PlayStation Blogcast 155: The Powers of Morpheus

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PlayStation Blogcast 155: The Powers of Morpheus

It’s GDC 2015! A lot of super cool things are happening this week, including the reveal of a new Project Morpheus prototype. Sid and Ryan trade notes on their experience with the latest PlayStation VR tech — and that’s not all. Sid speaks with Powers creator Brian Michael Bendis, and Ryan chats with one of the devs behind the upcoming spell-slinger Magicka 2. Enjoy the show!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Project Morpheus
  • Powers with Brian Michael Bendis
  • Magicka 2 with Mattias Wiking
  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
  • GDC 2015
  • Crab sauce
  • Resident Evil on PS4

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  • Enjoy the show! (1st)

  • I cant wait for Morpheus… BUT i want to know if it’ll work with every games… If I can use it a play Battlefield 4… it’ll be a Day-one buy. If the VR Morpheus only works on specific games that are created for it… sorry but NOT INTERESTED :(

  • Crab Sauce! Next Week… Bulldog Sauce? Enjoy?

  • Will FF Type-0 be up for preorder digitally next week?

  • Best way to go into friday is with another Blogcast!

  • Please stop with the VR and gimmicks and focus on making good games. :)

  • I am glad we have a release window for Morpheus! Glad to see the response to it has been so positive. Can’t wait to pre-order!

  • still no minute markers?

  • Are there videos of those VR demos from this week online?

  • Excellent blogcast loved the sauce talk. An anime recommendation for TJ that I personally live by: ‘When in doubt watch FLCL.’

  • Morpheus is the single best thing Sony has ever done for Playstation as a whole, thank you for continually innovating, especially when it comes to VR.

  • OMG Awesome!!! :)

  • I love it when the blogcast releases Thursdays

  • I bought Helldivers and it doesn’t work with my brand new PS TV. You want me to trust your new hardware? Start supporting the ones you already released.

  • Honest question… I listen each week and I know one was missed but did you guys really not give any post press to The Order: 1886? You guys still talk about Hohokom every couple episodes but not a single mention of The Order. I was hoping to hear what you guys thought on it but maybe the silence actually tells me just that :/

  • @6: You know it is different departments, right? I doubt Sony Santa Monica is in the RD department for Morpheous. Plus, I am sure people were saying the same thing 20 years ago.. “Please stop with the consoles, games and gimmicks and focus on making good TV’s.” :)

  • GDC should have been used to announce some brand name killer games for Vita like GTA, Saints Row, NBA, Infamous, and more. Oh well.

  • @17: GDC is less about game announcing than any of the others… especially big AAA’s. Plus big AAA’s are not the bread and butter of the Vita, IMO.

  • @18. They could throw a AAA bone here or there. Killzone Mercenary (original AAA game) was the last AAA game and that was in September of 2013. Bordlerlands 2 was the last AAA port and that was May of 2014. I would love original AAA Vita games, but at this point would settle for AAA ports. I like Indies, but they should complement AAA games.

  • I haven’t seen one piece of info on Morpheus that gives me confidence. It’s wired. You want more games that make us stand up. Move and the camera are needed. No third party publishers are on board. And there are at least three other headsets releasing around the same time.
    How bout you focus on the ps4 and give it the features you touted two years ago.

  • Every time I read the name “Morpheus” I hear it in Keanu Reeves’s voice. Now you all will too! mwahaha!

  • VR Headsets arent good on Netflix or Youtube.

  • @2 – It won’t work for every time. Like the PS Move, it will only work on games that are developed for it, and games that patch in support for it. I can’t imagine it would feel right if it wasn’t used in a first-person perspective.

  • For every game~

  • Don’t get me wrong, I love Sword Art Online.

    But let’s be real about this…..

    How many peripherals have we seen go the way of the dodo?
    Also, if it is hard to get one of your kids/self to notice the house is on fire, I can’t imagine this one.

    Love the idea, but will leave it at that.

