Blackwater Archives | The Art of The Order: 1886 Available Now

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Blackwater Archives | The Art of The Order: 1886 Available Now

Crafting the world and visuals of The Order: 1886 has been a long and hard fought labor of love from the art and creative team at Ready At Dawn Studios, and it is our great pleasure to now be able to share some of the massive trove of visual development and production art that we have brought to life along the way. Curated by our lead concept artist Joe Studzinski, alongside our talented design partners at BlueCanvas, we are proud to present the Blackwater Archives | The Art of The Order: 1886, a beautifully leather bound art book, spanning over 260 pages of some of the most spectacular work from the project, and now available for purchase on Amazon.

Blackwater Archives | The Art of The Order: 1886

Convincing players to accept the plausibility of half-breed creatures and Nikola Tesla designed arc guns, co-existing alongside a vibrant realization of a Victorian London right out of a period film, was both an exciting and daunting challenge for us, but it was one we embraced wholeheartedly. From fusing the lore of our world into painstaking recreations of historical architecture and locations, to the meticulous tailoring of unique costumes for each Knight down to the very fabric and stitching of the era, we set out to completely blur the lines between the historical reality that was and our vision of what it could have been, with a degree of research and attention to detail that bordered on the obsessive.

Blackwater Archives | The Art of The Order: 1886

In the pages of this book, we have hand selected a wide range of pieces to reflect all aspects of the game, covering characters, creatures, weapons, props, and environments, from the earliest conceptual sketches through final production art. With such an enormous library of beautiful work to choose from, we tried to select pieces that were not only a stunning representation of the artistry behind The Order: 1886, but that also give people a deeper insight to the creative and artistic thought process that went into building characters, technology, and a world with its own cohesive sense of identity of time, place, and history — believable, but slightly off from our own.

Blackwater Archives | The Art of The Order: 1886
Blackwater Archives | The Art of The Order: 1886

We are thrilled to be able to give our fans such a deep look into the rich visuals behind The Order: 1886, and this book is a wonderful testament to the collective vision of a group of incredibly talented artists that I have the privilege of working with on a daily basis. We hope you find the same sense of inspiration and wonder within these pages that we did in its creation.

Blackwater Archives | The Art of The Order: 1886
Blackwater Archives | The Art of The Order: 1886Blackwater Archives | The Art of The Order: 1886

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  • Going to order it now.

  • Great game, enjoyed every moment of it, that is more than i can say for other overhyped games. Want dlc or sequel, maybe both!!

  • Some free DLC to go along with that art?

  • I haven’t played the game, but going by some brief gameplay footage that I’ve watched on YouTube and the environments from The Order 1886 trailers in general, the art team has done an incredible job! Congratulations.

    If RAD and SCE decide to make a sequel, I hope they expand a bit on the gameplay in The Order 1886. It looks somewhat interesting/fun from a gameplay perspective, but quite frankly it doesn’t look like that level of good where I would rush out to the stores and pay €60 for it.

    Anyway, good luck to your future endeavours. :)

  • A decent game, boy it needs a DLC update to make it a great game however. The game has zero replayability otherwise. Add some type of new mode at least. The end boss battle was the biggest disappointment compared to the rest of the game.

  • To everybody: there is no DLC coming for this game.

    To Ready at Dawn: i got everything there was to get from this game in the two days i rented it for. Make a full game next time. Thanks.

  • Saw this in an insert that came with game and was wondering when it would be available! This was such a great game and universe, it was just unfortunate that the gaming media decided to gang up on it. I urge anyone who hasn’t tried it to give it a shot, you will not be disappointed.

  • TomHoang, are you going to give anyone anything if they are disappointed? You’re overly confident in the idea that your opinion will be true for every other person out there.

    A lot of people, myself included, got suckered into pre-ordering this game months ago based on the looks of it and the fact that it was a Playstation exclusive. Most of us beat it in 6 hours and platinumed it within another 2-3. Heavily disappointed. If it was a $15 game I might be more appreciative of what it had…as is, they put far too much effort into the graphics and next to no effort into the story or gameplay.

  • All that effort designing the Lycans for what? 3 of the most repetitive boss fights ever?

  • @death8u4u You are also overly confident that your opinion will be true for every other person out there. What world do you live in that they would need to give people something if they don’t like the game? If someone tells you to go buy a game do you expect them to pay you for your wasted time if you don’t like it…. Really is that what you are telling that person.

    No one forced you to preorder the game. It is still a amazing looking game still and still a ps exclusive so why bring that up at all when talking about the preorder. You might have thought the story was short for the price you paid but that is no reason to have to tell someone if they get people to play it you own them something when they don’t like it.
    Don’t go off on someone for liking something you didn’t.

