Infinity Runner Hits PS4 on April 22nd

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Infinity Runner Hits PS4 on April 22nd

Hello and greetings from Wales Interactive, the studio behind the haunting indie thrillers, Master Reboot and Soul Axiom. I’m Ben Tester, marketing guy and environment artist, here to announce that our sci-fi action running game, Infinity Runner, is heading to PS4 faster than a silver bullet!

We’re proud to be launching not just our first, but Wales’ very first PS4 title, and thrilled to be bringing you the best version of the game yet. With new stylized visuals and 56 Trophies to collect, expect Infinity Runner to hit PlayStation Store on April 22nd for the same price as a London pint ($6.99)!

In Infinity Runner, you’ll find yourself desperately trying to escape a decaying starship and the clutches of terror within. Deep inside this leviathan something terrible hunts… out of myth and legend the last werewolf stalks the ship. Unluckily for you, not only will you have to deal with the prospect of being hunted down and torn apart, but also you’ll bump into some of the last inhabitants of the ship, which will require the skills of those reasonably priced mixed martial arts lessons you picked up last summer. Did I forget to mention you’ll be doing all this butt naked?

Infinity RunnerInfinity Runner

The player will control the protagonist, the prisoner, from a first-person perspective as he is challenged to escape from the gargantuan spaceship. The corridors will seem never ending and yet your surroundings are constantly changing as you progress through the various areas of the ship. Your only chance of escape is putting your trust in the mysterious voice that guides you — the same voice that woke you from your chamber.

As you progress through the game, your guide will feed you bits of information, which will leave you questioning why you are on this godforsaken ship and is it even possible to survive and escape The Infinity.

Your quick reflexes will be tested, with a stream of evasive obstacles and other surprises thrown your way. You’ll face off with inhabitants of the ship, the guards that foolishly attempt to stop your escape. They’ll trigger combat sections, which uses a dynamic targeting system that builds a difficulty curve throughout the game and forces you to react fast!

Infinity Runner

Increase your high score by grabbing data packets and searching out that one pick-up which changes all the rules. With this, you become the hunter and the guards become the hunted… Unleash the beast inside you!

Tired of mashing buttons? No problem, we’ve taken advantage of DualShock 4 motion with this one so you can jump, slide, and dodge your way around the ship with just the flick or tilt of your controller — and all whilst you’re playing in 1080p at a targeted 60 frames per second.

Infinity Runner is a fun, fast, casual game that will keep you on the edge of your seat and offers a fresh, sci-fi twist on the classic running genre! If you have any questions then leave your comments below. Cheers!

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  • This screams stereoscopic 3D!

  • I dont know how much a London pint costs.

  • @2 Neither do I, one can probably imagine it’s less than or around $10. London’s a pretty expensive place, but it’s still just a beer.

  • This seems like a futuristic prison break should be fun.

  • Hey all! Ben here with a link to the trailer: and a London pint can cost anything up to $6.99… which just so happens to be the price of Infinity Runner! Hope you all like what you see. Have any questions? Ask away! – Ben

  • looking forward to this…sounds like almost how Alien Isolation was. That would be dope

  • Mmm…I don’t know.

    The PC version is a travesty. Graphics are a disgrace. And that horrible music! OMG! The music in this game is like hammering nails through your eardrums. Really a subpar game.

    I’ve never been a fan of this “subgenre” (1st person endless runners)…but if you like these kind of things, you should pick something like the Mirror’s Edge franchise. Those are top notch (again, if you’re even into these kind of games in the first place).

    Plus…Master Reboot was A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT for me. So…IDK, guys. =\

    We’ll see how it turns out.

  • @5 zettaimugen: LOL!!! Not even close, bro! This game is as close to Alien Isolation…as a Prius to a Ferrari. xD

    Although if you like endless runners and you’re a patient guy (lots of frustration in this game, since you’re always running (duh =P), so you don’t have that much control over your character…which leads to you smashing against walls and a lot of dying), and considering that the “pint” stuff suggests a low price tag…you may still have some fun with it. ;)

  • This game looks awesome! If it’s coming from Wales then I’m down for sure. Mater Reboot was a really cool experience, especially trying to play on Welsh! Can’t wait!

  • @1, I agree — would be great to play this in 3D like Child of Eden.

    the lighting looks rather.. static in all the screenshots. Are the particles not individually lit? Not every game can have multi-bounce global illumination, but this game looks like an upscaled last-gen game. (To be fair, the tweaks to lighting in The Last of Us Remastered in 30fps locked mode were a really nice touch!)

  • “Speeding bullet”, not “silver bullet”

  • @11 PanTheMan16 : LOL, good catch. =P
    Although maybe they were trying to say “Silver Surfer”. Who knows? xD

  • @PanTheMan16 @Orpheus_Aeons

    Given that the game apparently involves werewolves, I’d say
    “silver bullet” was intentional.

  • The name sounds so much like “infinite runner”…

  • @13 axiomatiq : Mmm…maybe you’re right. =P

    @14 sasha_rrr : LOL. I wonder why…? xD

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