Tower of Guns Out April 7th on PS4, PS3, Free for PS Plus

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Tower of Guns Out April 7th on PS4, PS3, Free for PS Plus

It’s a tower… of guns! What else is there to explain?

Hey! It’s Jakub from Grip Games. Our newest game Tower of Guns is ready to open its doors and let all the curious visitors in. Please bring your weapons and personal armor with you!

Tower of Guns is an old-school, first-person shooter. You only have one life, and if you get killed, you have to start from the beginning. All the levels, enemies, pick-ups and other elements of the game are completely randomized, so each run through the game is unique and everything is new each time you start over. As you play the game, you build up your arsenal, unlock additional items and perks, and get stronger.

We have loaded Tower of Guns with content. There are more than 20 weapons and countless modifications and upgrades to get. There are items to collect that give you special abilities and perks that change the way you play. The game is hilariously over-the-top. How about getting a rocket-launcher and then giving it a machine-gun modifier? No problem! A shotgun with a ricochet modification? Bring it! Or stack a hundred “double-jumps” and never touch the ground again? Who would want to walk when you can fly!

And you will need all the help and equipment you can get, because Tower of Guns is a bullet-hell style game in the first-person view. The enemies are merciless and you’ll need to be constantly on the move, dodging bullets. Forget cover mechanics or stealth missions — it’s time to re-learn strafing and double-jumping and enter each room with guns blazing. And just when you think you are out of the worst, you’ll meet one of the game’s many huge bosses, like the Doomball or the Egg Scrambler. You will die, and you will die a lot.

Tower of GunsTower of Guns

After you unlock everything and conquer the tower several times, there is always the Endless Mode where you face a room after room of progressively more difficult enemies until you die. All your skills will be put to a test and you’ll be able to see how you are standing in the Leaderboards. If that’s still not enough for you, Tower of Guns has countless secret rooms to find and rare items to get. There are even secret stages to unlock and secret rooms within secret rooms!

Tower of Guns is simply loaded with content and hours of fun. It’s out April 7th on PS4 and PS3 for $14.99, with cross buy support. And if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ll get it for free!

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  • PS3 version, thanks!

  • Looks interesting have to pick up for free, curious is their trophy support for it.

    • There’s 1 Golden, I think 4 silver and a few more bronze. It is mostly trophies for unlocking stuff (progressing through the game), skill (don’t get killed) and some funny ones (stay airborne for a long time), etc.

  • The game looks awesome and I like the random factor in it.

  • Can we please stop saying PS+ games are Free? This is a paid subscription service.

  • I’ve played a bit of the PC version. Pretty good in short bursts. Although it sounds like the PS version has some extra stuff included, which is always nice!

  • I’ve been amped for this for a while. Excited to get it free next week!

  • I’m a little worried this won’t be as fun without a mouse and keyboard.

    Also, yes, I agree with JamesBlonde777. It’s like calling Netflix movies free.

    • We have had some of the best Tower of Guns players come to our office, to test the controls on gamepad and they were delighted with how the game plays. We spent a lot of time on making it feel right. It plays great!

  • @#4, Semantics. If I joined a wine club with a paid membership and they offered me drinks I’d happily accept them as FREE. You join to be a member, to be part of a family if you will. The games are a major perk that comes with the membership. The games are technically FREE for the duration of stay. This topic can go on forever if you let it. Don’t.

  • Per JamesBlonde777 above, I’ll rephrase…

    I’ve been amped for this for a while. Excited to get it “for no additional cost above and beyond the paid subscription service I have already paid for” next week!

  • Patch the trophy bug from gow collection ps vita

  • I saw this on the grand 2015 Vita list. Is it coming there? I wanna know when it’s coming to my handheld.

  • ps3 got AAA games like 3 month in row
    and ps4 got indie -_-

  • @Roaming_Ryu “If I joined a wine club with a paid membership and they offered me drinks I’d happily accept them as FREE.” By that logic, if you give McDonald’s $5 for a meal, do you accept that as free too? Sorry, but that doesn’t make any sense.

  • Nice, it looks like a lot of fun. The random element of this game intrigues me. Thanks Sony and Grip Games! Looking forward to trying this out.

  • @JamesBlonde777, that example using McDonalds was pretty… well… bad. You’re paying for the meal. I didn’t subscribe to PS+ for the Free Games. I wanted to be a member of a community to play online with my friends on PS4, cloud saves and get discounts for games. The FREE games are a bonus, like free wine, that come with the package. Another perfect example: Pay $10 to get into a game swap event. You get in to get cheap discounts of games, but there may be arcades in the back you can play FOR FREE while you’re there. They’re not going to let you haul the arcades out when you leave. They don’t belong to you. Again, this conversation can go on forever, but really its all SEMANTICS. Neither you or I are right because you can look at it from BOTH angles. They write FREE… so be it. No sense getting worked up about something that ultimately doesn’t matter.

