Evolve: New Monster, New Hunters Drop on March 31st

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Evolve: New Monster, New Hunters Drop on March 31st

What’s up, PlayStation? Today, we’re happy to announce that a fourth Monster, Behemoth, and four new Hunters are coming to Evolve March 31st on PS4. These new characters look and play differently than anything in the game so far. And even if you don’t purchase these new Hunters or Monster, you can still play with and against them online — and against them while playing solo offline — giving all Evolve players a new hunting experience.

So let’s take a look…



Behemoth is a tank of a Monster that becomes a giant, destructive boulder and rolls through the environment for quick traversal. He has the most armor, the largest pool of health, and packs the biggest punch of any Monster in Evolve, making Behemoth extremely dangerous in close quarters. While he is the slowest of any Monster, his abilities allow him to control the movement of his opponents by trapping, stunning, or pulling them towards their demise.

Torvald (Assault)

Torvald is a cyborg out for revenge, and he has one job: deal as much damage to the Monsters as possible. At longer ranges he’s a threat with his back mounted Mortar Cannons, but he does the most damage in close quarters. Torvald’s Shrapnel Grenades pepper the target with weak spots, and his Autofire Shotgun follows up with multiplied damage.


Crow (Trapper)

Crow’s job is to locate and contain the monster. Gobi, his pet Batray, scouts ahead looking for the Monster. Once the Monster is located, Crow has a couple of new Trapper tricks up his sleeve. His Stasis Gun can be fired in two modes: rapid fire mode slows the monster for a very short amount of time, while a charged shot slows the monster for a longer period. His Kinetic Long Rifle can also be fired in two modes: rapid fire deals the most damage per second, but a charged shot bypasses a Monster’s armor entirely, digging into its permanent health pool.

Slim (Medic)

Slim’s DNA was genetically modified, so he joins Bucket as the only non-humans on the Hunter team. Slim is a combat medic tasked with keeping the team alive. The more damage Slim does with his Leech Gun, the quicker he can use his Heal Burst, which has the widest radius of all medics in Evolve. His Spore Cloud Launcher helps him get in close by eliminating the Monster’s ability to smell. And Slim’s Healing Drone can be sent to distant teammates in need of health.


Sunny (Support)

Sunny has a history with the Hunters: she previously worked with Abe and Parnell before the team arrived on Shear. As a support character, Sunny’s job is to protect the team. Her primary weapon is a Mininuke Grenade Launcher, which packs more punch in a single projectile than any other hand-wielded weapon in the game. She can deploy a Shield Drone to protect teammates while she fights, and she has a Jetpack Booster to use on teammates to quickly fly them away from trouble.

Behemoth is free for those who pre-ordered Evolve from participating retailers, and is also available separately. The four new Hunters are available for purchase individually or together as a part of the Evolve Hunting Season Pass.

Before you start facing off against Behemoth later this month, learn some tips to bring down Kraken, Evolve’s airborne Monster. Using aerial abilities to levitate and fly, Kraken uses dark energy to fight Hunters with bolts of lightning, banshee mines, a dangerous aftershock attack, and forceful vortex waves.


The most important thing for taking down Kraken in Evolve is just that — bringing him down out of the air by whatever means necessary. While any coordinated Hunter team can defeat Kraken, one good lineup to use is Abe, Parnell, Hank, and Val, though Cabot and Caira is a great Support/Medic combo against Kraken as well.

Use Val’s Tranquilizer and Abe’s Stasis Grenades to keep Kraken grounded and the odds in your favor. Because Kraken is so mobile, think of Hank’s Orbital Barrage as a defensive tool to deny Kraken mobility to specific areas and drive him towards your attacking teammates.

If you happen to be playing as Cabot instead of Hank, coordinate with Parnell to combo your Damage Amplifier with Parnell’s Super Soldier Serum to do a crazy amount of damage, even with Kraken aloft. Parnell’s abilities are skill shots, so it’s important for Parnell to remain accurate, but this combination can do a massive amount of damage in a short amount of time.

To avoid losing to Kraken, it’s important to stay separated in battle. Just one Level 3 Lightning Strike by Kraken can wipe out a group with low health or strikes against them, so never group up and conserve your jetpack fuel for quick getaways. If you happen to be playing as Caira, use the Acceleration Field to avoid Kraken’s attacks; the Lightning Strike takes a little time to charge, so use your jetpack and Acceleration Field to dodge it.

Finally, avoid enclosed spaces, as Kraken can be devastating when chaining attacks against multiple targets. A good Aftershock followed by a Vortex can be brutal in close quarters, significantly damaging or even incapping multiple Hunters at once.

