Operation Abyss Hits PS Vita June 9th, New Details

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Operation Abyss Hits PS Vita June 9th, New Details

Gosh, I feel like it was just yesterday that I finished up Demon Gaze from Experience, Inc. Now the studio’s next game for PS Vita, Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, has been making me neglect my poor Furby again! I know, I know, you guys can’t get your mitts on it until June 9th, but I thought you’d appreciate a little insight into my experience with the game along with a brand spankin’ new trailer!

Operation Abyss Hits PS Vita June 9th, New Details

So everybody who knows anything about dungeon crawlers knows that there are three important things in them: a cool setting, challenging gameplay, and customization. And let me tell you, Operation Abyss has all three in spades.

A Cool Setting

Demon Gaze was good. Hell, it was great, but rollin’ around the forest with my elf crew a la Robin Hood (the fox, not the person) felt a touch… normal.

With Operation Abyss, Experience throws the forest and little woodland critters out the window, and really challenges the genre by replacing them with the towering skyscrapers of near future Tokyo, and the dark, dank depths of an abyss that’s threatening to swallow it whole.

Every step in this sci-fi game gives me the creeps. The art makes each baddie beautifully revolting, and pairs perfectly with the haunting tunes that drift through my headphones as I stalk the hallways of the abyss.

Operation Abyss: New Tokyo LegacyOperation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy

Challenging Gameplay

Experience has been challenging me with its expertly designed dungeons and enemies. The baddies here are Variants who have been threatening to crunch the bones of every Tokyo-ite ever since they started spawning deep in the abyss.

Every time I venture into a dungeon, I’ve had to hold my breath a bit and occasionally dine-and-dash to avoid getting smashed by a powerful Wanted Variant. These foul beasts pop up if you overstay your welcome trying to snag some hot sci-fi style loot in a dungeon. It’s a dangerous game that’s encouraged by the Rise and Drop system. The longer you stay down in the abyss, the tougher enemies get, but they also have sweeter drops, too. Sometimes I wish I was more of a gambler…

Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy

Customization Station

Oh dear, golly me is the customization sick in Operation Abyss. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but each member of your squad, the Xth, has the awesome ability to Code Rise which lets them access the Genome of a great person from history to unleash powerful skills, and guide their development to become a slick ninja warrior, or a rough-and-tumble bruiser.

So far, my favorite strategy has been assigning my favorite character the Xuanzang Blood Code, placing him in the front row with the sweet Psycho Knuckles I found, and letting him pummel the Variants to pieces. But that’s just one of the myriad of strategies you can use with the Blood Code system. I know my pal Tiffany prefers rockin’ a team with Jeanne d’Arc — you’ll have to figure out your own favorite in June!

And since we have a couple months, we’ve even managed to squeeze some awesome DLC into our production schedule! You’ll be able to snag our devilish Dark Hero Portraits for free any time in the first month after release! We’ll also be bringing out some awesome Swim Team Xth Squad Portraits for just $0.99, because you can never have enough options.

Early adopters will also have the chance to pick up some bonus content DLC for free that will make things a little safer… or more challenging! This bonus DLC will let you save a few additional times within the Abyss with three bonus Power Recorders, or increase the strength of your enemies for some extra exercise with Hachi’s Workout Pack!

Operation Abyss: New Tokyo LegacyOperation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy

Alrighty now, I could literally go on for days about the features and awesomeness that is Operation Abyss (I’m pretty verbose), but the boss says I need to leave some for later. So with that, I’m going to get back to work!

If this is the first you’ve heard of Operation Abyss, make sure you check out our website for more details on this PS Vita exclusive, and if you just can’t wait until June, I recommend picking up Demon Gaze for a taste of what you’ll be in for!

You know what, I think Experience, Inc. just might be the best DRPG developer in Japan right now. What do you think?

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  • Will it be censored?

  • @1

    No. Stop spamming that in NISA articles.

  • So looking forward to this! Demon Gaze is awesome and I love dungeon crawlers like this! Bring on the Abyss!

  • any confirmation that isn’t going to be censored?

  • Can you confirm if its PlayStation TV compatible?

  • @4

    IF anything was changed, they’d have said so upfront, like before.

  • I loved Demon Gaze. Looking forward to this. Thanks NIS for the constant localized games!

    • @veryhoudini I’m super stoked too! We’ll be streaming this game soon so follow us on Twitch to check it out!

  • I see plenty of games of games coming out for PS Vita.

  • Demon Gaze was surprisingly great, better than you’d think, and this game from the same devs has me really excited. Pre-ordered the LE.

    • If you liked Demon Gaze, I know you’re going to love Operation Abyss! That artbook too… @___@

  • NIS, I know you guys are porting RPG games and making new ones to the Vita, but… we already have TONS of games like this.
    Matter of fact, you don’t get to see anyone asking for one more RPG game to the Vita. That’s because there are plenty already!
    The Japanese people also watch Nascar, soccer… Hell they even enjoy wrestling, that’s why New Japan Pro Wrestling is a worldwide reference! Where is a NJPW game? Why do you guys need to flood the Vita with only ONE single genre and leave all the other ones unexplored?