  • @+ JamesBlonde777 – you’re a schmuck, we get it.

  • How about this James Bond, added value to your subscription instead of free would that sound better too you.

  • This looks interesting. i’ll give it a try next week. :)

  • Very nice, will check out than on tuesday

  • The addition of CO-OP would be awesome. This seems like an awesome game to enjoy with a friend.

  • @JamesBlonde777

    You pay for the service, not the games. PS+ didn’t even offer the instant game collection until 2 years after the launch of the service. It’s an added value of the service that most people would be paying for anyway, so it’s hard to make the argument that these games aren’t free.

    If you went to McDonald’s and paid $4.17 for some food, and they gave you Tower of Guns and Never Alone without charging you extra, is that not free?

  • The argument could be made that for ps4 owners with the ps+ membership, you are paying for online playing for ps4, and getting games for free. either way its a stupid argument, and not everyone will stop calling it free or fighting it being called that. plus it serves no place here.

    im really excited for this game. i love rouge-lite games, especially with a fps twist on it. im sure ill be as addicted to this as i was to Heavy Bullets on my PC.

  • Also, this game looks great. The guns remind me of Quake. Will there be a local Split-Screen option?

  • I think it would be great to have an update on the Vita version. or just confirmation that its still in the works, or just wasnt do able. It was put on a list on the ps blog that it was planned to be on vita. I can understand this game being too massive and memory consuming to run on the vita, because of the generated levels, random enemies and 3D graphics. but either way it’d be cool if you guys are able to give an update to let us know. i think this would be perfect for the vita.

    heres the original post Heavyman99 and I are referring to:

  • This looks really cool, cant wait to play it. Should be a good time suck that will get me away from minecraft.

  • @wolf_3323 i also get a bit of Quake nostalgia when watching the videos of this game. The movement, and guns both remind me of it. Has strafe jumping made a 2015 return to the ps consoles?

    • Quake and Unreal are definitely a huge inspiration for Tower of Guns. That old-school feeling that you no longer get with the modern FPS’s – it is all in there.

  • @Roaming_Ryu — I get what you’re saying, but I have to think that most people subscribe to PS+ primarily for the IGC and look at the other perks (cloud saves, discounts) as a bonus. Yes, now we need it to play online, but that was a pretty recent addition to PS+ and I think people would have had a problem with it if the IGC did not already justify the subscription price. All that to say, it may be a matter of perspective and semantics, but the fact remains that if you do not pay for a PS+ subscription, then you do not get these games. And that, my friend, precludes them from being “free.” We consumers need to hold marketing accountable for this type of misleading phrasing. Just my opinion. Thanks for the civil discourse (unlike others on here). =D

  • @veryhoudini11 – I sure hope so. Arena shooters, in general. I’d loose my mind over a new Quake or Unreal that was true-to-form.

  • Never heard of this game before…but it looks good and fun,I’ll have to try it out on the PS3.Thanks.

  • the vita version seems unlikely. the dev, Joe Mirabello, said they are not as optimistic for the vita version. The game would have to changed way too much. Using that engine and having so many enemies and bullets with level design and enemies having procedural generation, just seems like way too much. Im glad they atleast are trying to get it working on the vita but I agree that if it takes away from the game, than its not worth it.

  • @GripGames, yeah the late 90’s-esque of this game is something i am extremely excited about, along with the rouge-lite gameplay twists. Joe and you guys did a fabulous job on the game and I’m very happy to be able to play it on my home consoles.

  • @roaming – orginal purpose for plus? Free games with subscription, discounts, (were the only two i seen via my free month and later subscription on ps3 (game trials, online storage, auto downloads, and betas I think were added, later im not sure though.) Comparing it to a wine club that may offer drinks as being a member maybe different. So yeah orignally people bought into it for the ‘free’ games and discounts. Wine club might compare to you and others that joined strickly for online or majority for it anyway. But im taking the other person is not one of them.

    -as for this game, im going to be honest. Im not happy with sony team selection, all we been getting mostly since I renewed last year was indie/platformer. Like most of them I shall give it a try. But I would like a changeup a bit from how they are doing their lineups. Mix it up a bit. So nothing personal im not too excited about this game. As I seen from others many feel the same and many feel otherwise.

