Omega Quintet Coming to PS4 on April 28th

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Omega Quintet Coming to PS4 on April 28th

Dig, if you will, this picture: you’re part of the world’s biggest and well-known idol group, warming up your vocals in sound check before performing for your adoring fans. The harmonies are sounding sweet and your choreography’s on point, when suddenly a gang of giant mutant rats and robots crash the party! What’s an idol to do?

Luckily for the idols in Omega Quintet, a couple of rats and robots is nothing they can’t handle. As Verse Maidens in a world slowly being consumed by a force known as “Blare,” these idols don’t just sing and dance — they fight! Possessing abilities that turn their Mics into weapons, they’re the only thing stopping the Blare from destroying all of humanity, and I’m happy to announce here that you’ll be able to start saving the world in the first JRPG/idol simulation game for PS4 starting on April 28th!

You’ll play as Takt, who finds himself in the role of bodyguard and manager of the Verse Maidens. There’s Otoha, your childhood friend, who makes up for her lack of experience with enthusiasm; Kyouka, the wise and responsible one; Kanadeko, who’s driven by impulse; Nene, the shy one with a fierce side in battle; and Aria, who is a vortex of mystery and confusion.

Omega QuintetOmega Quintet

Tasked with saving the world, these idols will have to build up their strength in turn-based combat. Each girl is proficient in special weapons that range from giant hammers to guns, BUT they can wield any weapon and build up their strength with each! So give the gun girl a spear and the fan girl some metal fists and diversify their lethal skills portfolio! Don’t get too confident — take too much damage and you’ll cause a Costume Break, tearing your idol’s clothes and drastically lowering their defense.

Battles go a lot deeper than just weapons choice, though. Within each character’s turn, they can perform multiple attacks and skills in a row. Throw all your strongest attacks at the enemy at once or only hit them with your weakest attacks — how you fight will affect that character’s turn order. On top of that, Takt takes on a support role in battle. Paired up with one of the girls, he’ll provide follow-up attacks, defend, and knock back the enemy’s turn. With the right strategy, you can get two or more idols to have consecutive turns and activate Harmonics! With Harmonics, you can string multiple skills and attacks between idols, and maybe even unlock a Harmonic Chain — attacks that are stronger and flashier than any individual attack! You hear that? That’s the sound of manager and idols executing some deadly idol harmonies!

Speaking of harmonies, what’s an idol group without some music? When you’re not out saving the world, you can enter PVS Mode, where you’ll shine as the Verse Maidens’ manager and choreograph your own idol performance. Choose camera angles, who performs, what outfits they wear, who gets the solo, and, of course, the choreography. With almost a hundred moves that range from air guitar-ing to graceful kabuki, every performance is unique. (We’ve spent a lot of time messing with this at IFI headquarters).

You can even throw yourself up on the big screen with PlayStation 4 Camera and add special flavor with the PlayStation Move controller. Or use the regular controller to wreak havoc upon the performance with some truly ridiculous items. When you’re done, sit back and watch the performance, save it, and use the PlayStation Share function to show it to the world!

I hope you’re not getting stage fright, because humanity is gonna need you and the power of music to restore balance to the world on April 28th. Build up your idols’ battle prowess, master Omega Quintet’s battle system, and be rewarded with the sweet sounds of the Blare’s defeat!

And when you’re not saving the world, choreograph some amazing musical performances with the PVS Mode! Like any good pop song, Omega Quintet will draw you in with its charm and keep your attention with its hidden depths! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to practice my vocals!

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  • PC or Vita port when because I don’t care about this version.

  • Oh, wow, this looks and sounds like it will be pretty amazing. I want to play it. And i already have a favorite! Kyouka!

    Can’t wait for this to come out.

    Also A++ for the Prince reference.

  • Hmmm have to go with Nene as my oshimen so far. lol thanks IF!

  • hey been following you guys on facebook and I have 2 questions

    1)Since you’ve been putting out Limited Editions at a good pace will this game get one as well?

    2) Can you build up some relationship with each girl?

    3)Are there multiple endings?

  • I guess I meant 3 question oops :p.

  • After watching that 2nd trailer, I am willing to give you guys money for a possible soundtrack with the game.!

  • Finally an IF game exclusively for ps4! Been needing something like this to play on iy so i’ll buy day one!

  • Nice! I”m really excited for this release.

