This Week in PlayStation: Blood Brothers

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This Week in PlayStation: Blood Brothers

BLOODBORNE. It’s out Tuesday. Like, this coming Tuesday. Sid and I have played it, and we’ve got hands-on impressions to prove it.

Highlights from PlayStation.Blog this week: God of War III Remastered has been officially announced for PS4, PlayStation Vue has launched in NYC, Philly and Chicago, Helldivers got some sweet, sweet DLC, and Jamestown+ is out now as part of our ongoing Spring Fever promotion.

Oh by the way, we’ve got a ton of games on sale for under a buck each this weekend — get on that!

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  • This was a good week.

    I’m sure Bloodborne will make the next week even better.

  • God of war 3 remastered is it a disservice to the fans that were expecting a God of war one remake as well as to newcomers to the series that do not want to start at part three as part 3 is a direct continuation of part 2

  • so its still going to be called under a dollar flash sale even though dead nation apocalypse edition for ps4 is over a dollar

  • lol@#3

  • @3 it was 9x cents yesterday don’t know what happened

  • Just picked up a $10 PSN card. Flash Sale here I come! Also still grinding away on Toukiden.
    Toukiden > Monster Hunter

  • You guys should rename this to “official playstation BULL**** “, I think it fits better.
    Next time, in order to make this waste of time worth OUR time, how about a weekly dose of “straight to the business” series?
    You could start with “what went wrong with the PS Vita and what sony would’ve done differently, so that it wouldn’t end up being the disaster it is nowadays”.

    But no. Better just pretend nothing’s happening, while sony messes around with their loyal mobile customers until the bloody device is dead.
    There’s a good thing about this though. I’m sure after this Vita-fiasco, this company will never try an other mobile product to compete. You’ll just get owned by Nintendo instead. Ha! The future is great!

  • Bloodbourne should become July 2015 free game for PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection. I also recommend you to pitch the PlayStation Blogcast on a TV Network like MTV or something… would be something new for it.

  • Remasterstation 4. Smart move not putting Ascension on the disc, also. That way you can do that one later and make more money.


  • Great! Another “remastered” game for PS4. I’m not buying a PS4 console unless you develop plenty of games that I haven’t played in PS3 yet! Until the prices for these remastered games are sold at half the price of standard PS4 games… I don’t think any PS3 owner would consider upgrading nor any PS4 owner would be thrilled.

  • Is it true that Sony is changing the name of the PS4 to PS3 remastered?! Haha.

  • This week in Playstation.

    Another Great Flash Sale.

    Pretty upset I have to miss out on Gravity Rush, as it is a must have, even if I have it free on Plus.
    Just downloaded titles alphabetically on my 1tb Hdd, so ugghh. That is a Very Long Ordeal.

    Highlights so far being Despicable Me and Dead Head Fred, and look forward to the Telltale interactive movies.
    Have not had too much time to play the PS3, but the PSone Strike games and Klanoa are not regretted (Fighting Force is enh).
    At least something to liven the Vita library up, and need a 256gb card to fit it all on, without it costing as much as the system.

    Sadly GOW3 is not going to be on the sale soon, but look forward to Ascension.

    Anyway, thought to come by to give Praise this time.

  • And definately agree with #10 Leej-On-Air.

    Without backwards compatibility, I will be waiting several years at least.

  • Since there seems to be a lot of crying/whining in this comments section,I thought I’d let all know I have some tissues available if you need them.

  • PlayStation Vue!!! PlayStation Vue!!! PlayStation Vue!!! PlayStation Vue!!! PlayStation Vue!!! PlayStation Vue!!! PlayStation Vue!!!

    Thank you so much for this amazing service. I can not wait for this to be available in the Seattle/Tacoma Washington area. I need some Mariners Baseball, and Seahawks Football live and direct to my PlayStation systems.


    Looking forward to 2.50. It is going to great having PlayStation Vue, and a game always ready at a tap of the PS button. Also really exited to try out Remote Play and Share Play at 60fps.

    Hope we will see a couple of enhancements to the browser as well. Favorites organization like the Vita, and an enter button, so posting to Facebook, and line breaks with a keyboard are possible.

    God of War 3 Remastered

    Sounds great, hope to see this priced like other remaster. $39.99 would be the sweet spot in my book.

    Wrap Up

    Looking forward to Bloodborne next week, and hoping to see BangerzTour up on PSN.

    Please get PlayStation Vue out in western Washington ASAP.

    Thank You to everyone at PlayStation!

  • The store has crashed so many times I’ve lost count now. Any statement Devs?

  • God of War IV would have seriously made me look at buying a PS4 but more of the same crap Sony did for the PS3 by “remastering” and then charging customers again, NO.

    How are those The Order: 1886 reviews…hah If Bloodborne flops I wonder if Sony will kill some execs.

    Give me a reason to buy a PS4! not “it has pretty graphics”, not “we will overcharge you to play ps3 games you already own”, not “we make perty games that you can play for 15 minutes before they end, but it was perty”. There has been NOTHING to make me want a PS4. God of War III made me get a PS3, even though it wasn’t very long or particularly great but it had the previous two to ride on and it made me want the third. I still dont understand why so many people bought a PS4.

  • but what about other PS store region such as HK…? I can’t see any flash sale on it..

  • I hope Sony Corporation isn’t changing into REmaster Sony Co. by the end of the year.

    Though I hope Cory works on next GoW for PS4 and the SMS on other new IPs, besides their External SMS.

  • @7 it was pretty clear from the start that Vita was going nowhere. Go read the official announcements: – “NGP will be able to play PSP titles, minis, PS one classics, video and comics from the PlayStation Store.” That statement isn’t wrong, but not exactly true when it launched – it could play zero PSOne classics at launch, which they alluded to in – “In regard to PSone classics titles, we will announce further details when they are ready.”

    Then there’s the list of compatible games. “We’ll keep this list current and let you know when updates are made” they said – Now the official way to find compatible games is to look through the store yourself. Which is fine, I guess, but the end result is that not only have they retired the PSP, they’re trying to drive off us PSP owners that actually bought all their software from PSN instead of on UMD.

  • Additionally, there’s the region lock issue. It’s not hard to establish an out-of-region PSN account, and I’ve gotten a bunch of JPN PSOne Classics for my PSP (Einhander? yep. Rival Schools? yep. Strider/Strider 2? Bought the JPN version months before it was available on the US store). I can play them on my PSP just by logging into my JPN account. As far as I know, that’s just not possible on a Vita without formatting the device and the memory card – that’s a region lock, and it’s a huge step backward.

    Don’t get me wrong, the Vita has some nice looking games for it. I even bought Gravity Rush in this flash sale because I want to play it. That just won’t happen until stores start fire-saling their Vita stock. It can’t do everything a PSP can, so it’s not a replacement. I was all set to get one day one, but fortunately I read the PSBlog, and they told me themselves it wasn’t a good idea for someone like me.


  • Personally I’d love to see a remastered version of the Batman games, I traded in my PS3 for PS4 and would still like to play them, tho the price point would have to be reasonable for older games. like 40-50$ tops depending on how many games were in the package.

  • How can I make myself black out and wake up on tuesday? I´ve got other things to do but I find myself just looking at bloodborne being download.. oh the agony!! #firstworldproblems

  • They should launch a nre GOW for PS4. :(

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