Bloodborne: How to Make the Most of Multiplayer

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Bloodborne: How to Make the Most of Multiplayer

Hello everyone. Thank you so much for your interest in Bloodborne during launch. We wanted to share some tips and guidance for the multiplayer experience for those that are encountering issues or have lingering questions. If you’re sensitive to spoiler content, please be advised that the below does contain material related to the story.

Online Multiplayer

Bloodborne features both cooperative and versus online multiplayer functionality.

Utilizing the new Suspend/Resume feature to put the PS4 into Rest mode without shutting down the game first causes players to be unable to complete matchmaking. Please be sure to restart the game in order to make sure you are able to connect online and matchmake for multiplayer.

This issue will be addressed in an upcoming patch.

Cooperative Play

Bloodborne features cooperative play for up to 3 players max. Below, the player initiating the cooperative session is the “host” and players who respond to that are the “guests.”

Cooperative Play rules: The goal of cooperative play is to join forces and work together to defeat enemies.

Initiating cooperative play:

  1. Host uses/rings the Beckoning Bell
  2. Guests use/ring the Small Resonant Bell
  3. Host and guest (up to 2 guests) are connected, and play within the Host’s game


  • The “Beckoning Bell” can be found within the Hunter’s Dream when you have one or more Insight points.
  • You can acquire the Small Resonant Bell from the Insight shop that appears in the Hunter’s Dream once you have at least 10 Insight points.
  • If you have already defeated the boss in the area you are currently in, you won’t be able to use the Beckoning Bell. However you will still be able to use the Small Resonant Bell to join other player’s games as a Guest and assist them.
  • The game does not match players who are too far apart in their current player Level.

Bloodborne, Insight Shop

Cooperative Play Completion
Once players successfully defeat the boss enemy in the area they are joined to, the guests receive a bonus reward and are returned to their own world/game.

Cooperative Play Incompletion
If the host or guest(s) die, or if a guest uses the Silencing Blank item, the guest(s) are returned to their own world/game, and do not receive the bonus reward.

The multiplayer matchmaking for cooperative play is automatic and random. However by setting a password for your session, other players can enter the same password and be joined to your game. Passwords can be up to 8 letters long. *Passwords are only used for cooperative play, not Versus PvP sessions.

Bloodborne, Password

The game does not match players who are too far apart in their current player Level.

PvP Versus Play

Versus PvP allows players to face off against one another in combat. In the below outline, the player that gets invaded is the “Host” and the invader is the “guest.” Also note that in certain areas within the game, there can be up to two guests or invaders within a host’s game/world.

Versus Play Rules
When a host is in an area where a “bell-ringing woman” is present, Versus PvP invasions are possible.

The “bell-ringing woman” appears when playing cooperative play or when the “Sinister Resonant Bell” is used, but there are rare areas in the game where she appears on her own. The objective for the guest player that has invaded another player’s game is to defeat the host. If the invader is successful, s/he will be returned to his/her own game/world.


Initiating Versus play

  1. Guest uses/rings the Sinister Resonant Bell.
  2. Host begins cooperative play, or uses Sinister Resonant Bell to summon the bell-ringing woman.
  3. Guest is transported to host’s game/world.
  4. Host and guest play in Host’s game/world.


  • When the Host’s Level is still low, the Bell-Ringing Woman will not appear when initiating Coop play.
  • You can acquire the Sinister Resonant Bell from the Insight shop that appears in the Hunter’s Dream once you have at least 10 Insight points.

Versus Play Completion
If the guest is able to defeat the host, s/he will receive a reward and be returned to his/her game/world.

Versus Play Incompletion
If the guest dies, or the host makes it to the boss fight area, or if the guest chooses to use the Silencing Blank item, the guest is returned to his/her own game/world without receiving a reward for completing the versus play session.

Multiplayer within Chalice Dungeons

You can also play Multiplayer within Chalice Dungeons. In order to do so, all players must have the same Chalice Dungeon saved on their PS4. You can either share a dungeon you created from the Ritual Altar, or you can join dungeons created by other players via the “Ritual Altar” or the “Makeshift Altar.” By using Chalice Glyph, you can share a dungeon with just the person you have shared the Code with.


  • There are certain requirements to joining a Chalice Dungeon created by another player.
  • Normal Dungeons: If you have used that Chalice to create a dungeon, you will be able to join by searching.
  • Root Chalice Dungeons: If you have already acquired the Root Chalice for that Ritual Level or Area, you can either search or join from search.

We will discuss Chalice Dungeons more in future posts here on the PlayStation.Blog. Please feel free to share your questions and comments below; the team will be reading.

