New Minecraft DLC Hits PS4, PS3 and PS Vita This Week

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New Minecraft DLC Hits PS4, PS3 and PS Vita This Week

Minecraft PS4, PS3, and PS Vita editions will get two new downloadable content packs today — the Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack and Pattern Texture Pack.

The Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack enables Minecraft players to explore the Mars Facility from Bioware’s Mass Effect 3 and create their own worlds using Mass Effect textures and craftable items. A themed UI and menus plus 36 character skins and 22 music tracks let players battle Reapers in a blocky Minecraft universe.


The Pattern Texture Pack allows players to decorate their Minecraft worlds with bright colors, beautiful patterns, and knitted animals. The pack also provides a themed UI and stylized texture set that can be applied to new or previously created Minecraft worlds.

Happy mining!

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  • Minecraft is love Minecraft is life. <3 I hope you can make some Bloodborne packs, I think it'll sell like hotcakes *comes back to Yharnam*

  • How about some new trophies with this DLC??

  • Does this mean that we might see the Doctor Who and Star Wars packs at some point? :D

  • I love Minecraft but man do I wish it had actual goals and objectives to make it less boring after playing it for a while. Now give me DLC like that and I will buy it!

  • @2, The_Cowboy: Right on!! We’re already buying tons of your themed DLCs! Give us FEATURES available on the PC, PLEASE!

  • More features please. My kids keep telling asking me to buy the PC version for mods. I would rather them play on playstation. within reason try to bring over more features please.

  • If someone could answer this question I would be very grateful. I’ve been trying to figure this out for a long time.

    Can you create levels on Sony versions of Minecraft and upload to the servers for other people to try? In other words, if I used this pack to recreate Thessia, could I share that with other players? Likewise I would like to see other player’s levels.

  • I bought the Cartoon and Fantasy texture packs when I upgraded to the PS4 edition, and they don’t show as purchased on any platform. All texture/skin packs are cross-buy. When I try to load them, I get a message that they are demo only.

    So, no thank you, I won’t spend any more money on DLC until you fix the licensing bugs.

  • HEY YOU< AT SONY!!!!! You are aware you have nrelease the update to the game before the dlc works, right? So, release it already.

  • Talk about putting the cart before the horse.

  • Wheres the real DLCs? Awesome skin packs tho.

  • Add me on PSN @JuniorH_1

  • @11 Texture and mash-up packs will not show up until sony releases the update to the game itself.

  • Bought it, but it doesn’t show up in game at all except for a link to the store, which leads to “No content found”.

  • I’d REALLY appreciate the ability to convert PS3/PS4 files to PC and vice-versa (versions nonwithstanding)

    Keeping the old tutorial level, alongside the new, would be nice too.

  • Mass Effect? FINALLY!!!!! I’ve been…. a bit persistient…. in asking about this one! Thanks for finally delivering!

  • @ DragonessHera OMFG!!!! What have I posted twice on this page already ? DLC will not work until Sony releases the patch to the game itself.

  • @ 7 big_bob002
    Not that I am aware of. I believe that the only way is to actually play with other players and invite them or be invited to their worlds.

  • @Green Banana – thanks. Appreciate the response.

  • Any idea when the update will be release? Wish I would have known before I bought the dlc :-/

  • @ 20 godrock_73 Nope, could be today, could be later this week, who knows with sony. I just asked 4j studios on twitter if they would inform sony that the dlc and the patch should be released side by side, considering that you need one to use the other. Always count on sony to mess something up, ALWAYS!

  • So true and thanks :-)

  • Give me the Doctor Who skins and I’ll be set for life. I did see elsewhere that the plan is to get all dlc on all consoles so I guess there’s a hope. Definitely gonna get the texture pack this week. I’ll pass on the Mass Effect stuff since I’ve never played it before.

  • Really disappointed that I had to spend 15 minutes trying to find an answer as to why I just bought the Mass Effect DLC, that it shows in game that I purchased, and yet I don’t have access to what I just purchased.

    Thank god Minecraft is a game that no one plays. Surely no one but me bought a new, shiny DLC day one.

  • It gets lamer!!!!! The Mass Effect mash-up is not cross-buy between the ps3 and the vita, not sure about ps4 but I doubt it. If you have both systems, you’ll have to pay twice if you want it on both systems. BOOOO! BAD SONY, BAD!

  • Why in the hell is the Mass Effect pack not cross buy???

  • Why isn’t this cross-buy? Like you know, every other piece of DLC for Minecraft?

  • It would be nice if they also made a Kingdom Hearts I or II DLC for it but a man can dream. :'(

  • I can not believe there is no cross-buy on this? I have to buy it for PS4, PS3 and Vita separately? That is beyond lame. This doesn’t make sense. I see you have done the same for Skyrim. Double/Triple dipping on these packs is not right.

  • Why is it that after I bought the Minecraft Pattern Texture Pack Yesterday but the Playstation store is not allowing me to download it what do I do?

  • Wait for Sony to push the patch that has the DLC in it. The past two or three, maybe more, DLC sets haven’t worked when the store was updated. I don’t get it, why release the stuff in the store if the patch isn’t up yet.

  • @25 I contacted Support and they confirmed that the Developer sets the prices of DLC, not Sony. So this would be Mojang’s fault.

  • I love minecraft but we are we going to start getting new things yeah we got horse arm and horses And stuff but I am ready for more

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