Run Sackboy! Run! Out Today on PS Vita

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Run Sackboy! Run! Out Today on PS Vita

Sackboy scampers back to PS Vita this week with the release of our free-to-play, platform-survival game Run Sackboy! Run!

Race away from the Negativitron across familiar worlds from LittleBigPlanet and collect as many Bubbles as you can to enable you to purchase special costumes, upgrades and power-ups. You can even challenge your friends using the game’s social features and leaderboards to see who is the top Sackboy or Sackgirl runner!

LittleBigPlanet Run Sackboy! Run! Available now for PlayStation VitaLittleBigPlanet Run Sackboy! Run! Available now for PlayStation Vita

Filled to the brim with missions to complete and with tons of stickers to collect too, there’s plenty of fun to be had with Run Sackboy! Run! and completing your very own sticker book will also unlock exclusive costumes for LittleBigPlanet 3.

LittleBigPlanet Run Sackboy! Run! Available now for PlayStation VitaLittleBigPlanet Run Sackboy! Run! Available now for PlayStation Vita

Run Sackboy! Run! is available today on PS Vita, iOS and Android. It’s free-to-play, so head on over to PlayStation Store and download it today to begin your race across LittleBigPlanet!

The Order: 1886 – Galahad Costume
New DLC Available Now

LittleBigPlanet Run Sackboy! Run! Available now for PlayStation Vita

The Order: 1886 arrived last month and to help commemorate this latest addition to the PlayStation family of games, we have collaborated with our good friends at Ready at Dawn and SCE Santa Monica Studio to bring you this rather noble Sir Galahad Costume for Sackboy.

This rather spiffy costume hand-crafted by our finest tailors can be picked up from the Store for $1.99 and will ensure that your Sackpersonage will be able to walk around LittleBigPlanet with an added air of nobility to their presence.

Spring Creator Kit
FREE DLC coming this month

LittleBigPlanet Run Sackboy! Run! Available now for PlayStation Vita

Spring is arriving this week and a new season of creativity will begin for LittleBigPlanet.

Since it is the beginning of a new season, we will be re-releasing our traditional FREE Spring Creator Kit that is just full to the brim with wonderfully creative goodies that will really help bring that springtime feeling to your creations.

  • Spring Creator Kit — Available on the Store until Fall/Autumn!

LittleBigPlanet 3 Adventure Team Pick

Treasure Hunter by Felkroth

We continue to be amazed by your creations and wanted to give an extra special shout-out to our very first Adventure Team Pick!

Treasure Hunter is an incredible adventure featuring hours of gameplay including…

  • Four Playable Character Classes with up to 3 Player Co-op
  • World Map featuring a Town, Guildhall and Dungeons.
  • Over 25 Quests to Complete
  • Character Progression, Upgrades and Leveling
  • Randomized Dungeons for a New Adventure Every Time
  • Lots and Lots of Treasure!

So head on over to the LittleBigPlanet 3: Team Picks today, dive into Treasure Hunter by Felkroth and begin your life as a Treasure Hunter! If you have already played this level, why not tell us in the comments below what level your character is and how many Collectabells you possess?

We would love to know who is the top Treasure Hunter in the community!

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5 Author Replies

  • Glad to see Run Sackboy Run finally coming out after being quiet so long. When can we expect to hear about some new DLC for the game? It would be cool if you guys did a Bloodborne DLC or a Mortal Kombat one.

  • Glad this is finally making it to Vita. It’s been on Android and iOS for a while now, hasn’t it? I had been hoping for a release more in sync with the LBP 3 release, but better late than never.

  • Poor Vita, the red headed step child! Getting the hand me down. But thanks away!

  • Whats this new game you speak of? Left over apple sauce?

  • This game has been a huge hit with my daughter and all her friends. Can’t wait for to play it on the Vita.

    Is it compatible with PS TV?

  • Can we please get the Android version on the Amazon App store? I’ve got a Kindle Fire, so I can’t grab off the Play store.

  • Did to guys impotent trophies?

  • ‘Implement’ not impotent.

    You guys really should ‘implement’ and edit button.