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  • I’ll be playing Bloodborne.

  • Meh, this game had its chance. I wont even be downloading this. Moving on to Bloodborne.

  • Is the wraith balancing going to be included in this update?

  • Turtle Rock really seems to be supporting this game in the right way. I hope it finds that foothold it needs because I don’t know too many people that play it. Not just anymore… as in I don’t know too many people that played beyond (BEYOND!) the beta. Then again, Street Fighter is huge in eSports yet I don’t know anyone that plays them anymore either.

  • I find it hard to believe that all this could not be included on disc when it hit retail.

    Myself & my two brother-in-laws purchased this game, we will not be getting the DLC.

  • DLC for a game that was pretty thin at launch. No thanks. Evolve was fun for a weekend but it plays like a tech demo.

  • yea i liked this game in the demo and was curious to buy it but the content wasnt worth the price they were asking for.
    And then they had all those DLCs at launch or all those versions.
    So i didnt get it and dont feel bad about.

    I did buy MGS “demo”as some call it , maybe because im a MGS fan and i knew i would play it multiple times.
    But you cant pull that with a new IP and sell it at full price for online only and such lmited content.

    I bought warhawk back in the day for 60 because it had a headset in it and that game had more content than evolve.
    I wish them luck with the game but i dont support the practice off such limited content for full price.

    I even have destiny and that is also lacking in content but it has more to do than evolve does.
    I dont know how much titalfall was at launch but if titalfall 2 costs 60 it better have more content than this.

  • I had a good time playing Left for Dead but I’ve never even been remotely interested in playing this game. All the added early DLC just pushes me farther away if that’s even possible.

  • I can’t throw good money after bad.

  • Game is garbage juice with dlc to match..

  • Obviously cut from the game. Never even interested in an online only game.
    Too bad there are so many idiots who bought dlc for this game. Theres no reason for any company to NOT cut content if people are willing to buy it seperatly.

  • Never was interested in this game because of the online-only model,games like that should be free.
    And thats why I’ll wait for the game to be free on Plus…can take years,I don’t really care.But I want to try out the game before judging.

    And just lol at these stuff…obviously stuff that should’ve come with the aah “full” game.

  • I liked that Slim guy though…very nice design.

  • Amazing game can’t wait!!! More monsters and hunters are always welcome.

  • i don’t understand why the above comments are hating so much on Evolve, i find it entertaining. Personally i cant wait for the new content although i wont be playing as much because Bloodborne will be out by then

    @12 Welmosca Evolve is not online only i’ll have you know, you can play offline with Bots (not as challenging or fun though)

  • @ 15 Crazymanwalking1 – Yes I know it has an offline mode with bots…I meant no campaign,no story mode,no extra modes.Even having a bot mode…game is MP only.

  • I’m just thankful that my policy of not buying games day one really paid off for me. I *might* buy a complete version someday if it’s in the $30 price range including all DLC. Maybe.

  • No hate, i already got a backlog and Day 1 support with my cash goes for developers making games with features i support. Add split-screen / LAN and i’ll reconsider.

    I’ll wait for the “INEVITABLE ” Evolve -Game of the year Edition- or in plain English… Evolve – The Complete Game. It’s 2K after all.

    My .02

  • I could have sworn the DLC was coming to the xbox first. Its the only reason I bought it for xbox on the first place. What the hell!? Hope I don’t have to wait too long

  • I don’t think it’s fair to sell a game to people and expect them to buy DLC from day 1. Microsoft caught a lot of flack for doing that with Forza Motorsports 5 when the Xbox One came out. At least then it was just extra cars, which you had plenty of in the first place. It wasn’t like this that is selling you key ingredients to the game.

    Why would you release a team based game without a medic? I bet this DLC was finished before it ever even launched.

  • Wut? There are already 3 different medics in the game. Y people talks of something they don’t barely know.

  • I like this game. Bloodborne is meh to me.. No hate of course, cause I’ve seen my brother play and I just didn’t really feel it when I tried it too.

    Evolve is a pretty good MP game, the community is still alive and playstation servers are still filled with players finding matches, so I don’t wait much for a round.
    I’m buying the season pass as well, I want the new hunters and since I preordered the game..I get the behemoth too!

    So basically what I’m saying is..

    Can’t wait!! :D

  • I hope Tutle Rock Studios gives us more DLC options:

    I like playing as the monsters, but not so much as the hunters, which brings me to a dilema since I want the magma skins, but I don’t want to pay $25 for the Hunter Season Pass just for the skins.

    I hope they become available separately at some point, perhaps as a bundle of monster skins at a more affordable price.

  • Bought season pass but won’t play characters on sub accounts help thanks

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