MLB 15 The Show Out Today on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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MLB 15 The Show Out Today on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Hey everyone, this is Ramone Russell from San Diego Studio. It’s my favorite time of year… Spring is around the corner, the start of the baseball season is days away, and best of all: MLB 15 The Show launches today on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.

This is a special year for the team in San Diego; it marks the 10th anniversary of The Show, which we’re commemorating with a special edition that includes a stunning steelbook case and tons of added in-game value.

MLB 15 The Show includes a ton of new features and upgrades to the franchise, many of which we’ve talked about over the past few months. One we’ve been talking about since last year is Year-to-Year Saves, an unprecedented innovation in sports games and something that finally fulfills its amazing potential in this year’s game by letting MLB 14 users continue their Road to the Show, Franchise, and Season save files onto MLB 15 The Show and beyond.

Curious about how it works in practice? Check out at the video below for a detailed look at Year-to-Year Saves:

When it comes to gameplay features and improvements, MLB 15 The Show does more in a single year than any entry prior, too many to cover in a single blog post. Check out the huge list on

You can pick up MLB 15 The Show today to enjoy the upcoming baseball season, and welcome to the Show!

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Regarding Online Support for MLB 14 The Show
Global server operation for MLB 14 The Show will be extended beyond June 18th. The timeline for when resources are diverted from the previous season’s online functionality is a difficult decision year in and year out, and not one we take lightly. In the case of MLB 14, we’ve heard your voices and your passion for The Show and we thank you for it. We will continue to support MLB 14 online for a duration that is comparable to earlier seasons. We’ll confirm a new later online shutdown date in the near future.

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  • is this game crossplay with PS3/PS4/Vita?

  • But of course another stellar game for the PS4.Time to play some baseball let’s go Chicago Cubs!!!!!

  • This is the game that drove me to buy my PS4 one year ago. I have not regretted it a single day and absolutely love the system. Sadly, however, I will not be buying this or any future ‘The Show’ titles. For me, they’ve just gotten too tedious and monotonous. And with something like ‘Super Mega Baseball’ providing so much fun and entertainment and really fulfilling that baseball itch, who needs this?

  • Sony! Give us some hockey on the Vita!

  • How do i go about redeeming my free skinit ps4 controller skin?

  • People, for the love of gaming, STOP supporting these yearly franchises! It’s 2015 and they still use an old engine. And despite what we’re told, they do NOT make the best game they can. If they did they wouldn’t be able to sell new ones every year. There are always issues and a lack of features because the devs always need something they can improve upon for the next installment. Wouldn’t you be happy to go a couple years without a “new” MLB if it meant we’d truly get the best game possible, with solid online, all the features and modes you want and visuals that really take full advantage of the PS4 hardware?
    Remember how incredible Fight Night: Champion was? That game received much needed time and passion and we received something great and different that blew away previous installments. MLB: The Show could be that if you’d stop buying it and force the series to be reevaluated.

  • EB games called to say my preorder is in. I will be cancelling it for credit. I never thought I’d skip a year of the show but not feeling good about the purchase. 1) No reviews, bad decision.. what are you hiding. 2) you say the servers are so important to features yet you’ll just shut them down early next year forcing people to upgrade again. 3) 69.99 is too much to ask for a yearly patch and I’m tired of it, maybe if the ps4 had a new engine and animation that is not choppy and only slightly upgraded from the ps3 version. 4) Time for a 2 year cycle or charge 39.99 per year if forcing to upgrade. 5) I’ll check back next year

  • Am I missing something? I have not been able to find any voucher codes for the free “Skin It” for my controller? Also, I was able to redeem for the 12,000 stubs, but how do I redeem for the other bonus packs? (pre-ordered several weeks ago through the PS Store for digital Anniversary Edition)

  • I pre ordered anniv edition on march 7. The standard edition auto downloaded. What should i do?

  • @7 – Good on you. You are making the right decision.

  • @PanTheMan16

    You have not played an MLB game in forever or any sports games. So why would you even care if people buy this game and enjoy it year after year?

  • I want to b able to skype I thk it would b koo

  • Is the Vita version compatible with the PlayStation TV?

  • @11 – What I care about is the bigger picture and the current state of the video games industry, and how publishers have become complacent with dishing out barely-satisfactory products because they know that gamers in general enough are foolish enough to keep paying. The Show is just one of many examples, but I feel strongly about it because it is a Sony first-party studio and it’s especially unacceptable that they are involved in the same practices as Ubisoft and Activision. We deserve so much better.

    As I keep saying, we absolutely can change things. I haven’t purchased an MLB game recently because I’m doing my part. Unfortunately, the vocal minority has little influence compared to the brainwashed majority. This is the first time I won’t be buying an Uncharted game either, although I won’t try making a case against that because Naughty Dog loyalists are too far gone to be reasoned with.