On behalf of Japan Studio and FromSoftware, thank you to our beloved fans and the amazing PlayStation community for supporting Bloodborne. We’re overwhelmed with how the game has been received, and we look forward to continuing to fight alongside you (or against you) in and around Yharnam!

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  • By the way, congratulations Sony for Bloodborne! Keep making great games for PS4.

  • 1) What is the actual level differential up and down to successfully co-op, i.e., If I am Lvl 20 what is the lowest and highest level a player can be to co-op with me?

    2) In the DS and DSII, you could be placed on a hit list for invading other players. Is there a similar “bad boy” list in Bloodborne? Or is there essentially no retribution of any kind for invading other players?

    Thanks! Keep up the good work! This game is amazing!

  • No wonder I couldn’t summon anyone the past several bosses. I was using suspend mode to get back into the game more quickly.

    I’m on the final boss, and now I’ve turned my attention to the dungeons, and I have some critiques. First, they are same-y. I’ve run into two of the same bosses, and the rooms/layout also tend to look the same — and I’ve made 4 dungeons.

    I also don’t like how rare the necessary ritual blood drops seem to be. I want to make more challenging dungeons, but I’m a way’s off from having the materials needed for the different depths and chalices. It makes it more of a slog than I feel it needs to be.

  • Absolutely moronic. I think the dev’s should take a long hard look at what it takes to play cooperatively. It’s a Rube Goldberg experiment and it’s counter intuitive.

  • @wall_mammoth I think the differential is 10 levels, either up or down. However, I’m not sure if, let’s say, the following hypo works: a level 10, 20, and 30 all in the same world, where the 20 is the summoner.

    Otherwise, this is a generally helpful article. Other good notes might be whether there are some “dueling ettiquette” actions to follow, e.g. clearing out the area of mobs before attacking, whether blood vials can be used, etc.

  • @3 I actually believe it’s 10 levels +- 10%. So if the host is level 20, he can connect with 8-32 (10+2 levels difference)

  • I Really wish it was alternative for doing co op and so forth mainly due to me wanting to co op with my wife and game is somethings difficult in allowing a connection. One would think that having a password set would skim down the wait times but they remain the same whether with a password of not. Also what is the max level you can be spread apart from someone in regard to co op and joining their games?

    Please fix the load times and co op connection times it is a bit annoying at times.
    Also if we could exit the session on our own would be appreciated. I understand that I new to these genre games but it would a great deal of enjoyable if we could actually stick around after the boss fight for the co op. Sorry for the long post but i hope this is addressed.

  • my account is messed up on my pc its saying my ps plus is expired when yesterday I renewed it and when I’m on my ps3 I go to download my trial plus game and it reconverts to demo and saying not avable right now when I have the plus beside my user and I was told to use another browser to live chat sony I’m using another one called spata and now its not even opening the sub browser to chat

  • For those of you asking the level gap requirement for multiplayer is your level + 10% of your level + 10 levels. For example if your level 40 it’d be 40 + 4 + 10. So the max level you can play with is a 54.

  • I love the Co-Op in this game, you guys did a great Job! If I could have one thing it would be the ability to do 2v2 at will. Me and my Co-Op buddy have been invaded on many occasions and it has always been 2v1. Which is fine, I’d just like the strategy of 2v2 way more! Keep up the good work and keep awesome updates coming!

  • When will co-op actually be fixed? My friend and I spent hours trying to connect to each other using the password system and never once did we actually connect. Why include a password system if it’s pointless and doesn’t work?

    In fact, why do you make it so difficult for friends to play together? Is this some way of proving that you’re mysterious and this game is beyond reproach? If any other game had these systems in place that actually are designed to hinder co-operative play, it would get destroyed in the media, but nope since it’s a “Souls” game, it gets a pass. We get it, you’re hardcore, you’re above all us puny little gamers, whoopdeedoo.

    Having said that, great game otherwise, one of the best I’ve ever played.

  • I wish they hadn’t patched out item duping. Some of us just want experience the game without frustration and don’t have uber skills. Although I did manage to take down the Axe Executioner at the start with a new character roll this time thanks to NOT taking the terrible advice to get the cane whip thing over the axe.

  • Overall, i think the PvE experience is great but the PvP not so much. Because of the difficulty to find someone to invade, the disavantages that an invader have and the consistnant healing that is annoying.
    I think the PvP experience could be improved by allowing the players to buy a “Sinister Bell”, removing the fact that player lose a third of their health while invading and ofc improving the servers or whatever make the players have a better connection in the game. Thx u to take in considaration what i’ve said.

