Helldivers Reinforcement DLC Deploys Today for PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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Helldivers Reinforcement DLC Deploys Today for PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Greetings, Helldivers. As a civilian, you made the most important decision of your life by enlisting in the Helldivers. As a Helldiver, you made Liberty… Democracy… and the protection of Super-Earth your personal responsibility.

You have made a difference. The positive response and recruitment rate since Helldivers first launched into the galaxy on March 3rd have been overwhelming. The latest statistics coming in from the Galactic Fleet bring us some heartening news:

  • 4.2 billion shots fired by the Helldivers (avg. accuracy 38%)
  • 500 million enemies of Super-Earth neutralized (killed)
  • 772 thousand planets liberated
  • 53 thousand cape spinning Trophies earned

We remember and salute the 9 million brave Helldivers who have already sacrificed their lives in our fight for freedom! (2.3 million of those to Friendly Fire).

New Reinforcements — To meet the alien threat today, we are deploying 3 DLC packs to any Helldiver in need of new outfits and gear. Each pack is available individually for $2.99, or you can buy all 3 Packs in the Helldivers add-on bundle for $5.99 .

Commando Pack

Helldiver Commandos are the best of the best, specialists at being a one man army capable of leaving a wake of death and destruction. Though they are seen as one man armies, the Commandos value teamwork greatly due to their equipment. The Commando Pack contains:

  • The Commando Uniform (Helmet, Armor, and Cape).
  • SMG-34 ‘Ninja’: A silenced, compact, submachine gun with short reach and good accuracy. The silenced aspect has been debated much and there is no proof that it actually reduces the risk of detection.
  • MLS-4X ‘Commando’: A multiple missile launcher system similar to the one used on the EXO-44. From its four barrels it fires seeking missiles at a high rate of fire; primarily an anti-personnel weapon, it can be upgraded to have limited anti-tank capabilities.

Helldivers DLCHelldivers DLC

Defender Pack

Helldiver Defenders are the unmovable objects of humanity, capable of holding their ground in any situation. They have a bulkier look and a helmet reminiscent of the knights of Old Earth and used to double as riot police before humanity unified properly. The Defender Pack contains:

  • The Defender Uniform (Helmet, Armor, and Cape).
  • CR-9 ‘Suppressor’: A semi-automatic rifle firing small fragmentation grenades. It is a volatile weapon but capable of devastating large masses of enemies, hence the nickname ‘Suppressor’.
  • AD-334 ‘Guard Dog’: A backpack drone system, featuring an automated defensive combat drone armed with a small submachine gun. The drone circles ahead, firing at targets of opportunity and will land in the backpack to reload.

Support Pack

Support Helldivers are much loved by their squad mates and bring both firepower and medical aid to any squad they join. Wearing the classic grey cape with a black cross they project an aura of capable concern for fellow humans.

  • The Support Uniform, a helmet, armor, and cape.
  • LAS-16 ‘Sickle’: A carbine based on laser technology, modified to behave more as a regular assault rifle. It overheats quickly but well placed shots do excellent damage and the virtually unlimited ammunition is invaluable in tight situations.
  • AD-289 ‘Angel’: A backpack drone system, with an automated healing and repair drone that will try to help all friendly targets in its vicinity. It will land in the backpack to refill the restorative substance.

Helldivers DLC

Ranger Limited Edition Bundle

Don’t forget the still ongoing Limited Edition bundle, until 4/28. Citizens that enlist before this date will receive special Helldivers Ranger training at no added cost.

Helldivers DLC

Helldivers specially trained in scouting and assassination of high value targets, these Rangers are the first to drop into the unknown. Ranger training was standard procedure for all Helldivers in the early days of Super-Earth, but has now become rarer.

  • The Ranger Uniform, a cosmetic helmet, armor, and cape.
  • LHO-63 ‘Camper’: A designated marksman rifle with high power and accuracy traded for fire rate, few enemies take more than a few shots to kill.
  • ‘Humblebee’ UAV: An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, capable of revealing enemies and hidden objectives at greater distances.

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10 Author Replies

  • This should be free considering how expensive the game is.

  • Wow, that was fast for DLC. It all looks good though! I’m sure I’ll but the bundle, but that Support Pack in particular looks great. (love me some LASERS)

    PSA to all pug players; stop deploying right on objectives. Hell, it even says not to do that as a tip on the loading screen. Please and thank you.

  • Please fix Friends CROSS PLAY issues !!!

  • This looks very much like something which sould have been included in the original game… Kind of disappointed to see that.

  • Dear Malin:

    Thanks for the DLC! I want to buy it ASAP but i have a question i bet everybody here haves too

    are those DLC locked per console (the same way of the ranger DLC)?

