Bloodborne Out Now Only on PS4, Let the Hunt Begin

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Bloodborne Out Now Only on PS4, Let the Hunt Begin
Bloodborne Out Now Only on PS4, Let the Hunt Begin

The wait is over: Bloodborne is now available in North America. Please find below a special message from game director Hidetaka Miyazaki:

To all Bloodborne fans,

As From Software’s first game for PlayStation 4, development of Bloodborne was not without its ups and downs. But thanks to the tireless efforts of the development team, and the support of all of the staff at Sony Computer Entertainment, we somehow made it to the finish line.

Bloodborne takes place in an old city called Yharnam, where a sickness called the “scourge of the beast” turns humans into malformed beasts. And it is here that Hunters will engage in deadly blood-drenched combat. I hope you all get to enjoy this dark, terror-filled, horrific experience.

–Bloodborne Director, Hidetaka Miyazaki

Bloodborne is out now, on shelves and via PlayStation Store, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Don’t forget, starting today, you can download the custom Bloodborne audio mode, tuned specifically for the game, to your PlayStation headset through the PlayStation 4 Headset Companion App.

As a special treat just for launch, please enjoy these two music tracks: one from the game, and one from the TV commercial.

First up is “Cleric Beast,” from the Bloodborne Original Soundtrack. Composed by Tsukasa Saitoh, this piece is also featured on the Bloodborne Mini Soundtrack, a three-track album available as a gift to those who purchase Bloodborne digitally from PlayStation Store this week, through March 31st.*

The second music track is the full length song HUNT YOU DOWN by The Hit House Featuring Ruby Friedman, featured in the Bloodborne TV commercial and 90s CG trailer.**

See you in Yharnam, hunters

* For promotional use only. (c) & (P) 2015 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
**((C) 2015 Hit House Global Publishing | BMI).

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  • Hidetaka Miyazaki,

    Please release the ‘Invincibility’ DLC so I can play the game without dying every 30 seconds!

  • Awww man, so the day has finally come. Can’t wait to get busy dying!

  • Sony is garbage for not including a physical ost. That is all.

  • Is it true that you are going to have to put on your Big Boy Pants if you’re going to play this game?

  • Amazon list this game for a future PC release…

  • Most games do not include a physical OST anymore…send it to your PC and burn a copy, I just copy them to a USB, or directly to my phone to play in the car.

  • #4,

    I guess that DEPENDS!

  • It’s cool and all, but did you guys really forgot to renew the trademark on it…?

  • Looking forward to the game, and the headset app. First time I’ll use one of those.

  • Sony, Please release the full OST for download on PSN or iTunes/Google Play. I will gladly pay for a copy since I got the game digitally.

  • Just wish I could take the day off and play until my eyes bleed

  • @Gene, #3- Haha, look at this guy! TELL US HOW YOU REALLY FEEL.

  • I’m waiting until they patch the load times before I pick this up. Waiting 40 seconds to restart after each death? No thanks.

  • wow this game is so intense freakin awesome..

  • $15 off of this game and a $20 PSN card at Target.

    If you need this game, a discount, and a PS Plus renewal there ya go.

  • MY CE from Amazon should be waiting for me when I get home. This game sounds brutal, but I am up for 50 shaeds of play! ;) I will be in Yharnam if you need me.

  • So, answer my question please. Does this game have a physical Manual and/or proper Stereoscopic 3DTV support, or am I going to wait for 6 months to get this used, from someone on ebay for $20 like I did with Killzone, Second Son, Knack, and Metro Redux?

    I mean, if you can’t bring it like it should be, showing real DEPTH that PS4 games look amazing in, (like Stardust, Daylight, FEZ, Trine, Trine 2 Complete, Zen Pinball 2, Kickbeat, Sniper Elite 3, etc..), instead of it looking flat like paper aka PS2 era, and there is no beautiful Manual to read though for storyline in the front, and character designs in the back to check out, then it is worth $29.99 at the very most!