  • Speaking of quintets, there are five upcoming Compile Heart games set to be released over in Japan – three Nepgames (Victory II for PS4, and both Blanc’s game and the Neptunia/SeHa Girls crossover for PS Vita) and two “Makai Ichiban Kan” titles for Vita (Makai Shin Trillion and MeiQ no Chika ni Shisu).

    Hopefully it won’t be too long before we hear what, if any, plans IFI might have in terms of localizing some of those titles.

  • Still holding out for LE version but either way I am really excited for this game to come out

  • I’m buying for sure, all the girls are super awesome but i like Aria the most. :) I hope it has Limit Edition set for $59.99 or $79.99 then.

  • David, I was totally going to ignore this because I thought it was yet another rhythm game for PS3 and honestly, rhythm games are just platformers set to music. Tap a button at the exact split second, over and over and over. I’m just not into it.

    But I watched the vid. It’s a JRPG for PS4. That’s a really mostly empty market right now so now I am interested in this.

  • I preordered this game at gamestop a month ago. am happy to support you guys and hope to see more jrpgs from you guys on ps4 in future.

  • Humm.. birthday present for myself?

  • I’m looking forward to this more than Nep VII (but just a bit)! PLEASE have a LE with a soundtrack! (also the LE art has them in wedding dresses so…. ^_^)

  • and the violin music for the battle trailer reminds me heavily of Crisis City in Sonic generations I think.

  • We don’t need anymore of these pedophilia POS JRPGs. They are an embarrassment to what is my favorite style of game. Sucks that I can’t get any more games I like in this style, and the only ones they make are with little girls and panty shots.

    Can’t we get some real turn based JRPGs these days? Same style as Xenogears, Final Fantasy PS1, Lost Odyssey, etc.?

    Why do all turn based ATB JRPGs these days have to be pedophilia nonsense?

    Please stop embarrassing Japanese gaming!!!!!!

  • @17 If you don’t like them, DONT BUY THEM. And if you don’t like them either, DONT HATE ON THEM IN THE COMMENTS. There are people who actually enjoy these types of games, and in some cases, over some of the AAA titles that come out yearly. We don’t need haters ruining our excitement for the games we love, even if it’s not to your tastes.

    Also you do realize that nobody at Sony wrote this post, right? I believe publishers write these posts from within their own offices.

  • @17 Also, “stop embarrassing Japanese gaming”? Games like these ARE Japanese gaming. Need proof? Japan gets games like this (at least on PlayStstion platforms) ALL THE TIME.

  • that second trailer looks interesting

  • I’m looking forward to see what IFFY has prepared for the LE.

    I skipped on Type-0 once it was confirmed that SE was lazy with the remaster and just copy pasted PSP assets in several cases. Removal of multiplayer mode didn’t help either.

    I hope OQ does a far better job in the graphical department. I’m also looking forward to more info on the gameplay mechanics and specially the battle system, since it sounds complex but interesting.

  • “+ Tjoeb123 on March 18th, 2015 at 2:02 pm said:
    @17 If you don’t like them, DONT BUY THEM. And if you don’t like them either, DONT HATE ON THEM IN THE COMMENTS. There are people who actually enjoy these types of games, and in some cases, over some of the AAA titles that come out yearly. We don’t need haters ruining our excitement for the games we love, even if it’s not to your tastes.
    Also you do realize that nobody at Sony wrote this post, right? I believe publishers write these posts from within their own offices.”

    So then why can’t we get good/great Japanese games anymore?

    Why do they all have to be pedophilia Japanese Strawberry Shortcake?

    What the hell happened to epic games such as Xenogears, Final Fantasy VII / IX, Chrono Trigger, Lost Odyssey, Breath of Fire, etc.?

    Sorry but I want games that aren’t designed for 5 year old girls or pedos.

  • @22
    Then learn programming and make your own game or heres another idea go look for the type of games you want. I mean its really not that hard. No reason to berate the game just cause its not something you want. Your reaction is the same as going to a mortal kombat post and complaining about all the blood and violence. Yea sounds pretty silly right. The games you mention still exist so you can still play those if your so upset.

  • @22 Capcom is making Breath of Fire 6 a browser game for PCs, Monolith Soft became a first party studio for Nintendo so any future games like Xenogears will be Nintendo exclusive, and SE is just a former shell of what it used to be and has turned FF into a more “casual friendly” games. You can even consider that the approach they took with FFXIII-3 to focus the game on Lighting and have her wear a large variety of costumes as part of the game mechanics something on the same line as what you are complaining about Omega Quintet.

