AMC Networks Join PlayStation Vue

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AMC Networks Join PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue: AMC

A little over a week ago we launched PlayStation Vue in three US markets: New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Today, just in time for the finale of The Walking Dead, I am happy to announce that the following networks will now be available on PlayStation Vue: AMC, IFC, Sundance and WEtv. AMC and WEtv are included in all of the PlayStation Vue packages. IFC and Sundance are included in the Core and Elite packages.

We are incredibly excited to welcome this family of networks to PlayStation Vue. Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog or visit our website for more details and ongoing updates.

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  • I love playstation Vue and this made it even better.

  • I’ll sign up on Day One as soon as you bring Vue service to Gainesville, FL. Side note – is PS TV support a possibility down the line for Vue? Seems like a great, non-expensive way to get this service into people’s homes / other rooms in the house

  • Bring PS Vue to New Jersey dammit

  • I need PS Vue in Phoenix, AZ ASAP!!!

  • Counting down the days till this service is available where I live. Hopefully there will be a large number of networks including HBO available on VUE.

  • We’re is Pbs , BBC America
    I still consider this beta which isn’t bad but when it goes nation wide there needs to be at least a15$ price drop to really be considered cord-cutter against cable since this is cloud and not traditional it would be cool if you added over sea channels and charge for those premium channels or networks something traditional networks can’t offer and Ps+ members should be. Ps to either get the service at a discounted price or bundle in as part of their subscription ??????

  • AMC is a great addition but you guys have to make a deal for all of those Disney owned channels like ABC and ESPN. I won’t even consider dropping cable without those channels added. You should also consider having PS Plus and PS Now be free with this service. I save money with my cable company by bundling with Internet and phone. So even though your price is lower, it’s not really enough of an incentive to leave cable.

  • id love for sony to offer some kinda ps plus, ps vue bundle . $50 is just to high for the service ……..but it is tempting

  • Where is Showtime , Starz and Cinemax for Playstation Vue if there aren’t gonna be dedicated apps for the ps4????

  • All i want is fox sports, bein sports and espn all in one package!!

  • Please bring PS Vue to Chesterfield, VA!!

  • Can’t you see people? The solution is simple. Just move to…where are the available cities again?

  • Are there any chances to bring the service to Canada? If yes, are you guys considering a discount for Plus members?

    Thank you!

  • Will there be a PS Vita / PlayStation TV app for PlayStation Vue? :)

  • Great news!

  • Great news Eric. I can not wait for the opportunity to suscribe to PlayStation Vue. Hope to see it available in Western Washington in time for the return of Seahawks Football.

    Hoping to see this come to PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV as well. PlayStation Vue and a 4G PlayStation Vita would be the perfect mobile combo. ooVoo for voice and video calls/texts, PlayStation Vue for live tv, PlayStation Now and Remote Play for the ultimate gaming experience, and PS Vita hardware and OS for the best games and mobile OS on the market.

  • Impressive! Love me some AMC and the Walking Dead. Any word on when PSVue will be available nationally?


  • Was waiting for this now I’m in! ESPN is missing but I can live without it.

  • This is all well and good, but keep focus on what your consumers really want: games. I watched an episode of Kinda Funny Games and they made an excellent point; Learn from Microsoft’s mistake and don’t fall into this media frenzy that they did. Remember to reel it back in and not dilute your services from what your consumers primarily bought a PS4 for. I don’t want a media box; I want a gaming console. Thanks.

  • I will drop Netflix and Hulu if it were available in my area. CA 92240.

  • The walking dead yess!! Can’t wait for the season finale .

  • Well, I just care for HBO, FX, BBC and Netflix series, so I couldn’t care less…

  • When/if this service comes to Canada; I’m in!

  • this is a pretty cool service but if it really wants to succeed then it need better prices and/or packages cuz right now there is no point in getting this service since you can get better service with cable and satellite tv and dont forget that you are not the only players in town there is also sling tv that as of now its offering a better alternative to you and the other aforementioned services

  • Haven’t looked into this service until now. $50 to $70 doesn’t sound too bad, Netflix runs closer to $100 a year, same with Hulu. Looks like those services offer more but this could be a definite cable cutter

  • NYC still needs ABC and the CW networks. This is a no exception. Without all the local channels in NYC you cant expect a lot of ppl to sign up.

    I still think it should be cheaper monthly… or have a 1year sub for a big discount.

    Im still on the fence about Vue. Its something that had my interest crom the start, and still does, im just not sure its worth the cost right now. I wont even use the free trail until ABC and the CW are on the list for access plan.

  • Great, now you just need to bring it to the San Francisco Bay Area.

