Slinging Spells in Magicka 2 on PS4

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Slinging Spells in Magicka 2 on PS4

Just minutes into my demo with Magicka 2 on PS4, Paradox Studio Manager Mattias Wiking told me that the game does not protect its players. In any way. I discovered this by tumbling off a cliff while running from monsters, and my success with Magicka 2 did not improve drastically during the remainder of the demonstration. So how can all these sudden deaths and comical explosions of the arcane be so much fun?

Magicka 2

Magicka 2, like its predecessor, places players in control of a robed wizard and a selection of eight devastating elements. With the touch of a face button, players can charge their wizard with crackling orbs of lightning or burning plumes of fire. These elements can then be channeled through the wizard’s staff and directed at enemies, imbued into the wizard’s sword, used as an area attack, or just cast upon the wizard itself.

With this straight-forward elemental system, all the fun in Magicka 2 comes roaring to the foreground. Wiking explained that after a short introduction, all the elements are fully unlocked to players and open to experimentation. Charge a wizard with fire and water, for example, and a searing-hot blast of steam will issue forth from its staff. Or mix ice and water together for some snowball fun. Even three different elements can be fused together to form some interesting combinations, from life-restoring health-pellets to powerful death mines (yes, death mines).

There is no limitation to the system outside of the simple rule that opposite elements (fire and ice, for example) will cancel each other out. Otherwise, if players want to cast a death spell on themselves, they can — and they will suffer for it. Friendly fire is always turned on and, like the recently released Helldivers, will cause hilarious misadventure.

Magicka 2Magicka 2

Wiking noted that the development team took special care to ensure that the DualShock 4 controls were refined and easy to use. Pressing one of the face buttons loads up one of four different elemental orbs. Holding L1 will change each face button into the opposite element, so players have easy access to all eight. This makes lightning-fast combinations a reality, and keeps spell-casting a constant, entertaining challenge.

Magicka 2 fully supports drop-in, drop-out cooperative play, with any combination of online or offline players. The game has a full campaign to play through, solo or multiplayer, but also boasts a collection of wave-based challenges. Survive against increasingly difficult sets of enemies to earn a better score, or to just test one’s own spellcasting prowess.

The biggest addition to Magicka 2 comes in the form of artifacts, which are adjustable game parameters that players can use to either help or hinder their progress. There are 32 artifacts to unlock and experiment with across several categories. These artifacts could buff a player’s health and spell power, or empower monsters with similar stat boosts. With up to six artifacts in play, players have much more control over the degree of the challenge they want in battle.

Despite my many deaths and accidental friendly kills, Magicka 2 was an absolute blast — even if I only sampled a small taste of the spell casting. If chaotic, elemental co-op sounds like your cup of tea, Magicka 2 hits PS4 on May 26th.

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  • Love Helldivers in spite of its issues. Any plans to bring Magicka 2 to Vita?

  • I have a feeling I will enjoy playing this with my friends just like we enjoy Helldivers

  • Damnit! Still having too much fun with friends with Helldivers, and now this comes along. Too much fun coop/couch games! xD

  • For real though, how do you cast spells after you queue them up? The original game on PC had a bunch of different ways… space bar, left click, right click, shift left click (?), shift right click (?), middle click, etc. How do these translate to controller?

    • “Wiking noted that the development team took special care to ensure that the DualShock 4 controls were refined and easy to use. Pressing one of the face buttons loads up one of four different elemental orbs. Holding L1 will change each face button into the opposite element, so players have easy access to all eight. This makes lightning-fast combinations a reality, and keeps spell-casting a constant, entertaining challenge.”

  • I’m so into Helldivers right now that I will buy Magicka 2 day one for sure.

  • I remember the E3 trailer for this game and it was HILARIOUS! It definitely put this game on my radar and that’s awesome news it’s coming May 26th! If you guys haven’t seen it youtube that e3 announcement trailer.

  • Wish I hadn’t purchased the first on Steam . I never got around to playing it and I probably never will now that I can play this on PS4.

