The Neo-Victorian Canvas: Visualizing The Order: 1886

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The Neo-Victorian Canvas: Visualizing The Order: 1886

Now that The Order: 1886 has been released to the world, we wanted to shed some additional insight into the work that went into capturing the game’s unique atmosphere. Once the initial story treatment was done, the wheels were set in motion. Our setting was to be London in the Victorian Era and no other setting would have better suited our first foray into creating a new game world.

The Neo-Victorian Canvas: Visualizing The Order: 1886

We felt that the aesthetic we were seeking had not yet been realized in games. All we needed to do was materialize the things that were on our head into a 3D environment. That was definitely easier said than done, but we knew that over the years we had assembled the right team to tackle this goal. Our visual target was not only influenced by the era itself, it was guided by real world techniques from photography and cinematography, both old and new. We had to find a way to recreate the texture of the real world and the imperfections we have been so accustomed to in all we see, whether with our own eyes or through the lens of a camera.

This was truly a massive undertaking. From the lenses we recreated in our engine to emulate actual physical glass, to stage lighting that replicated the “thickness” of the atmosphere around us, all of these aspects formed the foundation of the visuals we wanted to deliver. This is in many ways why we had waited until PS4 to start working on this game. We needed this platform to do justice to the goals we had set for ourselves.

It was no easy challenge but in the end we created our vision of late 19th century Europe while infusing the anachronistic elements that defines our IP.‚Äč It’s been a delicate balance of integrating all of the team’s work into making something truly unique, and painting the canvas of our world to show what we felt the next-generation of games could bring in terms of visuals. We have been both motivated and humbled by the feedback we have received since revealing the very first frames from our game back in June of 2013.

Lastly, from all of us at Ready At Dawn, our heartfelt thanks to all our fans for your support, through thick and thin. It has meant a great deal to us. Until next time…

“Honi soit qui mal y pense.”

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  • Can’t wait to see what you have in store next :-)

  • Not even thinking about buying this game until a free demo is released.

    Doesn’t make sense (as a customer) to throw $60 at a totally new IP without playing a demo first.

  • @Ru Weerasuriya
    As a gamer, I really enjoyed The Order 1886 and glad I got the game at release. Its a beautiful game that has some solid ground for game play to stand on. That being said I hope everyone at R@D takes some of the criticism to heart and see what can be done to improve upon TO1886 for a sequel. A Sequel I hope this game gets a chance to have. Still haunted by the outcome of Lair and Heavenly Sword which this game in my opinion is in a league of its for a franchise. I love the characters of the world and really want to see what happens with Grayson next and hope for spin offs or even main franchise titles with Izzy.

    As a Software Engineer, I am also really impressed with the level of detail and I look forward to seeing how R@D over comes some of the new technical challenges presented from recent criticism.

    There is so much potential here. So I hope it hasn’t gotten the team down or discouraged you from progressing forward with The Order. The gaming world is better with this series than without it.

  • Overall I liked the game despite what other people are saying. My only problem which it was the lack of replay-ability, the game doesn’t keep track of your collectibles so it becomes a huge chore, wasn’t a fan of how you were restricted to using specific guns during each chapter.

    Despite that I had no other major issues with the game, loved the characters, the world was amazing a beautiful, hopefully if we get a sequel it will be bigger and better than the original.

  • Really enjoyed this game, best game I’ve played in many months. Would love to see a sequel!

  • I don’t understand why so many people had so much negativity towards this game. I love this game, and I’m blown away by the incredible attention to detail. As a former game design student, I could literally spend 20 minutes in each room or in every area just pondering what it took to model and texture everything. I would walk around looking at paintings on the walls, looking at statues and artifacts, the perfection of every material. Top all of that with the lighting, the unique weapons, the story, and the acting, and I’m considering it as my favorite game of all time. Can’t wait for a sequel.

  • Really looking forward to playing this. I am forcing myself to finish some more games though before my backlog gets any bigger.

  • I really would have loved to hear the teams thoughts on this game. It was a bit sad to have none of them not only not just talk this game up, but not talk about it at all. In a world where (speaking purely rating stats here) Sony AAA exclusives are getting absolutely torn up by the other consoles exclusives… it would have been nice to hear some positivity from the team rather than sauce recipe 15 and FFXIV discussion 53 (not that I don’t enjoy hearing those as well).

  • @Ru Weerasuriya
    This game was right up my wheel house. You created a beautiful world. Yes physically beautiful, but I mean the world itself. going with a pinch of scifi was really the way to go. Round table, lycan’s, air ships, the “cyber-punk”ish weaponry… but all of that grounded in a very real London.

  • I think you guys did a really good job with this new IP. While not perfect and having some flaws I hope are resolved next time around, the game itself was absolutely stunning and a lot of fun to play. I’m hoping there will be a sequel so that all the fans of the game get to find out what happens next with Grayson in the incredible world you guys created.

    Personally, lack of collectible tracking and lack of replay value were a couple of things that bothered me, so hopefully these can be considered for future releases.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Glad i rented this playable tech demo. I felt like you guys were reluctant to even make this a game. The small amount of time i spent actually doing something was good, but the large amount i spent watching sucked.
    If you make a sequel, make it a game first, a spectacle second.

  • Absolutely loved The Order, RAD. Keep up the great work and I’ll buy whatever you do next. My Premium and Collector’s Editions are looking good on the shelf!

