Bastion Hits PS4 Today

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Bastion Hits PS4 Today

Today, Bastion makes its debut on PS4 as part of the excellent Spring Fever 2015 lineup!

It’s an exciting moment for us at Supergiant, as you may know us best from our game Transistor, which debuted on PS4 last year. But before that, we created Bastion, and this launch means a whole new slew of people will get to see what that game’s all about. So, whether you’ve never played any of our games, or played and enjoyed Transistor and want to see what else we can do (or count yourself a fan of both and want to play Bastion again), we love you! Thanks to you we get to do what we do every day, and keep on making stuff.

It was always difficult to describe Bastion while the game was in development. We designed the game in an organic way, little by little, listening to what it needed most and building whatever that was next, until we felt that we were done. It didn’t start with an elevator pitch for what would make the next big blockbuster. After all, one of the nice things about being a small, independent studio is you can focus all your energies on making the game you really want to make, and with any luck, you can discover much of that during the process.

We liked to joke about how the pitch for Bastion would have been just awful, and how the game never would have been made if it started off that way: “Well you see it’s this action RPG where an old man talks to you the entire time!” While this is technically accurate, it’s selling the game more than a little short. We wanted Bastion to feel cohesive rather than like a collection of cool features. The trailer we came up with is one of our attempts to convey that.

Bastion on PS4Bastion on PS4

Thankfully, these days, the success of Bastion helps explain it better than we ever could. For one thing, more than three million people all around the world have bought this game, and for another, it’s earned more than 100 different end-of-year awards and accolades. As you might imagine, this exceeded our wildest fantasies while the game was in development. We just wanted to make a game that felt personal to the seven people on the team, building a game in the living room of a house in a California suburb. We hoped, and did our best to make sure, that it would do well enough that we could stick together and keep going, and make something new (that something was Transistor).

It feels great having made a game we feel has stood the test of time, as the first version of Bastion launched almost four years ago — practically an eternity in game years, yet you wouldn’t know it just from playing this latest version, with its hand-painted scenery running at a silky smooth 60 frames per second in 1080p and all that! And for you completionists out there, it’s another Platinum Trophy you could add to your collection.

Bastion on PS4

We couldn’t have done this without the help of the team at BlitWorks, based over in Barcelona, who we knew would be up to the task from their great work on PS4 versions of great games like Don’t Starve and FEZ. The result is an exacting translation of a game that’s very near and dear to us, and we hope will soon be very near and dear to you.

Spring Fever 2015 features eight new games launching over an eight week period, with a 10% discount for PlayStation Plus members for the first week each game is available. Click here for full details.

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  • Bastion & Transistor!!!! My dear Vita is waiting for you both.

  • My hard drive is ready

  • Loved this game on the 360 so I can’t wait to play it on my PS4 now. Thanks for including a Platinum as well. Any idea how much longer on the Vita version?

    • Thanks!! We’re still in the thick of Vita development so no real estimate right now, though we’re working on it! The Vita is pretty different under the hood than the PS4 as you can imagine so there’s more engineering needed to bring the game over.

  • Finally it’s here I will buy this as soon as it’s in the store!!!!!!!!

  • Only reason I didn’t buy Transistor was because of the turn based attacking. Bastion might end up being on my list!

    • Transistor isn’t strictly a turn-based game though for sure it has a slower pace to the combat than Bastion. With Bastion we aimed for a very action-oriented feel, so there’s an emphasis on playing with finesse. All the different weapons you can get have their own unique mechanics and so on. Hope you like it if you get a chance to give it a shot!

  • Will this PS4 version be cross-buy with the Vita?

  • I never played Bastion before (shame on me). But now I gave it a chance and regret truthfully that I haven’t played it earlier.

    Loved this real-time narrative and the combat is delightful! Can’t wait for the Vita release. I’m sure the game will look even more gorgeous on the OLED screen :)

    Only thing I dislike is the management of the save file. It’s really hidden. And if I could start a new game plus and a score attack without overwriting it would be so great…

    Congrats guys, keep it going! Can’t wait for your next title!

  • Wow didn’t know blitworks was to thank for so many rad ports. Thanks!

  • @6 yes it is cross buy. They announced that weeks ago

  • @9 Thank You

  • how much does this game cost ?

    • It’s $14.99 in North America, where there’s also the 10% off discount during launch week for PS Plus members as part of the Spring Fever event.

  • So the video states for PS4 and PS Vita, but you didn’t mention on time in your post about PS Vita, does that version come today?

    • The Vita version of Bastion is still in development. We don’t have a release date for it at this time. We expect for it to be cross-buy enabled with the PS4 version.

  • “Well you see it’s this action RPG where an old man talks to you the entire time!”

    The Legend of Zelda says hi.

    And no, no PS Vita Bastion yet, so no Bastion for me.

  • I need this on my PSVita ASAP!

  • Buying this ASAP. Feels so good returning to this game.

  • Seems like a game that should get ported to Vita as well

  • Loved this game on PC, did pretty much everything. Might pick it up one day, happy it’s on console now!

  • I rather have an Easter sale then more Western games.

  • I’m so excited to finally play this!

  • @blazev42

    Easter Sale on Western games confirmed next year! xD

  • Congrats! Never played Bastion because it wasn’t on a Playstation console. Now I can……and I will. Really looking forward to trying this out and getting hooked. So many great games out right now it’s staggering. Any word on your next project?

  • Bastion is the best indie game ever! Though Mark of the Ninja is a very close second. If you haven’t already played the crap out of it it’s a must buy/play.

  • Make with the physical retail. Sticking with PC till then.