    Also, i am on patch 1.03, when are you going to fix the stats? i am level 23, over 40 hours and i still have 0 points uploaded in global stats.


    • Hi DJ_Tomato

      Very happy they look interesting to you! The DLC are locked to the user who bought them. We are looking at different options around that. You can soon read more on it in the Helldivers forum: http://bit.ly/1wJe5Wk

      If you were having the 0 influence problems on the Vita, that should be fixed now. Let us know in the forum if you still have any problems!


  • Great game so far! Seems a bit soon to have paid DLC…but that might just be because my gaming schedule only allows for an hour here-and-there. I think I’m a level 8, so still super early. (Helldivers is perfect for jumping in, liberating a planet and jumping out. It’s also perfect for longer gameplay sessions.)

  • Wow… Micro-transactions already?! This was no doubt the plan all along.. Coupled with the fact that the match-making is Abysmal (capital ‘A’), thus making early adopters basically beta testers for Sony – this game should have been free to play and then people would expect and be more understanding of this kind of “expansion”. Such a shame, cause the game itself, when you can actually get in a game is really great, but what a deplorable mishandling of it’s release and presentation.

  • Any chance of cosmetic items that aren’t black and gold? It is getting a bit ridiculous. Everyone looks the same on screen.
    Just give alpha sliders for each piece of gear, problem solved, infinite customization. Otherwise, the DLC packs look like fun!

  • awesome!
    when will the dlc pack be available in the EU?

  • I normally don’t like buying DLC especially if its only costumes/weapons, but I may have to make an exception. I’ve gotten way more fun and joy out of your game than the $18 I spent so I will probably just buy it to support you guys. Love the game and keep up the good work!

  • tokyopunchout MM works fine with the latest patch.

  • @Gutterboy44 Yes! I’ve had one friendly fire death and one “fell off a cliff” death because I lost track of who I was. I haven’t played it on Vita yet…I can’t imagine how hard that would be on Vita.

    @tokyopunchout The best thing about this paid DLC is that you have a choice of whether to buy it. From what I can tell, the stuff looks cool, but isn’t necessarily better than anything else. I’m going to choose not to purchase. At least until I’ve unlocked whatever else there is to unlock.

  • this should included in the game at start ~ damn….

  • No more indie cash grab game for me ~

  • I for one support these packs and your development, ignore the haters. The game is incredibly fun to play with friends, and I’ve gotten my $17 worth 10x over. People complaining about optional packs for a $17 title really don’t understand development. Thank you for a fantastic game Arrowhead. Day 1 buy for me!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, they really warm our hearts!
      Extra content like this is a big part of supporting continued development and post-launch support. All of your support means a lot to us as it lets us continue responding to the community and developing the game.

  • Good stuff fellas!

  • Also, where’s PS TV SUPPORT?

  • Gonna buy for sure those DLC. This Game is addictive, fun and so simple that everyone want to play and a special thanks for the Local Multiplayer !!! so great !!! As long you gonna add new stuff as much Im Gonna play and its never too soon for DLC as long its improve the game and that is not kind of shortcut.

  • First off, Congratulations on an EXCELLENT game! My friends and I are having a great time with it!

    Now on to the matter at hand…

    Releasing a PAID DLC pack, while the PS3 and PS4 “Friend/Crossplay” is still unavailable it’s really messed up! Getting the game up and fully functioning should be Priority #1!

    Don’t even get started on the self entitlement Bs… Because this is seriously becoming a very worry some and familiar trend among game developers. AC Unity, Driveclub (Which BTW we’re still waiting for the PS+ version of that), MC Halo Edition, GTA Online, Among many others…

    Is it really self entitlement to expect whats advertised to be IN the game when we purchase it? Answer me this… When you buy a brand new car… Do you expect the power window, Bluetooth and Sunroof capabilities to be delivered 3 weeks after the purchase? Of course not!

    Oh, but this is a game, it’s different! Sadly no, that’s why we have betas!

    The game CLEARLY Deserves all the recognition it’s gotten because it’s wonderful.

    But Not delivering on ADVERTISED CONTENT is something we should never be contempt with…

  • Wow. I find those prices pretty unreasonable.

    Love the game, playing on both PS4 and Vita (PS TV too if it was compatible) and I still cant justify spending that much on that content.

