Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Out Today on PS4

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Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Out Today on PS4

The wait is finally over, Borderlands fans. Today, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection arrives on PlayStation 4, ushering in the current-gen debuts of Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and all of their add-on content!

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

It’s incredibly cool to see both games in a single package, especially with all of that add-on content, which is an absolutely insane amount. Also, if you’re an easily-impressed dork like me, you’ll spend at least a few minutes flicking back and forth between Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on the game select screen, because the animated menu is mesmerizing.

Beyond the games and all of the add-on content, we’ve also got some cool new features like four-player local split-screen and the ability to transfer your saves from prior-gen systems. Using cross save, you can transfer your characters and Badass Rank from PS3 to PS4 or vice versa, and for Borderlands 2, PS Vita saves can also be transferred back and forth.

Borderlands: The Handsome CollectionBorderlands: The Handsome Collection

Today also marks the launch of the final Season Pass add-on content for Borderlands: The Pre Sequel — Claptastic Voyage and Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2! Claptastic Voyage is a brand new add-on campaign set inside Claptrap’s mind. It involves Handsome Jack digitizing the Vault Hunters and sending them inside to find the mysterious “H-Source” code, while trying to get out of Claptrap’s consciousness without going completely insane. As a bonus, this add-on pack includes the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2, which raises the level cap to 70.

Claptastic Voyage and the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 are available on PS4 in The Handsome Collection today, and is also available for PS3 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel players (either included with a Season Pass purchase, or as a separate purchase for $9.99).

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

Also available today are cool bonuses for Tales from the Borderlands players. If you’ve been playing the excellent Tales from the Borderlands from our friends over at Telltale Games and have purchased the Season Pass, starting today you’ll be able to unlock bonus heads and skins in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

It’s great to see so much cool Borderlands content arrive all at once, and it’s even greater to see it finally arriving on PS4. We’ll have a lot more great stuff coming for PS4 players as Battleborn ramps up in the months ahead, so stay tuned!

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  • Awesome. Getting this game today :D

  • This might be a dumb question but is Borderlands pre – sequel the first Borderlands game? Never played any Borderlands games. Might pick this up.

    • Hey! The Pre-Sequel is actually the third Borderlands game — it came out last October. It takes place after Borderlands 1 but before Borderlands 2, hence the weird name. :)

  • Hope you guys can release the first one as a DLC pack or something like that… I have Borderlands 2 on PS3 and PS Vita and of course I’m having fun with it, but if you can bring the first one to PS4, I’ll buy ASAP ;)

  • Beyond! Picked this up and can’t wait to play this tonight, needed a break from destiny for a bit.

  • I am still perplexed as to why they didn’t go ahead and also include a remastered version of the first Borderlands game along with all of its DLC.

  • @5: they already answered that questions hundred of times lol. The first one is very different than the last 2 games in term of designing and engine building or something like that.
    Anyway, I missed the first one so much (played it solo on PC)… Maybe it’s time to bring it back, Gearbox ;)

  • PhenixNguyen – not a dumb question but, no, the pre-sequel is not the first/original Borderlands game.

  • @PhenixNguyen it’s the pre – sequel for the 2nd game. It connects the story from Borderlands 1 to 2, but you should still be able to play it and have fun even if you didn’t get to the other ones.

  • Hi Andrew!

  • @2. PhenixNguyen- No. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel takes place between Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2, but was released after Borderlands 2, hence why someone in the development team coined the made up term “Pre-Sequel” and the rest thought it was a good idea for the title. To clarify, it goes: Borderlands, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Borderlands 2.

    Hope that helps. Take care.

  • Shhhhhhh, BLOODBORNE is out today. What is this doing there? go away, old crappy game.

  • Thanks everyone for the answer. I will definitely pick this one up. Hope they will bring the first Borderlands to PS4 in the near future.

  • I miss when Borderlands was relevant.

    That first playthrough of Borderlands 2 was great. Sure, True Vault Hunter mode was a broken mess after level 40, but I’ll always remember that first playthrough fondly.

  • Will Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel be able to be purchased separately like Metro 2033?

  • When I explain why I was unable to get obsessed with Destiny people tell me that I probably would have enjoyed Borderlands 2 a lot more. I played the first one for about 6 hours and really liked it, how did I manage to miss out on the rest of this franchise? I have no idea! I am sure I’ll be getting this after the first price cut, which hopefully will come right about the time I finally finish the story and the heists in GTA V.