  • Oh and can we have an art book showcasing all this? Pretty please?

  • The game is a work of art! I’ve spent hours just gaping at the environments in wonder, especially places like the Knight’s HQ and Tesla’s Lab. I found no issue with length or anything else. More games like this please!

  • I think The Order 1886 was just OK. I’m of the opinion RAD didn’t commit fully to their vision. If you wanted to make a truly cinematic experience, I believe you couldn’t compromise that vision trying to fit a shooter into the game. It would have been better to make the game similar to Heavy Rain or Beyond Two Souls than to try to force this poorly developed carcass of a shooter on top of it. The result was a mediocre experience on both fronts. It surprised me you guys didn’t come up with better “QTEs” or ways to interact with the “cutscenes”, coming from your vast experience in the GoW games. I thought that was severely lacking, and I also found myself at times expecting a prompt that I thought it was obvious to pop up and let me interact in a scene but the opportunities were often missed, or missed the mark by simply giving us 1-button prompts.

  • I was really taken aback by the undeserved media circus that ganged up on The Order, that was really unprofessional from many so-called journalists and those who made obvious their business to harm the game beyond a fair assessment of the product should be blacklisted by Sony, simple as that. You know who they are.

    I honestly think in order to continue this franchise you must first define what kind of game you want it to be and focus all your strengths on that. Is it better to make a serial interactive tale like Telltale games? An interactive movie like Heavy Rain? Is it going to be a hardcore full-fledged shooter? I’m really curious to know what you’ll do to answer this. The dichotomy found in The Order just didn’t make a cohesive and satisfying experience that could have been much more if unified. I also think you guys ran out of time because it’s simply obvious no one in the right mind would think copy-pasting the same boss fight would be “fine”, as well as all those poor lycan encounters. My best wishes to you, you got quiet a solid foundation for a franchise despite all the missteps.

  • I wish the reflections were real in the game. I could never see myself in the mirror sometimes I could see reflections of the brick buildings in indoor picture frames? Made no sense. I wish the QTE end boss fight wasn’t the same QTE werewolf I fought earlier in the game. I really enjoyed the game up until the end. I platinum’d the game.

  • I absolutely loved The Order: 1886. It’s the first time I’ve ever bought a premium edition. The game is amazing and the Galahad/Lycan statue is glorious.

    I haven’t been able to understand why this game has gotten so much hate. There are many games that have similar qualities.. The Order reminds me of Uncharted Series, God of War 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, The Last of Us. It takes elements that all these games use and made it into it’s own thing of pure beauty. I just don’t understand the people that say The Order is one long movie because no one was complaining about Metal Gear Solid 4 and the cinematic scenes that lasted 45 minutes to an hour long.

    The story is spectacular I can’t wait to see what is next and to answer the questions.

    Don’t listen to the negativity. You guys made a gem! Some subtle improvements and you’ll have a franchise of epic proportion.

  • Please tell me there’s going to be an art book released.

  • I enjoyed The Order… Loved the cinematic feel and the seamless design between gameplay and scenes. Looking forward to a sequel… Lots of cool things to build on and expand!


  • Loved the game.. Dudes I cant wait to see squel! I swear I will buy every DLC… Glad I pre-ordered it… Best looking game probably I will ever play… maybe it’s just begging and Sony eke me loose my soul.. Cuz I drooped my eye balls already

  • Beautiful visuals. Terrible game.

  • I hope for a sequel that keeps what worked and fixes what didn’t.

  • I don’t know what more insulting,

    Having a design studio say here’s a Exclusive IP but that’s right you have black bars on your screen


    Having a visually appealing game but not able to touch anything environment

    I played this game a lil and I was disappointed because there really wasn’t more to do….

  • Just finished The order 1886. I have to be honest, the MOST painful experience I have had in 20 + years of gaming! Totally disappointed, especially after waiting for it for so long with great anticipation. Looked beautiful but it was so jumbled, I totally lost the plot. A visually appealing game does not make a great game. Too heavy on the cut scenes and not enough play.

  • Hey Ru,

    The Order was a truly beautiful and WOWing experience!

    I can’t wait to see what your team does with that beautiful engine now that you are able to focus on gameplay for the (hopefully) inevitable sequel.

    Great, beautiful, flawless experience…. Tell your team thanks please, and I hope to see more from you guys soon!


  • Go make the sequel. We want it bigger and better!

  • Enjoy your next line of work.

  • It’s been a week since I finished The Order and I still can’t stop thinking of how amazing this game is. It has made a huge impression on me, especially in terms of atmospheric and visually stunning environments, mature storyline, gorgeous soundtrack and that “something” which makes this game so special and distinctive. Playing The Order at night, in dark room with headphones on provided me some unforgettable and breathtaking moments that I will remember for a long time.
    Of course the game has some minor faults but all those average press reviews and unbelievable amount of hate simply don’t give it justice. I truly hope that sequel will be released and this franchise becomes one of the most significant IPs in PS4 world. Great job, R@D! I just can’t wait to get another masterpiece from you.

  • DO NOT BUY THIS GAME UNLESS U HAVE 65 dollars just to throw away this game is 7 hours long n is not worth that time OUT OF YOUR LIFE it just leaves u hanging at the end for u to pay 65 more dollars to buy a part 2 just cause it looks great dont mean it is take it from a unhappy buyer I learned my lesson if u wanna kno more about a game be for u buy it just youtube angry joe

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