    PS: sorry if for bad english.

  • Bloodborne is my favorite game of all time along with Dark Souls 1. Amazing job guys. However the co-op in the chalice dungeons is a HUGE disappointment. Not only does it take forever to match but we were given the impression we could match with a friend and play a dungeon together. Nope! what good is it if someone dies or we beat the boss you get banished?Considering it takes 15 minutes at the most to reach a layer boss. You spend more time matchmaking than playing. The matchmaking is perfect for the single player experience and always will be but for this it is terrible.Why cant we start a dungeon with a friend, play with that friend from beginning to end? Even if it was where one person dies you both had to respawn at the lamp at least we could play the whole thing together. People have had to come up with a leap frog method just to make it through a dungeon. No materials for the guest? Sad part is its a blast for the 5 minutes you play with a friend before someone dies or you beat a boss. Literally everyone feels this way. Hope you guys can fix it.

  • Can you ask them to separate NG from NG+ and above? Like it was in the first whole year of Dark Souls 2?

  • Will we get dlc for Bloodborne? I want more lol.

    P.S. Keep making awesome and hard games.

  • Thanks everybody for the answers! Great community!

  • I beat the 2nd boss and I don’t see the little guys by the fountain in the hunter’s room !? This cooperative mode it’s a little confusing !?

  • Completely agree with Djent_Maven. Playing co-op dungeons with a friend is so bad. I cant even join them if they are on a different layer. (if you can it never once happened for us in a 3 hour session) So I have to run through the level I just beat with a friend and beat everything again get to the next level and wait 5 minutes (sometimes it happens right away) for us to connect. Then we play the layer beat the boss and I go back to my dungeon and I have to beat everything and take the elevator down and wait 5 mins again for us to connect. (rinse repeat) Please fix this. Playing with friends is fun but Id rather not because its such a hassle.

  • Patch for loading times please, and more importantly will they fix the framerate. I want it 60fps if possible pretty please.

    I will buy this game soon, when everything is fixed.

  • Please make it 60fps locked, it’s a known fact that 60fps is better and less strainfull for the human eyes.

  • Bloodborne is the most rewarding game I have ever played. Finished it a couple of nights ago and I´m now on NG+, defeated 4 bosses so far. They get tougher but you are also on a high level by keeping your progress and you have the experience of going through it one time already.
    I loved co-op in this game. I gotta say I needed it for 3 bosses I think. I probably would have made it without help but I would have taken me a bit longer since some bosses were kicking my ass. I also enjoyed going in and helping others defeat bosses, it´s very fun.

  • Strangeheaven, 60fps is an exaggerated concept. The Order 1886 ran half that and still looked gorgeous. Granted that game was absolutely horrible….but the graphics and fluidity of movement in the game was second to none really.

    The makers simply need to get Bloodborne to run at a steady fps…instead of the frame rate drops it currently suffers in certain areas.

  • Would be nice if mp wasn’t locked. Thanks sony.

  • Bloodborne is a solid innovation on the Souls’ series. But it needs:

    – Stable frame rate. A locked 30fps would be all right for this title, but the frame rate definitely tanks rather frequently.

    – Optimize, optimize, optimize to reduce loading times. For a game that promises to kill you over and over again, it’s a crime for it to make you sit and wait to respawn the way it does currently.

    In short, the game just doesn’t “feel” like a first-party exclusive killer app right now. Rather, it feels more like a multi-platform port on a console that’s much farther along in its life cycle than the PS4 really is.

    So yes, congrats to Sony and From on the game, but I sincerely hope some work, support, and optimization will continue on this title as opposed to Sony just calling this a ‘job well done’ and go off and running on the sequel already.

  • @Death8u4u:

    60fps is not an exaggerated concept whatsoever. Infinity Ward and Activision built their signature franchise (Call of Duty) on the premise that the gameplay would always be locked to 60fps. Clearly, the consumers responded.

  • Sponge-worthy, you might want to look into what exaggerated means. I didn’t say it wasn’t possible. Simply that it isn’t necessary for a game to look good or to function well.

    Call of Duty, by the way, does not sell well due to 60fps (which it has barely ever achieved oddly enough). It sells well because it panders to the majority, hence why anyone can pick up the controller and end up doing quite well compared to even seasoned “veterans” of the series.