    Perhaps the Collectors Edition has a Full Color Manual and Stereoscopic 3D to take advantage of TODAY’s amazing technology! Even if you promise me that you will update the game with Stereoscopic 3D later on, I might buy it at full price hoping to get depth at a later date.

    Please let me know, as the game looks great, and playing it with flat as paper graphics, (having to FORCE simulated 3D), is just NOT NextGen if you ask me. Please listen to your fans, and patch the game into 3D! Games look 100% BETTER in 3D if it’s done right!

  • Got the game, but Im at work now… Cant wait to play this

  • So, I just checked to see if the Bloodborne audio mode was available for my Sony Pulse Elite headset and its not there, but for the Gold and Silver headset the audio option is available. Any reason on why it isn’t on the Pulse Elite?

  • @17 3-D is on its way out (have you seen a 4K TV yet) also I was recently buying 2 TV’s for my self and my parents and a big box store they have maybe 2-3 different versions of 3-D TV’s in stock. the rest is OLED 4K TV’s that look pretty sweet.

    But anyway I glad this blood borne thing is over!! might get it down the road maybe.

  • Speaking of the Headphone Companion App, you guys said previously that the audio mode would also be for the Pulse Elites, but when the app updated the profiles, the new mode was only for the Gold and Silvers.

    This is pretty similar to what happened with Destiny, and it turns out that that audio mode never seemed to make it over. So, is this audio mode going to come to the Pulse Elites later, did it show up while I’m at work in a second update? If you guys aren’t going to support the Pulse Elites anymore, that’s fine, I would just appreciate some clarity on the matter. I understand that the Pulse Elites have a different audio footprint and design than the Gold or Silvers, so I know that it’s probably not easy to just put out since it require double the work by the studios and audio engineers. I just want to know for certain that it is or is not coming.

    Telling me it’s going to be out, and then when it’s not, it just really bums me out, y’know.

    Games great, by the way, keep up the good work.

  • This looks pretty neat cant front.

  • Saw the first couple hours on twitch last night. May get my butt kicked on this since I’m not very good at soul games. But I think its a must own on the PS4. Can’t wait to pick this up next week.

  • Yamagiwa-san: Thanks to the awesome digital pre-loads on PS4, I was able to start playing Bloodborne at 9 pm last night. It is really great. Japan Studio and FromSoft should be very proud.

    The return to life loading screen is a bit too long and needs to have lore to read since we’re going to see it so much. I hope you will prioritize this for the next patch.

  • Congratulations on the success of Bloodborne! It’s critically acclaimed and it’s already sold out on amazon. Impressive. I’ve been playing Bloodborne since midnight. So addicting. I think I’m a glutton for punishment and too stubborn to quit. The essence of a Hunter. lol ??

  • I’m afraid of this game … : (

    not for fear of dying
    not for fear of breaking all my controllers
    but the feat of it totally consuming all the little time I have
    to actually play :D

  • @17 if all you care about is 3D, get a gaming PC. Kinda end of discussion.

    This game isn’t about making your eyes orgasm with depth, it’s about taking a deep breathe, before you run around a corner and face what ever it is that’s about to kill you, and then nervously peek around the second time.

    This game is about playing and feeling good as a gamer after getting your confidence shot down by dozens of deaths.

    It’s made by large Asian Studios (small by American Standards) and 1080p 3D is probably a bit too.

    It’s about feeling good because you’re a gamer and you conquered the challenge and prepare for the next. Be prepared to lose your hard work, and motivate yourself to get back to your death safely and kill what ever fiend may have stolen your only way to gain levels.


  • Damn it Amazon delayed my Collectors Ed. to April 20 for no reason at all! i cant stand the fact that my friends will be playing this while I’m stuck playing old games

    Please Cleric Beast kill me now!