  • Looking forward to Run Sackboy Run. Looks terrific! Is there any word on LBP costumes in the Vita store being fixed? They’ve all been missing since December, and I’m starting to feel it’s like all the other games and items that mysteriously disappear from the Vita store never to be seen again. (Me & My Katamari, GTA Vice City Stories, titles that haven’t been delisted but are only missing on the Vita store when they were previously right there.) I’d hate to see LBPV fall between the cracks too. :(

    • We’re currently looking into this issue but I can assure you that we have no plans to take them away.

  • Can we trade this game for another year of Destiny of Spirits service?

  • I would have preferred if the the Vita version was a buy-once premium version (that cost $5-$10) with no content hidden behind micro-transactions.

    Developers need to realize that mobile gaming (iOS, Android) and handheld gaming (Vita, 3DS) are as different as handheld gaming is to console gaming (PS4, Wii U, etc).

    There’s basically four tiers of gaming platforms (PC, console, handheld and mobile) and games that work on one don’t necessarily work well on another.

    Just look at how different the PC and console versions of Diablo III and Final Fantasy XIV work (full controller support vs keyboard/mouse). World of Warcraft would never work on the PS4, unless Blizzard overhauls the interface for a gamepad like Square Enix did with Final Fantasy XIV. Likewise, mobile games don’t belong on handhelds and vice-versa.

    Please don’t let Vita become a “mobile” gaming device. It needs to be a handheld gaming device, against the Nintendo 3DS.

    You guys killed PlayStation Mobile, which is a good start. Continue in that direction.

  • The codes from Run Sackboy Run produce an error when trying to redeem. Will they be fixed?

  • @#7 & #8 Lol! Too funny! I too am curious about trophies.

    Still laughing!

  • Glad to see more of LBP series!!!!

  • Sweet, Ill be picking this up. Thanks!

  • Been waiting forever for this. I love a good runner. Will this game be playable on the PlayStation TV?

  • Hi LBP team! Love your work and excited for some more Sackboy fun on my Vita. Any word on if the LBP:Karting servers will be fixed for North America or if they’re shut for good? Hoping for the former, but if it’s the latter it’d at least be nice to have official word. Thanks!

  • how do i get this ? i dont see it in store please helpp

  • Does this come with trophies?

  • Nice!

  • Any chance of bringing the costumes from Run Sackboy! Run! to LittleBigPlanet 3 as DLC? I’d really like to have that Unicorn costume in LBP3.

  • Does this have gambling in it like the Fat Princess mobile game did? After gifting that game to a friend’s child, I had to immediately delete it once I saw the slot machines and other stuff. I even made a comment of complaint to the ESRB.

    One of the reasons I recommend the Vita to parents is because the F2P games generally don’t have tight gambling loops like nearly all iOS and Android F2P games. I hope that the Fat Princess and Sackboy titles represent an *end* to Sony’s experiment of exploiting children by training them with OCD gambling feedback loops.

    I’m interested to try this game on Vita — on iPad and iPhone, both Sackboy and Fat Princess would drain my battery and make my device quite warm. On Vita, Fat Princess would run down my battery and still have animation performance problems — ridiculous, given how much more CPU, GPU, and memory bandwidth is available given the smaller number of pixels to push.

  • PS Loving the post-release support for LBP3 and am looking forward to more graphical enhancements in the PS4 version (stereo 3D, better lighting, Vita cross-controller, etc)

  • Can you implement button controls and tighten up the frame rate?

  • Are there any plans to fix the Marvel Edition of LBP Vita? It’s been months since the game launched and nothing has been done about the wonky dlc compatibility. Costume keys dl no problem but many costumes do not show in game. It appears arbitrary as to which do and which do not. Support response has been poor, whether asking questions on this blog, in forums or via Twitter. I recommend that no on purchase the Marvel edition of the game if you’re considering getting dlc. It may or may not work. It seems that the bulk of the bug fixing focus is on LBP 3 , while the vita is ignored.

