Warframe PS4 “Stolen Dreams” Update Out Today

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Warframe PS4 “Stolen Dreams” Update Out Today

Since Warframe is a free-to-play third-person shooter, we try to fill every update with as many unique weapons and events as we can. When it comes to space ninja-ing, there are few things more satisfying than leaping into action and unleashing a hailstorm of bullets from a shiny new gun, or cutting through enemies with a newly polished blade. For Warframe, Update: Stolen Dreams adds a lot.

Warframe: Stolen Dreams Update

New Quest: Stolen Dreams

Chase the thief Maroo’s stolen Arcane Codices across the Solar System! Both Corpus and Grineer enemies have taken great lengths to guard the information they’ve obtained. Breaking in and extracting the Arcane Codices will be no easy task.

New Missions: Spy 2.0

The Spy Mission type has received a major overhaul. In Spy 2.0, players need to break into three different data vaults guarded by security cameras, detection drones, patrolling guards and motion-sensing laser grids. Bonus affinity and extra rewards go to the stealthiest Tenno!

Warframe: Stolen Dreams Update

New Weapons

The Akjagara is our latest set of hard-hitting dual pistols, featuring a mix of organic and bladed elements from other weapons. Joining it is the Tenno polearm, the Tonbo — ideal for cutting through Infested flesh given its high base damage. Or you can make a sandwich from 6 feet away. Nothing wrong with that.

Warframe: Stolen Dreams Update

New Tactical Alerts and Crossfire Missions

Ever wanted to take advantage of Grineer and Corpus conflicts? Crossfire Missions put Tenno between Corpus and Grineer in the middle of Exterminate firefights.

Additionally, we have new Tactical Alerts that are rolling out shortly after the Update launches. Both Alerts feature unique objectives and rewards, so keep a close eye on the Liset’s console for updates from the Lotus!

New cosmetics, Syndicate Syadanas, Liset decorations, bug fixes and a slew of other changes are also featured in Update: Stolen Dreams.

Be sure to check out a full list of changes in our Update notes on PS4 and good luck hunting down those Codices.

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