Watch God of War Done Quick, Live March 20th

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Watch God of War Done Quick, Live March 20th

In 2005 we released God of War on PS2. At the time, we would have never predicted that 10 years later we would be celebrating the legend and icon that Kratos has become with millions of PlayStation fans worldwide.

God of War Done Quick!

Want to kick off the event with us Friday?

To help kick off the 10 year Anniversary of God of War, this Friday March 20th — live from Santa Monica Studios starting at 10:00 AM pacific on the PlayStation Twitch Channel, we’re partnering with Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) to help raise funds for the AbleGamers Foundation with our event: God of War Done Quick!

Awesome Games Done Quick is an annual event where they gather the world’s best speed runners to finish a game as fast as possible. With their help, we’ll have some of the most skilled God of War players from around the world speed running live on Twitch! Have you ever seen anyone play God of War 1, 2 and 3 in less than 5 hours total?! This will be a speed running event of the God of War franchise for an amazing cause in AbleGamers.

The Schedule:

10:00 AM Pacific — God of War Done Quick Countdown Pre-Show

  • We’re reigning in the Steeds of Time for a 10 year showcase digging into the roots of God of War with the team members who have been with us since the beginning. You’ll see original God of War prototypes, early character developments, and unpredictable moments from our very special guests.

10:30 AM Pacific — God of War Done Quick Speedrun!

  • Our main event! Witness some of the most skilled God of War players attempt to decimate their world speed run records as we play chronologically through the God of War franchise.
  • Unscripted developer commentary as team members sit next to the players!
  • Prizes and giveaways?! We’re opening up Pandora’s Box for you!
  • Who’s hosting? Keep your eyes peeled @SonySantaMonica

At the heart of God of War Done Quick, and in our partnership with Awesome Games Done Quick, we want to help raise funds and awareness for the AbleGamers Foundation.

The AbleGamers Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing greater accessibility in video games to help improve the quality of life for people with disabilities through the power of digital entertainment. AbleGamers partners closely with gaming and peripheral developers worldwide, and we are proud to help raises funds and awareness towards their cause. We hope you will join with us to help AbleGamers achieve their goal.

God of War Done Quick kicks off live this Friday at 10 AM Pacific on the PlayStation Twitch and Awesome Games Done Quick Twitch channels. Don’t miss this one-time live event.

And don’t forget to join our kick off!

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  • Sweet Event will be looking in on this come Friday.

  • Yet another GoW panel? Aren’t we riding the success of this franchise a little too hard now?
    Isn’t it time for SSM to come up with some fresh ideas? This studio is starting to sound like a waste of good talent.

    • We’ve never done a live God of War speedrun event. Our pre-show panel for 30 mins – not everyone watched our PSX Panel, Directors Live 5 years ago, and so forth. You may also see something you’ve never seen before from our past 10 years. Hope to see you in the chat, be great to hear your feedback after.

  • so cut scenes will be skipped basically ? God Of War is one of my top franchises.





  • I’d really love to see a new GOW game, on par with GOW 3. Ascension was fun, but no way to end the franchise.

  • Vita would sell with GoW game

  • Awesome, very cool!

  • Kratos shall have his revenge!

    Looking forward to teases of the next God of War on PS4. Maybe a tease at E3?

  • Sony please don’t make anymore god of war games, there all rubbish. Please concentrate on new and original ip.

  • @8 god of war has had it’s time. They should really move on.

  • Will this be recorded for future viewing? This is in benefit of us gamers that work 8-5 during the week. Thanks!

  • @Bobert0516

    Watch it on catchup

  • I’m looking forward the next God of War game. Hopefully you guys are going to show info about it later this month. Kratos must return!!!

    PD: “original ips”? If you make a new franchise in an existing genre, then you are not making something original. I’m not against new ips, but people tend to overuse the term “original” without knowing what does it really mean. Plus, God of War can’t die, it’s part of Playstation’s DNA, it’s like asking someone to chop their fingers.

  • GOW4. Please hurry.

  • @lehamsy3

    I never said make a new franchise in an existing genre. I mean something truely original, that’s never been seen or done before. I think The Last Guardian will be truely original and special. Especially that sony seem to be keeping it vey secret.

  • God of War IV

    Oh and there’s NO WAY anybody can beat all 3 games in under 5 hours.

  • I’ve never played this franchise, but I’d like to see another GoW spin-off on Vita, like the ones on PSP. I probably wouldn’t play it unless the main games are available on PS4 (My PS3 isn’t in easy access anymore), but it’d be a nice way to get more people on the Vita and bolster some of the amazing franchises on it. Of course, I doubt that Sony’s willing to let this happen now, no matter how much fans want this or an inFAMOUS on it.

    How about a PS4 collection, though? I’d imagine that like Uncharted, there are a lot of fans that would either gladly buy the games remastered, or players that haven’t experienced it yet altogether.

  • I thought it was a God of War 4 announcement >_<

  • under 5 hours?! pffffff I’d like to see what difficulty they’re doing.

  • Hey guys, how about a discount on God Of War games for tomorrow’s sale? I would really like a price drop for GOW on PS Vita. That would match perfectly this celebration :-)

  • Have to admit that the first GOW game I ever played was Ghost of Sparta.
    Then continued onward to complete Chains of Olympus on God Mode, and must say, I loved it.

    I still have 1 & 2 for both Vita and PS3 to play, and hope the upcoming sale puts 3 and Ascension and reasonable prices.

