Titan Souls: From Game Jam to PlayStation

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Titan Souls: From Game Jam to PlayStation
A quick update on the Titans Souls price as launch day approaches on PS4 and PS Vita: Originally, we had communicated to our friends at PlayStation that Titan Souls would be $9.99, but as development continued, we decided to price the game at $14.99. Once we considered the final length of the game, the additional challenge modes with new versions of the titans, and the decision to make the game Cross-Buy on PS4 and Vita, we felt that $14.99 was a fair and attractive price for Titan Souls. This price change wasn’t communicated in time for the Spring Fever promotion announcement but has been changed since. We apologize for this change, but we hope you’re excited for the arrival of Titan Souls and can’t wait to share what the team has been working on for the past two years.

A year and three months ago, our team collaborated for the first time to take part in the Ludum Dare game jam that led to the Titan Souls prototype. Before the theme was announced, we sat and thought of different ways we could attempt to make a Shadow of the Colossus-inspired boss rush game in three days — an over-ambitious idea for a game jam, but that’s pretty much how we started.

Once the theme “You Only Get One” was announced, our game became its own thing — an intensely difficult one vs. one boss-a-thon where you have one hit point, one arrow, and one task — hit their weak spot.

Luckily for us, people seemed to like it! Since almost immediately after finishing the jam, we’ve been working on the full version with Devolver Digital, and it’s amazing to see our journey from three-day game jam to full PlayStation Store game nearing its end.

Titan Souls, Development JourneyTitan Souls, Development Journey

To celebrate, we’ve put together the video above showing off some of the differences between the original prototype and finished game:

  • 1080p gameplay, 60 frames per second
  • 360 degree aim and movement
  • Engine, art, animation, and soundtrack remade from scratch
  • Better-balanced, more complex/varied Titans
  • Loads more polish
  • Much bigger world, many more Titans, numerous areas with hidden secrets
  • New Game Plus

Titan Souls is out on April 14th for PS4 and PS Vita, and is part of Spring Fever 2015.

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  • Yeah…I am super excited for this. Any time you deliver upon a classic Zelda-like presentation and tweak it…I’m game. The idea that the battles now become a tactical play of tug-of-war is incredibly intriguing.

  • Fantastic Art, just is it full screen on Vita? Isn’t it?!! I hate and don’t get 4:3 display resolutions.

  • Oh man been waiting for this game for what seems like forever! Best of luck guys!

  • Been waiting for this. I’m real excited for it and it seems priced right so it’s a no brainier for me.

  • I’ve been following this game since the game jam. Played the jam version online and loved it. A 2D game influenced by Dark Souls and Shadow of the Colossus is the perfect game for me. Thanks Acidnerve and Devolver.

  • I saw this last July at SGC in Dallas and I’m ready for the final copy!

  • Glad to see that the Vita version is dropping on time unlike a lot of other games recently.Also played the game jam version and have been avoiding spoilers like the video above. Can’t wait to see how far its come!

  • I can’t wait to have this in hand. Is there any chance that there is a speed run mode included?

  • Very excited for this. Thanks for making a cool-looking game!

  • Will the Vita version be compatible with the PlayStation TV?

  • Im interested, but not 100% sold yet. Of course there wont be a demo, so ill have to rely on the few outlets i trust to give Mbeki e an idea if i want it.

  • Will this game see a demo released on the store as it did for PC, Mac, and Linux?

  • 60 frames also for Vita?

  • Day 1 purchase.

  • My god…YES!!! This and Shovel Knight for me in April!

  • Day one, been waiting for this game since the announcement at E3.

    Will there be a platinum trophy for this game? thanks

  • I played this at GDC and enjoyed it. I just hope the pricing is better than the other ‘Spring Fever’ titles. It looks like Sony is punishing these indie devs with a pricing experiment :(

  • Day 1! I have been looking forward to this, Axiom Verge, and Hyper Light Drifter for so long – It’s almost here!

    Can’t wait to challenge the game you have brought to life!

  • @17 – It’s like I’ve been telling people, how these things things turn out is up to us. We just have to hold off on the $20 indies until the price drops to $15 (or lower if people prefer). Show Sony that we will not accept $20 as the new standard and they’ll find that they are far more profitable at $15.

    People will argue “This game is worth it” and “I want to support the devs”, but by paying the extra cash, you’re only giving Sony more money. Let’s make this experiment a failure.

  • Interesting because I did the 48 hour global game jam at my college and its cool to see that one of the different jam games has been selected to be put on PlayStation! Way to go guys! Looks unique and interesting!

  • I’m super pumped. I can’t believe it’s finally here!!! :D My Vita is panting in anticipation!

  • This is the one game for sure I will be getting when it releases during Spring Fever. Excited to play!

  • Has anyone else noticed that Devolver is always putting out quality?

  • @17 and 19 – it was already announced that it would cost 9.99 w/o a discount. No need to be cheap

  • @24 – “Cheap” very clearly has nothing to do with it. Appreciate you sharing the price, but if you can’t do so without flinging petty insults, then you really don’t need to be posting at all.

  • Well the description has me intrigued but… all I saw was evading of bosses. Hoping to see more here of what this has to offer leading up to release.

  • @19 You telling us to not buy games to force Sony to lower prices is totally cheap. And because that also punishes, its more petty than what I said. Don’t be cheap and I won’t call you cheap. You acting like you know what the true value of the game is annoying. Or do a simple Google search before you start posting stuff that is totally irrelevant to the game. Now that I posted the price do you see how what you said meant nothing to this game and served as only whinning.

