Bullet Hell Shooter Jamestown+ Launches on PS4 Tomorrow

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Bullet Hell Shooter Jamestown+ Launches on PS4 Tomorrow

Good news and bad news, all. Buckle up.

Bad news first: Jamestown+, the long-awaited PS4 release of our critically-acclaimed 4-player co-op shoot-em-up, is NOT coming out last summer like we promised. I know. You’re shocked.

Here’s the good news: Jamestown+ is coming out TOMORROW!

AND WE’RE SUPER PROUD OF IT! Here, check out this emotional short film on the topic of its release:

The original PC version of Jamestown took two years to put together. We spent an additional year on Jamestown+ for the PS4. A whole year! See that little “+” in the upper-right corner of the logo? A YEAR OF OUR LIVES IS INSIDE OF THAT “+”!

Here are some other things you’ll find tucked away inside that “+”:


– A Platinum trophy*. That’s right, we’re coming out strong with the big guns right up front.

*Seriously though: Platinum trophy. Also, earning this particular Platinum trophy comes with a bonus: a little thing called self-respect.

– The Armada Matrix: three (3) new characters, each with your choice of two (2) unique Special weapons and six (6)(!) new Shot types. You can combine these weapons/shots any way you want, as you would at a delicious salad bar… A SALAD BAR OF VENGEANCE:

*We get this question a lot, so just to be completely above-board on this issue: yes, that is a giant spaceship-sword made of Martian death crystal.

– Two completely new levels, set on the mysterious moons of Mars: The Black Garrison of Phobos, and the Shifting Sands of Deimos!


These are full-fledged, canonical Jamestown levels with brand-new art, tons of new enemy types, story sequences, full orchestral soundtracks, and huge new bosses like the Pirate Queen here:


– The original soundtrack and sound effects have all been carefully remastered for 5.1 surround sound. Honestly, I wasn’t sure this was going to make that much of a difference to the overall game experience. Tim (my brother, also our lead programmer/chieftain) was all like “Dude shut up it’s going to be amazing” and then I was all like “my man, you said that about those Hobbit movies” and then we almost had a Workplace Incident. But you guys? I WAS WRONG, REMASTERED 5.1 SURROUND SOUND MAKES A HUUUUGE DIFFERENCE.

– The Gunpowder, Treason, & Plot DLC has ALSO made the journey to your PS4, and will ALSO be available tomorrow! Four more new ships, for just two dollars?! They told us not to do it, but we couldn’t hear them over the sound of our own excited screaming!

Thanks for your patience while we brought this game in for a landing. We hope you and your friends check out Jamestown+ on PS4, available tomorrow on the Playstation Store, and have a great time exploring 17th-century British colonial Mars together! Because THAT…

…would be the greatest news of all.

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  • You know what would be even greater news? This game on Vita.

  • Thank you! This has been one of my most anticipated games for PS4 ever since it was announced looooong ago!

  • Echoing Vita support.

  • @1 & @3 The real question is can the Vita even handle it? I love the thing but even I have to face the realization that thing chugs with lots of stuff going on in games like The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

  • This is my kind of shooter.

  • Mmmm….I love shmups. This looks fantastically absurd in all the right ways. I want…no…I NEED this in my life…O.O

  • @4: I think it’s safe to say that if it can handle games like Wipeout 2048, Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Killzone Mercenary then a game like this is easy. Super Stardust Delta works just fine on it.

  • Platinum is welcome…always welcome

  • Single player? I dont even know 4 people that would play this. I hate MP focused/only games without single player.

    • Don’t worry! :) The single player experience was a major focus for us while making Jamestown+, and we worked hard to make sure the game scales elegantly from 1 to 4 players. We’re extremely proud of the MP experience too, of course, but we know it can be challenging to put together a roomful of people every time you want to get your shmup on, so we definitely don’t require it. ;)

  • This would be a great Vita game.

  • Thanks guys!

    I bought this game at Steam, some time ago, and I never managed to play it properly. But now, on PS4, it will be DAY 1 BUY, and I will be able to enjoy it in my living room, with my DS4 :-)

  • And please consider a Vita version: this is exactly the kind of game I enjoy playing on it!

  • All of the spring fever games I shall own. But in response to people saying this should ave been on the PSVita well soe of the other games are & there are a lot of RPG’s thathave come out recently that are on the handheld as well as many other games.

  • I played this when it was first released on Steam. Great game and loved the soundtrack. I completed the game’s Single Player (one player) mode and loved how the difficulty was just right for me. Congrats and looking forward to the PS4 release! :)

  • Just use Remote Play guys…and for those that don’t own both systems: you are missing out.

  • This Helldivers and Bastion are my must buys

  • Woah woah woah. Hold the phone.
    You “remaster” the game, but don’t make the lame as hell DLC part of the package?