  • @Death8u4u:

    Lots of games, nearly all AAA games, pander to broad demographics. Not only has the importance of 60fps not been exaggerated, it has been wholly understated of late by console manufacturers, AAA game developers, and their fanboy proxies. Gamers are being told that their technically deficient $60 purchases are somehow more “cinematic” or “reflecting an artistic vision” held by the devs and pubs. So the letterboxing in “The Order” is not there so the little AMD GPU must draw fewer pixels? How much more of my television will be sliced away in future titles to deliver these artistic expressions? It’s shameful.

  • Of course, ignore the issue at hand. Ignore the fact that your “example” is notorious for having fps drops throughout all but a handful of their games. Ignore the fact that The Order, regardless of how terrible the story or game itself was, runs at a consistent 30fps without looking horrible or having any visible drag in gameplay whatsoever.

    Focus entirely on the belief structure that people are working against you trying to scam you out of your money.

    Why do you buy games? You’re encouraging the exact corporations you detest so much.

    The fact of the matter is the kid said that there’s a visible difference for games under 60fps that is and I quote “less strainfull for the human eyes” when a game actually meets the 60fps standard. I gave a perfect example of a game looking great that ran incredibly well at half the fps. Your excuse for his lack of logic is that Call of Duty looks outdated and runs 60fps “sometimes”? Awesome.

  • Sure, it looks fine, but it ought to look better on “next gen” hardware. I see The Order as a title with a neutered frame rate and 1/4 of the screen missing as a real technical problem that deserves scrutiny. Others may feel it looks “great.” Agree to disagree.

    And I think maybe you should look up “exaggerate.” Yes, on some platforms, Advanced Warfare, for instance, drops a couple frames here and there. But for all intents and purposes, it’s a 60fps experience. Bloodborne, on the other hand, is more akin to running at 30 fps “sometimes,” like when there are no enemies on the screen, as an example.

  • Meant Call of Duty as a franchise chief. It was you, after all, that said Activision founded the game on the concept of running 60fps. Yet their track record in regards to that goal is nothing short of laughable. So no, my claim would not be an exaggeration when the franchise is taken into account and not simply their most recent release alone. Cute quip though, thank you for that.

    And like I said in my first post…again (getting the feeling you read a scant 5 words from that entire first post of mine). Bloodborne needs a patch to level out the frame rate drops. Nobody is arguing that.

  • Infinity Ward built the CoD4 engine–which was used for every CoD title through Ghosts–expressly to deliver a 60fps experience, particularly on game consoles. And it shows: very low-rez textures throughout, low native resolutions, stifling narrow field-of-view…all cuts to the visual fidelity to lock in the frame rate. So why did that franchise sell so much better than any other MMS series? Gamers reported that it just “felt” better as a first-person shooter than anything else. Of course it did–responsiveness and smoothness was built into its DNA from the outset.

    Hopefully we’ll some good post-launch support for Bloodborne. It will really depend how much involvement From still has with the title now that it’s released: whether From is comissioned for a development strategy going forward, or whether the devs were simply contracted to deliver the game for Sony and now they are done with it.

  • What’s up with Oaths? I’ve seen a lot of speculation, but no definitive answers. I just finished my first playthrough and I’ve been loving it so far!

  • You didn’t grasp the whole concept of the game being limited in the field of effort, did you? Call of Duty sells well because it is easy. There is no “skill” to learn, so it is easy for casual gamers to pick up and play without suffering from a learning curve. Damn near every single release had constant fps drops despite the horridly outdated looking graphics. Their efforts could have had a more impressive result if they didn’t release a game every 2 years with mostly rehashed content and moderate skin adjustments.

  • I haven’t even tested out the multiplayer in the game yet. I’ve logged a little over 30 hours, beat the first labyrinth this morning, and beat another one this afternoon. For the main quest I’m still in the Forbidden Woods which is proving to be slightly challenging… I’ve come to the conclusion that I really don’t like snakes.

  • blood your MONEY overhyped game of the year
    One Warrior Nation OWN!!

  • This is absolutely the most fun I’ve had with a game in years. Zero complaints from this guy. I’m new to from games and can’t believe that I’ve been missing out for years now. Thanks.

  • Why is this game so hard to connect with people.. ?Specially the dungeons.. I havent been able to connect with anyone yet..
    Do they not like co-op games.. Cause it seems that way.. Its a joke!

  • How about a blog from the actual developer of the game?

  • I have to update my comment after playing the dungeons a little more. Now I’m finding ritual items at a pretty decent rate. Still not easy to find people, though. No one answering my bell.

    Gets pretty tough after a Depth 3 Chalice. Still haven’t tried the other chalices, either. I’m a couple items short.