  • I’m dying to play Bloodborne but I gotta control myself lol…won’t buy the game right now cuz I need to take a break from the PS4.But damn this game is looking good in all ways…well I expected nothing less than excellence from JapanStudio but yo good job in making me THIS excited for a game I wasn’t even much interested in the beginning.Can’t wait to play it and I hope the game is as challenging as people say it is.

  • Care to explain why yet again the custom audio for a game came out on all your headsets companion apps EXCEPT the pulse elite? Why do you even sell it (for more money no less) if you don’t update it?

    • Sorry for the delay Blkant. You should now see the Bloodborne mode for PULSE Elite in the Companion App.

  • @5 Stop spreading non-sense!

  • @5 Or I sure like to see you prove your statement with a link!

  • Love the game so far! How about adding some tweaks based on community feedback?

    I wish I could adjust the auto pan, zoom speed & max distance ration. The current auto camera setting isn’t doing much to correct the fast snapping to close up. Not a major issue but sometimes the camera gets all crazy when you’re near a wall, a fence or some barrier object cluster.

    Auto Center: disable – I wish there was a setting that if you let go of the right stick after moving the camera the view doesn’t immediately re-center itself while walking. It sucks to compete with the right stick while hitting circle.

    It would be cool if you could compare new gear stats against your own during a potential purchase.

    Also if we could buy and sell stuff on the same screen. That might be asking too much I suppose.

  • @Seiven

    Can you share the soundtrack with me?

    I have been searching the album on itunes, but I am not able to find it… :(

  • No bloodborne support on pulse elites? :(

  • Awesome!! Noticed it got the order too. Thanks was starting to think it was being phased out. :)

  • @20 Shows how much you know, I have seen quite a few 4K 3DTV sets and 8k “Glasses Free” 3DTV sets are on the way, so, NO, 3DTV is just getting started, and just because people like you want to roll over and play dead, go ahead and do so, the rest of us will be having a blast playing games with DEPTH and enjoying playing games the way that 3D POLYGON games should have been played from the get-go. Google “3D TV: Not dead yet, and getting better” by Variety and their article pretty much hits the nail on the head about how 3DTV sets are evolving and really widening the doors on 3DTV sets daily. They might cost a little more than the cheapo 2DTV sets, but, you get what you pay for and I now own 4 65″ or bigger 3DTV sets, one in every room, and there is NO REASON why this amazing game should look flat as paper like the rest of the series did. If this game cannot look as good as a last gen game in 3D, then is a bargin bin title. Plain as that, and yes I DO game on PC in 3D as well. I OWN over 100 games on PS3 in 3D and I bought a couple on the 360, (360s 3D library is a joke though). So, I EXPECT the BEST games on PS4 to have this capability, otherwise… $20 ebay game is all they are. Especially without a manual.

  • @27, Look EVERYONE has a different OPINION about how a game should be played, and how to enjoy a game. After you sit down and use a 70″ 3DTV set, with amazing depth, you immerse yourself into the game, and you feel like your actually there. This is one of the reasons Microsoft and Sony are working on Occulous Rift and that other thing, (whatever MS’s is called). 3D in gaming is the next evolution in gaming, and once you have tried it, you just cannot game the same without it. There is a level of immersion missing from games that do not have the 3D edge, and everyone I have shown this to (my friends and family), all agree that it is absolutely true.

    It costs gaming studios next to nothing to patch it into the game, even AFTER the game is made, (just like Stardust HD), and still looks AMAZING. 3D patches were made for some game POST production and those games look incredible in 3D! This could have been done to God of War III/ GOW Collection Vol 1, and Ascension but Sony Does Not Care about their own console enough to push devs to do this. What a shame. Thankfully Many PS3 games have this amazing feature, but the fact that PS4 is not pushing this is simply lame and feels like a step backward in game technology.

  • @27 Continued:

    Without playing the game in 3D, the experience, the sense of immersion, the sense of actually being there is gone, replaced with a flat 2D picture hanging on the wall. It’s just not the same.