    Also, when are you guys going to fix the horrible slowdown that’s occurring with the other versions of Jamestown? The game was working perfectly for years, now it’s choppy and running terrible for some bizarre reason and it’s not isolated, plenty of players have reported it.

  • I have this game on Steam and I love. Will definitely pick up the PS4 version at some point. Unfortunately I have no money right now. I will get it eventually though. I want to try for that platinum. :)

  • For those who want to play this game their PS Vita, use Remote Play. Problem solved.:)

  • I may have to give this one a shot. I love these old school shmups.

  • Looking forward to this one, love Bullet Hell Shooters. Listing the price would be nice because Soldner X2 comes out tomorrow as well and the price has been announced already.


    Remote play does not solve the problem, if you not in you are not home and not connected to wifi your out of luck. Please make this for PS Vita.

  • I played this to death on the PC, and very much recommend it for anyone who’s into bullet hell shooters.

  • “Bad news first: Jamestown+, the long-awaited PS4 release of our critically-acclaimed 4-player co-op shoot-em-up, is digital only and NOT coming out for PSP2.”

    Fixed. Sticking with PC ver.

  • Mavrick1976, Price of Jamestown+ is $10.79 / $11.99, depending on if you are a Plus member or not.

  • Oh, and for those wondering about the next 3 weeks of the Spring Fever sale/new games, here are the dates and prices.

    3/24 – 3/30 – Metal Slug 3 (PS4 / PS3 / PS Vita) $13.49 / $14.99
    3/31 – 4/6 – Axiom Verge (PS4) $17.99 / $19.99
    4/7 – 4/13 – Bastion (PS4) $13.49 / $14.99

  • These dudes sound awesome! Love the way this post was done!

  • I played Sonic WIngs Special on PS1 and Jamestown+ will bring me a good sensation with nostalgia.
    Well, on this Sales i will get:
    Metal Slug 3
    Axion Verge
    Shovel Knight

    I will just need time to play all this games. haha

  • This was an awesome game on pc. I’ll definitely be double-dipping.

  • Played through Jamestown when it came out on Steam & can honestly say it was one of my favorite SHMUPS! Also, can we everybody pause for a second and recognize that that video up there is a successful attempt at making an emotional SHMUP trailer?! That’s unprecedented! Usually a shmup trailer will consist of the hypest cut off the OST with as much danmaku on the screen as the engine can handle, but ya’ll went for the personal narrative. Brava! Francisco ‘Foco’ Cerda’s soundtrack is epic. I’m so happy & excited for fellow PSN’ers to enjoy this beauty of a game ya’ll have made! Thanks for all the hard work – can’t wait to get +’ed. :D

  • Unless it gets really solid reviews, I am probably going to stick with just Helldivers for my co-op play time.

  • Just came in to echo my support for this game on VITA. It looks like an amazing portable game! Support those of us with Kids that can only game privately on VITA’s!!!

  • Looks like great fun. This is the first Spring Fever title I’m interested in!

    5.1 surround mix is great! Is the subwoofer channel used discretely, or just as a catch-all for <80hz in the mix? One of the best uses of surround sound in a shmup I ever heard was Blast Factor on PS3 — a must-listen for anyone with full-sized surround speakers and a decent subwoofer.

    Are the audio assets 24-bit FLAC? Shadow of the Colossus on PS3 had 7.1 surround sound, but because the original audio assets were 22khz and lossy, it sounded quite anemic and odd.

    For people saying that Vita owners can just use Remote Play: this kind of a twitch game can't really tolerate any latency. I think some games compensate by reducing the size of hitboxes when they detect Remote Play being used. In addition, the Vita's lack of support for 5ghz 802.11n/ac means that players in dense urban areas will have continual hiccups with Remote Play due to the over-crowding of 2.4ghz. Games like Road Not Taken work great with Remote Play, though.

  • Man I’ve never paid much attention on Jamestown since I saw it for the 1st time here on the Blog…but damn this game is flipping amazing,right up my alley the shmup that I always loved…I really wanna get this game ASAP but why its only on PS4?…this game screams PS3 and Vita,especially Vita.
    Anyway huge thanks to you guys at Final Form Games for bringing Jamestown over to PS.

    Also where’s the split-screen option?…come on this game can’t be old-school without split-screen,not really split-screen though but 2 player offline option…any word on that?

  • How does a 10% discount on 11.99 plus $2 still equal $14?

    $10.79 + $2 is supposed to be $12.79.

    I want to get the bundle, but I don’t want to purchase now for $14 if there’s supposed to be a discount in place.

  • Amazing game!!! Question: how do I activate the lateral shots that I bought???

  • Game looked great so I purchased it to play with my friends, next thing I knew we received world first on super gauntlet:D
    Looking forward to any future content great game, I’ll enjoy this platinum:)

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