    Dear @yosp, @amboyes, @PlayStation. We heard @Jun_Yoshizawa. The folks RTing/Favoriting this would like a sequel to #FreedomWars, please.

  • No review copies being sent out, and a probable one year rental of servers for the game? Pass.

  • @14
    I am a brainwashed majority and the reason for the current state of the video game industry?
    I guess I honestly do not understand the industry as a whole and won’t pretend to understand either.
    I just feel that if a person wants something and enjoys it then they should support it. It’s as simple as that. I love supporting video games and try to as much as possible. you are kinda being a jerk trying to tell people what to do. Can’t we just enjoy what we enjoy? Lots of people spend many of hours to create fantastic experiences only to have someone like you rip them apart? Why do you do this? Just let people enjoy this..

    .MLB 15 10 out of 10. Thanks SONY!!!!!!

  • Cover art? Yay, my Dodgers! This will be our year. No really!! Hee, hee.

  • Please add move and custom music support.

  • Can anyone confirm or deny if this is Playstation TV compatible? I asked “adkplaystation” on twitter and they claim they have no information.

  • “Unfortunately, the vocal minority has little influence compared to the brainwashed majority”

    Thank God. It’s commerce. Fortunately we don’t live in your utopia where business decisions are made based on the opinions of a handful of the angriest guys in a comment thread. If you want to start a revolution over a freaking video game you don’t even seem to care about that much, all my best, but you might want to at least find a game that isn’t widely praised every year. You might be able to wrangle up a bit more support if you were complaining about a game that was actually in need of remaking.

    In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying the game like crazy, as I do every year. Cheers.

  • @17 – Well, the easiest way to understand it is to look at the previous collapse of the industry and why it happened. Things started out good with studios wanting to be creative, but it got to a point where they began pushing junk just to get paid fast. Gamers back then were smart, though, and they refused to buy it. Gaming died, and when it returned, things had to be done right again in order to become successful.
    We are once again in a place where the same formulas can be recycled again, and again, and again and still become successful. People aren’t being smart this time because gaming has become a widely-accepted trend and is very important to people. It’s not just thought of as a silly hobby anymore. A collapse nowadays probably wouldn’t be so major. More likely that the studios who are guilty of these exploits will die out, or will reach a desperate point where they are forced to do something worthwhile again. We all know of a few big-name publishers who are constantly bad-mouthed by gamers. Trouble is these gamers who complain are all talk and no follow-through; They still buy the crap they claim to hate because they want to be relevant and play what everyone else plays. It’s only a matter of time, though.

  • @21 – You’re just reacting out of bias. You aren’t looking at things objectively or even trying to understand the very real truth here. You refuse to see it, but I am speaking in your defense and in the defense of all gamers. This isn’t about me vs. you and wanting things my way. This is about our mutual love for gaming and me recognizing the wrongs that are being done to take advantage of us because we are allowing it to happen. No one is disputing that The Show is fun.
    But, I can see that it’s not worth talking to you, as you are as you described me: “the angriest guy in a comment thread”. Every statement you make comes from your own selfish, short-term interests. That’s fine if you want to play mediocre games today that were developed without any passion behind them. But, if you allowed yourself to see things for the way they really are, you wouldn’t be satisfied with it either.

  • Yes, my bias is that I really like this game. I’m going to react to that bias by buying it.

  • In other words, I’m not going to stop buying something I love in hope that, maybe, someday down the road, it might get just a tiny bit better. It’s already extremely good. Changing for the sake of change isn’t really a bright strategy when you’ve spent a decade refining a formula and you’re putting out one of the best sports games on the planet every year. Your rallying cry just holds no appeal to me.

    If you were talking about the 2K baseball games three or four years ago, then yeah, I’m with you! They needed to just rethink that whole series, and I stopped buying them. But when a game is as good as The Show, I’m absolutely fine with minor annual improvement over a tear-down and rebuild. I prefer it, actually. It’s nice to know the game will be there every spring, and it will be pretty great.

    We’re not going to fix the “wrongs” of the gaming industry by refusing to buy really good games.

  • you guys both make good points. I personally decided to return my preorder because I don’t feel there’s enough value being provided anymore for 70$ plus taxes. (cdn) Every year. Basically a subscription with 1 big patch a year. If that’s still worth the price tag to you then okay, there’s obviously enough people willing to pay that they will charge it. I’m just one more that won’t.

    I want to see real progress. I want to see player animations worthy of the playstation 4. Real updated physics. It’s obvious this game is still stuck on that ps3 engine with relatively minor updates for Ps4. I love the game and developers do a good job with such a small window of development time but it’s simply not enough to warrant the price the want to charge.

    Also no Anniversary Edition in Canada also helped push me to not buy this year. First time since 2008. I probably still would have bought it this year just for the steel book and extras because I’m still somewhat a sucker and want to buy stuff. Come on Sony, next year give me a better excuse to give you my money.