    I’m extremely likely to subscribe if it offers similar/superior streaming quality to Netflix. Amazon and Hulu’s video and audio quality are noticeably worse than Netflix and Vudu.

  • If the price can come down to more closely match “SlingTV” then, when my cable contract is over, I am ON BOARD!

  • Need a price point , we need ad free content , yearly costs , and bandwith needed and options to control quality for users with data caps like Comcast users.

  • Also start hitting states like Atlanta , Knoxville , Tallahassee

  • Sorry meant cities lol


    I want to cut the cable cord soon, $50 is much better deal than the $100 I have to pay AT&T

  • I have comcast but no data cap. How awful. But i will get Vue to replace my cable after a few more channels are added that i like and kids want. The price would then be reasonable for me personally. I just wish a competitive internet provider (cable) would join the area. Dsl is not an option. Comcast is the only one in my area and i hate comcast with a passion. They dont even try to hide the fact that they are screwing you. From caps to lobbying and denying services that you have a right too. Like HBO Go. I have script and package but cant use it on my playstation but apple and xbox is fine to use. They nickel and dime from both sides. The customer, the provider and the damn hardware manufacturer. Ok thats 3 sides. Now im pussed off more lol. I hope Time Warner and Comcast never merge. I think a new nationwide cable or fiber optic ISP would do well to start that process because a lit of places dont have a second option for internet. Like i said DSL is not a option for gamers like at&t or verizon. Simply not fast enough. Thx for letting me vent. Sony should look into ISP mergers and acquisitions.

  • Too bad you guys didn’t leverage the Spiderman movie rights with Disney to get access to Disney’s channel lineup (ABC, Disney, EPSN, etc.)

  • Does Playstation Vue have Cartoon Network? I don’t have Toonami where I live and I miss that show.

  • I don’t get the point of Playstation Vue. Like why would I as a consumer ever spend $50, $60, $70 for limited channels versus the the same amount I pay my cable provider for a cable box I never use only because I need them for my internet?

  • An Internet streaming service that’s region restricted. Why in the hell is this slowly rolled out by city. It’s not like cell service requiring physical structures. This artificial limiting is so dumb and makes what’s supposed to be the future look like just another old, and limiting cable service.

  • It’s too bad Vue is trying to be just like cable, instead of trying to be better.
    Make it pick&pay, where we only get the channels we choose for a reasonable price. Vue and cable will be irrelevant in the future if you don’t change and improve.
    I think Vue also means we wont see any dedicated apps from the networks. This is a bad sign for the future of media on PlayStation.

    Such a shame when potential is squandered!

  • Canada please

  • Great! But please add more spanish speaking channels like Univision,UniMas,Univision Deportes Network and Fox Deportes. I love to watch Soccer in spanish because english speaking commentators sound very insipid.

    When Going through a DVR show please let us see what we are skipping.

    Release a standalone Ps Vue controller.

  • This would be great news if more than 1% of america could use the service.

  • Ok so i’ve had this service for less than a week now and its connection its shady for sure and playstation you guys need to lower your base package price otherwise ill just stick with hulu.

  • I started the trial, but forgot to choose the better package. Is there any way to change this?
    We already have all of the Basic channels with our Time Warner Cable.

  • When I try to switch plans on the app I get this:

    “ERROR. Sad face. Please try again.

  • Needs a la carte channel selection, Sling TV competitive base bundle, and to come to Seattle.

  • just over 50 channels for 50 bucks a month? and it’s only in 3 cities? with no nbc, espn, or even fox sports one? with directv approaching 200 channels for less? no, thanks. my cable company is laughing at you, btw. this is exactly the type of service they hope will come along try to unseat them as people’s current tv program provider.

  • Why 11? We already have comcast with amc and showtime. Promote something exotic CBS / SONY

  • Sony please bring the PlayStation vue to Europe to all PlayStation console including Ps vita and Ps TV but also to smartphones, tablets then to the sony Bravía TVs and other’s smartTV in the market lease sony
    Also please don’t forget to include film 1 channels and the MCS which most knows as chart show channel which can give a big boost for playstation vue and sony business. Also try bring more sports channel to Ps vue or sight an agreement with liberty global to bring it’s sport channel to PlayStation vue. Plus also please don’t forget the PlayStation original series Powers.

  • Pricing themselves right out of the market.
    I have no interest in streaming tv (or anything) especially with the ps4 chocking my speeds.

  • Sony if you want your tv service the vue be successful you need to get abc espn 1 an 2 the disney channels for kids and I’m sure there are other good channels to get that people would want including local channels etc. You need to come down in your prices some to compete with other similar services like sling etc . You also need to release the the vue nationwide as soon as possible. All in all the vue looks good but there are somethings that would make it a lot better.

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