    Would Love to see more games of this caliber on Vita, although that seems highly unlikely.

  • “Have you ever seen anyone play God of War 1, 2 and 3 in less than 5 hours total?! ”

    Pretty sure all of us serious GoW players have done that more times than we should have. Not a difficult series to speed run. SPLOITS!!!! XD

  • Are the speed runs in NG or in NG+?

    If it’s NG+ and with costumes, this is a waste.

  • Will God of War 3 and or ascension ever come out on Vita ?!?

  • They should do it on my account so I can get that platinum! :P

  • god of war collection for ps4 plsssss

  • Just re-release GoW Ascension’s multiplayer for PS4 and call it God of War: Arena. Add it some new maps, modes, weapons, and I’d be happy… until GoW IV (or however that is called) is released.

  • Can we please have a HD remastered for all the GOW on ps4? I still haven’t played them all

  • Cant wait for Friday. I hope Kratos does find his way to ps4 soon though even if it is a remastered version of ascension or GOW3. Second IMO Kratos has A LOT to offer STILL. The haters will always say that we need new characters & story but hey its been over 20 years yet we are still playing Mario. WHY ?!!!!! Agreed..Kratos is by no means your average “mario” (Yes average) but he defines playstation in ways no other franchise probably can. LONG LIVE KRATOS

  • …look, I just want a new God of War game for the ps4.

  • So if there’s a way to beat them all in under 5 hours then I guess they have to use hacks/tricks/exploits to do it instead of a legit run through.

  • P.S. Fix all of the horrendous matchmaking, glitches and server issues in God of War: Ascension since that game was left to die in it’s messed up state.

    If you think the game runs fine for the community you are clearly ignorant. You have players running hacked games now and exploiting non-stop without punishment. Infinite Rage and Infinite Magic at all times during Multiplayer.

    The community has dwindled to nothing because of all the problems.

  • So does this include cut scenes or not? You say “not necessarily”; does that mean that some of the cut scenes will be skipped or that nothing will be skipped?

    Either way this will be incredible.

  • Kratos is a Greek mythology fanfic Mary Sue and his popularity is a sad commentary on the intellectual void America’s public school systems are creating of the nation’s youth.

  • Alright I’ll be watching

  • Will be watching for sure on the other hand please some good news regarding the new God of war anxiously waiting for it and will there by any remastered versions for the previous ones if yes it’s a dream come.true tbh

  • Its unbelievable how fast time goes….hard to believe GoW is already on its 10th anniversary.
    GoW deserves a huge celebration…because its one of the best games ever made.
    Please Sony and Santa Monica->DO NOT<- make a new GoW game,I as huge fan don't wanna see the series ruined and Ascension even being a good game…it was the worst GoW game ever.So please let GoW rest because its already a legend that inspired many other games we had after it.

    Also there is no way in the world to beat GoW 1,2 and 3 in 5h….and I find it funny how you Aaron Kaufman talk about speed runners as if they were really skilled.Beating a game fast doesn't mean you're skilled…there are just a few games out there were speed runs can be considered something impressive to be called "skill"….and GoW ain't one of them.

  • I was at psx event in Las Vegas. SSM put on a great panel. Lucky enough to be in the first row and super stoked when they announced that they were indeed making a new GoW for ps4. Hopefully somewhere someplace all GoW games being remastered for a release while we wait on a new game. Even though I have all the games, lots of people jumped Xbox ship to ps4 and haven’t experienced these great games yet. Ps don’t announce a release date then change it later on. Just take your time and make sure it’s right then drop it on us. It’s frustrating that this is the norm now. I can’t wait to see the speed run

  • It´s a great idea to show how fast you can play through this trilogy masterpiece! Gonna watch this with some of my friends.

    @holicek: Why should be a NG+ with costumes a waste? Care to explain?

    @Welmosca: I kind of agree with with your first comment.The three maingames were amazing and a GoW4 would (it depends on the storyplot) ruin the series. Well, as for your second comment, no offense but, I believe you did a speedrun of GoW yourself and sucked on it?Did you even try?Because I think on specific glitches in the three maingames, you MUST have the skill to perform certain glitches. I hope you are aware of it. If you didn´t even try it and just judge because of lack of knowledge, than please whine quiter. ;D

  • And for all who are waiting/whining for a HD remake or a GoW4 anouncement, just calm your tits(or more likely balls)! We don´t know everything on what they will or might reveal. Maybe they will surprise us or not.
    Most of you guys are just complaining about certain things and don´t show some commitment from yourself.
    Come on, grow a lil bit up, will ya?
    We all love surprises, don´t we?!
    And I guess some of you kinda forgot that this Event is also benefitting the Ablegamers charity. It´s a good thing and I really support this.

    So thumbs up for Santa Monica Studios, Sony and Aaron Kaufman! :)

  • @15. What we have here an opinionated little brat. If you don like the post please leave.

  • I love God of War. A remastered version for PS4 would be nice.

  • I totally agree with Lehamsy3. Just realease Ascension Multi Player for now and call it Arena or The Chosen Ones Yes,?? ? Keeping the gameplay in tact allowing players to import their purchased content from Ascension. Now package it with 2 new maps and a July release date I think this would definitely keep GOW fans busy until the PS4 series is released.

  • Dang auto correction. Who ever said it’s perfect should be banished from society ? I kid.

  • Cool ten years already I remember my first time on GoW happy birthday and please Santa Monica DON’T MAKE ANOTHER GoW.

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