Introducing DiscStorm on PS Vita: Fast-paced Arena Combat

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Introducing DiscStorm on PS Vita: Fast-paced Arena Combat

Hello there! My name’s Luke Staddon and I’m one of four-person studio XMPT Games. I’m here to tell you about the latest title we’ve been working on, fast-paced arena combat game DiscStorm. It’s launching this year on PS Vita thanks to the lovely chaps at Mastertronic.


We’re a group of friends from the UK with a shared love for all things gaming. We’ve been making games for about half a decade now — albeit whilst working full-time jobs. DiscStorm came about from our desire to play classic multiplayer matches with friends. We wanted a speedy arcade game like Bomberman but with modern features like online play, so that we could play against each other whenever we wanted. After searching around online for a while and not finding anything that was quite what we were looking for, we thought: why not take a shot at making something ourselves?

DiscStorm is the game we all want to play. It’s all about hurling flying discs that ricochet around the game’s arenas at break-neck speed. Whether you’re lobbing them at an incoming pack of zombies or your best friend’s face, you’ll need split-second reactions to succeed. We’ve kept the deathmatches fresh by providing a whole host of game modes. From classic first-to-ten brawls, tactical games of survival and the dreaded one-hit-kill “Death Disc” mode, there are plenty of different match types, with a few surprises thrown in for good measure. We’ve even added in a bunch of power-ups, too!


Despite starting out with the intention of creating a great multiplayer experience, we also wanted to create a single-player campaign that would stand out in its own right. Our aim was to provide a challenge that harked back to the gameplay of titles on ’90s consoles — the bosses require you to figure out exactly how to beat them, whilst still testing your skills and reactions. We’ve tried to echo these ideals in the music and art style too; blending chiptunes music and pixelated graphics with modern dance and highly detailed artwork.

Proving your skills as a Disc Master in the single-player adventure will unlock new costumes for the quirky cast of characters — my personal favourite is “Like A Sir” Gustav, with his top hat and monocle. There are also all of the usual trimmings you’d expect from a modern title: Trophies, online multiplayer and leaderboards. We’ve even added a mode exclusive to PS Vita, where two players can compete against each other on a single device.


We’re always looking for ways to make our games better and make it the experience you want to have. If you have any suggestions or ideas for DiscStorm, we’d love to hear them! Leave a comment here or just come and have a chat if you see us out and about at game festivals or events.

Hope to see you there!

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