PlayStation Now Subscriptions: New for April 2015

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PlayStation Now Subscriptions: New for April 2015

It’s a big month for the PlayStation Now Subscription, with new games and new devices to play on!

PlayStation Now Subscriptions: New for April 2015

I’m excited to announce that PlayStation Now subscription is now available for purchase and play on 2015 Sony Blu-ray players in the US, and select 2014 Sony TVs in the US and Canada. Even more devices will be announced in the coming months, offering subscribers more flexibility in how and where they play PlayStation Now games.

If you’re not sure if your Sony TV or Blu-ray player is PS Now enabled, you can check out the supported model list in our FAQ.

Moving on to PS4, we’ve made it a little easier to find the PS Now subscription app. As of System Software Update 2.50, the app is now installed by default on the PS4 system — no download necessary! Simply start the app from the content launcher on your PS4 system, and if you haven’t tried the subscription yet, try it out with our free 7-day trial.

Last but certainly not least, here are the new games added to the PlayStation Now subscription catalog this month, giving subscribers fresh games to play and even greater value with their subscription.

PlayStation Now April 2015

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Have you played through Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves yet? (Hint: They’re available in the subscription!)

This month we add the third chapter in the saga of fortune hunter Nathan Drake, where a search for the fabled “Atlantis of the Sands” propels him on a daring trek into the heart of the Arabian Desert — a journey that pits him and his mentor Victor Sullivan against the occult treachery of a shadowy clandestine organization and its ruthless leader.

When the terrible secrets of this lost city are unearthed, Drake’s quest descends into a desperate bid for survival that strains the limits of his endurance and forces him to confront his deepest fears.

Super Stardust HD

Multiplier. Multiplier. Weapon overdrive. Want to know which game the first PlayStation Now closed beta testers could not get enough of? Super Stardust HD!

In this fully updated version of the classic game Stardust, your mission is simple: destroy everything in sight! Visit different planets and fend off giant asteroids and waves of enemies by utilizing three upgradeable weapons to save your home solar system from total annihilation.

Hustle Kings

You may be thinking, I’m a shooter guy, or I’m an adventure gal, why is there a billiards game on this list? An important feature of PlayStation Now is giving you a variety of genres to experience.

Easy to pick up yet very addicting and challenging, sports fans are calling this one of the best pool simulators they have ever tried. Give it a shot — you may not be able to put it down either!

Set in contemporary and stylish pool bars, Hustle Kings allows players of every skill level to immerse themselves in one of the most realistic billiards experiences ever realized through true-to-life physics and stunning, photo-realistic lighting and graphics.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Warning: This game is hard! If you’re looking for a nice way to unwind after a long day, try one of the other games in the subscription, because this game will kick you in the teeth! If you’re up to the challenge, however, Ninja Gaiden Sigma consistently makes it into the top 10 lists of the most difficult games of all time.

Play as Ryu Hayabusa, a young master ninja who seeks vengeance against those who attacked his village and stole the Dark Dragon Blade. Challenge the action-packed world of Ninja Gaiden Sigma and complete the journey.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

Here’s a fun fact: the second rarest Trophy for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is in the tutorial. If you are just two Trophies away from this Platinum, jump back in and earn “A Fighter is Born: Complete all lessons in Tutorial.” The Trophies you earn while playing on PlayStation Now sync with your PlayStation 3 Trophy progress, so it’s a great way to raise your game completion levels.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate heightens the signature DOA fighting style with the inclusion of new modes from DOA5 PLUS, dynamic new stages, and deadly new fighters to deliver the ultimate in fighting entertainment. Players will take on the roles of their favorite Dead or Alive fighters — as well as combatants new to the franchise — in an intense, action-packed brawler set in visually striking locations from around the world. The famed DOA hand-to-hand combat is enhanced with new content that extends the experience.

PlayStation Now April 2015

Want a full list of the awesome titles in the PlayStation Now Game Streaming Subscription? Visit us here.

Enjoy the new games of April, and we’ll be back with even more adventures to discover next month!