    Conclusion: stop complaining about superficial things without actually trying out these games. Otherwise, you might as well sell your PS4 and buy Wii U to try your luck with Xenoblade Chronicles X.

  • Umm, why not Vita?

    Picked up Hyperdimension Rebirth – Digital, and would definately have had this one on the list.

    Bet there would have been alot more excitement/replies if you did, other than the handful here.

    I’ll be waiting.

  • Keep ’em coming, if. Holding out for that collectors edition goodness (that better have the ost! O_O).

  • As for #22

    He’s entitled to an opinion like anyone else, and should be allowed to complain about the genre, if it is not his style.

    Granted, I wouldn’t mind playing this game.
    But I will admit, that it is because nothing else worth mentioning is coming out.

  • @23
    Or like someone complaining about lack of english voice, on japanese games.

    Rofl, you guys are too much.

  • This might be my April game.

  • I’m glad to see Playstation Blog finally acknowledging this game. It was one of the games they left off their list of 2015 releases a few weeks ago.

  • @28
    Yea its the same exact thing *rolls eyes*. Heres the thing I never berated the games or developers themselves like this guy is doing. I understand when small companies cant afford a dub like nis and xseed. However I wont throw my money to a game that lacks something I want in order to enjoy myself. Such as english voice track thats coming to english speaking territory. I dont like jpn voice overs so I just skip it. I do however have a problem when a big company like sony is clearly being cheap and lazy when bringing a game over and dont bother to add a Dub. So please dont lump me up with this guy since its two different things.

  • “I’m happy to announce here that you’ll be able to start saving the world in the first JRPG/idol simulation game for PS4 starting on April 28th!”

    That sounds insane, but it just might be amazing.

  • Souledge94: one problem with your statement. Sony has nothing to do withnthe game being localized. Both the developer and publisher are independent of Sony

  • @33
    Its the translation team at sony. Just like how nis and xseed have a translation team and its up to them how to handle the process.

  • The combat looks really fun! but why do I have to wait another month? XD can’t wait!

  • Just found out at their face book that there is indeed a LE in the works :)!!!

  • Ps Vita version pls :)

  • WowSoDogeAmaze <—- troll

  • I love how people complain that there are no games on the PS4 that make it worth purchasing, but then do nothing but complain on PS4 game release posts that the games aren’t coming to PS3 or PS Vita.
    You guys don’t get to complain both ways. You’re being hypocritical.

  • I can’t wait to get this!

  • This game is the REAL reason I bought the PS4 and I am so excited for it!! Thanks Idea Factory!! Day 1 Purchase!!!

  • Will definitely be getting this, the PS4 needs more JRPGs in general.

  • PS VITA plz,we neet great jrpg with english ver in ps vita

  • why not ps vita? it would be amazing if this game come to ps vita

  • While I will certainly support the PS4 version, I wouldn’t mind a PS Vita version as well. If the game turns out to be that good, I would buy both versions.

  • A friend of mine recommended I check this out. All the more for people who are into this. I don’t care for idol games.

  • GREAT! JRPG. My PS4 need it. Thank you for bringing this to the West. I love the style, colour and music. Day 1 for me.Yay!

  • Idolmaster + Neptunia.

    Awesome. I want it.

    would be better if it has a Vita version.

  • WowSoDogeAmaze

    Your trophies aren’t public. So how is someone supposed to recommend you JRPGs if you don’t have a public trophy list. You seem like you might just be a troll.

    I’m gonna go ahead and recommend the Disgaea series, they have been rereleasing Final Fantasy game, because people keep wanting Square Enix to make AAA looking games, and that’s hard for Japanese developers. You’d probably like Final Fantasy XIV’s story if you tried it, but you probably haven’t even bothered to do a free trial but the story does peter out quite a bit in the middle between launch story and Heavensward, so maybe just watch a video synopsis.

    Citizens of Earth is a title you’d probably like, same with Dragon Fantasy Book 1. I’m not quite into Book 2 as much as I was into Book 1 but a lot of people like Book 2 more. DId you play Pesona 4 yet? Most of these JRPGs only get about 1 million sales over their lifetime. Usually they end up in the 400-700k sales over all platforms. So you can’t blame companies for making less games hardly anyone buys.

    Companies only bring over games that they think will get sales, so if you aren’t buying good games without fan service, blame yourself first.

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