Cube-based Puzzler Bloxiq Coming to PS Vita on April 14th

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Cube-based Puzzler Bloxiq Coming to PS Vita on April 14th

Hey there, PlayStation people! I’m Justin, Creative Director from Blot Interactive to tell you about Bloxiq, our new indie puzzle game that will challenge your brain from all directions. Coming to PS Vita next week on April 14th!

We were tired of where the puzzle genre has been stuck for the last few years. Who wants to play the hundredth clone of match 3 or being pestered to pay every few minutes? These things just aren’t fun to us.

We wanted to create a whole new type of puzzle game that returned to the classic philosophy of easy to learn and difficult to master games like Intelligent Cube, Devil Dice, or Echochrome. Where there is a definite solution, instead of relying on luck to be able to progress.

Bloxiq starts with the standard concept of color matching and brings it into the third dimension. Manipulate rows or columns of blocks by sliding them around a 3D level to connect four in any direction. Sounds simple, right? One of the best feelings is when you figure out how to match blocks in intricate ways that challenge your spatial thinking.

We’ve got 100 unique levels across 7 different worlds that each have at least one proper solution. The levels can be solved through critical thinking instead of mashing buttons, hoping that you get the right level configuration. And you will need all your wits about you to conquer the Locked Cubes, Move Cubes, Bombs, MultiCubes and more!

Bloxiq for PS VitaBloxiq for PS Vita

A word of warning: we have more than one studio team member who have said “this game is the Demon’s Souls of puzzle games.” The Locks prevent you from sliding a row or column, Bombs count down and explode causing you to fail, and MultiCube have hidden cubes inside them. That is just a few of the challenges that you will experience in this mind-bending game.

We hope that you enjoy playing it as much as we did making it for you. We encourage you to connect with us with any feedback you’d like to share. Or maybe you will need our help to complete a challenge [insert laugh here] — we are always happy to help.

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  • Looks pretty fun. Please tell me that it will feature physical controls and not just touch based. Any info about the pricing?

    • Hi! The game features a combination of button and touch controls. We wanted to try some new ways to deal with touch controls and I think that you’ll find that it “feels” different and is more intuitive than other touch based games. In fact, one of our goals with Bloxiq was to try to create a game with touch controls that don’t suck. Please let us know what you think.

      The price is going to be $9.99.

      Thanks for your interest!

  • Thanks for supporting the Vita. It’s a great system, and I just hope more and more people see that over here state-side.
    All the best with this game!

    • We think the Vita is a great system too! Sadly, I don’t think enough games make use of the potential of the many unique features of the system.

      That’s why we tried to make one!

      Thanks for your support!

  • This looks really fun and challenging. How big is the download file?

    • We like to think that we’ve made a game that will challenge you to think rather than mindlessly tap away. In answer to your question, the download file is around 360mb.

      Remember to follow us on Twitter (@BlotInterctive) and Facebook (/BlotInteractive) to keep up with all the Bloxiq news!

      Thanks for your support!

  • PlayStation TV compatible?

    • Because Bloxiq requires the use of the Front Touch Screen, it is not compatible with the PlayStation TV. But I’m sure that when you play the game, you’ll see why.

  • Great timing! I finally finished Quell: Memento last week (a great puzzle game on Vita, btw) and was looking for another puzzle game to play on my lunch break. I’m a huge fan of echochrome (one of the first PS3 games I got 100% trophies in), as well as Voodoo Dice, Puzzle Dimension, and other mind**** 3D puzzlers.

    do the touch controls require 2 hands? One nice things about Quell and some other games was that I could eat with one hand and play with the other. (Slam Bolt Scrappers on PS3 had a great controller setup called “beverage mode” that did the same thing.)

    PS: It would be really nice if Intelligent Qube, Every Extend Extra Extreme, Gunpey, and some of these other classic PSP puzzle games were available for Vita on the Store.

    • I will definitely have to check out Quell. I’ve been really looking for those types of games and found that they were far and few between (that’s why we made one!).

      The touch controls due require two hands, unless you’re REALLY coordinated.

  • Looks great! Thanks for bringing this to the Vita!

  • Does anyone remember Intelligent Cube for the original Playstation? I loved that game and It would be awesome if they could bring it back!!!

    • We loved that game! In fact, we feel like Bloxiq is a return to the concept of “thinking” rather than mechanically performing the same action over and over (any robot can do that). You’ll have to really observe and think in order to pass the levels in the game. We definitely took some inspiration from games like Intelligent Cube.

  • I’ve been waiting for a Rubik-esque game to come to the Vita. If it’s got a platinum I’d gladly pay $10 for it, otherwise I’ll wait for it to go on sale or for my backlog to fall below 50 games.

    • Concerning the platinum trophy… I wish the answer is yes but it isn’t.

      However, we will happily snail mail you a page of stickers if you get to the end if you like! ;)

  • This looks like fun as well as a good workout for the ole brain!

  • I saw this available for Wii back in the day. The port to VIta is much appreciated. It’s been awhile since I’ve purchased a good puzzler. It will be one of my upcoming software purchases.

    • Actually, this is a completely new game. I think you are thinking of Boom Blox. Which was also a really fun game!

  • Good stuff

  • Ah. My apologies. I love a good puzzler none the less.

  • thanks for supporting the Vita :D
    the platform deserves better! can’t wait to play your game :D #BestOnVita

  • Looks good! Also great to see something happening in TO!

  • Looking good! Reminds me a bit of Tetrisphere and Picross 3D, which is a good thing. These kind of games are usually a best on portable devices! Good luck with it!

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    If possible, make sure you copy and paste on your comment so I know you’re not one of them.

  • Does it will released in EU store (and if yes, when) or this game will be US only?

    • It’s only on the US store at the moment. We’re working on an EU release as we speak. Bloxiq is the first console game we’ve released and wanted to do a run to make sure we did everything right before releasing to other regions.

      Follow us on Twitter (@BlotInterctive) and Facebook (/BlotInteractive), we’ll be sure to post there as soon as we get the EU release ready.

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