This Week in PlayStation: Welcome Home, Dear Hunter

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This Week in PlayStation: Welcome Home, Dear Hunter

Here are this week’s highlights! Next week should be a good one — we’re just a few days away from Axiom Verge, MLB 15 The Show, a new Final Fantasy XIV update, and another week’s worth of PlayStation news.

I can’t get enough Bloodborne this week. It’s the first thing in some time that’s been able to tear me completely away from Final Fantasy XIV — though come Tuesday there will be some new stuff in Eorzea that will likely draw me back in.

Don’t forget to hit PlayStation Store this weekend and get 10% off your cart!

What are you playing?

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  • Bloodborne is Amazing.

    PS4 needs a media remote control.

  • So glad the PS4 Suspend/Resume feature is there! since i have kids in the house and i don’t want them seeing Bloodborne (Nightmares and lots of late nights staying up with him/her) that feature makes it so damn convenient to just pop back in and continue with “THE BLOODY SLAUGHTER” !

  • Is the add on content to Geometry Wars 3 coming on Tuesday?

  • Just announce continued support and updates and DLC content for Bloodborne and all will be as it should.

  • you know am disappointed about you guys cutting off the vita game destiny of the spirits.the game is pretty fun to play.aside from that,well, firmware 2.50 was awesome but i am also waiting for spotify and i think it will be a killer app for the ps4. bloodborne seems to be sony’s GOTY of the year and i cant wait to play once a copy lands on my hands :)

    i’m also requesting netflix app for the vita tv,please!
    as a disgaea 2 sale as well XD

  • Axiom Verge looks amazing, and I’m very much looking forward to checking it out!

    There are so many games! I’m trying to work through my backlog, and looking to experience great classic games for the first time on Playstation Now. I’m also itching to play Helldivers and Planetside 2! And don’t get me started on upcoming games (RiME, No Man’s Sky, Persona 5, Uncharted 4, etc, etc, etc).

  • Quck question.

    Did the new Vita update quit allowing me to DL and play games at the same time?
    Since I just had to buy another overpriced memory card, for the one that was stolen of my car.

    The PS3 did this already, but my question is why?

    Its ok to ignore/censor/delay me as usual, I only spend plenty on PSN.

    Been eyeing your competition lately.

  • Funny the DMC 4 remastered version is coming, as I finally started DmC.

    Great game.

  • On a brighter note, my kids love some of last weeks Flash Sale, especially the Telltale series.

    And if you bring more PS classics to Vita, I will be around awhile longer.

  • @ Justin Massongill: Is Spotify coming tomorrow for PS4 and PS3 owners in NA?

    I’m really excited to know when, I love Spotify!

  • Can’t wait for spotify. The only problem is 2.5 bricked my ps4 along with thousands. I hope people higher up are aware of the Update issues that no one wants to send in for 150 to fix on good hardware. Otherwise still awesome want bloodborne.

  • ……. Change the freaking image of Bloodborne… spoiler

  • Anyone who has ever played any of the Souls games knew what the doll was PatricioUSA. Anyone who has not played the Souls games before realized the doll was alive within roughly 15 minutes of playing the game. Explain what spoiler is given in the image.

  • Is there any chance you guys can fix download list for PSP? It’s been a few weeks now, and doesn’t mention anything wrong.

  • does anyone know when the next dlc is for Dragon Ball Xenovese is and for these who didn’t get the pre order will SS Vegeta 4 become available.

  • I just lost all my weapons after I put them in storage and now I cant get them back. WTF do I do?

  • i have been too busy with bloodborne to notice the lack of ps+ free games news… whats up? its almost tuesday!!

  • That blog title only reminds me of the pain I’ve been avoiding, accepting PlayStation Home’s unrighteous demise.

    For weeks I’ve been putting this off, taking a final account, the last documentation of a world I never thought, even in its greatest stasis, to ever be wiped from the PlayStation ecosystem. It’s all coming back to me, how crisp it all feels, the hours I’ve dedicated to amassing rewards, fine-tuning my counterpart(s), and now… My heart flutters and my eyes strain, knowing that all left to me shall be my failing memories.

    PlayStation 4 has the Internet capabilities Home needed, desperately needed, to function. It was too much, too early, dooming Home to be seen as nothing but broken. My heart breaks with it, and I am left to hope that, somewhere in a infinitesimal universe, there’s an Earth where I live out my days, knowing I can always come Home.

    From Black Friday 2010 to April Fools’ 2015, I won’t forget.

  • After being disappointed with Bloodborne’s sub par graphics, at least Zombie Army Trilogy is new on PS4 and has Stereoscopic 3D support to take full advantage of today’s technology (and my 5 brand new 3DTV sets)! I am looking so forward to getting this new amazing looking game asap! Too bad Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin PS4 remake looks so last gen since it has no 3D support, so I got Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin on PS3 instead. If it gets proper 3D support like it should on PS4, then I will upgrade, otherwise there is not enough difference between the two systems to bother. The same goes for God of War III and Devil MAy Cry 4 Remakes. No 3D support, then no double dip.

  • i just figured out what messed up my theme on ps4 its the gta 5 update i deleted it because of the graphics downgrade tried my theme and it worked.

  • @Ricosama,

    There is still one Tuesday left in the month of March. The 31st. So there is another week left of march, we should hear sometime after the next store date what Playstation Plus has in store for us.

  • my goodness…everyone is screaming “Bloodbourne isn’t fun” Whah,Whah,Whah,…one guy even showed his youtube gameplay…its the first area before the 1st boss. He is heavy attacking the mobs and there crushing him…So I told this A$$ Hat …throw a pebble and draw them out one or two at a time…Some people will not get it!!!

  • I’m Playing: Nothing, though I’m hoping to have time to resume playing Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City soon.

    I’m Watching: Courage the Cowardly Dog and Rugrats mostly.

  • I completely agree with the guy saying PS4 needs a media remote control. I hate using a Dual Shock for movies, Netflix etc. My PS4 games actually get significantly less play than they would, because only the PS3 has a remote. If someone in my family is watching movies, it is exclusively on PS3–so if I’m going to casually game, I’ll just play the PS3 because it is already on.

  • @19, kingkiller, lol! Yup, throw a pebble. Pull one enemy at a time if you’re feeling shakey. The items found on corpses give you hints what to expect if you think a little. Since I’ve leveled up, I now take that beginning mob on like Rambo. Well, almost.

    Did you try the plunge attack from the ledge past the SPOILER….werewolves? Two zombies walk by…wham! I slam down on them, killing both with no loss to my health bar. Fun!

  • @ Thrill_Kill #18 add me as friend if u see this 3-d is a joke 4K One warrior nation OWN…..

  • Can anyone get a message to from software that the remote play is backwards? The L2/L3 and R2/R3 positions really need to be swapped. It’s more natural, and now shooting or hard attack make you take your hands off the control sticks. reversing it would make it much more easier to play. Please someone help!

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