A World of Spirits and Demons: Behind the Scenes with Oreshika

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A World of Spirits and Demons: Behind the Scenes with Oreshika

Hello everybody! If you haven’t picked up Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines yet, now’s your chance to get a taste of an epic tale of revenge set in ancient Japan, as the demo for PS Vita and PS TV is available today on PlayStation Store. Also available today, we have additional DLC content for sale. Previously offered only to early purchasers of the full game, now for sale at $0.99 each, you can unlock 2 rare and powerful gods, Tonkararin and Kiri No Mashu to unite with.

Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines

Going back to the demo for a minute — all progress made is transferable to the full game, so you’ll be able to continue your journey without losing a step. Oh, and a quick note about game modes — while there is only one mode of difficulty in the demo, you’ll have the option to change it without losing any progress after you upgrade to the full game for $19.99. So for any fanatics out there, the full game offers a game mode where you can immerse yourself with an estimated playthrough time of 100 hours!

Can’t get enough of Oreshika news!? For those thirsting to know more about the game, we caught up with Shoji Masuda, game designer of Oreshika, who shared some exclusive behind-the-scenes stories. Take a look!

As mentioned in the video, Oreshika is set in Japan a thousand years ago where people still believed that there were spirits and demons in the world. This is not everyday Japan by any stretch — it’s a complete fantasy world unique to Japanese culture.

Another thing you won’t have much contact with in your everyday life, is the Japanese traditional art form of woodblock prints, known as ukiyo-e, and Japanese-style paintings, which served as inspiration for the distinct game art. We hope players will enjoy an escape-from-the-everyday by delving into the strange and mythical fantasy world that is Oreshika!

Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines

Now that you’re in-the-know about Oreshika, how’d you like to add some Oreshika flair to your PS Vita home screen? We have two downloadable wallpapers pre-sized for the PS Vita for everyone to enjoy! Access the web browser on your PS Vita and visit here. Follow the instructions, and voilà! You’ll be enjoying your new Oreshika-themed background wallpaper in no time.

That’s it for today! Till next time… Go forth over my dead body…

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6 Author Replies

  • This game is incredible. Been playing it nonstop since release.

  • would of supported it but I dont support this type of translation job. Especially coming from a big company like sony.

  • Missing out on an amazing game because of translation!? what the heck is wrong with people.

  • Bought this game day one! Although I wish it came with a a physical release but kinda hard to argue with that $20 price. Hopefully there will be more options in future Sony localizations. Keep doing what you’really doing Sony and keep localizing these Japanese games for the West!

  • @3 I should clarify something in case it gives people the wrong impression.

    There is nothing wrong with the translation like with Sword Art Online. Souledge94 is just bitter and keeps griefing Sony just because this traditional Japanese game isn’t Westernized with an English dub.

    What is wrong with people indeed…

  • I have yet to get this game because of my huge backlog, but I will defiantly buy this game because I am a huge Vita JRPG Fan. Thanks for supporting the Vita. Please keep the games coming Sony!!!

  • @5
    Just cause its a japanese game doesint mean it shouldint be dubbed for a english speaking market. Just like how in anime japan doesint make people speak any other language just cause their anime isint set in japan. Also dont talk since your ignoring operation abyss and the new upcoming atlus game for the same reason as me only difference being theres no jpn VO option.

  • I’ve been playing this game on and off quite a bit now and I’m really enjoying it a lot. I hope this serie continues and gains even more depth in it’s future installment.

  • The banner at the bottom of the video makes it hard to read the captions. But this game looks gorgeous. I picked it up over the weekend with the 10% off coupon. Can’t wait to play it!

  • Release the retail in both EU and NA and many of us will buy it even without demo.

    Last first party game on Vita and you didn’t even bother to release it properly. SHAME ON YOU GUYS. Making stealth release hiding the fact that it will be deficient digital version. shame on you.

    You didn’t even bother to inform people on blog that Destiny of Spirits will be closing… because who cares about bad news right?

  • @7
    And just because it’s being released in English speaking markets doesn’t mean it needs English voice acting. You can obviously read, so complaining about something so insignificant is extremely petty. I’d rather get good games with only subtitles than no good games at all.

  • @7 Uh.. Why should anime, a Japanese media airing in Japan be in English? Lol.
    And for your information, I am picking up Lost Dimensions, I only left the Atlas rep with some respectful feedback which he also appreciated. Something you can learn from.
    As for Operation Abyss, it didn’t appeal to me in the first place, I was only planning to pick up to support NISA, lack of dual audio only pushed that decision in a different direction. Your decision to not support games is purely based on if it has a dub or not. Even if the game interests you like Oreshika, you will not hesitate to not support it regardless which company is localizing it.