  • Fantastic news,was glad to see Run Sackboy!Run! on The Drop this week…I’ve been waiting for this game,thats a finally hu? I don’t know why it took so much for you guys to release the game but its here and thats what matters.Something to make up for the lousy LBP 3,so I couldn’t be more glad.

    Are the DLC costumes compatible with Run Sackboy!Run! ?…for example the Sir Galahad one?…I really wanted to play with Sir Galahad costume.

    • The DLC Costumes are not compatible with Run Sackboy! Run!
      Sir Galahad is available exclusively for LittleBigPlanet 3.

  • Totally agree 110% with @11 post.

    I’ve never played any of the LittleBigPlanet games and was going to purchase this until I saw it is the dreaded ‘free-to-play’ cost model. Needless to say I still won’t be trying out any of the LittleBigPlanet range any time soon. The Vita (like the DS) is a proper handheld games console and not a mobile phone or tablet.

    Funny thing was I was playing The Order 1886 last night and had a smile at the children’s toy I picked up and inspected……

  • Is that LBP Hub ever going to come out? All the news about that we got was that short video during E3. Never heard from again.

    Also when will the horrendously bugged and broken LBP Karting be fixed? I swear I’ve done everything for my last trophies to platinum the game but the online play is so bad and it wont register. Any chance of a quick fix for it or does nobody care about that game at Sony anymore?

  • Good luck with the game; but I have had enough free-to-play, pay-to-win, micro-transaction-filled games to last me a lifetime. I despise, detest, and loathe this model of publishing. And will simply no longer support it. Charge me once, a reasonable price, and I will gladly pay for it.

  • @11: That’s a solid suggestion, I can get behind.

    I don’t mind games like this really, but I prefer they have a doubler [or in the case of Fat Princess, have a energy removal] as long as the price is fair. But for Fat Princess it wasn’t. So I’ll spend no money on that one. Given the mobile pricing on Run Sackboy Run, I doubt it’s different here [yet to install] I probably won’t buy anything in this version either.

    Despite being perfectly able and willing to support these types of games. I just can’t support the pricing model that Sony has chosen for them.

  • I don’t understand the complaints about this game being Free-to-Play. Nothing was “hidden behind microtransactions”. You just play until you get enough coins to get stuff. And all the important stuff (the DLC costume codes) are 100% free.

    • One of our main goals for Run Sackboy! Run! was to ensure that there were no walls that would block your progress.

      If you want to continue unlocking content for the game, all you need to do is go for another run!

  • I hope there is going to be an update for this game. i want to use the right on the dpad to forward dash, and x to jump. I dont want to use the touchscreen. But I guess I have to use the touchscreen for now. Im loving the music of this game.

  • I STRONGLY suggest you correct the descriptions in the store for this game. I just finished talking to Support after the “Double Bubble” item disappeared and wanted me to buy another, when the text description clearly says you keep it FOREVER and it’s PERMANENT, but Support told me it’s actually a limited use item. I’m guessing it means it stays active “FOREVER” while you play the game, until you exit the game, and then expires and you need to buy it again for another playthru.

  • I’m not sure why, but (playing on the Vita) at the main menu, I want to link my psn, and says to tap to Sign In. I click connect and nothing happens. Doesn’t sync any of my friend’s progress at the leader board. Hopefully it’s not a worldwide issue?

  • I want to ask that I bought “Run Sackboy! Run! – Double Bubbles” pack and used it for hours and after that I couldn’t stop myself to buy another “Run Sackboy! Run! – Auto Shield” pack.But things changed then.I lost both of the packs.In the game I haven’t any thing I pay by USD,the game asked me to buy again.I’m afraid of this question and can’t use Double Bubbles and Auto Shield.Please give me a way to own those packs I paid,thank you.

  • I’m also having a transaction problem like Samioguagua.

    I purchased the Double Bubble pack, I went back to look at more packs to purchase but I received some sort of error and now the Double Bubbles no longer work. I only get 1 at a time now. The advertisement of the add-on claimed Double Bubbles FOREVER and PlayStation Store claims I didn’t purchase anything. My transaction history says otherwise.

    Refund my $5 or make the add-on downloadable through PlayStation store.

