The Awakened Fate Ultimatum: Who Will Live, Who Will Die?

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The Awakened Fate Ultimatum: Who Will Live, Who Will Die?

Set in Celestia several years after The Guided Fate Paradox, The Awakened Fate Ultimatum follows the defeat of the powerful Satanael, and yet the war between the angels and devils wages on.

Shin Kamikaze, your average high school student, is stabbed in the heart by devils while walking home from school. Before he dies, Shin is saved by Jupiel, an angel from Celestia, who brings him to Ariael, a devil scientist, who shoves the Fate Awakening Crystal into his chest, thus making him God. He is then thrust into this conflict, and must make “Ultimate Choices” involving angel, human and devil lives — determining who will live, and who will die.

As the player guides Shin in his journey of being god, each Ultimate Choice and decision made by Shin heavily affects the story. Shin’s choices not only affect the characters he interacts with, but also the fates of those around him in Celestia. Upon undertaking his role as god, Shin is tied to two girls, Jupiel and Ariael, who familiarize him with the war in Celestia and guide him through his journey to accepting his role as god.

These two girls could not be any more different. His exclusively assigned angel, Jupiel, is a sweet, hardworking angel who loves stuffed animals. Born into a noble family, Jupiel faces the expectation to become a splendid angel like her older sister, and is tasked with training Shin how to fight.

In contrast, Ariael is not concerned with the war much, if at all. Although she is a prisoner in Celestia, she is given the freedom to act as she pleases in exchange for creating a god and researching the Fate Awakening Crystal, which is her top priority.

While both of these girls care for Shin, the way they interact with him is vastly different. Jupiel is stuck between a rock and a hard place. It is essential that Jupiel follows her sister’s orders and continues to be strong in the rough war, but she still supports Shin’s decisions whether it coincides with her sister’s orders or completely opposes them. Ariael doesn’t show her feelings as directly as Jupiel, and shows she cares in her own unique way. She often appears to only care about the crystal that she created, but she displays her concerns and always offers him instant noodles. By providing Shin with good, yet cold advice, Ariael leads him to coming up with alternative options and scenarios to the challenging choices he is forced to make throughout the game.

In the war, Shin is also challenged by Hien Inugami, a human who is similarly turned into a god. Unlike Shin, Hien’s powers are awakened in the Netherworld by the Fate Awakening Crystal and in order to become God, two souls were sacrificed. He is only focused on battle and doesn’t care about those around him or the war — only to fight the strongest angels, and he becomes excited when Shin appears. As he battles Hien, Shin is faced with the reality of his existence. In order for Shin to become God, both Jupiel and Ariael sacrificed part of their soul to save him, and as a result, his powers are draining the souls of his two guardians. Presented with this harsh reality, Shin must cope with the weight of his decisions, and must ultimately make the choice of who he will be able to save and who will die.

How will you choose between the two girls? Make your ultimate decision on March 17th.

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  • First!
    Looks nice

  • Hey moderator. The video shows an error msg. All others play fine.

  • Nevermind it’s working now.

  • 5th! :)

  • Is this like a telltale game but lacking animation?

    • Not quite like Telltale (who are awesome by the way!). This is a roguelike RPG game that really centers around your decisions. It still has awesome animations, especially when you deitize and use your ultimate angel and devil forms – all courtesy of Noizi Ito!

  • Please show some gameplay there is like a 3sec flash in the last video.

  • Or the ultimate decision is not to care.

  • Jiminy Crickets!

  • This looks great!

  • Just come to write 11th
    See ya!

  • played the first game and i didnt like it . i might sound harsh or even cruel for what am about to say but the nisa used to bring games that had that special quality in them…they used to be funny,charming,entertaining and some of those games would even touch your heart with it stories (la pucelle tactics i’m looking at you)

    now what we get is games that are either too hard to beat or to bland to play,where the jokes fall flat and the stories are either preachy (looking at you disgaea 4) or “moe” centric like this i have said before nisa has changed but changed for the worse.

    i wish that somehow this company would recapture the magic that it lost….mini-rant over

    • I’m sorry you feel like that, but have you checked out some of our other games we have coming out? I’m not sure what genres you like, but I think that Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy (if you like dungeon crawlers) or even Danganronpa (if you’re into cute, sadistic bears that are trying to kill you) are great games that you might enjoy. You should definitely check them out!

  • Another censored game?

  • March 17 nice

  • @12: you clearly have a broad (wrong) definition of “moe”.

  • I pre-ordered the Ultimate Fate Edition Set, but I’m suprised that all 3 versions of the limited edition for this game are basically sold out at NISA’s online store:

    Ultimate Fate Edition Set – 0%-5% LEFT
    Devilish Limited Edition – SOLD OUT
    Angelic Limited Edition – 6%-10% LEFT

  • wish this was on PS4.

  • Never buying anything from nisa after getting screwed out of last years pre-orders. Nisa can get bent.

  • This is a PS3 game?
    Seems like it would be better suited for the Vita.

    The art style looks really good, so I hope the whole game is the same level of quality.

    • This is a PS3 game! Actually the art style is done by the same artist (Noizi Ito) who did The Guided Fate Paradox and Suzumiya Haruhi and has the challenge that you’d expect in a roguelike RPG. Have you played a roguelike before?

  • really glad to see some of this month’s great JRPG content getting some love… where’re the articles about Atelier Shallie though Sony? That’s only days away afterall! ;)

  • so which console will this release on ? hope to have it on my vita or ps4.

    • This will be on PS3 (still getting a lot of JRPG love!!) and will be releasing in less than two weeks on March 17th!

  • I love Guided Fate – Still working on it but will be picking this up cause it looks great! Greatly looking forward to some JRPGs on the PS4 as well!

    • Glad you’re loving the game! The Awakened Fate Ultimatum will feel similar to The Guided Fate Paradox because it’s similar themes and art, which I’m sure you’ll love as well!

  • If this “God” is real please hear my prayers and release this on PS4.


  • hey i was thinking of pre ordering this game,but this will be the first time I jump into rouge style gameplay. Does anyone know if the difficulty is right for a newcomer?

  • Hey Souledge! Actually this was one of my first rougelike games and it was pretty accessible. Of course it still holds true to the challenges one faces with the genre, such as loosing all your items with death. But what’s the fun if the game is too easy? :P

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