    Do you need a suggestion? A 3D air combat game to the Vita would make sense! Not your cup of tea? Fine, how about a japanese soccer to compete against FIFA series? You hate soccer, so a wrestling game would fit the handheld perfectly, as I said before! You don’t do sports, great, then how about an ActionRPG game like Yakuza?

    See? There are tons of unexplored game genres on the Vita! Why keep making more games of the same genre, are you guys afraid of the outcome or does NIS not like to innovate?

  • Release all the DRPGs!

  • @rod_gx stop trying to speak for everyone. Just because you feel something doesn’t mean it’s universal. Thats called delusion. I would rather have this game than what you suggested. Obviously people want these games or else they wouldn’t buy them and NIS wouldn’t release them. Instead of attacking a company, that is one of the few publishing for the vita, direct your ridiculous opinions to all the ones who refuse to publish vita games.

  • So…basically a Persona game…without a story. =\
    It looks good though. =P

    @10 RoD_GX : As far as I know NIS only makes RPGs. Asking for them to do another genre will be like saying “Hey, Marvel! What’s up with all the comics stuff? You should do a novel for a change. Something like War and Peace”.

    It’s “their thing”, man…

    You want sports? Go to EA or 2K. You want action? Go to Gearbox, EA, Bungie or Activision. You want adventure? Go to Telltale or Double Fine. Want platformers? Pick any PS indie game.

    You want JRPGs? Then you have NIS right here. ;)

    It’s really not that hard to understand.

  • thanks for bringing all that great content over to us. You guys are the best^^

  • This looks awesome. I’ll try to get the limited edition of I have enough money.

  • @15 EndRant : Ohhh…we have a billionaire here, huh? Who are you? Bruce Wayne? <_<


  • Cover compromised *throws smoke bomb then flees*

  • @RoD_GX,

    To be fair of what they possibly ask. I don’t think it’s a bad idea of NISA, who does a great job of localizing, to look into the possibility of porting a different genre, from a different company.

    I’d love to see PES, or another soccer game (not fifa) on the PS VIta. It might not be profitable, but at least look into it.

  • Really? This game is been released on my birthday.

  • are there GLBT characters? are they playable?

  • Absolutely loved Demon Gaze. I hope this is just as good.
    I’d rather this would have been Demon Gaze 2…..as it looks like the same artwork and team worked on it.

    • It’s definitely the same developers and from what I’ve heard from our testers, it’s just as good if not better than Demon Gaze. The art is amazing too!

  • Is NISA keeping an eye out on the next New Tokyo Legacy game (Operation Babel, due out in Japan on the 30th of this month), or will the odds of localization for that game depend on how well received this one ends up being?


    • Personally, from what I’ve seen, I’d love to play Babel and I’m sure others would be excited for the title too!

  • Still waiting for a disgaea 4 awful FPS drop patch. So no money for you

  • I also want to know if this is PSTV compatible. I love PSTV, and I certainly hope I can play this on it.

  • No Japanese audio makes this a pass. Way to go nisa.

  • I have loved DRPGs since I first starting trying to get into them with the Etrian series. Now that I’m HOOKED – I can’t get enough. I buy them all and Tokyo Abyss is one of those I was waiting on localization with bated breath.

    NISA – Thank you very much for bringing such great content to the Vita!

  • It’s saddening to see you’re still in business, meaning you’re still destroying games and sh***ing on them like you always do.

  • Hey guys quick question is there a difficulty option like demon gaze?

    Just asking since I don’t think I wouldint have been able to pass the game if it wasint for cool mode.

    • @souledge94 This game does not have a difficulty option like Demon Gaze, but there are ways around it. For one, the Variants will get stronger the longer you’re in the Abyss, so doing short dives into the dungeons can help.

      If that ends up being too easy, just increase the time spent in the Abyss or get the items DLC pack that has an item that increases the level of all monsters by 5 when used. Hope that helps!

  • #27 I agree.

    I’m just glad they’re not localizing HDN and Atelier series anymore.

    good job, NISA, from one of my most favorite publishers to one of the publishers on my blacklist.

  • @25: Who said there’s no Japanese audio? NISA always includes dual audio [unless there’s no dub at all, like their digital only releases a few years back]. Why would this be different? Just because the trailer is in English doesn’t mean there’s not dual audio.

    @27/29: It’s sad you’re both not banned for being trolls. Then again they don’t seem to ban anyone around here. If you don’t like NISA, move on with life. I don’t like Rockstar, but I don’t bother myself to go on their articles and say they suck and I wish they’d go out of business [but I’m not that petty to want them to go out of business just because I don’t like them].

    • @elvick There actually isn’t dual audio this time.. It is only English dub. :X

      But you only get a glimpse of the dub in the intro trailer. To see and hear more of the game, check us out on Twitch next week! We’ll be playing Demon Gaze today at 4pm PST and Operation Abyss next week same time, same place!

