Watch the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Opening Cinematic

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Watch the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Opening Cinematic

Hello everyone!

When I was much, much younger, I was awestruck by the cut scenes that were introduced with Final Fantasy VII, like when the Lifestream emerged to deflect Meteor. Or Squall and Rinoa’s famous dance at the ball in Final Fantasy VIII, which was also used to show off the capabilities of the PlayStation 2 system before its launch by rendering the scene in real-time. The melody still hangs in the air…

If you’d told me back then that, at some point in my future, I’d be able to present equally avid fans with the opening cinematic of a Final Fantasy game, I would probably have laughed in disbelief. Yet here I am, writing this…

The following video contains scenes from the final moments of the FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn main scenario story.

Get Early Access to Heavensward

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Now please excuse me, while I put this on auto-repeat on the TV in my living room.

Yours truly,
Hergen “Kahuna” Thaens

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  • Ooh first and so looking forward to this!

  • Dragoons suck.

  • Square Enix seems to be coming back into form. Giving the people things to be hyped about again, I hope this trend continues. Heavensward looks awesome!

  • Epic trailer. I’m looking forward to playing in this expansion.

  • woohoo can’t wait, this looks amazing, I have some dungeons, raids and quests finish up so this will give me time.
    If only the wait times for these dungeons weren’t so long .. Maybe a cross server matchmaking one of these days, huh sqeenix?.. *knudge nudge.

  • @BabakanooSH-_

    ” Maybe a cross server matchmaking one of these days, huh sqeenix?”

    I’m pretty sure this is already a thing. That’s what the duty finder is for.

  • Can’t wait already got my collectors edition preorderd and now time to play the waiting game! So excited ahhhhhhh

  • let us switch our psn name

  • Own the game ready so no point in rebuying it again for me but i would love it if you guys allow new type of membership if you paid $60 you get 1 year up to 8 characters, 8 worlds total of 40, and ect or $60 for life but can create only 4 character on 4 worlds total of 20 no extra things but everything for staying sub still will be added but you have to play for everyday to count to get them now (rewards).

  • @Monterossa only loldrgs.

    @TheCow-Waffle this isn’t the place to post that.

    @jose213jose their current subscription system is fine, and you DO have to buy Heavensward in order to play the expansion content. You aren’t rebuying the base game, you’re buying the expansion.

    All that aside, I already have my physical CE preordered and I am HYPED for this.

  • Please make FFX-3 & FFXIII-4, and cancel FFXV.

  • Wow glad pre order and dragoons are by far the best job in the ff series next to summoners and black mage and no ffx3 nor no ffxiii-4.

  • cant wait!!!

  • im wondering if i should start of with a realm reborn before trying this. Never played ff online but both looks awesome. Tried the demo of arr for about a half hour but want to get through dragonage which was forced on me by my lil bro first..

  • @rolly3 On one hand Heavensward isn’t coming out til June so if you started now that would be a good amount of time to try and catch up with as much as possible, and you will need to finish the main story of A Realm Reborn to do Heavensward stuff. You also get a free month I believe when you buy it.

    On the other hand, when this comes out there is going to be an all-in-one package that presumably will cost less if you tried to buy them both separate (I’m guessing). Of course you could probably find A Realm Reborn on sale or something so maybe that won’t hold true. The problem with waiting is you’ll have to play catch up a lot more to really get to even experience most of what the expansion is going to offer.

  • So epic!!! Can’t wait! I love the sound track to that cinematic

  • All I see is people trolling here at the blog. Why am I not surprised?

  • i want to get into this but right now i have no K&M well at least no keyboard, after 4 years of EQ2 on PC max level max craft raid isht all AA and all that junk going to XIV ( used trial) its very slowstart, no friends or guild the game seems solid but thinking if I should put the cash and time into it.

  • Any news regarding Final Fantasy VII Remastered. Squareenix is way too quiet about this…

  • Since the trolling on the PS Blog won’t stop, I will copy and paste this hashtag on every single comment I post until it stops.


    If possible, make sure you copy and paste on your comment so I know you’re not one of them.

  • This is the Final Fantasy I want in a genre and format I won’t touch. It stings. I would love XVI to be in a setting like this.

  • The cutscenes are interesting but these games take far too long to complete. I would prefer watching FF14-The Movie, rather than trundling through the lengthy gameplay. Don’t have the time or patience for this.

    Final Fantasy stories are usually decent and the music is stellar. Why doesn’t square enix just release their older games in movie format and make some more money? The cutscenes can be augmented and monetized. I know I’ll buy that.

  • Nice video…I always like to watch some Square CGI…they’re always great…the games on the other hand…hmm.

  • You can easily access your preferred power options.

  • Where is the digital ce preorder?

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