Free-roaming Shooter Project Root Coming to PS4, PS Vita

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Free-roaming Shooter Project Root Coming to PS4, PS Vita

Hola, PlayStation fans! My name is Pablo Testa, Technical Director at OPQAM — an indie game studio based in Argentina. Our team has always been big PlayStation fans, and it was very important for us to launch our first game on the most popular next-gen console in Latin America.


We’re pretty excited to bring our first title — Project Root — to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, especially since we can officially announce two things today: our official launch date of April 28th, and that PlayStation gamers will be able to cross buy the game!

Project Root is our take on the classic shoot ’em up (SHMUP) genre. In the game, the world-leading energy corporation, Prometheus, has been ruthlessly expanding its influence around the globe, and the only way to stop them is through direct action. You take control of pilot Lance Rockport and together with the rebel group Arcturus, you’ll fly your advanced fighter to face squadrons of enemy aircraft, legions of tanks, all the while dodging swarms of missile attacks. In short: shoot first, shoot constantly!


One thing we did a little differently from traditional games in the SHMUP genre is adding free-roaming exploration elements. You can move your aircraft all over the map and explore new areas, though this also means attacks can come from any angle! It’s a good thing you’ll get pretty cool power-ups as well as the ability to upgrade your ship after every level to improve shields, turning speed, firepower, and much more.

Project Root

We definitely want PlayStation fans to enjoy the fast-paced action of the game and I hope you won’t get too dizzy with all the dodging and attacking! Be sure to check out the game on April 28th on PS4 and PS Vita with cross buy support. Thanks so much!

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