  • Helldivers is my favorite game of 2015.
    Im sure gonna buy Magicka 2, but it would be more awesome if it was released on vita as well

  • Paradox should try to bring the first to ps4 too… Was hilariously addictive killing friends with spells

  • CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS!! I still have my Magica 2 hood/cape from PAX Prime! One of the best freebies at the show!

  • well…in still addicted to helldivers but it looks like I’ll hve 2 months to control that addiction bc I’m definitely getting this

  • I’m still addicted*

  • Friendly fire again?

  • So Ryan which game do you prefer? Helldivers or Magicka 2

  • Democracy!!!!

  • I look forward to this on the basis of just how good Helldivers has turned out. I never expected Helldivers to be as good as it has turned out.

  • Been looking forward to this game for awhile. Wonder what the price will be. Prob will be $20 as that seems to be the price of these games now a days. Either way i’ll prob still get it. Wonder if they will have any type of pre-order bonus or something

  • Epic is overrated but in the end of the day,its a good thing

  • Oh I’d game ha

  • Magicka 2 buying day one, only because of Helldivers.

  • @18 – You bring up an important point. People should not be buying any of these games at $20. Sony is experimenting to see how high they can price games while still being profitable. If people simply don’t buy games at this new and outrageous pricetag, the $15 standard won’t increase. It’s not as if these games won’t soon see a sale or price cut. The more people who hold out, the faster the price drops. Now, there will undoubtedly be “heroes” who argue that the game is worth it, they want to support devs etc..
    The extra money mostly goes to Sony. Devs still see excellent profits whether their games sell for $20 or $10, and remember that Magicka 2 is a multi-platform game and most sales will be on Steam.

  • @22 – What you are saying is false. Sony sets the price for games it publishes. Third party publishers (or self-publishers) set their own prices.

    The price of indie games is going up because the development cost of indie games is going up. It’s that simple. There is never a shortage of sales for older indie games, even on the PSN, if you don’t want to spend the money and are patient.

  • @23 – Wrong. Unlike you, I’m not guessing how it works. Sony is the end of the publishing line with all games on PlayStation. Software is where they make up their losses from console sales. Have you noticed that Steam prices are always lower, either from the start or soon after release, and that they constantly have amazing sales that PlayStation gamers constantly complain about not getting? That’s because Sony is much more strict about pricing and they take a larger cut. It isn’t the game publishers saying they want less money from Steam distributions.
    Don’t argue just to argue. I know what I’m talking about, and your false assumptions will only confuse people.

  • Does someone know if I buy this to PS4 am I able to play with my friend who own it to PC ? I do not want to buy it twice and want to play it with my friend. And always liked more consoles than PC (:

  • Tell me this has 4 player couch co-op. Helldivers raised the bar.

  • @22 : Your logic works in theory. In practice though…that WILL NEVER happen. Sad but true.

    @25 : As far as I know the game will NOT be cross-platform. So my advice? Go buy the Steam version instead because this one will be PS4-PS4 only.

  • @27 – Set prices – like the $15 standard thar we’re used to – will likely never change. However, the new and occasional $20 price is very much in an experimental trial stage. Any company looking to maximize profits seeks the absolute hightest, acceptable price. If enough of us stand firm to show that this is unacceptable, by not buying games at these prices, then Sony will be forced to stick with the $15 standard, as it will be far more profitable.
    This isn’t at all difficult for people to do. We just hold off on the few games that release at $20. As I said, there will be sales soon enough. I’m not proposing that we wait for the prices to be slashed to $5, years down the road. Just wait for a sale that knocks it down to $15 and show Sony how much more profitable that is.

  • I’ll also add that Magicka 2 costs $14.99 to pre-purchase on Steam. If it costs more on PS4, that’s just Sony trying to milk it.

  • ordered Steam

  • Multi co-op player? Great but how many? Two, three, eight? Is the share screen function is on?

  • Man. our game nights are going to continue to be just the best. Thanks for all the local multiplayer lately! I got my PS4 back in August with four DualShocks right out of the gate, and I haven’t been disappointed! Diablo, Towerfall, Helldivers, and Minecraft have been great, and we’re looking forward to Borderlands THC, Jamestown+, and of course Magicka 2!

  • When does come out any idea?

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