Free-roaming Shooter Project Root Coming to PS4, PS Vita

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Free-roaming Shooter Project Root Coming to PS4, PS Vita

Hola, PlayStation fans! My name is Pablo Testa, Technical Director at OPQAM — an indie game studio based in Argentina. Our team has always been big PlayStation fans, and it was very important for us to launch our first game on the most popular next-gen console in Latin America.


We’re pretty excited to bring our first title — Project Root — to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, especially since we can officially announce two things today: our official launch date of April 28th, and that PlayStation gamers will be able to cross buy the game!

Project Root is our take on the classic shoot ’em up (SHMUP) genre. In the game, the world-leading energy corporation, Prometheus, has been ruthlessly expanding its influence around the globe, and the only way to stop them is through direct action. You take control of pilot Lance Rockport and together with the rebel group Arcturus, you’ll fly your advanced fighter to face squadrons of enemy aircraft, legions of tanks, all the while dodging swarms of missile attacks. In short: shoot first, shoot constantly!


One thing we did a little differently from traditional games in the SHMUP genre is adding free-roaming exploration elements. You can move your aircraft all over the map and explore new areas, though this also means attacks can come from any angle! It’s a good thing you’ll get pretty cool power-ups as well as the ability to upgrade your ship after every level to improve shields, turning speed, firepower, and much more.

Project Root

We definitely want PlayStation fans to enjoy the fast-paced action of the game and I hope you won’t get too dizzy with all the dodging and attacking! Be sure to check out the game on April 28th on PS4 and PS Vita with cross buy support. Thanks so much!

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  • The amount of indie games is too damn high!!

  • This looks awesome!

  • Ikaruga Feelings.
    Love this shoot’em up game style :)

  • @1 How does OPQAM’s Project Root have anything to do with other companies AAA games? Please answer my question? You make zero sense and I am tired of reading these types of comments. OPQAM is adding to the Playstation games library not hindering it from AAA games that other companies are making. Are you mad that OPQAM doesn’t have Square Enix, Capcom, Sony themselves offering them boat loads of money to make Project Root a multi-million dollar AAA production? How does more games hurt the Playstation ecosystem? Especially promising Indie titles like Project Root, Galak-Z and Helldivers.

    Thank you Pablo, your first game looks really promising and is now on my radar. Keep up the good work and provide some amazing game play soon! :)

  • Shmup. Good times, I can’t wait.

  • I tried this game and it´s very fun to play! I like it a lot! Good job Pablo! Best wishes with coming project!

  • Looks great!
    Any sort of customization available?
    Any word on cost?

  • Sweeeeeet! Bring it on!

  • Hola Pablo! Felicitaciones por el juego! Saludos con mate y fernet!

  • Say what I like SHMUP genre these games are just a lot of fun to play. I will support this for sure long live indies!!!!!!!!

  • And also look at that more games coming to the PS Vita.On the same day as well so this is not a port.

  • I have this game on Steam and I have to say it’s a great little game. A little tough at first, but very fun. It would be so nice if that cross buy included Steam so I could get my PS4/Vita copy for free. Or at least a discount! : )

  • I agree Monterossa. Down with the indies! Their ability to publish on devices other than PC and thus allow them to gain exposure to millions of more people os horrible! Give me more AAA titles with bloated budgets, impossible expectations, poor QA, terrible pre-order and DLC schemes.

    Indies should be blocked from ever publishing on consoles!

    Right Monterossa? That’s what you want right?

  • In all seriousness, the game looks great. Reminds me of SHMUPs done by LARGER developers. I am all for indies ability to publish their game wherever they want.

  • I love shooters but it seems alot of them cater to Hardcore fans where it’s just so unforgiving. I hope this game has a nice sense of difficulty progression- I blind-bought Sine Mora because I love the art style & the genre. Further, it was a modern developed title.

    I couldn’t get past the 3rd scenario. I’m not terrible, but the difficulty Gooomba stomped me. I hope Project Root isn’t so punishing. ;)

  • Looks great! Is the Vita version compatible with the PlayStation TV?

  • @13, Disney- I was about to squeeze & destroy my Styrofoam cup until I saw your troll disguise. :D

    Come on people, more games/experiences released to where developers can grow is healthy for the industry.

  • Felicidades Pablo! excelente que developers latino americanos esten en playstation.

    Congrats Pablo! its excellent that latin american developers be on playstation.

  • It really does look good.

  • I’m feeling this. Love my vita and ps4. Need more quality vita titles. But I’m liking this game

  • i want this on my Vita but my 32GB is full, will have to buy a 64GB by the time this game comes out.

  • Looks cool. Gameplay vid would be nice. Love how much support the Vita keeps getting from indies. Picking up Sony’s slack!

  • This is awesome!! Guys don’t miss this one. OldSch00l gaming!

  • Looking good guys! Keep up the good work!

  • Free-roaming twin stick shooter?? Mega hyped.

  • Seeing how Destiny of Spirits is shutting down and any money that you spent on this game has now effectively been stolen from you as you can no longer play the game in June, it was time to hit the delete button. And now that I have space again on my memory card, a SHMUP is going to be released!

    Very excited as I adore this style of game and the Vita is so sorely lacking in content from this particular genre. I’m looking very forward to it.

  • Pablo, don’t forget… The market has spoken and the PS4 has sold 20 MILLION consoles. I think it’s safe to say you chose the right place to release to and I look forward to playing Project Root. Adding exploration sounds like things could get messy and fun with all of the explosions and whatnot.

  • Greetings from Argentina,hope u sell a lot in ps4 and vita.

  • sounds good im my head it kinda reminds me of armada for dreamcast

  • Hola everyone and thank you so much for the great comments! I am super excited to hear such positive responses!! There will be more information on Project Root coming very soon. Also I want to make clear the screens you see are from the PS4 version and I am making time to get some PS Vita screens for your to see. I will try to make it happen tomorrow. Thank you so much!!!

  • Couple bucks or free to Plus, can’t argue with that?

    The fact there are so many with such hurt feelings about someone saying Less Indies for more AAA games is what worries me.

    Or maybe its because I invest so much into Playstation “Network” to be harassed, spammed, censored, and occaisonally entertained.

    Will keep Vita for now, and buy PS3 sale games, but will give Xbox a try once it comes time for a new console.

  • Hola again PS fans! If you want to check out some PS Vita screens, see the links below. Thank you again for such a great positive response to our indie game!

  • This looks absolutely awesome. Will be there day 1 for this. Keep up the amazing work.

  • Looks fun. Reminds me of Desert Strike for the SNES a bit.

  • This looks great Pablo and OPQAM!

    I was a huge fan of Thunderforce 2 and Herzog Zwei on the Sega Genesis, and time pilot before that. I love SHMUPS, and the break from vertical or horizontal, to multi-directional, to free roaming has me very excited for your project.

  • Very cool, it totally makes me want to update CrabBattle on github now. Congrats on releasing the game for Playstation.

  • Awesome work guys, I’ll get it for my vita. Cheers from Argentina. (si necesitan mas beta testers para futuros titulos, estoy disponible)

  • Wow, definite buy. Will this be PS TV compatible?

  • Nice! This reminds me of the not-so “free-roaming” segments of Thunder Force II but with full control over where you go. That Technosoft classic was hated by many players because of the constant motion in the top-down sections, but once you sat down with the game and got into it, it became fun to whip through those stages. As long as you paid attention to where you were going and cleared out small sections at a time, the game was better than some remember it.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to this on my Vita. Thanks for making it cross buy as well! I don’t yet own a PS4, but it’s nice to see I’ll have another cool shmup to play when I do get one.

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