Broken Age Comes to PS4, PS Vita April 28th!

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Broken Age Comes to PS4, PS Vita April 28th!

Two mere months ago, a gone but not forgotten video game from the days of yesteryear was lovingly dusted off, given a hefty makeover and sent forth once more into the land of the living so it might be played again by fans both new and old. The resurrection of Grim Fandango Remastered took place thanks to some help from our friends at PlayStation, so it naturally made it’s way onto PS4 and PS Vita, and we very much hope that those of you who have played it had a lot of fun!

Broken Age

Today we’d like to announce that our brand new adventure game is headed to PlayStation Store on April 28th, and we’re super excited about it! Broken Age comes to you from the same team that made Grim Fandango back in the 90’s, along with some more youthful (and some say more attractive) collaborators at Double Fine Productions.

Broken Age tells the story of Vella and Shay, a girl and boy from completely different worlds who seem to be leading strangely parallel lives…

Broken Age

Broken AgeBroken Age

…Vella has been chosen by her village to have the honor of being sacrificed to the terrible monster Mog Chothra, but having no interest in being devoured by a horrible beast, must go against ages old tradition and make her escape. Meanwhile somewhere in space, Shay is living a solitary life under the care of a very motherly computer, and whilst his every need is taken care of in every way imaginable, he wishes for nothing more than to break free from the monotonous safety of his daily life, and have some real adventures.

Funded by a record breaking crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Broken Age features words, concept art and music from legendary adventure game makers Tim Schafer, Peter Chan, and Peter McConnell, along with the unique art of Nathan Stapley, and the voices of some amazingly talented people from the movies and TV and stuff. Shay is played by Elijah Wood from Lord of the Rings, and Vella by Masasa Moyo who played Sarah in Team America. We also managed to convince Jack Black, Jennifer Hale and Pendleton Ward to speak into microphones for us, so they’re in the game too!

Broken Age

Broken AgeBroken Age

As part of the crowd funding campaign Two Player Productions filmed the entire development of the game to make a no-holds-barred documentary, which is now available for free! If you’re interested in watching a game coming together from concept to finished product, through good times and bad alike, then check out the YouTube playlist over here.

The full Broken Age adventure is coming to PS4 and PS Vita on April 28th through a partnership with the PlayStation Third Party Production team and it features cross buy, cross save, and lots of pointy-clicky adventure gaming fun times. Stay tuned for more Broken Age updates.


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  • Awesome!!! So, both episodes included, right? Any info about the pricing?

  • Congrats for joining DF, Spaff!

  • Finally, the true story of how Shay became a Knight Templar and eluded the Assassins. I was bummed out that Rogue only came out on PS3 but I suppose this makes up for it.

    Not sure who this Vella character is though…

  • Can’t wait to see how Tim Schafer mismanaged the money he got to make this.

  • Man, the Vita’s streak of great indie software will continue rolling on through the end of April! Titan Souls and Shovel Knight come out in the two weeks prior to this. March and April have been great months to own the console!

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  • Any word if Kickstarter backers are going to be getting the game, or is this separate of the backer program?

  • Will this be PlayStation TV Compatible? Can you confirm?

  • Charles Cecil, are you reading this?

  • I’ll play it, for sure, i love this kind of games, but, where are the non-japanese AAA games for us? now im even closer to sell this epic console that Sony turned into trash, even more after reading that the firm-update 3.50 is just to remove functions and make the PS Vita a better clone of the Wii U gamepad. This kind of business that you run sickens me, Sony.

  • I’m really excited for this. I’m also wondering if it will be PlayStation TV compatible (please say yes)

  • Where is the catch?
    It’s separated in like 10 episodes, isn’t it? And each episode will cost like a full game? Or will it have DLC out of the a**?
    Since everyone got double scammed before with this very game, no one should expect anything good from this by now.

    I believed in Double Fine… but now? … You’re as evil as almost every western game company right now.

    • This is one whole adventure – it was made in two parts, the first of which was released to backers from our crowd funding campaign, and was also made available on early access. As the second part is now completed, the playstation release will be both acts combined to make a full game.

  • Hey, at least those “other Western Game Companies” don’t blow a full game’s budget on half of it or release a game on Steam’s Early Access just to screw them over and dump the game on them to finish and make playable.

  • Can it, James. I don’t give a damn to this game or whatever scea offers the Vita.
    This company is messing with the Mobile Vita Community. When it comes to support from sony, this stupid company, it’s all about the suPOORt you’ve been giving us: shutting down PS Mobile, taking Vita’s features away from us and having shuhei announced “less AAA games” – as if we were given any AAA games from sony to begin with.

    So what’s this all about? Is it to compensate for all the frustration you’re going to make us get through? No more GPS, no more near, no more Youtube…might as well give us a firmware update to REMOVE that DAMN remote play app because I bought my Vita to play Vita games NOT THE CONSOLE ONES! Where’s that update to reduce loading times or increse the Vita memory card reading speed? Or are you going to tell me I’ve paid $40 for a class-1 32GB memory card for a price much more expensive than a class-10 one?

    HACKERS! PLEASE! it’s about time to dive into the PS Vita and explore its full capabilities because sony is taking them away from us!

  • You do have a point, however, that “Steam Early Access” a lot of times it’s just a choice (to screw you over by your own choice), NOBODY should let that kind of practice be acceptable, but the users are the ones that keep paying for that, so it became “acceptable”.
    So yeah, everyone’s at fault for the current state of gaming.