  • I platinum the game and felt like I didn’t get my money worth. Wish it had a Co-op to the game. Maybe then it would of been more worth it. The artwork in the game was amazing but the gameplay was kinda lacking. Maybe the game should of been harder or more enemies. Maybe a longer story. Maybe multiplayer?

    I preordered this game from the PS Store and I wish they would give us credit for playing this game. I support the developer’s for doing what they did but the game was just lacking something. After 3 sit through I was finished with the game completely and platinum the game

  • That’s all this game seemed to have been, nothing more than pretty stuff to look at. Ready at Dawn, I no longer consider you guys a good developer. Then again, your best game was, is, and now will always be, the fantastic port of Okami for the Nintendo Wii.

  • @8 I’m so glad people like you don’t set the prices for games. Because you must owe Gearbox hundreds of dollars for the amount of hours you played Borderlands. No one cares how long it took you to platnium a game. Your little opinion that RAD put no effort into the story or gameplay ovbiously has nothing to do with the price or length. You just bought a game you didn’t like but got the easy platinum anyway. Big deal.

    I really like the art direction in The Order. I’m hoping you all include a lot of good renders for the characters and not just concept sketches. Sir Percival is the man.

  • OOH!! I didn’t know there was an Art book coming, but so glad there is one!

    This game is the most beautiful game I’ve ever played. I’d love a bit more, and can’t wait to hear details on a sequel or novels or comics or anything you guys might be planning to flesh out the mythology.

    Will this Artbook be coming to the UK? it currently says unavailable on Amazon UK, is there a planned publication date?

  • ATES, you should attempt reading my post again. Where did I say that everyone would hate it? Where did I make any reference to anything other than the opinion of myself and those in a similar boat? I simply pointed out that the guy said “You will not be disappointed”, which simply isn’t true for quite a few people. I never said all people.

    I also never said anyone forced me to pre-order it. I simply got suckered into it. Which I admit, it was my mistake and I have decided never to invest in this companies games in the future as a result. Not that they’ll care, but the fact they don’t care much about what people think of their game will eventually lead to their company going bankrupt.

  • I loved the game and i want this but it’s at the same price-point as the game itself, $60 is too much for an art book, or any book.

  • Barely anyone will remember this game existed in a few months time.

  • dogbert, Borderlands really doesn’t take all that long to be honest. A lot longer than this game obviously, but they didn’t exactly set that bar all that high. I do, however, feel willing to pay the standard price for a game like Borderlands since it actually has content and replay value. The game isn’t 6 hours long due to movies you cannot skip and walking scenes you cannot bypass in any form.

    You seem to think I’m bragging about the platinum. Who brags about a platinum from a game like this? I missed one item on my playthrough and had to spend an hour trying to find it in order to finish off the list. Every part of the game was a joke short of the graphics…but graphics do not make a good game, hence why this one has such an absolutely horrid reputation amongst the gaming community.

  • yesssss,finally!!!!

  • LOVELY looking Book that is :P

  • Really Cool art book, i ´m a big fan of art book´s, but im a little disapointed, because a think this art book, must have been part of the PREMIUM EDITION

  • Looks like already sold-out … any idea what the print run is … are more coming?

  • I am playing this game after borrowing it from my younger sister’s boyfriend. Anyway the oddest thing about graphics so far is the fact that as great as it is characters do not show up in reflections ever. Everyone is a freaking vampire it seems. However it was obviously not planned that way as light from the electric lanterns do. Just the light though and not the lantern itself. There is also a lot of empty space. Finally the clouds are static which also seems odd.

    Now that being said, this game is honestly well made. The graphics are superb and animations extremely well done. So far the story is also pretty interesting and the voice acting is fantastic. Sound in this game is also really good. The squeaking of the floor on top of many other sound effects helps draw you in deeper. Even though it is on the short side, the game itself does not deserve the hate it gets. Not that I am saying it is a 10 out of 10, but I feel a 7 out of 10 which would make it slightly better than average is fair. I will probably buy my own copy just to support the series. I really want to see what they can do to build on this further.

  • Pretty artwork but this game sucks.

  • Unless this sold out in 12 hours (doubtful), it’s not even in stock yet. Might want to wait for that next time before announcing it’s already for sale…

  • Had a decent time with it, but managed to platinum it in a few days (only playing a bit each day), and would imagine that it would take many times longer to read the art book than to actually play the game.

  • Oh no, not the blue canvas! why not dark horse or something else?

    Blue Canvas did the Art of Journey, it’s way too expensive ($60) and hard to come by.
    I collect artbooks myself, loved the books by Ballistic and Dark Horse, reasonable price + good quality.
    Trying to get myself the Art of Journey, it’s always out of print or expensive from some third seller :(

  • Looks like the first wave already sold out! Glad I got my order in ;)

  • Hey, it’ll probably last longer from start to finish than the game. Seriously though, the best part about he order was it’s asset creation. I’d love to see more behind the scenes stuff about the audio effects and mixing. It was the most technically impressive game I’ve played since the first far cry on pc.

