PlayStation Blogcast 158: Bloodcast

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PlayStation Blogcast 158: Bloodcast

At long last! The gothic, brutally challenging action RPG by From Software is out on PS4. We already love Bloodborne, despite how hard it shattered our confidence. On today’s show, we rave about its intricate combat system, the miraculous development of Axiom Verge, and we also do some Christopher Walken impressions. Enjoy the show!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Bloodborne
  • Axiom Verge
  • Christopher Walken
  • MLB 15 The Show
  • Paperbound
  • Woah Dave!
  • Broken Age
  • PS4 System Software Update 2.50
  • God of War III Remastered
  • MonsterBag

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  • Welcome back, Nick!

  • Can’t wait til you guys do another 2 or 2 1/2 hour show. These hour shows leave me wanting more.

    Still great though!

    Will listen to this later tonight and share my thoughts like usual :)


  • Well, When Borderlands 2 came out, it was Jeff and some girl that talked about it, the regulars were out. When Borderlands 2 Vita came out, nobody on the show talked about it– not a word. Now the Handsome collection comes out and I see it didn’t get a mention, I realize that Bloodborne is going to eclipse everything because it’s a game that Sid and Justin like, so it will get a lot of press…oh well. Hey, it’s your podcast, you say whatever you want, it’s just I’d love some Borderlands discussion

    • Justin Massongill

      I haven’t played Handsome Collection yet, but I’m going to! I Platinum’d BL2 and intend to bring my Zer0 into HC to go through the DLC that I never got around to. I’m just plowing through Bloodborne right now because I don’t want anyone to spoil it for me. Also because I literally can’t stop playing it. Send help.

  • Question. Is Plus rolling out its games this upcoming week or the next? Since the 1st lands on a Wednesday and the first tuesday is the 7th (my birthday) wanted to know if that was set yet. Thanks

  • @5 We won’t get them on the 31st, should be the 7th.

  • I’m new to Souls pretty much(tried Dark Souls but only played about an hour) but am enjoying Bloodborne. I’ve been getting my butt kicked on the way to the third boss.

    Axiom Verge looks nice, think I’ll pick that up next week.

    I like the new PS4 update, nice to be able to delete games with 0% off my trophy list.

  • I can’t wait to play Axiom Verge next week! Also, since today is Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days 6 year anniversary, can you guys please try to get it on sale for Epictacosam? It would be glorious!

  • bloodborne is my first From Software game, i never even thought about buying or playing the other games, but somehow, this game spoke to me, preordered, best game i have played in a long time… such a great game!

    i guess ryan doesnt have ps+, or doesnt even play all the games it offers since we got demons souls for ps+… weird ryan, pay the 50 bucks and play all the games, at least try them…

    yeah, souls is way faster to say, but i guess this game we call them, bloods… i lost all my bloods…

    weapon animations are awesome! i love my axe, and you see how all other weapons just transform on the fly or with a combo… awesome

    i love the level/world design, because its not really levels. if you dont die, you could go from beginning to end i feel, havent finished it yet.

  • this game is NOT scary at all… and trust me, i do hate “scary” games… i think your more afraid of the art direction than the actual game environments… i dont get scared in real life by the dark woods etc, more scared of actual future problems, or consider any movies to be scary, but games… something about the immersion that scare me… this game does not.. weird how people are huh…

    about the reviews, check demons souls, dark souls and 2.. now bloodborne… step by step, they are getting to the 100% perfection game apparently…

    wow… too much writing, i guess i caught off guard by this awesome game and podcast, good night and good hunt ladies and gents!

  • dont understand whats going on at all sick of “you died and all your stuff is gone.

    anyone figure out how to exit the game properly?

    close the app and it says i closed the app improperly

    have no clue as to my goal or quest?

    poor poor execution unless you dont want any New players.

    anyway if anyone can figure out what the game is about or what the goal is it would be cool to know.
    i thought there was a story but not quite.

    whats the purpose here?

