This Week in PlayStation: Wrong Number

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This Week in PlayStation: Wrong Number

*Takes a deep breath*

Hotline Miami 2 is out now (it’s amazing, play it). PS4 is getting tons of new features in its upcoming 2.5 update, we got our eyeballs on Project Morpheus’ new prototype, we played King’s Quest and Magicka 2, the first three episodes of Powers are out now, we got an update on Uncharted 4‘s release date, Heists are now live in GTA Online, you can buy official PlayStation merchandise at the PlayStation Gear store, and more.

Phew! What are you playing?

  • I’m playing: Hotline Miami 2, Helldivers, FFXIV
  • I’m watching: Powers
  • I’m listening to: Final Fantasy VI soundtrack
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Hotline Miami 2

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This Week in PlayStation: Wrong Number

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  • I for one can’t get enough of Hotline Miami’s soundtrack! i often start up the game and just listen to the music (i wish could download the soundtrack directly to my Vita but seeing as it just croaked that’s impossible)

    I’m playing: Hotline Miami 2, TLoU:R, Evolve
    I’m (also) Watching: Powers
    I’m listening to: Dragon Age Inquisition Soundtrack, The Last of Us Vol. 2

  • I’m playing: Diablo III (PS3), Fifa 15 (PS3), Tales of Hearts R (Vita)
    I’m watching: Gothan, Helix

  • Been playing Helldivers, Hotline Miami 2 and PES 2015.

    Also Justin, any news on FF Type-0 going for digital I am sad to see NA didn’t have this available for Pre-order on the PSN store especially when it available for Europe. :(

    • Justin Massongill

      Hey there, I’ve seen a few folks asking about FF Type-0 HD, so I asked around a bit and found out that it will indeed be released on PlayStation Store Tuesday, March 17th, and for a limited time it will include the Final Fantasy XV -EPISODE DUSCAE- demo.

      Hope that helps!

  • I’m playing Warframe, BF4 (PS4) and Samurai Warriors 4 (Vita)
    Watching Supernatural
    Listening to 2cello

  • Awesome that you are listening to the Final Fantasy VI soundtrack. Nobuo Uematsu is a genius, and FFVI has my favorite soundtrack from the franchise.

    Playing: GTA V
    Watching: The Wrong Mans
    Listening: Final Symphony

    Final Symphony is a collection of songs from FFVI, VII, and X, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. There are moments that send chills down my spine.

    • Justin Massongill

      I’ll check out Final Symphony, thanks! Definitely agree that VI has the best soundtrack, though XIV has been giving it a run for its money lately.

  • Hotline Miami 2 is great

  • Oh and I am playing Hotline Miami 2, Far Cry 4, Resident Evil Remastered Edition, and InFAMOUS 2 via PlayStation Now

  • Playing: Hotline Miami 2 & I’m finishing up Assassin’s Creed Unity & Resident Evil Revelations 2 Raid Mode.
    Watching: Better Call Saul
    Listening: Architects, August Burns Red, Behemoth

  • Can anybody comment on Hotline Miami 2 on Vita? I’m hearing that it has a lot of crashing issues and I don’t want to buy it until it’s fixed (if it’s true).

  • I’m Playing: OlliOlli 2 and Hotline Miami 2
    I’m Watching: Parasyte -the maxim-
    I’m listening to: Mumford & Sons

  • CounterSpy can’t be downloaded at the moment. (E-82000113)

  • I’m playing: Hotline Miami & Hotline Miami 2
    I’m re-watching: Trailer Park Boys Season 8(before season 9 on march 27)
    I’m listening to: Beastie Boys – Hello Nasty and Licensed To Ill albums

  • I’m playing: Diablo 3 (PS4); Helldivers (PS4)
    Powers, The Wrong Mans, Once Upon a Time

  • I’m still playing Toukiden on my Vita. Trying to finish it before Toukiden: Kiwami comes out later this month. Now if NA could get God Eater 2 Rage Burst brought over I would be one happy guy. Oh and still waiting for any news on Rainbow Skies. That’s another day one purchase after platting Rainbow Moon.

  • Thanks for finally giving us an answer on FF Type-0 HD, Justin.

  • hey Robbie_G_Irish ive been playing HM2 on vita and its been running great for me and no crashes or anything really stopping my play…its epic and these are the exact type of games i grabbed a vita for… Cant wait for FFT0 and Bloodborne!!!!

    playing: Hotline Miami 2, OlliOlli2, Dying Light, Destiny(PS4)
    watching: Arrow, Flash, Game of Thrones
    Listening : Big Sean, Jeezy, Ace Hood

  • Thank you sooooo much Justin! I have been trying for weeks to find out if there would be a preorder for Final Fantasy Type-0 or if it would even be available on the Playstation Store, as well as how that would work with the Final Fantasy XV Demo. You’re the best, kupo!

  • “Hey there, I’ve seen a few folks asking about FF Type-0 HD, so I asked around a bit and found out that it will indeed be released on PlayStation Store Tuesday, March 17th, and for a limited time it will include the Final Fantasy XV -EPISODE DUSCAE- demo.

    Hope that helps!”

    Great to here.
    You’re sure about this right? Really want to cancel my Amazon pre-order and get it on PSN since its cheaper.

  • I’m playing: DmC: Definitive Ed., Saints Row: Re-Elected, Rocksmith and Majora’s Mask 3DS.
    I’m watching: Powers, Salem and Scandal.Waiting for Marvel: Agents of Shield season 2 on Netflix.
    I’m listening to: August Burns Red – Rescue and Restore.

  • I’m playing: Persona 4, OlliOlli2
    I’m watching: Walking Dead, Spring Training games
    I’m listening to: Invisibiea

  • @16 Thanks! Good to know.

  • I’m Playing: Roller of the Realm
    I’m watching: Top Gear
    I’m listening to: BlogCast, On the Media, Overseas Connection podcast.

    No time to really game this week. It’s spring weather and I have to build a garden shed, de-moss the lawn, and mow it. So all I’ve got time for is to do yard work and listen to podcast while I do it.

  • No major complaints this week, good job!

  • Two more Vita Nepgames were announced over in Japan – Blanc’s game (which seems to involve fighting zombies) ad a crossover title with Sega’s SeHa Girls:

    Still too early to say when either will be localized, though.

  • I’m playing: Valiant Hearts, Counterspy, Dragon Age, and I’m going to download Saints Row Re-Elected today.
    I’m watching: Powers
    I’m listening to: Eminem and A LOT of podcasts, I’m really behind.

  • Congratulations on having good taste in music. FFVI is my favorite.

  • With the next System Software Update for PS4 and PS Vita can you at development team fix the problems not being fix or miss on the following:

    Party Chat: When friend joins on party their Nat type somehow cause them to miss everyone else Nat type up and mic’s don’t work due to Nat type being 3 when everyone has Nat Type 1 or Nat Type 2. Making as to quite the Party Chat and rejoin up again just for it to work. Both PS4 and PS Vita.

    Message: When sending message i notice big delay on my end; friend sent me message few secs on party chat but i didn’t get it unit 25 mins or 2 hours have fully pass. This happens on both PS4 and PS Vita for some reason’s and affects only few of as users.

    OS: I notice on PS4 when you hit home button to leave game for few sec then go to look at the trophy’s or anything then back into the game 50% of the time it will cause the PS4 to slow down and sometimes get stuck on the screen forcing hard reset by either holding the power button or unplug cable. PS4 only.

    How about adding Video into the Party Chat so we have reason to use our PS Cam with PS4 and PS Vita.

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