  • Broken Age is neither DLC-filled nor an Early Access game, it’s one purchase that gets you the two acts of the game, whether you backed the Kickstarter or you’re buying it now. (This is why it might not have been a good idea to keep the documentary episodes as a backer exclusive initially, tons of misinformation out there about the game and its development.)

  • And people complain about where are the game for the PS Vita really it may not be the game you want but there are games still coming out for the portable. I will check this out when it arrives long live indies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome, I love point-and-clicks! I bought all the old TellTale games that were on the recent flash sale and am playing through them now. Love them!

  • The game isn’t released yet and you are dead sure about the DLC part…

    This won’t go directly to you^, I will just say something:
    Why modern gamers NEED to defend games SO MUCH? Whether is released or not.
    Gaming will never be a culture, specially in these times. They didn’t save your life. They’re just entertainment products.
    *We don’t own anything to the developers nor publishers, they should depend from us.*

  • I don’t support developers who hate gamers, pass.

  • Looks good

  • Better be 20$ for full package.

  • Day1, but you’d better leave in the point and click controls.

  • You know I was interested in this game and was even going to even buy Grim Fandango Remastered.

    That is until Tim Schafer opened up his mouth and said one of the dumbest and most ignorant things I’ve ever heard. Thanks to him he is on my list with Phil Fish as a developer whose games I will NEVER buy.

  • Would be very good to know if this is PlayStation TV Compatible.

    I run an updated list, so would be good to get that info out there to the community ASAP!

  • Lost my interest when I noticed that its a point n’ click game.Well anyway thanks for bringing it over to PS.

  • I’m a backer, and got the iOS release. On iPad Air, the textures that have retina resolution are AMAZING. The textures that don’t have great resolution look pretty bad in during character close-ups. I hope this is fixed on the PS4 version, given the that there’s 8 times more available memory in the PS4. I hope the Vita version matches the iPad in texture quality, given the lower native resolution of the Vita.

    I’m really looking forward to hearing the great soundtrack on my home theater sound system. I’m sure Double Fine has the sense to use FLAC music assets on PS4 after all the complaining people did about Costume Quest 2’s audio quality.

    Really looking forward to Day of the Tentacle!

    PS: Will the crash bugs and performance problems in Grim Fandango on Vita ever be fixed? People are still reporting them on the DF forums..

  • I assume since I backed the kickstarter, I will get the game for free (I never have any interest in PC version)

  • So, i been reading way too much about all this anger on here. Didn’t know about any of this stuff before. pretty interesting. anyways after going through a ton of it, I’ve decided that this game will be a day one for me.


    And yey Vita TV support… though it would seem useless since i have a PS4, it still makes me happy.

  • ^ Why would you assume that? The Kickstarter was for PC and Mac versions of the game.

    Anyway, pretty cool to see this making the jump to PS. I already backed for PC so I won’t be double dipping, but I hope others will be picking it up!

  • Thanks for backing! (I just fixed a great typo there thanking you for baking)

    If you check the Kickstarter page you’ll see that backing the project gave people “The finished game in all of its awesome glory DRM free on PC, Mac, and Linux” So I’m afraid you won’t get a code for the PlayStation versions, sorry! =/

  • FINALLY. Had this game come out last year I might have kept my Vita instead of trading it in for a PS TV. At least I have my PS4. Thank you, Double Fine!

    On another note, where the heck is The Banner Saga?!?

  • Sorry, but I’m not supporting anything involving Tim Schafer after he collaborated with the fraudulent Anita Sarkeesian and after the stunt he pulled at GDC until he realizes he was wrong and apologizes.

  • This is great news! I’ve always wanted to play Broken Age, love adventure games. Will there be a physical release, or is it only digital? It’d be great to hear from you.

  • Hey, slacker backer here =P

    Definitely excited for this! I already own the PC version but I’ll eventually pick this up for the Vita!

    Long live Doublefine

  • Will someone fill the rest of us in on what Tim Schafer and DF said and/or did that has so many people upset?

  • the update messed my custom them up.please just fix the lunar rising redux theme for some reason the free themes work but it does not.its not fair for me to spend money and not be able to use what i paid for.

  • can someone please let me know if the lunar rising redux theme ps4 is going to be fixed.i just bought it like 2 days ago it was installed during the update ive tried everything to get it working.this is unacceptable.

  • ill say this sony your lack of care and just straight ignoring me.i will never buy anything from the psn store in all honesty ive spent hundreds if not close to a thousand on psn between my ps3,ps home,and now ps4.the same attention im getting now will be the same you get from my wallet for now on.

  • Article on Polygon, had the developers “confirming” the price is going to be $24.99.

  • Looks like a fun game that reminds me of the good ol days. Can’t wait to grab it and try it out. People not buying it over a what Tim said, grow up and stop being so sensitive.

  • I’m sorry you guys had to work with Schaefer, that must have been awful. I’d imagine insulting the people you plan to sell your product to wasnt a very sound business strategy. Certainly won’t be supporting this though, as the mismanagement of this game was awful. Not to mention it looks awful to begin with.

  • I will be getting it and I have no issue with jokes.

    “Not to mention it looks awful to begin with.” Then nothing that came before mattered as the game was never created to satisfy your tastes.

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