  • Love Borderlands but why not give us the option to just get the Pre Sequel ? Loved B2 but I have no need to go back to it. Please make it happen digitally and I will throw my money at my TV

  • Mind giving a copy to your friend zekececil14? He is very sad he won’t be playing this, because other things take priority when it comes to money.

  • Awesome.

  • I heard that there’s inconsistent framerates, chunky textures in a number of places, and various other issues. No, that’s not describing the Vita version — that’s people commenting on this PS4 version. Looks like we have another quality dud like Aliens Colonial Marines, courtesy of Gearbox. I have no idea why Sony allows PS4 to get bogged down with poor quality titles like this — it only damages the reputation of the platform and its amazing hardware.

    I hope the Homeworld reboot is better..

  • Borderlands Handsome Collection: Does anyone know if you can play two player split screen (using one PSN+ membership) online with other people?

    Kind of like Diablo 3 where it supports P1 w/ PSN+, P2 with a profile, but without PSN+ (on one console) online with P3 w/ PSN+, P4 w/ profile w/o PSN+?

    I’m trying to convince a friend to get a PS4 so he and his wife can play online with me and mine. I just don’t want to get two online subscriptions just to play split-screen.

    Can someone confirm if you can/can’t?


  • I wasn’t sure which version to get of Borderlands 2 (Vita (portability!) or PS4), but I’ve decided for this version after seeing the good reviews, plus it comes with all the DLC for both games, it’s a fantastic deal.

  • Are saves compatible between regions? I bought the SCEE version of Borderlands2 on PSN. Will my save work on the SCEA version? I know it usually doesn’t, but this is the first time a game has allowed cross save between PS3 to PS4 so I’m wondering if the old rules still apply.

  • Why an 8GB update? I bought the disc to not have a huge download.

    • The update contains the Claptastic Voyage DLC (described above). It wasn’t completed in time to be included on the disc, so it’s included as a free update.

  • I recently stared playing Borderlands 1 GOTY edition on PS3. Even though it is no longer on the servers, it is an awesome game. I was trying to decide as to whether to play Borderlands 2 on Vita or PS3, but now I will be getting it for the PS4. Thank you. Are you guys going to bring other 2K PS3 games to PS4?

  • If any of the people responsible for Borderlands are reading this, thank you for creating a series that is so FREAKIN’ awesome!!! :)

  • Hey Andrew, quick question. If my cousins are 3-Player local on the same system, can I join them online from my house? Basically, can 3 player local work with 1 player drop in online?

  • Question! Do badass rank and item storage cross over between BL2 and BLTPS at all? Or are these two completely separate entities.

  • To word differently, is ANYTHING shared between the Pre-Sequel and Bordlerands 2 WITHIN the handsome collection?

  • Endo, I can confirm that they do not have anything shared.

  • Silly question, but when I go to Downloadable Content in BL2 on the ps4 there is no content available. How do I access the content??

  • REALLY REALLY ticked off at the creators. I bought the prequel because they told us it was only coming to last gen consoles so reluctantly I bought it just to turn around and release it again for the new systems after all. Then top that off I figured i’d purchase all the DLC for Borderlands 2 since the old system would be running again a bit,,,,and it’s free with the new one..players who own all this from the ps network should get a major discount on the next gen consoles. They totally lied about the release not coming to ps4/xone to try to double dip, shame on 2k.

  • I am not seeing the downloadable content for Borderlands 2. I have the game and update file installed. On the downloadable content menu for Borderlands 2 it tells me there is no content available.

  • In the original borderlands you had the option to only complete story missions offline or when your hosting, so you could play online as long as you want, but take the story at your own pace when you play offline or host a game. They changed this in borderlands 2, which is why i stopped playing it. Is that option once again available? If so I’ll pick this up immediately. Thanks.

  • I have a question regarding the play order of these games. I am aware that the release order was 1 then 2 then presequal and that according to the time line its 1 then presequal then 2 however i was wonder what order you would get the most out of the storyline. For example are there references to borderlands 2 in the presequal that spoil events of borderlands 2?

  • This might sound like a silly question but how do I access all the dlc do I need to download it or is it all in the games?

  • I have a very important question and I have been struggling with this since I have bought The Handsome Collection for Ps4, I have a Ps3 that I played Borderlands 2 on, the Ps4 and Ps3 are on different Psn accounts, is there a way I can transfer my character from Borderlands 2 on the Ps3 to my Ps4? Thanks For Your Time

  • I accidentally skipped the update to play online. How can I update my game so I can get online?

  • does anybody know if you are able to play borderlands handsome jack collection on your PS4 online/coop with your friends who own it on PS3?

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