Metal Slug 3 Out Today on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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Metal Slug 3 Out Today on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

We’re proud to announce today’s launch of Metal Slug 3, the pinnacle of 2D run & gun action on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita during Spring Fever!

Originally launched in 2000 by SNK on the NEOGEO game console — which celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year, Metal Slug 3 is the most highly-praised installment in the series by Metal Slug fans around the world for its refined game balance and massive volume.

Metal Slug 3Metal Slug 3

Together with Code Mystics and SCEA Third Party Productions, not only did we want to bring a high-quality version of the original NEOGEO game with added Trophy support and online multiplayer, this download version of Metal Slug 3 also includes convenient cross save functionality, and a cross play feature allowing players to enjoy co-op gameplay on any of these three PlayStation platforms.

In order to emphasize and have players take advantage of these unique features, our latest and greatest NEOGEO release on PlayStation Store is available for a limited time at $14.99 as a three-way cross buy game during the Spring Fever campaign, with a 10% discount for PS Plus members.

Metal Slug 3

In celebration of today’s launch, SNK’s lead artist Eisuke Ogura has prepared an exclusive new visual of (the rare) Mission 4 “way of the forgotten samurai soldiers” branching path. Almost all of the game’s missions feature one to several branching routes sending players to a variety of unique areas… Be sure to find, play, and clear them all!

Spring Fever 2015 features eight new games launching over an eight week period, with a 10% discount for PlayStation Plus members for the first week each game is available. Click here for full details.

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  • Pumped a lot of quarters into this game in the arcades. One of my all-time favorites. Thanks SNK for putting this up, and thanks Eisuke Ogura for the new (absolutely fantastic) art!

  • Crossbuy? and how about online multiplayer?

  • One of these days I will buy one of these games.

  • bEEN waiting for this <3
    Looking forward to more SNK goodness in the near future too, bring on Garou!

  • 25th anniversary of the NeoGeo. I miss that console. Any plans for bringing things like Magician Lord, Blues Journey, or NAM 1975?

  • Is the discount the only thing that’s on for a limited time? The way I read that was that the price $14.99 and cross buy are only for a limited time.

  • Woah, that’s way too pricey! I bought the Metal Slug Anthology on PSP for like £15 back in the day. That had Metal Slug 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and X on it.

  • Looks awesome!!! This week is gonna be great!!

  • $15 for a reskinned retro game? No signs of online multiplayer? Released during the same promotion that has ORIGINAL games?

    Expensive, unecessary, and improperly promoted.


  • So… Together with Code Mystics and SCEA Third Party Productions… with added Trophy support and online multiplayer….
    I fail to see why many people complain about no online multiplayer?

  • I’ve always loved the little animated touches to all the characters in the Metal Slug series. Those little actions have no impact on the gameplay but add so much to the personality of the great series.

  • Not a pass for me! Will be throwing money at it and downloading to my PS3 as soon as it hits the store.

  • Why is a neogeo game 15 bucks?

  • Dear SNK,
    I just bought a new shoe, and I couldn’t find a port of metal slug for it yet. What is happening guys? You haven’t covered all kinds of media yet.

  • Ridiculous price on Neo Geo games, as usual.
    Long ago, the games were expensive because of very pricy RAM chips in the cartridges.

    Then prices plummeted on CDROM because of cheaper manufacturing.

    But so-called digital (ie. downloadable), your overhead is bandwidth.

    No, Sony. No, SNK.
    You can keep your overpriced titles.

  • Stupid price for a fifteen year old game. The plus discount just makes it worse, actually. Ill wait for a real sale. Or never buy it, i dont really care.

  • Another port? Could of at least redone or drastically improved on the graphics. Same stuff…different system. Great game but nothing special has been done to make me want to revisit.
    Will wait for it to be a free game download with ps plus.

  • First of all the $14.99 is toget all three versions for a limited time. Not for buying it seperately for those that did not read. It also has online multiplayer which someone else pointed out it says in the article as well. I am guessing the hint about co-op on all three machines is also implying cross play since it already mentions cross-save.

    Reading – It helps prevent confusion.

  • Did SNK include the bonus content: “Storming the UFO Mothership” and “Fat Island”? from past ports? (as seen in

  • $15, Is this a joke? This game has been re-released every time, every generation, every platform without a remaster.

    No Anthology? No wide screen support ? No scan lines? No special modes?

    There should be more options for that price!

  • Come on this is the year for KING OF THE REMASTERS!

  • I was expecting like $4.99 max for this. I’ll pass.

    A King Of Fighters 02UM for PS4 would be great tough.