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4 Author Replies

  • Not interested until you can do a yearly subscription at a reasonable price. Throw in some PSOne/PSP/PS2 games that we don’t already have and I’ll consider it. Breath of Fire 3 for instance?

  • Great news! Just waiting to Sony enable it on Vita :)

  • Awesome.

    Noby Noby Boy, Dark Souls, Gran Turismo 6, Mirror’s Edge, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, Nier, Ni No Kuni, The Orange Box, Puppeteer, SSX, Uncharted 2, & Zone of the Enders HD Collection next pls! ^o^

  • REALLY REALLY REALLY needs to have more titles. Like Resonance of Fate and 3D Dot Game Heroes added.

  • Actually, i’d pay for that. If it only were available in Mexico…

  • Oh, and more Vita stuff too.

  • C’mon SON!!! Just scratch PlayStation Now up as a lost! It’s a useless service as it stands right now. If there was an option to rent currently new released games, sort of like Gamefly, that would make much more sense for the price you’re charging. I hope I’m wrong, but PlayStation Now will end up like PlayStation Home!!!

  • Why can’t we get a subscription using the amount in our psn wallet?

  • @#1, getting either the PSOne or PSP version of Breath of Fire III onto PSNow or PSN is solely up to Capcom to do. Sony does not own the franchise. I imported the PSP version from the UK.

  • So these games have been added, and nothing has yet been removed?

    Are titles cycling in and out for the subscription, or will games only be added? Hopefully the latter, because I figure the more selection there is, the more likely I am to subscribe.

    • Yes, these games were added to the existing subscription catalog! There are now nearly 115 games available for subscribers to enjoy. More coming next month!

  • @mmitch I know, but maybe if I bug them enough it’ll actually happen. Lol.

  • @9 Ninja Gaiden and MANY MANY other titles are not up to Sony to get on either. But Sony is the one that needs to contact them about it and get other third party games on the service. Otherwise if it was just Sony games the service would have hardly anything. Capcom or any other publisher isn’t just gonna go “Hey put this on your service” Sony has to go to them to get it on the service.

  • when will we get battlefield 3 or black ops 2?

  • So does this mean there’s no Uncharted Trilogy coming?

  • Congratulations on the new games. I’m glad the entire Uncharted trilogy is now available. One reason I subscribe to PlayStation Now is to try games that I wouldn’t buy outright, not being familiar with the game – like DarkSiders. I found that I really liked it and I’m trying to finish the first one and then continue to DarkSiders 2.

    Another reason for PlayStationNow is to replay old favorites that I don’t have any more since I no longer have my PS3 – like the Uncharted trilogy and the first two Infamous.

    I don’t mind missing current games on PS Now, since I’m too busy getting caught up on my PS4 games – like Bloodborne and The Order. But PS Now allows me to fill in the gaps with games I hadn’t played (how weird is DaBlob?) to those I’d like to play again (Sly Cooper anyone?).

    Thanks for PS Now. two requests: don’t take games off the list, please and let us sync our game saves from the cloud. I have some saves on games from my old PS3 system that I’d like to continue on PS Now. Instead I have to start completely over.

    • Hi CollaredCougar,

      Those are great reasons for enjoying PlayStation Now, we hear similar stories from lots of subscribers! Glad you are enjoying the games, and be ready for more games added next month.

      As far as cloud saves go, if you are a Plus member, you can transfer your existing save game from the disc or download version of the game to the PS Now cloud and continue, no need to start over. Check out our FAQ for more info on how to do this.

  • Any info on when are we getting the subscription service for the PS3?

  • I’m predicting that PS Now is going to suffer the same fate that PS Home, PS Mobile, and the PSP Digital Comics Store all suffered.

    Sony really needs to “wake up” and listen to what its customers really want & how much they’re willing to spend for it.

  • Actually PS home did really well and they are bringing it to ps4 but it will be called project nebula.

  • What about first person shooters like Call of Duty and Modern Warfare. I know multi-player would be difficult but what about the single player campaign.

