MLB 15 The Show: America’s Digital Pastime

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MLB 15 The Show: America’s Digital Pastime

We’re only eight days out…

Eight days until you can throw the high heat, wear what the pros wear, and meet your heroes — past and present — along your Road to The Show. Because on March 31st, MLB 15 The Show celebrates its 10th anniversary and launches on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.

Our fantastic team at San Diego Studios has been hard at work making sure this year’s game is The Show’s best edition yet.

Gone are the days of starting from scratch with each new edition. For a first in sports video games, Year-to-Year Saves let you to keep your Road to The Show players and franchises going from last year’s game into MLB 15 The Show and beyond.

Now along the way you’ll have licensed gear and sponsorships from nine of baseball’s most iconic brands. Not only can you customize your player with your favorite swag, but that gear also provides stat boosts, adding additional strategy to how you build your characters.

Of course, since this is the 10th anniversary, we also wanted to make sure we gave baseball’s best their due by including MLB Legends for the first time ever. Each team has one of their greats represented, and you can collect them all to make your own era-crossing dream team.

As if that weren’t enough, there’s also revamped Franchise and Diamond Dynasty modes, satellite-driven seasonal sun and shadows, Universal Rewards, directional hitting, improved ball physics, and a whole lot more. Needless to say, there are a lot of reasons why baseball is better in MLB 15 The Show.

If you haven’t already seen our Developer Diaries and Spring Training videos, make sure you check them out on YouTube. We had an amazing time in Arizona and Florida with Puig, Pence, Hosmer, Jones, Martin, and McCutchen, and couldn’t be more thrilled by how real players reacted to the authenticity of this year’s game.

We’re sure you’ll feel the same way, so head to if you want to preorder, and join the community at

Let us know in the comment section what you think of the trailer and the position you’ll play on your Road to The Show.

8 days away…

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  • Awesome!
    I cannot wait
    Go Cubs!!!

  • i just wanted to say that i find it sad that sony is already removing the servers for MLB the show 14.
    I didnt play a lot online but there should atleast be a 2 year period between releasing a game and disabling its servers.

    anyway mlb 15 looks good but i find it seems kind of devious that sony is trying to force people to buy 15 id they want to play online.

  • @2 wasn’t the online on 14 kinda brokenish? I can’t remember cause I never played it, but they were using all new net code and I think it was kinda broken.

    If it wasn’t broken then ignore me. I vaguely remember hearing about that on a podcast, and was just saying that it might make sense to take down servers that don’t work well, and get people into an experience that does, if I’m right…

    I kinda wish that they would make MLB the Show Free-To-Play.

    Why? Have a base game mode, and let people download other game modes. So… If someone wants to pay $20 for JUST Dyansty mode, let them, if they want to pay $10 for some other mode, let them.

    Just a thought. I think it’d be better to one day move to a unified platform for MLB the Show and give away roster updates, but sell additional game material. Rather than have annual releases you’d just have a steady stream of updates and content. Sounds like a winner to me, but I’m not a developer so maybe I’m wrong.

  • Show respect to your fans… I’m not even a huge baseball fan but this game is great…until you take the servers down so quickly and strip the fans of something they still want to play. Many people buy a game and want to play it more than a year. 2 years sounds fair, and that is short compared to how long ps2 / ps3 era games seemed to last…

    Instead of shutting down servers after one year, how about doing something original to make up for the cost of keeping servers up…. giving fans a roster update as DLC and maybe that could pay for keeping the servers online for them? Because not all sports fans like to buy a new game every single year, when it’s still pretty much the same game. Many fans buy one every few years. That’s what I do with basketball games, and I know I’m not alone. You can say there’s so many new bells and whistles, but a sports game is a sports game, it doesn’t change so much year to year.


  • (chapter 2 of a 100 part novel)

    This kind of move (taking the MLB 14 servers down) is clearly a move to try to force gamers to buy your new game.. and it’s bad publicity (as you can see, hopefully), just like what is happening with Konami / Kojima… Konami may get to make more MGS games / make a few more sales off of the MGS name for example, but they’ll slowly lose the respect + sales. I see the same thing happening here.

    Respect + reward your fans, and you’ll get sales.

    How many years have sports fans asked for simple roster updates as DLC? Hm.