  • At least they didn’t say brought to you in silky smooth 60 frames per second 1080p…


  • For those of you complaining about online support, they say it has it right here along with a few other added features:

    Together with Code Mystics and SCEA Third Party Productions, not only did we want to bring a high-quality version of the original NEOGEO game with added Trophy support and online multiplayer, this download version of Metal Slug 3 also includes convenient cross save functionality, and a cross play feature allowing players to enjoy co-op gameplay on any of these three PlayStation platforms.

  • Dear SNK please give us The King of Fighters 98 UM and The King of Fighters 2002 UM on PS4/PS3

    Thank you

  • Nice, but I find it sad that they did not actually make a port with widescreen support, like the Sonic CD version that was released recently on other consoles/and smart phones.

  • Why don’t they do a spring genre sales like this weak is racing game sale. The next is rpg and so on. Now that is a good idea. This week i’ll pass.

  • I love the Metal Slug series! I like Code Mystics’ iOS emulated releases! So, why am I not buying this?

    This is a little ridiculous as far as pricing and discount when compared to the Q-Bert release from last month. The Q-Bert release was cross-buy, had the original emulated title running at full speed, decent native scaling (albeit without any filter modes like scan lines), AND it included a semi-decent updated version of the game. It was less than $10 with discounts.

    The addition of co-op cross-play is greatly appreciated and adds value, but $15 for an emulated title I ran in MAME on my original Xbox is not great. I will say that this being overpriced is consistent with the other emulated titles on PS4 (other than Q-bert), which are $7.99 for a barebones emulation.

    I like emulated titles, and I like supporting franchises with money, but there needs to be better value for the money. Scanline and/or HQ3x/SadEagle filters, the ability to play on Vita in portrait mode instead of landscape (the major flaw of Q-bert), and other features of open source emulators, need to be included to compete with free/illegal. Sega did a GREAT job of this with Sonic CD and some of their other emulated titles on PS3.

  • @5. Magician Lord is already on the PS Store, dunno if they really plan for the other 2 you mentioned.

    @7. Discount is only for the release week, the game will always be a 3-way cross-buy even after the discount promo is over.

    @13. Well, the other ports of MS3 were lower than that, but I guess its to complement the game with its cross-buy for the 3 systems on it. (But I guess they’ll still say its too high.)

    And for those whining on the price and stuff, even stating if its a 15 year old game, well, yeah, anyways, I’m more of a retro guy, so I don’t mind it at all.

    Lastly, the game, as mentioned, does have Cross-everything. (Cross Buy/Save/Play), options to change your gamestyle, and screen options as well (by changing the screen size to your liking and also smooth/scanline filters.)

    Other than that, I guess that’s it for now.

  • @neostraycat,

    Thank you for the reminder, I was thinking more of on PS4.

  • This game is awesome but a little overpriced for it’s length. Also, will it have trophies?

  • Love Metal Slug but this is digital only so, not buying it. Make a new game and take the opportunity to remaster and include MS-XX.

  • This is confusing. The PSP Metal Slug Anthology is available for $20 and it has all the Metal Slug games and is playable on Vita. Why would anyone buy this over that collection?

  • Hi:
    @PlayStation, Metal Slug Anthology has ALL Metal Slug Games from 1 to 6. Also has de X version. Why did you put this OVERPRICED cost? This games should cost $4.99, NO MORE.
    I believe Cross Save, Cross Platform Play and Cross Buy is a MUST (obligatory) for Remakes, Remasters and Ports. You are trying to make us believe that this features are Add on? REALLY? From an overpriced PORT?
    Red 5.

  • I think sony can stop porting these games like this game to ps vita and focus to make some AAA games to ps vita , vita have enough indle games even metal slug series ( i can buy metal slug anthology psp ver and play metal slug from 1 to 6 with widescreen ) . Porting this game doesn’t make any sense for the future of vita

  • I have some real love for Metal Slug because it was one of the 1st games I ever played,and I had some truly immense fun with the PS1 ones…but it looks like a joke when you say the game costs $15 and then afterwards you say its on a 10% discount.Thats too expensive,I was really looking forward to play Metal Slug 3 and it was the only game in the Spring Fever I was willing to buy at launch but that $15 price just threw me off of the deal.
    Will wait for a discount.

  • Forgot to say…fantastic art,Eisuke Ogura…damn amazing work.

  • As much as I love Metal Slug, this is… no, just no.
    Just stop effing around and give us Metal Slug Anthology AT LEAST.

  • Metal Slug is one of the best classics.

  • for that price.. nope

  • METAL SLUG 3 no GRAPHICS HD for $15.- in PS4 no HD, on PSvita no HD.
    METAL SLUG 3 GRAPHICS FILTER FOR $15.- this is a damn pixelated port!!! NO THANKS

  • i like this game but i go to my ps 4 store and i cant see it why ??

  • When is it coming to europe? I was really excited to see this game was coming to ps4 but im now disapointed to see it seems to be an only usa release. Please fix this issue as many people would love to see this classic on the ps4 in europe.

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