  • I’m very inclined to getting this. thanks arrowhead!
    to those whining and moaning: you DON’T have to buy this. nobody is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to buy it. it’s optional. quit complaining, quit being cheapskates and expecting everything to be free in the world. the game was set at a good price with ample substance and lots of a replay value
    P.S. arrowhead, plz do fix the cross-play so I can play with friends on their vita/PS3 without having to join someone else’s game. thank you

  • Really?!?!?! I never comment on blog post but I really have to defend Arrowhead here… I just logged in to post this comment. HELLDIVERS is an awesome game and a game that I waited over a year to be released since I first saw footage on Giantbomb. I was ready to pay $40-60 for the game.

    The game is polished and the game play is just fluid and everything was thought out! The amount of fun you get out of this game is worth wayyyyyy more than $20.00 let alone $18.00 (if bought at launch).

    To those unappreciated gamers that just like to whine over stupid amounts of money, you know that this game has a GREAT VALUE starting by saying that the game IS NOT broken (as we are seeing with new releases lately), it has 3-way cross buy AND GAMEPLAY. And seriously if you are going to cry over $5.99 (which is hardly a fast food combo price or whatever). Then don’t buy but don’t start complaining and crying!!!

    Arrowhead keep doing what you do and thank you for an awesome game! Consider yourselves with a DLC purchase.

  • Its a good game. The “Perks” could be better or customize our gems. My only complaint really is why cant we each use our dedicated screens or be able to zoom out a bit. Its pointless to try and prevent alarms when they set them off before you can see them on your screen. Don’t you think? How about a tweak of incoming helldiver or equipment not landing on the mark? To often solo or group getting setup and incoming equipment blowing stuff up or killing members. Thanks for the DLC.

  • @Drexnot_FX 40~60 bucks for indie games ? lol yeah right

  • Super addictive game that is perfect for super fast & prolonged game sessions alike. I, along with the most dedicated, will be steadily marching toward Helldiver’s 100,000 kill trophy. Over 30 hrs in & still an absolute blast!

    I will definitely be picking this up as (1) I buy all dlc from any game I want to see perpetuated in the future & (2) it will inevitably add a bit off variety for my Helldiver setup.

  • The AD-289 sounds pretty awesome.

  • I love the game and love the idea of additions to it, but 1) this shouldn’t be a quarter of the cost of the entire game, 2) they need to fix the teleportation boot errors and server refreshes (I will still see friends listed as online when they weren’t even in game), and 3) we need more vehicles.

  • DLC two weeks after the game’s launch is a bit galling, and has definitely lowered my interest in this game.

  • Great, now I regret buying this game. The game costs 20$ and now you’re giving us all this micro transaction dlc after 2 weeks of release. Really Arrowhead. So disappointed right now. Make this obtainable through the game or at least cheaper price. 1$ for each pack is good, not 3$.

    • We have had such a large amount of players already putting 30-40+ hours into the game and unlocked everything, so it makes sense for this game to put out something more for those that wish quickly.
      But don’t worry, we’ll also have bigger free DLC coming! (your support for DLCs allows for that, thanks!)

      Here’s more to read on our view of it: http://bit.ly/1BW2MsR

  • this is an amazing game. i’m buying the DLC sight unseen as if you had a tip jar I’d put a fiver in that – so new weapons and gear? RELOADING! for all the haters and complainers in the thread…yes – short timing DLC releases can be a red flag, or they can be a way to let the most interested players pay a little more. the base game was $17!!! this is better than many AAA releases (in terms of both quality, and value). dont let anger about poorly done DLC (by other games) influence your experience of this on.

  • Great game, Its a shame I cant enjoy it with my friends via cross play…as advertised. Just a suggestion but maybe fix the damn core games issues before you start pumping out DLC packs. I know that’s not the “in thing” to do right now among devs… But what the hell right?

  • Arrowhead, I have a suggestion for DLC. Give us cloaking, hoverbikes, 4-wheelers, and holograms.

  • DLC already? Not for me! Steep price for game and DLC…

  • Will definitely pick this up seeing how fun this game is already. Love playing it on all three platforms.

    And to those complaining about the bugs: a) it’s not BF4 or Destiny, the game is very playable and enjoyable, b) two different groups of people working on DLC and bugs and c) the game is only a week old and they have already come out with several patches and are very involved with the community. I would like cross play to work too, but I can use remote play for now. Have patience. If you really are that upset, the devs are pretty active on the Helldiver forums:


    You can see their updates and responses and see they are very proactive.

  • I’ll admit that when i first heard of this game i wasn’t interested in it (not a huge fan of twin stick shooters) but i did want to try it out at least. When Helldivers was announced for sony spring fever promotion at $18 i was like, I’m definitely going to wait for a sale. However seeing how people was interested and how this game was getting good reviews i decided to buy it and i must say i don’t regret one bit. This is a superb game and is a lot of fun to play with others.
    Anyways the dlc looks good and i want to purchase it however i need to know whether the dlc is account locked like the ranger dlc?


