.

    If Sony announced that The Order was receiving story DLC or some kind of multiplayer component, I would be all about that. Sadly, that isn’t the case.

    I am truly hoping for a sequel, because I absolutely loved the story, the characters, and the lore. I only hope that the next time around, everything can be expanded on, and that includes story replayability, some form of multiplayer, and just any reason to hold onto the title for longer than a week. It’s a great start to a potentially amazing franchise, but a lot needs to change for that to happen.

  • I was so happy to get this game…. then I played it…. I was so happy to delete this game from my hard drive and never look back.

  • “…hope you enjoy playing The Order: 1886 with Photo Mode!”

    Well, I sure would have. But I’ve played it twice already, and even though I do love photo modes and I do think they add a lot of replay value( I stuck with inFamous:SS and Shadow of Mordor for a lot longer for photos), this is too little, too late. You can’t do much about the ‘too late’ part, but maybe if you had rolled this update out with a couple of the small things people have mentioned – a functional Armory, collectible tracking – then people would have that incentive to go back.

    Your photo mode looks great(not to mention the game itself). It was just really disappointing to see so much lost potential. Most of the collectibles added nothing to the game. It was embarrassing listening to the captain of the Agamemnon’s terrible and inconsistent accent. Everyone seems to agree that the world is interesting, but why couldn’t you add some intriguing lore to hold it together? I gleaned only a small thread of exposition into the powers that acted behind the scenes. Perhaps if you had shared more of your vision with the players, we would have far less doubt about the product as a whole, and the future of the property.

  • Thank you so much for this. Was hoping we’d get the feature. Didn’t expect to have a filter that could last the whole game. Pretty slick.

  • Thank You for the photo mode ! I enjoyed The Order 1886 immensely and i hope to see an expansion / Dlc for the game! There’s great potential with the setting and lore that need to be explored and experienced.

    Hope to see more of the Order 1886 world setting in the future!

    Thank You

  • looks like we’ll be bombarded with sex attack photos in that scene xD

  • I live in Canada but I’m in the states visiting. Why can’t I buy a movie off the psn

  • This one is by far the best photo mode in a game…being able to play with filters and hide characters is a great feature…good job.And lol at the trolls…I still need to get the game because I had some complications on the release date but I’m eager to play it,saw a screenshot of the game that made me very intrigued….and now I’ll have this great photo mode to play around with.

  • You can easily access your preferred power options.

  • Excited to check this out! The graphics in this game are unparalleled.

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