    Only person that needs to stop talking is you. You constantly berate Sony with every opportunity you get. This no dub no buy stance is disgusting and like I’ve said, only makes you look like a bigot.

  • @12
    Again using the word bigot incorrectly. I even gave you the right definition before and you still you use the word. Also about your anime comment why should a game being brought to a english speaking market be only in japanese. Espcially when other companies have dubbed their games.I called sony cheap with the translation because well its soly done to cut cost. Sony is not like lets say xseed who are a very small company. I understand their situation which is why I dont really say anything to them.

  • Girls, stop fighting! You’re both pretty!

    The Vita is a classic Catch-22 scenario. In order for it–or any platform–to succeed, we players have to buy it and buy the games on it. If we don’t, they’ll stop making big games for it first. Check. Then they’ll stop spending extra money on it, like adding subs in various languages. Check. Shutting down online game server. Check. Then only indies who have smaller operating margins and are desperate for business at all will make games for Vita. Check. If not enough people buy those, no more games will come. Could be “check” soon.

    This is where all these “principled stands” are taking us. Soon there will be no new games. I buy pretty much every JRPG for Vita on day 1, in order to keep the Vita viable. Haven’t even started playing most of them.

    Yes, I bought Oreshika day 1. I love, love, love the art style. Haven’t even started it yet. Very soon, the Vita will only be sold as a PS4 accessory. Then no more native Vita games to fight over anyway.

  • @14
    I know im pretty :p

  • I’m absolutely adoring this game, it’s such a shame that it didn’t get a physical release and sometimes, while in the depths of the dungeons, the frame-rate drops to ridiculous digits.

  • @13 You’re unreasonably unwilling to accept anything that is not your culture/language which makes you a bigot.
    Like others have asked, why does a Japanese game, developed in Japan need to have an English dub? A lot of people don’t need things Westernized, people prefer to experience the same game Japan got minus the language barrier.
    I think I should make another thing clear though, I have no problems with people who enjoy dubs. My issue is with your constant disgusting posts griefing the lack of dubs. Like I said, provide constructive feedback and leave it. I agree dual audio should be the standard the same as you, but your way of going about it really makes you seem like a sack of crap if I’m being perfectly honest.

  • It’s $20. Take it for what it is.

    I kind of wish more games had translations like sword art online. Sure it’s google translated, but it allowed me to play that game. If they would do that to all the cancelled games in the west, it would be worth it. Otherwise we are learning Japanese or using a translation walkthrough.

    Call them cheap and don’t support them. That’s the way you got to do things. Hit them with your $20. I am sure Sony will miss it.

    Also, I like to voice over the game myself while it’s on mute. Mostly because it makes my wife laugh.

  • Geez! Complaining just because a game you´re interested is not dubbed to your language! Is only acceptable if you are not able to read though.

    Right now Im really into Muramasa Rebirth (that Damn Fury Mode!!) and that is a great game with no English or spanish dub.


  • @14 This I totally agree with, which is why the no dub no buy stance and constant petty comments are so disgusting. I prefer Japanese audio myself but it hasn’t stopped me from buying English dub only games. Ist fine to have a preference, it’s also fine to leave feedback. But don’t do it in a way that makes you look like a petulant man-child.


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    Spread the word, contribute for the greater good! Greg has made bigger games than this happen through the power of social media (Borderlands 2 for example) so we may as well give it a shot.

  • Awesome to see a premium-priced game have a demo!

    The art style reminds me a LOT of Okami, the PS3 version of which is the absolute best. (A Vita version of Okami would be AMAZING, of course.)

    Destiny of Spirits is closing? Mental note to not pay money for any game with an online component on PlayStation platforms…

  • Bought it day one, no regrets. Great game with beautiful art style…

  • PLease release the THEME too, thanks…..

  • @Wintendo, well, let’s face it, we Americans are a pretty complaining lot. When you travel to other countries, that loud, irritating voice you hear will be an American complaining that something is not like it is back home. Practically a Constitutional right, complaining is, lol.

    I would have preferred dual audio in P4G but it’s still the best Vita game anyway. I played American disc of Ni No Kuni with the original voice overs and they were much better than the mixed bag of English speaking actors. Why did Oliver and his mother and Mr Drippy all have different accents? I watch Studio Ghibli anime with original voices. So very much better.