  • All RPG’s that have open exploration , 80+ hours of content , and an unforgiving combat system , should also have these features and they should be mandatory : Manual save , ability to block , an in game map that clearly shows your location and objects you can interact with , and auto save check points before and after a boss battle , manual save should not be allowed during a boss battle . This is the next generation of gaming and gamers should not have to ask for these common in game features . If a game is considered hard simply because it is void of the features listed , then that is pathetic and speaks loudly about the developers inability to make a challenging game unless it is void of the features listed . I am beginning to think the only reason this game claims 80+ hours game play is because you are going to get lost due to lack of a map and land marks , and because you are going to die a lot because you can’t block .

  • The whole gang´s back together, we get Walken impressions and Bloodborne talk… I don´t think my heart will stand the excitement!!

  • I believe i only listen to this Now for the simpsons quotes

  • oohhh please…have another new patch with ‘save game’ option plzzzzzzz……

  • Couldn’t agree more about bloodborne! I’ve always been curious about From Software games so I picked this one up. After 4 hrs of banging my head against the wall that is the opening area, something just clicked and i fell into the ebb and flow of the game. I’m addicted and I can’t wait to beat it and then pick up the Dark Souls 2 remaster. Terrific game design and so rewarding. Great show guys I tune in every week. One critique though. You guys are too awesome could you tone it down a bit? ;)

  • Would love to see a video blogcast on PS4

  • For some reason pessimistic comments aggravate me…

    Anyways, great show again gentlemen. Better Call Saul is awesome. The season is almost over so just hold off and binge watch it.
    It’s got hints of that Breaking Bad tone, but aside from a few episodes it’s more or less a dark comedy.

    And Sid, Walking Dead has gotten… INTENSE. I agree. Holy Crap.

    I wasn’t even expecting you to read my comment, let alone ALL of it, but I was hoping… lol. Appreciate it.

  • Nicks back, great.

    On that note, Nick, you need to talk to the Toe Jam and Earl gentleman to make a PS4 version happen. They got their kickstarted funded, but not high enough for a PS4 version, see what help you can offer to make it happen, please.

  • Anyone has any information on the patch that will help with the load times, holy crap for a game where I die this much I have to wait up to a minute to try again and die again…. Nope this does not do it for me. I love the atmosphere and the great graphics but the load times… Wish I had downloaded it so all would be on my internal SSD. Seems like SkyRim all over again…

  • I’m starting to feel like that EpicTacoDude but I will ask again. Is there any news on Rainbow Skies? Perhaps a window release date? It’s one of my most anticipated games to play on my Vita. Still keeping my fingers crossed for a God Eater 2 Rage Burst localization. People like to go hunting with their Vita in the west too.

  • Considering what a hit From Software is, when will we be seeing King’s Field 1, 2 and Ancient City hit the classics section of the psn?

  • Would also like to see King’s Field Additional 1 & 2 for the psp translated and released for the vita as well.

  • @11, Robalboa: I completely understand your feelings. I went through them and worse when I first played Demon’s Souls when I was a new gamer in 2009 and bought my first Playstation. If you’re stubborn like me and refuse to give up, you very well could turn into a hard-core Souls fan like me and so many others.

    As for quitting the game: press the Options button on your DS4. You’ll get a set of rows of tiles. On the top row, the last tile is for System. Click on this. The last option is to exit to main menu. Quitting the game “gracefully” is the only way FromSoft tolerates for their games, which I’ll next explain.

    And this is to answer people who want a manual save option: IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. FromSoft is quite unique in their dev philosophy. it’s not about the money, it’s not about acclaim. They make the games they want, to be played the way designed and they won’t tolerate people trying to tinker with that. Therefore they regularly ban players. The internet is quite full of complaints from “innocent” people complaining about being banned. But they hacked and cheated. Mostly on PC, where that’s common.


  • Robalboa: cont’d

    The autosaving in all Souls’ games every couple minutes without allowing a manual save is to force you to play the game without do-overs. You make a mistake, you have to learn to live with it and overcome. They will never, ever change this. Part of why we rabid From fans love them because of their hard-nosed philosophy. Sure, in Skyrim I could make saves and do-over thousands of times. FromSoft doesn’t make Skyrim type games.

