PlayStation Blogcast 159: He Who Holds the Marker

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PlayStation Blogcast 159: He Who Holds the Marker

We’re back! On today’s show, we continue our weeks-long discussion of Bloodborne and its supreme awesomeness, as well as a little chat on the Axiom Verge launch. More importantly, we take a hard look at ourselves and pass around a speaking marker. Yes, we’re consummate professionals. Enjoy the show!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Bloodborne
  • Axiom Verge
  • Bastion
  • Batman: Arkham Knight Bundle
  • Borderlands: The Handsome Collection
  • Markers
  • Sid’s morning routine

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  • Enjoy the show!

  • It’s been a while since we’ve heard about Rainbow Skies. Do you guys have any info on the game? Is it still coming out this year? I’ll check out the Blogcast tonight at work. Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!

  • Enjoyed this weeks Show

  • Awwwww yisssss Blogcasttime.

  • Hmmm…what game world would I like to be in for a week? I’m surprised no one said Dead Space’s! Hah, just kidding.

    In all seriousness though, I think I’d like to try out the Pokemon world, the Megaman universe, or pretty much any RPG with a fantasy setting where I could meet nice people, see cool places, and be a badass and save the world from certain destruction. You know, the usual stuff.

  • Where the Flash Sales at?

  • Another great blogcast and almost at 1.5 hours.. I don´t mind the usual duration but it´s cool to have more to listen.
    I very much enjoyed the Bloodborne talk; I think you covered a lot of the major points in the game as to how to approach it and how it feels. I came into the game as a total noob to the Souls-like games (never played demon/dark souls) but Bloodborne drew me in from the first trailer. I loved the setting and the environments in the game, as well as the enemies (seriously, the creature design is unbelievable). Everything feels so eerie and enemies are very creepy looking and so tough that I was always very tense and unease, but it becomes something you end up enjoying. The game starts out very frustrating but it´s up to you to turn it around and make it enjoyable. You gotta appreciate dying and learn from your mistakes. I though the first boss was gonna be impossible but yesterday I found myself beating the game. I admit I had to do co-op on 3 bosses but the rest were taken down on my own after hours and hours of playing and getting decent (wish I could say good) at the game.

  • continued here since apparently previous message was too long.

    A tip for those tired of the long load times between deaths and travelling to the Hunter´s Dream: do some push-ups while it´s loading or get some dumbbells and do a set of bicep curls. If you happen to die a lot you´ll get jacked in no time.

    Justin, I don´t remember if you said this was your first time watching Cowboy Bebop but wanted to ask you, what is/are your favorite/s episode so far, or all along if you´ve previously watched it all? I love “Ballad of Fallen Angles” (ep. 5), “Pierrot le Fou” (ep. 20 and a great film by Jean Luc Godard) and the final episode. To this day it remains as my favorite anime ever along with Samurai Champloo.

  • @2 I can’t wait for Rainbow Skies myself, the last thing I saw was they posted some screens last month of the opening video. I’d love to see a release date myself though, even it’s 3 months away. Maybe now that Soldner X vita is out they will finish it faster

  • @#9 Thanks for the info! It’s a day one purchase for me after platting the rainbow Moon. Perfect game on the Vita. Hopefully the Blogcast fellars can dig up some info for us. Good day Sir.

  • Oh yeah, as for the blogcast length, I think 90 min – 2 hours is a good sweet spot. Those one hour shows always leave me wanting more, especially if there are interviews included as well. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the interviews, but I also enjoy hearing you guys talk (even Justin and his FFIV adventures lol).

  • I think the length the Blogcast is currently at is perfect. Keep it around the 1 – 1.5 hour mark, with non topic rounding out the end. Some podcasts out there are simply too long to digest and I’ll literally never listen to them because of such, a few ~3 hour podcasts come to mind.

    If I could choose to escape to a world, although cheating because it’s not out yet, I’d say No Man’s Sky in a heartbeat. That is a game that’s just captivating to see from an exploration standpoint, and that sense of freedom is so awesome lol.

    Excellent show again guys, keep up the great work! And I’d definitely appreciate some strides in not speaking over each other :P I feel bad for Tom and Ryan sometimes, they get avalanche’d by Sid and Nick lol.

  • Weekly Comment Initiated…

    …. Begin transmission….

    I find it funny that YOU GUYS got me into Breaking Bad AND The Walking Dead yet somehow I’ve been watching Better Call Saul since the start and you have yet to check it out. lol.

    And please DO NOT stop the random off-the-rails nonsense. It’s part of what makes this podcast so unique, funny and enjoyable. It’s icing on the cake. You can’t have cake without icing, because then it’s just sweet bread.

    1-1.5 hours is fine, but every once in awhile throw another jam-packed 2 hour one our way, for old time’s sake.

    If I could escape to a video game world…. Kingdom Hearts of course. First of all, Disney and Final Fantasy. Secondly, your heart can leave your body and you won’t die. Granted you’ll be in a sort of coma, but not dead. They appear to be immune to death from falling, at least the heroes are… and don’t even get me started on the vibrant colors! Whew!

    …End transmission…

  • The longer, the better as far as I’m concerned.

    And throw me into an elder scrolls game for a week. They have all my favorite fantasy nonsense rolled into one package.

    No sauce recipes this week? Hamburgers again tonight I guess…

  • Hey all, another great episode! Today I walked outside to see that my car had a flat tire, so I had to go through the process of replacing it, you all made me keep my sanity while putting the spare tire on! As always, keep it up with the show, it’s getting better with each episode! Blogcast!

  • Has anyone else had issues with connecting to psn ever since update 2.50 I can’t even watch a twenty minute tv episode on Netflix without it crapping out and crashing and trying to play games online is even more of a joke. Don’t get me wrong I love my ps4 but it has been an awful experience since the update

  • Yes im happy the show has arrived, thank you guys! Over…

  • The discussion of paying attention to the map. I’ve actually observed this in games for years. There’s an old PC game called Heavy Gear. One of those big-mech Battletech style games. It had great graphics for its time, but I almost never saw those graphics because the game was much more playable in a low-light Wireframe mode that not only made it easier to see the enemies, but highlighted the weak points on the enemy. Just hit the red area with the railgun and move on to the next enemy.

    Maybe games that make you draw your own map would be an alternative to this? I know I looked up a bit more when playing Persona Q. Perhaps a Minecraft style thing where you make the map into a physical item in the game that takes a bit of work to pull up.

    I do recall that Fallout 3 didn’t have the map visible on the screen, and I looked around much more in that.

  • I’ve missed a few blogcasts. Been pretty busy with Bloodborne (soooo good!) and other things so I need to catch up with you guys!

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