    But I’m grateful for the incredible library of JRPGs in the Playstation catalogue. Unfortunately, soon there will be no more Vita entries.

  • Why not just release the theme?

    • Hi Sharingan_itachi, I see several people are requesting the theme. We definitely hear ya. However, we currently have nothing to announce when it comes to the theme for Oreshika.

  • @Lisa There will still be third party games, Japan is getting constant Vita games and we live in a wonderful time where localization companies are willing to bring games over even though they are niche titles. So I wouldn’t say Vita won’t be getting anymore games.

    We can keep getting titles if people actually pickup games they want to play instead of skipping them for petty reasons.

  • I like demos. I’ll give it a try.

  • At the risk of being a stickler for this sort of thing, I find it unfortunate that the game map includes Okinawa and Hokkaido, which were not part of Japan at the time this game is set.

    Okinawa island was not politically unified until the Chuzan state founded the Ryukyu Kingdom in 1429. The kingdom would come under the influence of the Satsuma clan (based in modern-day Kagoshima Prefecture in southern Kyushu) in 1609, but would not be formally annexed by Japan until 1879.

    Hokkaido was known as Ezo before 1869. At the time this game is set, there was no significant “Wajin” presence on the island, which was inhabited by the indigenous Ainu. A Japanese settlement would later be established on the Oshima peninsula, which would be controlled by the Matsumae clan during the Edo period (but still not counted as “part of Japan”). It would not be until the Meiji era before the bulk of the island was colonized by Japan – at the expense of its native Ainu population.

    I feel that the game somewhat over-reaches, in terms of portraying what was covered by “Japanese” culture at the time. The Ainu and Ryukyuans have their own “pre-Japanese” cultural heritages worth acknowledging, rather than being swept under the rug.

  • Wintendo, yes, you’re right. Small niche Japanese companies that make games for their region will probably still continue to bring them to the West, and I am buying them so they’ll keep bringing them.

    @29, Nerroth, hey that was really interesting. It’s ok that you’re being a stickler but this is a fantasy game anyway so they’re not going for accuracy.

    Made me want to read up some on this bit of history. I know about the Ainu a little. Red heads, right? Totally not of same gene pool as Japanese? Never heard of Ryukyu before. If only I weren’t so lazy…..

  • Will be importing the Asia version because SCEA hates my money.

  • Please release the Oreshika theme for Vita that Japan has in NA and EU.

  • @30:

    It’s one thing to try and highlight Japanese fantasy concepts, as the video interview states. But including Hokkaido and Okinawa gives the impression that they too were a part of this, when they weren’t – and, by extension, that they didn’t have anything of worth going own there, which they most certainly did.

    In fact, I would be interested to see games tell stories based on Ainu or Ryukyuan mythologies, akin to the indigenous Alaskan heritage being drawn on for one of April’s PS Plus games here in the West.

    The question of Ainu ancestry has no clear answer. When Europeans first started visiting Hokkaido (collecting samples of Ainu wares to show in European and North American museums), some claimed the Ainu were Caucasians. However, it is more likely that they are genetically closer to other ethnic groups in north-east Asia.

    As for the Ryukyuans, part of the issue there has been how the local languages have been treated since 1879. Unlike Ainu (which is unrelated to Japanese), the Ryukyuan languages are part of the same Japonic language group as “mainland” Japanese – which led to them being unfairly derided as “mere” dialects, rather than as distinct languages in their own right.

  • I would have bought this game day one if there was a retail copy of it, my memory card is too full and buying a bigger one is not an option because they cost way more than a game.

  • @17
    Oh sweet jebus. Again your using the word bigot wrong.If I was a bigot I would buy only american made products and put down other cultures. Show me where iv done this. Wanting a dub doesint=bigot. All you know how do is basically use bad words to argue anyone who doesint agree with you.Calling me a bigot and piece of crap. Again I get on sony cause them being a bigger company theres really no excuse for lack of a dub execpt for the reason I put in. Also westernizing the game would be a entirely different thing then just adding a dub. It would be changing the look,feel,characters personalities and so forth to try to fit the the western culture and thats not what im asking for. All I want is the characters to be dubbed since I dont like jpn voices overs. Others companies do this even smaller ones then sony.

