PlayStation Blogcast 156: Fit for a King

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PlayStation Blogcast 156: Fit for a King

A classic adventure returns! We speak with Matt Korba, the creative director on the new King’s Quest for PS4 and PS3. We also chat about Project Morpheus, Hotline Miami 2, Lords of the Fallen, and Sid’s newfound obsession with Stanley Kubrick. Enjoy the show!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • King’s Quest
  • PS4 update 2.50
  • Helldivers
  • Hotline Miami 2
  • Jamestown+
  • Powers
  • Lords of the Fallen
  • Stanley Kubrick
  • Project Morpheus
  • Sword Art Online

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The Cast

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  • Enjoy the show!

  • Any chance you guys will have FF type-0 HD up to pre order this weekend? Would like to play it at midnight like everyone else.

  • It’s Pronounced JIF!

  • You dudes are still my heroes, even if you called me the Cowbell Poet. I will forgive. I will not FORGET!

  • Listening to the podcast. But come on man, any news on Type-0? The game comes out next week and I don’t know if we’ll get the FFXV demo if we just purchase it from the PS Store on release day or if we’ll have a pre-order option.

  • i wonder when we will get bloodborne launch trailer, saw thi off-screen one and my hype is goddamn over the roof, please port the HD one quick

  • YOU GUYS TALK ABOUT SWORD ART ONLINE?!?!?!? (proceeds to listen to the show)

    On a more serious note, anyone know if the digital copy of FFT0 HD will also include the XV demo?

  • That sounds very interesting tell me more I am curious

  • Great show like always guys, you all had me laughing a lot more than usual (and usually it’s a lot haha). Though I’m surprised Justin didn’t mention OlliOlli 2. Shout out to that game for being awesome like the first, and way too addicting. I couldn’t stop until I had the platinum!

    • Justin Massongill

      Whoa, did I forget to mention OO2? Because I am TOTALLY still playing that! Been working my way through the final Amateur levels and chipping away at the Pro ones, but I refuse to accept a subpar score so my progression has been a bit on the slow side. Did you see Roll7 won a BAFTA yesterday for OlliOlli?!

  • The NerveGear used to connect to the “original” SAO VRMMO was fully immersive in the sense that it bypasses one’s regular sensory inputs, but was not quite Matrix-like in the sense that your mind was still in your original body. (The catch was due to a certain piece of “hidden hardware” which its creator, Kayaba Akihiko, had wired in to each NerveGear headset.)

    Later Full Dive systems, like the AmuSphere (used to collect to ALfheim Online and Gun Gale Online) have the “fry your brain” functions removed, though the experience is not quite as immersive as before.

    Also, another of the author’s works, Accel World, has its own more advanced immersion system. While it has been suggested by some that AW may take place in the “future” of SAO, there has been no official statement confirming (or denying) this just yet.

    Speaking of SAO, the next game in the series, Lost Song, is out in Japan for both PS Vita and PS3 this month, in Traditional Chinese for south-east Asia in April, and in Asian English (for places like Hong Kong or Singapore) in May. Here’s hoping this game (which will be set in ALO) won’t be too long in arriving on Western shores.

  • If anyone’s interested, this is Lost Song’s Japanese website:

    While Bandai Namco Asia have a trio of English-subtitled trailers in anticipation of their Asian English release:

  • Will anyone address Playstation Homeless

  • So I have to ask, why is Justin’s picture for the cast him drinking from a glass. Is this is only picture in existence? Surely there must be a back story to why it is used?

    • Justin Massongill

      It’s just the pic I chose when we last updated our photos haha. I can use a different one if you’d like…?

  • Helldivers: Just released and gets discussed
    The Order: 1886: ………… crickets
    Should that tell me something on what Sony’s own media specialists think of the game? :( Just curious if any of you guys actually put in any time with it.
    Back to on topic, very VERY much looking forward to Kings Quest. I grew up with it and I hope it translates well to the new generation. I also like flipping the style around rather than going for the obvious third person action adventure route.
    Also loving the Powers show. It is what it is. It isn’t anything that is going to bring in any awards… but I love stuff like that. As far as the plethora of comic book shows out there right now, this rates near the top. Although I have a feeling that Daredevil will drop it one peg.

  • @Justin I feel ya, I spent like half an hour on some levels just because I KNEW I could do better. But no, I didn’t know Roll7 won a BAFTA, good them though, they definitely deserve it!

    @TwinDad If I remember correctly, back in the day Justin had another picture up that had a couple in the background lol.

  • FLCL (Fooly Cooly) is also on Hulu Plus. It offers a subbed or dubbed version of each episode.

    Good show this week gentlemen.

    Idk if any of you still watch The Walking Dead (I know Season 4 was a bit slow but season 5 has been amazing so far) but with all the saucy kitchen talk you guys do I thought you might like to know AMC released a recipe for Carol’s cookies she makes on the show. They sound really good.

  • I’m really happy about Update 2.50

    I’ve been on forums asking and praying for the option to do custom button mapping with the PS4 UI and I’m so happy that it’s finally coming.

    I learned to play shooters on the N64, so I’ve always been used to aiming with the left stick. PRetty much all games have you aiming with the right stick by default. Luckily most games do offer a “southpaw” layout, or an option to swap the analog sticks, allowing me to do my aiming on the left stick, and movement on the right but not all games let you do this.

    The Infamous series doesn’t, Last of Us on PS3 didn’t (they added it to the PS4 version though thankfully), Uncharted 1 doesn’t, Spec Ops the Line doesn’t, Dead Space and Tomb Raider don’t, Loadout doesn’t, Secret Poncho’s doesn’t, etc.

    This new update FIXES ALL OF THE GAMES THAT DON’T OFFER ALTERNATE CONTROL LAYOUTS!!!!! I’m so happy about that.

    Seriously, if there was 1 feature I could ask for, the 1 feature I’ve wanted the most, it is this one and Sony made it happen. I never thought I’d see this feature so good on Sony for listening to the fans.

  • Great show as usual.

    You guys are the final nail in the coffin that was my reluctance to get helldivers. Will be hitting up the ps store tonight.

    I was really taken with the king’s quest interview. I actually played KQ1 when it was new, and it was a mind blowing experience when compared to the text based rpg’s we were playing at the time like Zork, Wizardrey, and Transylvania. That said, I was very skeptical of this game as being a cash in on the name. After listening to this interview this is clearly not the case, and I’m stoked to play this with my kids now.

    Lastly for Sid, if you like some seriously off the rails movies check out “Underground” a not commonly known of gem that owes a lot to Kubrick, but takes that ball and runs out of the stadium with it.

  • You know guys whats funny about SAO. Even in the game, the “Log Out” option is not working. My brother has it on Vita, there is no option to quit the game! LOL

  • Man FLCL is a gem, im still listening Pillows’s sfuff, they got around 20 albums )

  • Man, I love this show so much. It just keep getting funnier and funnier.

    Sid, while not a huge Kubrick fan, I really love this movies. A clockwork orange is probably my favorite one. Even though hard to watch at times, I think it´s beautifuly crafted from a technical standpoint and the performance is incredible.

  • Absolutely ADORED your Kubrick talk… Every time I think you guys can’t get any better, there you go proving me wrong. :)
    You have me itching to play Helldivers (I, like Justin, thought it would be all desert-like, so I’m quite excited to check out the greenery). Thanks for such a great show!

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