  • Which is totally reasonable. I’m a big baseball fan and want a game every year, and this one’s very good, so I’m buying it. But it’s not massively better than last year or the year before, of course. It’s minor improvements and a roster update. For me, that’s fantastic. For others, that’s just not enough. I get that and respect it. I don’t buy Madden or FIFA or any other sports game every year. But I adore this game, and I object to the idea that anyone who buys an annualized sports game is some “brainwashed” moron. Or, even more hilarious, “selfish.” Like it’s my duty to make sacrifices for some stranger whose tastes don’t seem to align with mine in the first place.

  • How do I turn on play by play commentary?

  • @27 – You would be doing it for a cause, of which you would benefit from. However, as your mind is made up, I hope you enjoy this year’s installment.

  • HOW TO EXIT THE FRAKIN GAME once you completed the initial FORCED game. frustrated that un install this frakin crap… ONLY had to RESTART the SAME GAMe 3 time do you think I have that time to WASTE….

  • I’m planning to buy MLB game as I used to play MLB game with ps1. I’ve been a pc user for quite long time til recently got myself a vita. So is it worth it to get the latest MLB 15 for $19.99 or should I get the MLB 13 instead for $8.99? I don’t care about the latest players I just need to play MLB game I guess.

  • @30 – That depends if you want to play online or not. MLB 13’s servers are no longer online, and ’14’s will be going offline soon. ’15 is digital only, so if you get that you need to make sure you have enough space on your memory card.

  • @31 – Hmm I don’t need the online multiplayer, only want to play with cpu casually. No worry for space since I’m using 64GB one. Other than players and online multiplayer, MLB 13 and MLB 15 should be very similar right in terms of graphics and gameplay?

  • @32 – I haven’t played either, so I only know what I’ve read and seen in videos. Graphics should be pretty similar. As I understand it, the Vita versions are basically just ports of the PS3 versions, so it’s the PS4 version that would show the biggest difference. 15 will have minor gameplay improvements over 13 and will have more modes and features. I believe it will also have better play-by-play commentary, which seemed to be pretty much non-existent from 13. The lack of it made the game seem pretty quiet/dead. For me, the $10 difference is small and with any sports game I’d rather have something newer, but both games are rated very well and you’d probably do better to watch review and gameplay videos to see for yourself which appeals to you more.

  • @33 – Alright, thanks for your inputs! I’ll check both version’s review.

  • How in the hell do you get to the game?! It just keeps making me restart the initial training game with SF vs KC. I feel like it’s really obvious and I’m going to feel pretty dumb once it’s explained. But please god someone tell me.

  • “How in the hell do you get to the game?! It just keeps making me restart the initial training game with SF vs KC. I feel like it’s really obvious and I’m going to feel pretty dumb once it’s explained. But please god someone tell me.”

    The install takes quite a long time. So it’ll install enough to let you turn the game on, but your options are severely limited while the rest of the game installs. (At certain points you should see a little green bar above the score overlay that tells you approximately how far along in the process it is.)

    My advice is, if you don’t want to play the practice game, just leave it on and walk away for an hour or two. Come back and it’ll let you do everything.

  • The game has froze on me three times in the middle of online rated matches, is anyone else having this kind of problem? It also appears to be quite glitchy at times which affects pitches and plays. I have great internet and no problems with any other game. Thoughts?

  • Hey guys this is the first year Ive tried to get a league together! Sounds fun! Set up for all 162 games on an Open Manual schedule! Looking for 7 players for an 8 man league! 4 to playoffs! Message me!

    League name is


  • I started a online league, the schedule has generated bbut every time you send a challenge it says challenge failed but my opponent gets the challenge but we can’t play this is so fustrating.

  • Please release a physical retail copy of this game for PSTV. Thank you.

  • I’m trying to start an online franchise but when I upload the roster and tap awaiting activation it doesn’t let me go further I have 5 friends on including me and the number six player is the CPU what I’m I doing wrong ?

  • OK, I love this game but while playing in RTTS mode a few minutes ago, I came across one of the biggest impossible plays I’ve ever seen. Has anyone ever flied out when the ball makes a huge curve from over the crowd and the ball cuts right through the steps and the wall? Well, it happened to me. I have a recording of it and it blows my mind every time I watch it. I can’t help but laugh. I want everyone to check it out so let me know where to post the video or friend request me, Blindfury30, and I’ll send you the video so you can see it.

  • I have a question. Im playing a Season and i noticed i get like no Player stats or even the “Player walk up” it just starts them out batting. Half the time i have no clue who’s on Deck or who is even batting until i see the number or hear from the announcer. This is super annoying. Am i missing a setting or did they take this out of the Vita version to “Speed” things up???

    Any help would be grateful.

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