  • My Double Bubbles aren’t working!

    Admins! Devs! Help!

  • Please fix this issue. I don’t mean to sound arrogant I just want this to go unchecked! Also I paid for something and apparently I can’t use it to the fullest extent… Run! Sack boy run! is a really fun game and I wanted to support you guys a little and this is the thanks some of us get..


  • I agree with DragonessHera, I see false advertising. I get the idea of buying a bundle of something for a certain amount of money but buying enhancements shouldn’t be tampered with. Crazy Market has an unlimited coffee add-on that’s fully permanent and Total Recoil has a 2x Coin permanent add-on, which I both own and have no 2nd thoughts about!

    Solutions please!

  • Also DragonessHera, I closed the game to play another and came back to it and it still gave me 2x bubbles but after going back to the store and getting a weird error is when it stopped working for me.

  • I bought Auto Shield and Double Bubbles in game and after a few minutes they stopped working.

    Has anyone purchased these packs and they keep working?

  • Yep, it’s false advertising. If you go to your Transaction Management in the PS Store on the Vita, then chose Services List, and Run Sackboy! Run!, you’ll see the things you’ve bought and they actually have expiry timers. The text in the store clearly states they’re permanent.

    I was fine with paying $5 for an actual permanent doubler, but $5 for a few hours? No.

    And @GRod128, I’ve had problems with the store as well, along with the game wanting me to sign in when I was signed in. I’m really hoping this is all some kind of bug.

  • 2x Doubler still not working for me!!

    PSN – GRod128
    Transaction made on April first!
    Transaction # – 8384197098

  • This clearly has to be a bug because VelvetDesperado claims his add-ons only worked after a few minutes after his purchase.
    Mine died out after 10+ hours, at 2 in the morning also mind you..

  • This is really disappointing to hear about “Double Bubbles Forever” expiring. I normally don’t buy any boosts or continues in F2P games. But I’m a huge fan of LittleBigPlanet (I’ve bought every one for PS3/PS4 day one), and I was willing to drop at least $10 on a couple of the “Forever” boosts. $10 is about what I’d pay for a game like this that wasn’t F2P with micro-transactions.

    What’s worse is the patently false advertising. The description says “Forever.” Not for x number of hours or x number of runs. And there’s absolutely no fine print when you access this to purchase it in the in-game store. I’m losing faith in the integrity of Sony and the developer for cheating people so blatantly. I can only hope that this was a glitch and people will get reimbursed or receive what they were promised.

    Thankfully, like others posting here, I was unable to access the in-game store last night (it worked for a while this morning), otherwise I would’ve purchased the fraudulent “Double Bubbles Forever” boost.

  • Some kind of word from Sony would be nice. It’s starting to seem like it might be a bug since these things are expiring at different times. Mine lasted for 6 hours and 22 minutes.

  • Hopefully these comments will get noticed and someone gets the word out.

    This could very well be the last time I consider a micro payment for the better good of a game. It was fun before the Double Bubbles, then Double Bubbles made the game even more exciting and now I barely want to touch it.

  • It is sounding more like a bug, and Sony needs to stop telling people who call support that the “Forever” boosts are limited.

    I just did a quick scan of the reviews for the Android version of this game on Google Play, and none of the 1- and 2-star reviews I saw mentioned any problems with the “Forever” boost add-ons being limited. They only complained about the usual bugs and glitches (game crashes, losing progress, game failing to load/run, etc.)

  • @47. You might consider starting a thread in the LPB Community forums:

    I would’ve if I had been directly affected by this problem.

  • I also had the problem. I got the double bubble and x4 sticker chance ‘forever’ packs and ran a few runs with them. They only worked for about three hours before they expired. This is a little irritating as I never would have spent $10 on packs that only lasted a couple of hours. I know for a fact this is a bug because I have the Android OS version of this app as well and bought the x4 sticker chance pack immediately when the game came out about 3-4 months ago and I STILL have it activated in my game.

    Would be great to have a response and a solution to this problem ASAP, either that our our money back for false in-game advertising! Love the game a bunch but this is a little irritating :/

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