  • Gonna give this a try

  • Does anybody know why I don’t see it available for download. All it says is watch trailer. It seems like the PS store has not updated on my system yet or something. Is there any way I can fix that?

  • What I have seen and heard of this game so far has my interest. I would enjoy a demo before I dropped $ on it. I will have to take a leap I guess, just because of the amount of praise from the community.

    This is the only game this year that has grabbed my interest. Slow year for my interests it seems.

    PeteColon, the store I have noticed is typically updated by 5pm ESDT or 2pm PSDT on Tuesdays.

  • Considering transistor is one of the reason I bought ps4, bastion is 1 day purchase for me. Already bought it in steam but I like playing it on console.

  • I’m so happy today. I had 6$ in PSN funds, and ordered a 10$ PSN Card over at Sony Rewards on Friday. I just got my email today. Just in time for this game. Can’t wait. Really loved Transistor.

  • Please bring Transistor to the Vita also. Make it a cross buy feature. I’m buying this game today because I loved Transistor so much, and I have heard a lot of good things. Keep the great games coming!

  • Hooray! Bastion is finally here!

  • When developing the VITA version, please consider PlayStation TV Compatibility.

    Really excited to give this a go for the first time.

  • where the hell are the new ps plus games this month?

  • I’ve been waiting for this all spring sale! JUST TAKE MY MONEY! After Transistor you guys became one of my favourite developers! (Yes I know Bastion was out first !) Looking forward to this and whatever you guys are working on next. Hopefully Bastion’s soundtrack is as memorable as Transistor’s… excuse me while I see the spine of the world in my paper boat and we all become one.

  • Bastion is a gem. If anybody is thinking about giving it a chance, stop right now and go buy the game. You won´t regret a bit.
    Bastion, Transistor and Dust: An Elysian Tale are the standards for indies (for me).
    There´s no excuse to make a poor 8bit stuff with no content and no quality in it just because they´re indies.
    Bastion is an indie, but it could be a full retail release for sure, the game has content, has quality and tons of fun.
    I wait for the next game from these guys, only good things can come.

  • I tried the PS4 beta at PAX East and I thought it looked, felt, and sounded amazing! I adored Transistor too (ESPECIALLY for the option to have the Transistor’s voice come through the PS4 controller speaker) so I can’t wait to play this!

  • Are the art assets 1080p native? Or just scaled? Some other ports rendered in 1080p, but the art assets were scaled from 720p and had artifacts,

    Are the audio assets higher quality than the iPad version? I’m hoping to hear the great soundtrack in bluray-quality on my home theater system!

    Can you talk about the unique dev challenges on the Vita? Naively, it seems like bringing a game to iPad would have been the majority of the work, since Vita is also multi-core ARM paired with a PowerVR GPU. Vita has more memory bandwidth, but also has split memory pools.. Is that the main difficulty?

    I’m really looking forward to playing this with a real controller!

    • Hey, the assets are 1080p native. We created them in 1080p, though this is the first time we’re using the 1080p versions on console!

      Audio quality is different from iPad by virtue of the hardware/software differences between that and PS4. We hope you enjoy how it sounds on your home theater! The game’s audio is an integral part of the experience from our perspective.

      Vita and PS4 are quite different under the hood as you can imagine. Bastion was originally written in the C# programming language, which isn’t natively supported by either platform, so there’s engineering work involved getting the game to render and run. Rather than sit on the PS4 version until Vita was ready, we figured get PS4 out now and tackle Vita next.

      Hope you enjoy the game!

  • @32. the_pentagram666

    Dude, learn to PS Plus. The store gets updated later today. Relax.

  • so excited to to finally get to play this game!

  • I still remember saying hi to the SuperGiant team back at PAX East when they first released Bastion. At that time it was slated for the Xbox platform and was bummed. I am so thrilled to see their first masterpiece on the PS4!

    • Thanks!! Yeah it’s been a wild ride these past few years. Like I guess I wrote up there in the post, we feel very lucky that we’re able to keep doing what we’re doing!

  • I would love to buy this right now but the PS+ hasn’t updated nor has anything else… and it is 3pm here now

  • There is no specific time of day the store updates. They try and have it updated by 2pm Pacific Time, where it is around noon.

    Relax. Have some fun.

  • Transistor was my game of the year. Absolutely transcendent experience. I’ll be picking this up the moment it’s available on the store.

    Any idea when we’ll learn what’s on store for you guys next? I’m rabid with anticipation!

    • Thank you!! Too early to say what’s next for us after this though we’re sticking together as a team and excited to figure it out. Hope you enjoy Bastion every bit as much as Transistor!

  • One of the few games I bought on Steam along with YS Origin. Cause I never thought there will ever have a PlayStation release.

    Will pick this up when the Vita version comes out.

  • I grabbed this on PC a couple years ago in a bundle with the OST for maybe $5. Never played much of the game (I’m just not into pc gaming), but I loved the soundtrack. Will be buying this for sure as soon as I get home from work tonight. Can’t wait to play it again.

  • Great job guys, bringing this game to playstation family. I will wait for the Vita version for now… unless its cross buy.

    I’d love to play it on the go with my favourite console!!


    • Hey, we do expect for the Vita version to be cross-buy enabled once it’s available! Thanks for your interest.

  • I’m not sure if it’s just me but the store is not updated as of April 7, 2015 at 3:45 chicago time…. What’s the issue folks?

  • hey sony slow asss is there any deals today at all?

  • also i dont consider the spring fever 10% off a sale at all its just insulting.most of those gamess where already released on last gen.

  • not only that the bulk of those games look like nintendo games from 1990.i didnt buy a ps4 for that.

  • Cannot wait for that vita version!

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