    This is why some Devs saw this and made their games in 3D on PS4 and I thank them SO MUCH for making truely amazing games on our new amazing console. Those are the games worth the price of admission, and I bought those on day one. Those Devs got my money. All I am asking is a simple 3D PATCH for this game, (and possibly a manual), and the game is as good as gold. Without it, it’s the same experience, (or lesser than), the older Demons/Dark Souls titles.

  • NOTE: I am sorry for making so many consecutive posts about this. I just wanted SONY to know that when you start a ripple in a pond, it tends to grow as it moves along down stream. SONY began the 3DTV experience, and I was one of the very first people to get a 3DTV the day they came out, and I bought many of them from that point moving forward, and after having over 100 3D movies, over 100 3D PC Games, over 100 3D PS3 games in my collection, etc… I am used to seeing everything now with an amazing sense of depth, and immersion.

    Go take a look at the Super Stardust Ultra, and Trine 2 BLOGs and you will see that I am not alone in this situation. Peoepl that actually own a 3DTV love them to death! Anyone that has played a game that utilizes this feature normally LOVE it to pieces, and games like Motorstorm 3D Rift would not be the same without it. It is insanely amazing! Once you go 3D, you can’t go back to 2D and feel the same about a game/movie. When the 8K “Glasses free” 3DTVs are announced this winter I am going to be the first to own that as well, and I hope that FROM SOFTWARE/ATLUS are reading this, and that they TRY to make fans happy with this game, and add something that really makes it PS4 worthy! Stereoscopic 3D!

  • Amazing game!! Having the best time with it even if new to these type of games. It´s hard, it forces you to learn the hard way but once you get over a difficult part it gives you such a feeling of satisfaction. It´s also incredibl beautiful, has some of the best monster design I´ve seen and such a great setting and environments. Congrats on such a fantastic game!

  • This OST is amazing!!

  • Thrill_Kill, I think it’s apparent that they’re moving away from 3D and focusing on VR.

  • The soudtrack of this game looks good.

  • @45 Like I stated before, the games on PC are sticking with 3D quite well, and there are HUNDREDS to choose from, and BluRay Movies are still selling very well in 3D form. I talk to the people at Best Buy and Walmart about the 3DTVs and 3D movies and they always tell me it sells quite well. All the games on PS3 that were in 3D look incredible and add so much depth that they make PS4 games look flat as paper. So the fact that PS4 Devs do not wish to put Stereoscopic 3D in their games anymore is just because they are plain LAZY, and want money for nothing. They are giving us LESS and LESS with our games since 2 years ago, and their excuses are lame. “No more manuals, to save trees”… “No more 3D because… ummm… uhhh… the console can’t handle it”? It’s BS. They just want to be lazy and still make a buck. Well, I talk with my wallet and give them less $$ if they give me less product. It’s as simple as that, and if more people did that, we would still have manuals and 3D in games.

  • When you do a sneak attack with the Saw Blade it disappears until after the enemy is dead. So while one is performing the attack their is no weapon shown in your hand. Otherwise I am enjoying the game.

  • Have no clue whats going on , no tutorials no support forums

    played for 4 hours never made it past the first monster online.

    Its a bad game with potential. if you wanna get frustrated, and pay someone to get you that way, buy this game.

    if not give it 3 months it’ll be free on ps plus

    Nice try. the secret would be to let the players know what the hells going on. just a tip for any future plans

  • Hi there,

    I have encountered a game-breaking bug. In Byrgenworth College there is a supposed to be a key at the top of a ladder.
    The Lunarium Key is not spawning for me. I don’t really want to lose progress on my character as it’s been over 17 hours of playtime and I don’t know if making a new character will even fix it.

    I’d complain directly to FROM but it looks like they don’t have a forum or anything for me to let them know.
    Could you guys pass this along to them?

    Also I’ve seen a handful of people on Twitter, Reddit, and Game FAQS all with the same issue. No one has found a way to make the key spawn.


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