  • I havent been able to get into 1 co-op game in the dungeons.. Im lvl 80 and the bosses have become impossible with just me .. I need more co-op partners… I’ve wasted loads of insights looking for players to join, but none ever do..
    I don’t know why Fromsoftware made it so hard to play co-op… About 60 hours in the game and not on dungeon co-op yet…

  • This game is great, but FS definitely needs to work on the multiplayer portion of the game. This game would be amazing with 3-4 man raids within the Chalice Dungeons. Also, from my stand point, they set themselves up very well for expansions. I would love to see more enemies, bosses, and even more abilities for current ones. Hopefully they work out the kinks on multiplayer. Would like to see an easier method for joining others in Dungeons. Maybe a public billboard system that people can post a Chalice dungeon on and 2 others can join. Pretty much an ingame LFG.

  • @ Sponge-worthy

    Some articles have mentioned that a patch is in the works to help remedy the long load times and even improve frame rate, so we’ll see hopefully soon.

  • I hate to say it because i did enjoy my play through of bloodborne and its a great looking game, however the mechanics in pvp have been hit with a heavy dose of simpletons spice and as a hardcore souls vet im sorry to say im bored… it seems like it was made to please a bigger audience… which is ok, but the lack of decent invading areas and the fact that i need to farm essential pvp items after every grueling match is not gong to hold me for much longer… a patch to refill health viles and silver bullets after every invasion win would be nice… Awesome PvE experience, i had a good time thank you. Going back to dark souls 2 for now though.

  • sos21, playing co-op in Chalice dungeons is nearly impossible unless you know the people in question. There are too many dungeons being made and far too many personal dungeons being made. Your personal dungeon is hidden under a pile of other dungeons of the same type, they’re not connected at all. So you are essentially ringing your bell to summon the 0 people that are in your same dungeon.

    You need to find a friend or something that owns the game, possibly even someone around the blog or something that might join you. Share your glyph codes and join each others dungeons. Otherwise your chalice dungeon will only ever really be solo.

  • I freaking love this game. But there are some glaring issues with in the co op department. Specifically speaking, the time it takes for someone to join your game is almost game breaking. On my first play through, my controller would disconnect waiting for someone to join; even when I was playing with a friend and we had the password set.

    Also the chalice dungeons co op is broken. The makeshift altar never finds anyone, ever. I’ve tested it for 30 minutes multiple times (for my up coming review). And when playing with a friend one of our progress wouldn’t count so we’d have to do each area twice. That coupled with 10-15 minute waits for him to join means most of time in the chalice dungeon was waiting.

    There are times when the co op works perfectly, but they are rare. Please fix the matchmaking times. And maybe rethink how the chalice dungeons co op is done. I love this game and I’m going to keep playing rather you address these issues or not. But I really hope you do.

  • Killimannjaro, your progress is not supposed to carry over in the Chalice Dungeons. Obnoxious yes, but it is the way the entire game works.

    As for the length of time it takes for you to summon a friend. Have the person being summoned (the person joining your match) ring their bell first, then you ring yours. Solves most of the issues with connecting.

  • I would love to be able to find people to play these dungeons with.. I’ve even selected the most shared dungeon when I was doing the ritual.. I seen loads of shadows in the dungeon that I am in, but none ever answer my bell.. I never tried ringing the bell in my own dungeon cause I knew it would be ringing on deaf ears..

    A LFG website would be great for this game. Like the Destiny LFG sites.. Them sites are quite popular..

    I don’t have much of a problem when playing the main game.. I get summoned a lot, specially lastnight I had great fun.. It’s the dungeon co-op thats annoying.. I’m still gonna keep playing obviously cause it’s an awesome playing experience..

  • Death8u4u I get that that is how the whole game works and I can appreciate it and acknowledge that aside from the long waits the system is perfect for the campaign. But for the chalice dungeons in particular that system makes it clunky and well, honestly it’s just not fun. As for the connectivity issues, my friend and I tried and tested all sorts of ways (we were going to post it on the Wiki) including the way you suggested. Nothing worked reliably.

  • Trust me, I get that. I’m just pointing out that it isn’t a glitch or anything. That’s how it is supposed to work. I’ve been hoping they’ll patch it and make it so you summon and track all throughout the floor, or up until one of you dies at least. You shouldn’t have to resummon so frequently in a section of the game where the area is only a couple of minutes long even if you go through each and every room.

    As for that method not working for you…you two are in the same area, yes? Distance still seems to be a factor. If you are…sucks to be you two I guess, no offense. I’m hoping that with this new “password” setting, direct invitations will not be far off.

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