  • Funny how they blatantly ignored me. I’m not trolling at all, I just think the current service as it is is too expensive. Throw some incentives in there and people will actually pay for it. Otherwise, I could go down to my local game store and buy physical copies of games I want cheaper than it would be to get this. It could be a great service though if you added backwards compatibility and made the price cheaper.

  • Kingdom Hearts remixes, mass effect series, gears of war, bioshock etc.

    If you just think real hard about what the best games are that aren’t available on ps4.
    If you are working on getting good games on to ps now then at least announce it…

    P.S. Multiplayer party games are very lacking on PS4; I always use my Wii U for multiplayer games.
    With this in mind you should consider adding multiplayer party games.

    Do not add Playstation Allstars unless you change the rules so that you don’t have to finish enemies with your special, as it stands it is a great concept with useless gameplay

  • I’m so glad that Uncharted 3 is available! The Uncharted series are the next after clearing my backlog. I’m holding out for Ni No Kuni and Mass Effect 3 on PS Now (subscription or rental), but there are more any enough titles to tide me over until then.

    PS Now is AWESOME!

  • @20 There are several problems with what you are trying to request. First, PS Now isn’t just access to the game — its a service that gives you access to the games on multiple devices (inherent cross buy); doesn’t require hard drive size / patching/ installation/ downloading; allows cross device saves (try switching between borderlands 2 on vita and PS4); and it works anywhere with strong enough signal to the server cluster.

    This isn’t a case of simple supply and demand. Game streaming is not the same thing as renting a physical disk. Its also not the same thing as movie streaming. Game streaming requires CPU cycles… and there is a limited number of available blades to be used. If they dropped the price they wouldn’t be able to earn back their money as, its UNLIMITED GAME STREAMING; and second, overall usage would sky rocket forcing people to have to wait in long queues to be able to even play on PS Now.

    If they lowered the price to $5 or $10 a month like some people are demanding… it would break the service making it unplayable… and cost Sony more money than they make now at $15 a month.

  • It’s disappointing to see that the Vita is last to get this, but it’s also unfortunately getting to be expected.

    Anyway, if prices are so high because of the built in cross-buy that it has, why not add lower subscriptions for specific consoles?

    If I only want to use the service on one console, for example, it doesn’t make sense that I have to pay for the ability to use it on others, does it?

  • @23 Then how does Gamefly or Netflix get away with it?

    I had Gamefly for a while, but ditched them because the games I actually wanted would never become available. If they actually had a digital service where the friggin games were available, then I would bite, but I’ve been burned by this kinda thing before.

  • Got nothing against PS NOW havent tryed it yet due to price.
    But don’t even get me started on games that are on or off PSN because of licences issues ask Sony how many games they have that have been decline because game didn’t pass there Testing. It also has to pass Q&A before it gets put on PSN every game is tested…

  • @25 Gamefly doesn’t stream console games — it rents out discs. They are also $25 a month for a DECENT plan… and that still requires you to wait 2-5 days between finishing one game and the next.

    Netflix streams movies, and streaming audio/video isn’t CPU intensive. All streaming video takes is reading a file from a hard drive and sending it across the web for your client to decode and display. Streaming a game requires the CPU to constantly process the game as you play it, and a GPU (or GPU sim) to render it and send it.

    PS Now is currently a limited service, with a limited selection. If they continue adding at least 5 games a month for the next 12 months, we will have a minimum of 175 games by April 2016. However, imo the rate of games going on PS Now will start to accelerate as people start to abandon their PS3’s and publishers want to get revenue.

    Lastly, Sony just bought out a ton of OnLive’s game streaming patents. Don’t be surprised if they add the service to PC within a year or two. This means you can x-platform games with your PC master race friends.

  • jr_Lakerss4life9

    Wooow I’m almost done with uncharted 2, which is amazing but my subscription ends on the 20th so know I have to finish part 2 and beat all of 3 in a week and a half. Hope I when the year subscription :/

  • Awesome! However, I still want the Uncharted Trilogy Remaster for PS4. Please tell me this is in the works with an E3 announcement.

  • @27 No offense, but that made no sense whatsoever.