  • @30 – I don’t think Sony will ban their customers just because they state their negative opinions about a game publisher.

    You don’t like Rockstar and you don’t bother yourself to state your opinions? fine, it’s your right. but not everyone will do the same. if people want to complain about bad products, it’s their rights.

  • @10 RoD_GX You don’t know NIS? Breaking news! They are an RPG company. If you want someone to compete with FIFA or make a japanese wrestling game for the Vita, ask someone like Konami or maybe 2K. lol

    Anyway, I fixed some lines for ya. :D

    “Matter of fact, you don’t get to see ME asking for one more RPG game to the Vita. That’s because there are plenty already!
    I also watch Nascar, soccer… Hell I even enjoy wrestling, that’s why New Japan Pro Wrestling is a worldwide reference! Where is a NJPW game? “

  • @30

    Well they said before there was no jpn audio option when the game was announced. Though since then the game has been delayed so maybe they are working on dual audio so everyone can be happy.

  • I’m getting this the second it hits PSN.

    So NISA, I hope you’ll bring rest of those amazing Experince DRPG goodness. Stranger of the Sword City, Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy and Ray Gigant (If namco doesn’t and they probably won’t).

    Thanks for supporting Vita while no one else does!

  • I put more than 60 hours into Demon Gaze. Looking forward to this as well.

  • @Tiffany Chin : I’m always stoked for Disgaea…even though their too long for my really short attention span…and I’ve never finished one. (yeah…I know *sigh*)

    And BTW…THANK YOU for “paying attention” to the users. I can’t understand why most publishers/devs kinda refuse to do it…it’s the best PR move you can make as a company. Besides that’s the whole point of this “Blog”: interaction. ;)

    @27 Viewtiful_Gene & @29 Monterossa : Why all the hate? What did they do wrong to earn such contempt? o.O

    @30 Elvick_ : I know what you mean and I agree. I can’t stand Bethesda but hey, to each its own, right? =P

    • @orpheus_aeons, well one thing you should know about me, I live for these kinds of things :) And I knowwwww, it’s so hard to finish any Disgaea game. Actually, Disgaea 5 is supposed to be the longest yet! Guess we should make some survival Prinny kits for all the long grinding hours while we’re at it!

  • Tiffany, thank you very much for checking on that. Count me in for a copy. It looks great!

  • I guess I’m not nerdy enough to understand the NISA hate, did they actually make one of their 13 year old characters wear pants or something?

    I personally love NISA. Disgaea 3 and 4 and Demon Gaze are all great games, and I’m really looking forward to this game too.

    • I guess 2015 is just like Christmas for you eh? You should check out our Twitch streams these next few weeks. We’ll be playing Demon Gaze today and then Operation Abyss next Tuesday at 4pm!

  • I’m definitely getting this game, thanks for bringing good games for the Vita!!!

  • @Tiffany Chin : So what you’re saying is that when D5 comes out…we would need to move to the Himalayas for 6 months, huh? =P
    Well…at least you’ll make me save a lot of money, since it seems after October (because it’s still scheduled for October, right?) I won’t be buying new games till March 2016. xD

    @38 rabidninjamonky : It’s not a matter of “nerdyness”…I’m as Nerdy/Geeky as you can be and even I don’t get it.

    What you need to understand is that a lot of the people that buy NIS’ games are…special. Like the guys willing to miss a cool game only “because it doesn’t come with japanese audio” (?).

    Snobbish, you say? Well…your words, not mine.

    So maybe you’re right…maybe this is as dumb as “a character with new wardrobe”. =\

    • @orpheus_aeons I dunno about moving to the Himalayas… I hear it gets pretty cold. Does a PS4 even work at that altitude and climate? And right now we have it set for Fall 2015 :)

  • Whoa … Phantasy Star flashback.

  • Awesome! I’m REALLY looking forward to this after playing Demon Gaze! Is NISA going to localize Labyrinth Cross Blood next in the US? I’m looking forward to that as well.

    • I know right? Come hang out with us today playing Demon Gaze on Twitch! As for Labyrinth Cross Blood, we currently don’t have plans for that game, but it’d be pretty awesome!

  • that gameplay, srsly?

  • i would like to see more adventure rpgs than all the dungeon crawlers out there. pretty much what iv noticed is either they make an adventure type but focus too much on flashy combat and not the story or travel aspect of it, or a straight dungeon crawlers. i really miss games like star ocean and rouge galaxy. we really need more games like those.

  • Demon Gaze is definitely one of my favorite vita games from last year. Will certainly pick this game up on release and enjoy it too.

  • No dual audio means I’m passing on this unless I can mute those horrendous American voice acting.

  • The art style is up my alley, hopefully it’ll scratch that first person dungeon crawler itch I have. Can’t wait to put a lot hours into this, Playstation TV compatible is snazzy.

  • The art style is kind of pretty awesome ;) If you dig the art that much, you should definitely check out the art book, which features more of the character and environment art that I know you’ll love.

  • looks cool love me dungeon crawling !!!

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