    Differentiating ourselves from one another is such a pain.

    Let us spend research points to unlock additional color options. Heck, I’d pay three or four dots to get something besides the default.
    Or just make each player’s character match the player’s color (that yellow/blue/purple/green horizontal line at the top border of the weapon info box).


  • Once you fix the ‘Cross Play’ feature that was promised when releasing this game, then that is when I will think about buying this DLC. If I’m on my Vita, and my friends are on their PS3, or PS4, I can’t play with them. Fix the issues at hand before releasing something and asking for money.

  • Could you fix the game first before offering DLC for people to buy?

    It’s is extremely annoying that me and my friends cannot play this together.

  • This is a smack in the face…you guys just made me regret the purchase of your game.

  • yes please fix cross play THAT IS A MUST! And will other people be able to use the DLC on my ps4 console if I’m playing local co-op?

  • This is the only game I’ve have been playing since I bought it on the 5th. Awesome game team awworead:)! I will be buying the 3 packs as soon as I see them on the store. I have gotten more fun out of this game then most $60 games I’ve played. Very well done. Love this game:)

    P.sFor some odd reason the saving icon never goes away until I go all the way back to the main menu. However once I go back to my ship again the save icon pops up and never goes away. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

  • Week 3 DLC for an already expensive game

    To Arrowhead Studios: this is how you get people to not like/trust your company.

  • This game is a blast to pay I like it. I hope there will be more lc with more planets & new enemies. Can’t please everyone people will complain.

  • @all on the fence: read/watch a few (generally positive) critic reviews & user reviews on YouTube.

    @all sore over early DLC: you Don’t have to buy it & more importantly, Helldivers is a very balanced game w/ or w/out DLC.

    @all still experiencing connection issues: I have too, tho Arrowhead is getting there to squashing all bugs. 2 patches were already released since launch.

    @Malin: please,

    1. Intro a new enemy (w/ its own planetary system).

    2. Vehicles which can house 2 Helldivers & one that fits 3.

    3. Boss aliens on difficulty 12 planets.

    4. A selection of Sidearms (new handguns & melee options?).

    5 While the in-game OST is fine, can we play our own music?

    Grabbing the DLC today; eager to deploy the drones!

  • Helldivers is a great game but maaaan do they have network issues. It has been nearly two weeks and they still have ALOT of the same server problems. Granted they fixed the bug where all you would see is full games on the public list but there is still rather annoying things like:

    – Major delay in the refresh rate e.g. My friend has just started the game and is on his ship, not reflected in Friends list for several minutes or even more. This delay effects everything. I could be kicked from a friends game then try and join back but can’t because it says the game is full, thinking I am still in the mission.

    – Just about to jump on an extraction shuttle and receive a planet reward when the entire game crashes.

    – Getting kicked from the game at random moments (that have nothing to do with a manual boot).

    – Constantly receive boot fails/unable to establish connection when trying to join public/friends game.

    These issues are few but are absolutely detrimental to the multiplayer experience. I understand its difficult with the cross platform format but this game should never have been released with these network issues. The DLC is nice but I would rather you just fix the game first before picketing for more cash.

  • I’m with some of the other’s here that are saying $17 ($20) is an absolute steal for Helldivers. People getting hung up on it being an indie, and thus inappropriately deciding it can’t exceed a particular price range before it becomes too ‘greedy’ and a non-purchase are really missing out. Heck, not even 20 comments in ZhoreN highlights AAA games that cost 3 times the price that are incredibly bug ridden (AC:Unity) and otherwise unplayable (Drive Club RE: Having to stop sales post-launch).

    As others have pointed out, Helldivers is incredibly fun, has given hours of hilarity, AND has lasted longer than some AAA titles for a third of the price. In some instances, these games don’t hold a candle to the entertainment value Helldivers offers. Generally, I don’t support DLC as a practice, thus do not purchase it, but this will definitely be an exception. You guys made a fantastic title, and although not everything works perfectly, and a few things could use a bit of tweaking/redesign, you definitely deserve the support.

  • Defender Pack seems like it will help me out in single player, so i will buy that one.


    Keep the DLC train coming Arrowhead. This game is a blast every time I boot it up. I’m still working on getting to lvl 25, Im at 20 now, with no plans of stopping.

    Six dollars is somewhat expensive for many but those that would like this will certainly get it. Now the choice is which one do I go with the most?

  • Would be cool to have a season pass option… Any plans on that?

  • I don’t know how to thumbs-up a comment, but #46, Jagerlbomb, can speak for me on this topic.

    Thanks, Arrowhead. I have more money, if you want it.

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