  • I would dig PS now if they let me play games I already purchased on ps3

  • wow so many games,i already bought on ps3 if i already own them why cant they just stream through ps now on my ps4 for free if i bought them through psn on my ps3.such a greedy tactic.

  • @30 What part doesn’t make sense?

    Game Streaming requires the server to actually use its CPU/GPU.

    Movie streaming requires the server to read from a hard drive.

    One server blade can stream a movie to as many people as the the hard drive can handle. On server blade can only stream a game to one person at one time.

    $8 a month for Netflix is fine because it requires a fraction of the hardware to support the service.

  • When PS Now subscription went live in January, we could share the subscription with every account on that system. But now it’s per account. My wife, kids, and me play on one PS4. Instead of one subscription for the whole family, we need 4 subscriptions for the 4 of us. That’s a lot of cash. But if we want our own saves and trophies, we have to pay it. :-( why did it change? If it went back to shared subscription on a system, I would get it back. I loved it up till that point.

  • @32 Its not greedy — its called not wanting to bankrupt themselves. You could theoretically play that game for 2 straight years… and could cost sony a lot more money than you paid. You may have also only paid $3 for that game when it was on a flash sale…

  • Perhaps it’s because I cut my teeth on the second generation of home consoles that I view digital content differently. My whole life as a gamer, I have worked on building up actual gaming libraries, rather than just playing and beating games. There’s a lot of value in actually owning the media that you enjoy.

    I know that gaming is evolving, and the glut of casual games recently since the birth of the mobile phone gaming market has really saturated the market with shovelware and bad indie titles, but I still like knowing that I actually OWN all of the best games that I will enjoy for years to come.

    I can see services like this being of great value to a more casual market, but I doubt hardcore gamers who want to build a library will be signing up. This is for the Netflix/Redbox crowd more than anything else.

  • Yep waiting on official support for Playstation TV. Any news on that?

  • Since the acquisition of the dearly departed OnLive’s portfolio of technology and patents, are there any plans to adapt their ‘CloudLift’ service to PS Now? Like for $5-10/month (or free with PS Plus), we’d get access to any games available on PS Now that we’ve already purchased digitally via the PSN…

    A dream application would be to link it to Steam for PC CrossBuy, but I realise that’s far more unlikely. :D

  • Please put wwe2k14 on PS now or remaster it for ps4

  • Still a rip off. I should be able to play games I already bought.

  • why cant you guys add playstation home to ps now?

  • Are the games still downmixed to stereo sound? Because that’s kind of joke.

  • @JKar275

    You are absolutely right
    There is a lot of playstation fan and they really love that company but sony just think about money

  • Sounds great! But I can’t play those game because I don’t live in the US. When PS Now will be available in Israel?

  • I subscribed to PsNow during the weekend. I finished Uncharted and I’m in the first half of Uncharted 2. I’m very happy that Uncharted 3 is coming to PsNow.

    I’m with @22, please bring Ni No Kuni to PsNow. That’s a game I never played on PS3 and that would totaly make me continue to subscribe.

  • By the way, the PS Now subcription is available on Vita / Playstation TV. You only need to subscribe on your PS4 or with a friend’s PS4 and every game that is available via the subscription will be free in the PS Now app on Vita / Playstation TV. The game you already played will be in your history as well for quick access.

  • Hi, are there any chances to see MGS4 and the HD Collection back to the PSNow service, either included in the subscription or the rental service? When I wanted to try PSNow, those games were taken off the list.

  • For PS NOW to take off you are going to have to restructure the program completely. Target people who own digitally purchased ps3 content and simply let them play games they own (digitally) on their ps4. Thn the system could een be used to sell ps3 content to purely ps4 owners. Keep the current system in place but expand the idea so I can be some smaller fee to just play what I already own.

    Otherwise NOW will end up being a dud.

  • If iOWN a PSN copy of the game (I have a bunch) I should have that game for free on PS NOW, subscription or no, IMHO. You need to have policies that encourage long time customers to become early adopters of your stuff. IMHO.

  • I would love dark souls 1/demon’s souls.

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