  • Also the price may have changed since the original post cause steam has it for $15. Well have to wait to find out, if the price may matches or if it’s still 9.99 with 10% off for plus members. But no matter what, Acidnerve worked extremely hard on this game and they deserve support. If you dont want to spend the money that’s cool pantheman16, however you campaigning to not buy the game is extremely unfair to these indie developers who depend on the sales. I always enjoy complaining about other people’s made up problems.

  • Andrew Gleeson, the level designer for Titan Souls, told me that the 9.99 was a typo. the game will be 15 dollars, which is a good price and i think fair. those dudes worked their asses off for the past couple of years.

  • @veryhoudini11 – All of your ranting is irrelevant because you didn’t understand what I was talking about and you clearly don’t understand what you are talking about. $10-$15 is fine – we’re all used to it. So let me reiterate: SONY is experimenting with a new standard price for indie games. They are NOT doing this for every game. They would like the new standard to be $20. This is not for the developers’ benefit; this is for Sony’s benefit. You would be a fool to pay that amount and support Sony’s nickle-and-diming attempts, and you would be even more of a fool to think that the extra $5 is going into the developer’s pocket. Not supporting this experiment does not make one cheap. So don’t behave as if you’re white knighting for development teams. You’re just whining because you think some people criticized a game you want, when they didn’t do anything that even remotely resembles that. Also, I own more games than you and play them more than you do. Stop being so cheap and unsupportive of developers.

  • So, is this game like Demon’s Souls meets Shadow of the Colossus in 2D?

  • @30

    Out of all the crappy practices going on right now, 5 dollars extra for certain indies is probably the least important one to take a stand against.

  • Everyone seems to be acting like Indies don’t get a share of what you is paid through PSN. They are. Unless you want them to eat sand and not make more fun games, pay and stop whining. I’ve felt and seen too many layoffs, closed companies, friends between jobs, and devs just struggling to keep quiet about this.

  • @pantheman if sony’s prices are any different than on steam, just buy that version. Shopping for the best deal is a pretty common practice for a consumer. That way you won’t have anything to whine about. To be honest I haven’t seen any games with a different launch price, including this game. You do realize that publishers have the most control over launch pricing. Your whole post to begin with was irrelevant to titan souls, and just made you look overly entitled and cheap. It was closer to spamming than anything else.

  • @32 – You either somehow get all of your games for free or you don’t understand the scope of what we’re talking about here. This experiment is being conducted in hopes to universally raise prices of all games in the future.

    @33 – No one has implied that developers work for free. And no, they are not “eating sand” if Sony doesn’t nickel-and-dime us.

    @34 – 1) Look up the definition of “entitled”. 2) Look up the definition of “spam”. 3) My post was in response to someone else’s. You would benefit to try and understand a situation before you jump in and flaunt your ignorance. It may be difficult for you, but make an effort to understand things instead of just looking for someone to pick a fight with. Disagreeing with something just because you don’t understand it makes you appear very small.

  • what dont i understand? you felt like axiom verge and helldrivers should be cheaper and couldnt justify paying that $20. so you felt like complaining on here and annoying more people than getting any on your side. wow, 2 games were 20 dollars, that really justifies a revolt against the PSN pricing. you still didnt saying anything about PSN pricing vs steams pricing for new games, which is always the same price. Maybe you should do alittle more research before coming up with this silly theories.

  • you know for the sony published games that if you did force them to lower their prices 5 dollars, that would most likely result in the budget given from sony to the indie developers to be less? why dont we come to an agreement and say if you dont like the price than dont buy the game, again thats a simple concept. however reframe from campaigning for people not to buy games which only punishes the indie developers. ill buy what ever i want at whatever price i want to, i couldnt care less if you think im spending more than i should. also even if you are responding to someone, my original post was more relevant and wasnt based off of speculation, but actual research on the price. took me a few mins to find the original price posted by Sony, and then another 5 mins to ask Andrew if the price given was correct because it was lower than the Steam price. Instead of continuing a stupid tangent, i gave you actually facts about this game.

  • Oh boy. Well at least you were on topic with your first post (#36), even though you still don’t understand what I said and, incidentally, what you are saying in response. Your second post is so full of nonsense I am not even going to address it. It just seems that trying to educate you is like beating a dead horse, and I don’t know how to put it any clearer. Perhaps you should look at cross-gen games, for example, and how some of them are priced $10 higher on PS4. Again, that is just Sony milking customers. This generation, we are often seeing bigger price tags on games, and no, that is not to benefit development teams. It’s an experimental pricing structure, plain and clear fact. So, if we allow it, all indie titles that would normally be priced at $15 will eventually be priced at $20. Canada’s already paying $70 for retail games. It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing that here. Then what? Next gen they work up to $80, and so on? Do you think the value of games is truly on a constant rise or that inflation is that rapid? Absolutely not. I am not saying games are not worth paying for.

  • Once again, i have “supported” these companies much more than you have, so your attempts to label me as “cheap” have no basis.
    This is about a very clear plan to try to take more and more money, if we allow it. This is a black-and-white picture of right vs. wrong. Yes, you are of course entitled to spend your money whichever way you choose. However, when you enable Sony during these occasional experiments, what you are doing is wrong. And I have explained it enough times that I honestly think you understand it. You’re just childish and you get embarrassed and defensive when you spout a bunch of irrelevant nonsense and someone puts you in your place. You do it to yourself and you don’t have to. No one attacked you. No one spoke against anything other than tactics that are meant to gouge You.

  • Hi Mark,

    Is the Vita version also native res and 60fps?

    Can’t wait for it!

  • is it still not on the psn store cant seem to find it

  • FYI, for these downloadable games: The developers/publishers set their own prices, not Sony. Sony only sets the prices on downloadable games for their first-party titles (like Helldivers).

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