  • @DonkeyKongKilla I dont think you realize that playstation plus is primarily for Sony to be able to support online gaming and to build better online systems through servers and security, just like Xbox live. The free games is just an incentive to get people to start paying for online gaming, without being forced to. Sony didn’t start forcing people to pay for online gaming until PS4. So the primary purpose of PS+ is to support and build the playstation network, but the perk given by Sony is the free games a month. It doesnt make sense for sony to blow all that money getting AAA companies to release their games on PS+. A service like PSN or Xbox live cost a lot of money to support and to build into a better service so it was something Sony was going to need to do eventually. They just felt bad about forcing people to start paying online gaming. When it comes down to it you can’t have AAA games free each month and have a safe reliable server to play online games with, unless you are ok with Sony charging more for the service. They could charge 11 dollars a month like Xbox does, instead of charging us 18 dollars for 3 months as they do now.

  • Very simply, how else can Sony describe the games, other than “Free for Plus members,” that is not overly wordy and ultimately more confusing. Yes, we know Plus isn’t free – but if you’ve paid for Plus, the games are free.

    What annoys me more isn’t that they call the game free – it is, and I plan to try it out and enjoy it. What annoys me is the idea that gamers shouldn’t have opinions about the games that are free to Plus members. I pay for Plus mostly for the free games – that’s the draw for me. When they give me stuff I don’t like, it’s a drawback. When they give me stuff I do like, it’s a Plus! Heh.

    Hoping this falls firmly into the second category. It’s got possibilities. We’ll see how it actually plays, next week.

  • Roam –

    A. Where does the money come from to pay the devolopers?
    B. Why is ps3 still comepletely free, not being weided out for the ps4 on plus still receiving major more discounts and retail free games? With multiple people still refusing to upgrade.
    C. You cant dictate where sony puts their money from plus subscriptions. This theory kills me bc (A&B) doesnt add up.
    D. Advertised more than anything else is the free games and discounts. Its been a key factor since the beginning.
    E . I get the servers are expensive. But unless you have sony signing it themselves the money is used for servers than I might agree but…
    F. How do they make exclusive 100% free games for both ps3 and ps4 for mega multiplayer alone? Still doesnt add up. Sounds like they’d be losing a lot more money then gaining which a major major company doesnt flourish that way now does it?

    Not a debate just doesnt fully add up thats all. Nothing you can possibly say can refute pure logic.

  • love ^_*

  • Not my sorta game… but I haven’t enjoyed a free PS Plus game in months. However, Bloodborne is still holding my attention for at least 3 hours a day. I actually played about 10 hours today since I was off… so I don’t need any more games right now.

  • was just wondering when we can pre order rainbow six seige lovein how it looking

  • When can we expect to see the retail version?

  • In a few months. We will be making an announcement when the release is firmly locked-in.

  • Good for ps3 and vita, por ps4 no :/

  • With the art style and game play it almost reminds me of a 3rd person Ikaruga

  • Please Sony fix !!! The problem when not online all games locked out to Where we Can’t play them i Can’t for the life of me understand if we pay 4 them there ours we ot to be able to play them OFFLINE i can understand the ps games but what im talking is the onnne’s whave paid for i understand no online features thats ok it understandable HELP US GAMERS OUT SONY PLEASE it could be done in an update

  • 3DTV support? at 60fps?

  • @JamesBlond777 – I agree with you in some parts, but tell me something …… how many games you buy with just $ 49.99 ? then I regard as free games :)

  • @Chipper4444
    You’re not able to play your digital games because your PS4 is not set as “Primary” for the account.

  • Another month not worth it to download any PS4 games. I hate not having quality or interesting games. These games are not free. What they are 50.00 per year rental. As long as you pay your annual 50.00 you can play as much as you want. The PS4 has been out long enough to include some of the AAA launch titles. You can do one indie one AAA. I wouldn’t mind indies if they were more like games like outlast or resogun. Those are the only two plus games I have downloaded so that is sad. For the indie loves ps4 is where it is at. Anyone who doesn’t like what I have said, gladly send m 50.00 and pay for my subscription because as a paying consumer I have a right to an opinion and certain quality I expect to receive. Seems like Sony is being lazy and keeps releasing games that belong on Sega.

  • Yay! Free games that you have to pay for! Woohoo! Oh wait…

  • No platinum = not interested, even for free. and there are thousands of others who’ll be doing the same thing. Just give every game a platinum already and we wouldn’t have this problem. It’s a virtual trophy worth nothing, there is no reason why every game can’t have them.

  • Looks like Grand Theft Auto 5 Graphics wise

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