  • Not saying to not make a new game by the way, because obviously many fans love an even better looking + playing game, but what about the people who are still playing the old game? Again, support the game with some simple Roster update DLC and you’ll be able to keep fans of your older games happy + keep the servers up longer. Win win.. think outside that box / diamond.

  • Can’t wait my Mariners better be awesome this year in the game!! And to the people complaining about the servers in 14, atleast they let you know ahead of time. If this makes 15 servers better all for it

  • Eh, i love baseball, and i love video games, but i dont really like sport sims. Im not guna spend three hours on a single game. I wont use any modes except season mode or whatever its called.
    Also, its no good to shut down your ’14 severs this fast. Just cancell the online portion if you cant afford to keep em running. Shutting them down to essentially force a new purchase is bad form, especially considering plus is required on ps4.

  • @ yowzagabowza
    @ oo7PorscheMGS

    MLB 14 online is broken. If shutting the online down helps MLB 15 then I am all for it.
    It surely is unusual to shut down the online portion of a game that was released 12 months ago. Maybe SONY should step up and give people who bought 14 a discount for MLB 15 or something like that.

  • I know they might be broken but this us just bad form,a way to push players into buying 15. A discount might have been nice but saying they are broken is no excuse. Its basically saying we messed up online in 14 so you should pay us for the new game if you want a better online. If they cant be bothered to fix them atleast let them stay online for 2 years. Its bad enough to not fix them but taking them down so fast is worse.

    Like others i do like the idea of a base game that you can continually update with dlc that includes new modes, stadiums, rosters etc. Or atleast the option to keep upgrading for a discount.

  • Hey guys. Important questions.

    Will MLB 15 for the PS Vita be compatible with the PlayStation TV?

  • I can’t believe how badly vita owners go the shaft this year. It’s bad enough it’s digital only, which completely stinks, but then come to find out, they’ve updated basically NOTHING for the vita. The only change is some franchise options, and a few other small things like directional hitting, but all of the big changes they’ve listed are under PS4 and PS3 only. In other words, LEGACY EDITION. Sad to say, I’m not getting this game this year, and that stinks because it’s the reason I picked up a vita in the first place, and the one game I look forward to each year. I refuse to pay 20 bucks for a roster update that will take up a big portion of my overpriced memory card.

    Sony needs to be their act together and start supporting their handheld with some good titles, instead of depending on Indy developers to keep it afloat. Do they really expect people to invest hundreds in a handheld that they obviously don’t support? Go to any department store, and you’re lucky if they carry 3 or 4 vita games. I don’t get it. If they would keep supporting it, the install base would increase and they’d get their money back.

  • I wonder if there will e a photo mode?

  • 8 days away and still no mention of the trophy list anywhere. Hopefully the trophies will be released soon.

  • I have never played The Show before, can’t wait till this comes out so I can get it on my PS4. Greatness awaits.

  • Shutting down the servers of a 1 year old game like MLB 2014? What’s wrong with you, Sony? The whole Resistance franchise has been also hit by server shutdown, and it’s frustrating because all my chances to get Platinum on those games are totally gone.

    If you’re doing this, then you should implement a trophy sharing/trading option, at least for online multiplayer trophies.

  • Evil twin ^

    I think it is ridiculous to complain about 14 servers shutting down. The game is still playable offline if you are too cheap to buy 15. IMO it is worth $60 a year to get all the new features and updates. Especially MLB the show. The devs actually care about their game not just the $$.

  • Hi, will this be available for pre-order in Australia like MLB 14 The show was?

  • Will the 10th anniversary edition of the game be for sale at Walmart? Instead of preordering, picking the game up at Walmart at midnight on Monday! Can’t wait!
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  • I am kind of getting tired of hearing that the servers being shut down is a ploy to get people to buy MLB 15. The real issue is that online in MLB 14 was and is subpar at best. Now, if you are SDS then you should want to get the online experience right in MLB 15. Therefore, you should allocate all of your resources towards that since there has been such an outcry about the lagging and what not with the online experience in MLB 14 and previous installments in the series. So SDS is trying to right the situation. Kudos to them. They will take crap for it initially but when all of these consumers start playing MLB 15 online and it is finally functional then people won’t care anymore. So I think everyone needs to calm down and bite the bullet to buy 15 and then from there if they decide to shut down the servers early each year to guarantee the online experience then it is what it is. The MLB: the Show developers have and always will pay attention and listen to and care about their consumers. I honestly believe that they are the best in the business with this.

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