  • @Yulie Yoshimura
    Is there any reason you guys are refusing to sell us the themes of your own games in the west? People have been asking for the Freedom Wars theme ever since firmware 3.30 was released but we have yet to see it. Ditto with the Oreshika theme. Why NOT release it here?

  • @36 Whatever helps you sleep at night, bigot. Why dont you like Japanese voices? Because it isnt English? Thats bigotry right there. You can twist and interpret the definitions as much as you like to justify your disgusting behaviour, but it doesn’t change the fact youre a child throwing a tamper tantrum just because you don’t get everything your way.

    Notice no one here agrees with you, that should tell you something. Sony isn’t the problem, I’m not the problem and neither is it anyone else’s problem. The problem is you.

  • Sorry but $20 is way too much for this game, so i’ll be waiting for it to hit around $9.99.

    Also really sick of these lazy publishers porting japanese games here with no attempt at offering an english dub option. Stop assuming the only people interested in jrpgs are dumb weaboos.

  • I haven’t played it yet, but I bought the game quite early just to help support it! If only school wasn’t in my way…

    I know you have no news regarding the theme, but I hope that changes in the future, I would like it as well.

  • Still nothing to “pick up” since it’s still digit only. Good ol SCEA, full of jokers.

    Seriously with the anti-America crap? You know why Americans complain about other countries? because those countries suck. Someone has to complain since the poor bastards stuck in those places get jailed or killed for voicing out, that is of course, if they can muster the strength due to starvation forced on them by leftist governments. Don’t like America/Americans? GTFO.

    You misused “bigot” initially. but soul fell into it anyway. Your prize will arrive via USPS in 4-7 weeks.

    English dubbing over original language tracks falls into “westernizing”. You keep stepping in it, bud. Just stop.

  • so now pstv is getting better games than ps4 now too? was excited for axiom verge till i saw this….ps4 needs more rpg and quality games…

  • @38
    Please learn what the term bigot means. Hell look at the civil rights movement maybe that would give you an idea of what the term actually means. Its not about twisting and turning definitions its about looking up what the actual word means and using it properly which is clear you didint do. Just cause you use that term doesint make your opinion any more valid. Also just cause some people arent saying boo to sub only doesint mean its only me that doesint like this. trust me there are other boards that feel the same way. There are also those who dont like the jpn voice overs,but are like F it and buy it anyway,but just mute it though end of the day wish they can have a dub. Iv tried that as well but for me the game loses something when you mute it and so I just dont support the games.All iv done is pointed its sad that a big time company like sony doesint spend the dough to dub their games and iv said multiple times I understand when a smaller company like xseed simply cant afford it.

    Iv never insulted those who prefer jpn voice overs and iv never insulted you.ill just go back to playing my jrpgs on my japanese system and my watch my anime. Though I guess after all that im still a bigot and hate japanese culture.

  • @43 You still haven’t answered my question. Why do you hate Japanese voiceovers to the point you don’t buy games you actually wanted to play? Stop avoiding the question. Its fine to have a preference, but like other’s have pointed out, its ridiculous to not support a game you wanted to play due to a lack of said preference.

    It would also be fine if all you actually did was point out there is a lack of dub and you would prefer it, but no. If people actually went through the Oreshika posts and even some other localization announcement posts here on Playstation Blog, they would definitely find at least a few dozen comments from you bashing Sony about a lack of a dub in each entry.

  • (…Cont)

    Honestly, I saw this entry when it was first posted and I thought to myself, “I’m sure that Japanese voice hating kid is going to add in his crappy 2 cents here again..” Surely enough, like clock work, you were the 2nd person to comment and with a petty comment no less. I would’ve ignored you too if you didn’t start spreading false information about a poor translation. Its already bad enough you are not supporting this game for a petty reason, but to spread lies and false information so other people would not support this game as well? Come on. That’s a new low, even for you.

    But yeah.. I guess all those JRPGs and animes need to be in English dub as well right? Since you know, with you disliking spoken Japanese and all. Guess that selection must be pretty limited. In the end, only you lose for being so narrow minded. and limiting yourself due to a petty reason. There are plenty of fantastic games you are missing out on, and plenty more to come in the future for sure.

  • This has been an amazing title so far. I’m trying to divide my time between it and Bloodborne.

  • Thank you for supporting PSTV with this great title. Now please consider a physical release. I will pay extra to have a physical copy.

  • Honestly, I will not buy this game without a physical release. Really disappointing that this beautiful game got such a half-hearted release effort. SCEA continues to drop the ball when it comes to Vita and PSTV.

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