FFXIV Patch 2.55 Now Live: Prepare for Heavensward!

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FFXIV Patch 2.55 Now Live: Prepare for Heavensward!

Dear Final Fantasy XIV players and players-to-be,

You have kept us busy. Although that is probably an understatement. With the launch of patch 2.51 and Gold Saucer, our servers showed herculean strength under your immense desire for a game of Triple Triad and some Chocobo racing. Then, the pre-orders for the boxed Heavensward versions started, and darn did you want to pre-order. That was a very exciting couple of days.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.55

But the most exciting time is yet to come! With Heavensward less than three months away, we finally present you with both an end and a new beginning. In patch 2.55, you will finally learn the conclusion to the A Realm Reborn storyline – or will you…? Get prepared for your new journey into the unknown!

Patch 2.55 is now online!

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.55

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.55Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.55

There be Dragons

There is a war going on, and you’re right at the brink – your introduction to the millennia-lasting Dragonsong War will be all but gentle.

Make Contact

The Holy See of Ishgard has been isolated from the rest of Eorzea for a long time. Make contact with this fabled city-state – laying the foundation for your adventures in Heavensward!

Prepare Yourself

With less than three months left, take advantage of the addition of the Final Coil of Bahamut to the Duty Finder and the removal of the weekly limit on rewards in the World of Darkness to prepare yourself for the challenges to come. But most importantly, complete the brand new story quest “Before the Dawn” introduced in patch 2.55, to get immediate access to Heavensward content and head out to the fabled Ishgard right on release!

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.55

Get Early Access to Heavensward

You want to walk into the unknown ahead of the official release? Then pre-order your boxed copy now at the Square Enix store! Of course we’re also working on making digital pre-orders available on the PSN Store as soon as possible.

So many things to do, and I’m not even sure I can go cold turkey and leave the Gold Saucer! It’s just so cozy and warm, and the next Cactpot ticket might be my big break!

See you in-game!

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