    FromSoft also likes true exploration in their games. They want us to find our way and figure things out. That’s why they never have an in-game map. I got the cloth map of DS 2 with my CE and guess what?! There was no useable info on that. LOL!

    I’m not going to give the rude, internet meme that so many veteran players say “git gud”. No. I know what being new to the series feels like and how hard I had to work to now being on my way to beating my 4th FromSoft game. So I’ll just say “persevere.” But if you choose not to, that’s totally ok too.

  • Great show guys. Remembering the way y’all talked about Dark Souls 2, I actually expected more of a complete bloodborne hijacked show this week.

    We’ll other than about two hours spent with the first game, bloodborne is my first real experience with a souls game. I’ve been playing around in yarnam (sp?) all week. Found the hidden armor (spoiler: hidden sewer area straight across when you first get to the bridge) and finally got to the first boss last night.

    My question for the veterans: I realized last night, that I can run from the central checkpoint all the way to the bridge. In particular I find it strange that I can just run past the bonfire area and none of the mobs follow me into the next area where the birds and brick guy are. This was game changing for me as it was taking me like 45 minutes to get that far each time I died before I started running. Getting to my question, is it a normal gameplay style to skip the weaker enemies unless I need to farm heath/blood packs and bullets, or am I cheesing the area by skipping this first section?

    Just curious, these boards are some of the safest on the Internet for avoiding trolls. Long live the blogcast family!

  • Sid was pooping over some ports on last episode, wonder what he has to say on exclusive GOW 3 remastered edition now :P

    GOW 3 already looked so great on PS3 , wonder why they remastering these looking stunning PS3 games again?

    Also, why havn’t you guys talked about Order 1886 since it’s released? I don’t think game is that bad but looks like you guys just don’t want to talk about it in any way or

  • @lisasunami
    thanks for the help. i still cant get past the first city “i guess thats what it is”
    anyway. im selling the game.

    its just ridiculous you lose all your stuff and then wait for a whole minute to respawn and “you DIED” over and over and over. no leveling up.

    ill stick with games that have a purpose or at least a story. this is what you do when testing a game, just wander around aimlessly.
    anyway glad some loves it.

    to anyone who never played this game I recommend you continue to Never play this game or at least dont Purchase it.

    it’ll be free on PSN in 3 months. the only people who like it are people who played the old ones.

    that equals no new players.
    Fromsoft maybe should try and at least explain the game to new people
    but if they are hard headed then so be it
    Bad sales shall come forth

  • Disregard previous Bloodborne noob question. Six days in and I finally “get it” now. Farming experience and leveling up until I’m finally BA enough to go toe to toe with the big boys. Cannot get enough of this game.

  • I like the blogcast I do for like you interrupt each other a bit too much though.

  • Checking back on Robalboa. Perfectly understandable that you gave up, but there’s no call to dump on the game just because you decide to invoke the “sour grapes” opinion. Bloodborne has sold extremely well and will not be a Plus freebie in a few months.

    @29, cjkloster, you asked if running was normal. In fact, you discovered something Souls’ veterans all know. You can run past enemies. In all of the games so far, each NPC has a leash so you can run, all the way to the boss. I co-op extensively in Dark Souls 2 and many hosts just run. Sometimes, if a host is really not good, keeps dying and resummoning me, I’ll run, to get past the first part so he can make actual progress instead of the same 50 yds over and over. But if you want to grind to level up, you can fight everything. Btw, cjkloster, another FromFact: there are always hidden shortcuts that you can unlock, like a gate or door that was locked on one side, that allow you to skip huge parts of the route, to cut down on repetition. Sometimes a short jump will reveal shortcuts.

    For people still struggling: consider using Shareplay to have someone show you some helpful Souls’ strategies.

  • Bloodborne is insane, I love the graphics and the extreme difficulty
    Just seeing this Boss fight makes me want to head straight home and put in a few hours

    Unfortunately I have to work…lol

  • Stellar show as always. Im with Nick we need more Downhill Domination. That’s where I 1st hear ‘Get Retarded’ by the Black Eyed Peas before they changed the name and lyrics to ‘Lets get it Started’. Downhill Domination Remastered anyone?

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