  • I’ll wait until a Youtube video pops up of someone reading the entire book in less than three hours :)
    I kid! I kid!! I actually did NOT pre-order the game because I don’t believe pre-ordering is good for the industry anymore. But I did research it heavily and still bought it full price on Day 1. I loved it. You made a great world. Looking forward to reading more about it.

  • That sold out super fast. Glad I got in when I did.

  • @death8u4u @8/15 “You should attempt reading my post again while I saying you said I said everyone would hate it” Telling someone to read your post while you say they said things they never said like you did not read their post….…..

    Where did I say you said everyone would hate it? Nowhere because I did not even use the word hate. I only pointed out how a comment like “you will not be disappointed” does not mean they own a person something if they bought the game because of them and ended up not liking the game it. Are you not going to say anything about that at all? That was the main point I made but for some reason you jumped right over it. Your first sentence to them said “are you going to give anyone anything if they are disappointed”. I will ask you this again what world do you live in where this happens? Why should a recommendation of you will not be disappointed lead to compensation when it is just a comment from a random person on the internet (in a post that is linked to the game they are recommending)?

  • @death8u4u @8/15

    ……Continued ……
    I also said why bring that up at all (when talking about the preorder) because the two reasons you preordered the game for you got out of it. So you did not get suckered into anything other then a shorter game that is an exclusive with the good graphics you were looking for.

    If you really wanted to make a point next time tell them I did not like the game here is why I did not and why others might not instead of the whole you are overly confident think about how you are going to give those who are disappointed with the game something.

  • Just beat the game today after about four hours of playing and I will go buy my own copy soon. The story was actually good and I had heard about the ending before hand, but it was not as they had explained it. Anyway I find it odd that so many people complain about length when only 35.4% of players with internet have beaten it. 6.5% for a Platinum is also pretty low. I did not get the Platinum as I missed collectibles. Still I will run through this again just for the story. Also for the Platinum trophy.

  • ATES, you really need to work on your sentence structure…I did not respond to your question about what people owe others due to the fact it was a rhetorical question in the first place, which should have been fairly obvious. Secondly, we live in a world where guarantees are commonly met with a promise of a return might I add. Not that he guaranteed anything, but again…rhetorical.

    He was making a statement that nobody could be disappointed. Which simply isn’t true. Plenty of people were disappointed and plenty enjoyed the 3 hours of content. Making a rash assumption like “You will not be disappointed” is simply optimistic and idiotic at best.

    As far as your last point, I’ll make my points how I want chief. Considering I understand how the English language is used and there was quite literally nothing wrong with what I said. Don’t blame other people for your lack of understanding.

  • SilentNova, you do realize that people not beating a game doesn’t mean the game is long by any means…right? People not beating a game simply means they did not beat the game. There’s actually a fair amount of people out there that will rent/buy a game and never beat it because they don’t like the game. People that have OCD in regards to completing games don’t overrun the market.

    The average gamer will not beat a game. Simply a statistical fact. Most games, when you look at the trophy list, have the “I completed the campaign trophy” as ridiculously rare…nevermind how short the game or long the game may be.

  • Really? Stop the whining, kids. The Order 1886 was a great piece of entertainment for me! ENJOY IT! Thank you Ready at Dawn for making this and everything put into it. I totally enjoyed and appreciate the game and can’t wait to appreciate the art more. Loved the story, and of course I want more in the future.

  • My point is complaints versus those who have completed it. Also many games are closer to 50% to 60%. Games that tend to be harder go into the lower percentages most of the time. That is my point on this particular title. I know no game will ever have 100% completion and only like one or two have I seen where 70% finished a title. Games like Ninja Gaiden, Demon Souls and Dark Souls tend to be in the 30% range.

  • SilentNova, those games have also been out for a few years. Care to point out games that have only been out for a few weeks/months that have such high percentages for completion?

    Rivthed, it is always rather cute when someone comes along with the derogatory remark of “kids”. Does it make you feel all grown up?

  • What a fantastic art…damn I need that book.

  • Damn this was posted yesterday and now sold out on Amazon…

    Hopefully next batch will arrive sooner than later. Amazon has no way to sign up to let you know when restock occurs at this time.

  • I spent weeks trying to get information on this after discovering the informational fllyer within my copy of TO1886. Now it’s finally broadcast out in the wild and out of stock? Ugh…horribly disappointed I couldn’t get my hands on this.

  • Uh, @Death8u4u , no. It’s like saying “guys”… Ok, kiddo? So uptight… These are exactly the kinds of kids that are too uptight to enjoy The Order 1886. Like I said, celebrate gaming, enjoy the art and The Order 1886, KIDS!

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