    But will say this much, as I will continue to do…
    I was very skeptical of the New Vita, and you completely caught me unaware.
    Although I have only had it a little over a day, I used my original daily for over 3 years, and I must say…

    I am pretty impressed.

    From the ergonomics, to the easier use of texting and thumbstick response (Killzone is much more fun),
    +1 for not having to have the encumbrance of the old ac adapter.

    And although I really loved the richer colors of the Oled (some are faded), I have noticed certain images are much more crisp.

    Now, the only thing that concerns me, is the lack of information of more worthy games coming it’s way.

  • Sweet.
    I am not the only one with Vita and Matrix love in the crowd.

    Cheers fellas.

  • And lastly…

    Helldivers, what can I really say.
    Much better than the $15 I spent for Killzone Liberation, but not as good as expected.
    (Of course I just started, so it could grow / develop)

    But, missions would have been cool (instead of aggro patrols), as well as some multiplayer PVP teams.
    It could have been the overhead version of Destiny :(

  • I’m interested, but not knowing the price scares me.

  • This is great news!

    Now maybe add an option to hide “Players You May Know”. I didn’t know that guy 6 months ago, and I don’t know him now. I’m sick of seeing him on my What’s New section and in my Friends List. At least give me an option of deleting it or SOMETHING.

  • @21, now you’re making me wish Morpheus had it’s own Matrix game.. *drool*

  • The CowBELL Poet? The hell Shuman?! I take it back. You dudes aren’t my heroes anymore. BROMANCE OVER!

  • Project Morpheus is everyone buy into that gimmick, its waste of time and money that could be use on making awesome AAA Games that can make the gamers feel Super Wow.

    Wearing that Project Morpheus gimmick on your head will hurt overtime and might damage your eyes sense your looking into OLED Screen for most gamers would spent hours using it. No 3rd party support not good buy unless 1st party will be making alot of good games to work with it.

    If you think Project Morpheus is worth it then try to convince me on the headsets then. If convince good i might buy it day one or not.

  • Jose, they spent a majority of the podcast trying to explain how it works precisely for people like you, maybe you should try listening before you run your mouth. It’s immersive 3D with head tracking, exactly like your own eyeballs in real life, Morpheus mimics your own real life perception but transports you to another world. Nothing since VR can or has ever done that before. Comparing 2D AAA games to VR is like comparing driving to sky diving, they’re completely different perspectives and experiences.
    It’s as if Sony is trying to tell us the world is round but all you people stuck in your 2D mindset still think the world is flat because you simply don’t understand the tech. In a few years time we’ll all look back at you the same way we look back at those who thought the world was flat, because your 2D gaming world literally is flat compared to what Morpheus has to offer.

  • Hotline Miami 2 will be excellent. A must own for anyone with a Vita.

  • Love the blogcast. I just wanted to take the time to thank you guys for putting it up on soundcloud instead of making me use that bloatware itunes.

  • The only thing I see as a flaw is that it doesn’t work on all games if it did I would get it was right then and there

  • I couldn’t think of anything funny or creative to say this week so I’ll just say…

    “Good show gentlemen.”

  • Well… I guess I could say to just ignore the naysayers. Project Morpheus sounds awesome. I hope to try it someday.

    Skeptics are usually closed-minded and unwilling to accept new/different things. You can talk til you’re blue in the face, but like you said… without trying it firsthand, how could one possibly know what it’s like? According to you, words don’t do it justice.

    I live by this belief for everything though. I try to be open-minded about everything within reason and always try new things before I judge them. That’s the only way to be, imo.

  • As someone who suffers from migraine headaches from time to time there is no way I would want to use a VR headset. I hope it does well but it still baffles me how people are excited about Morpheus. Move, Wonderbook, Vita, and PS TV tell me all I need to know about Sony’s new ideas. If people get burned by another piece of expensive equipment they have no one to blame but themselves.

  • I love my Vita. Also it has some awesome exclusives on it. My wife has three of the five Wonderbook games, but that was not expensive. $30.00 at launch for the game and the initial device. Plus PS4 could use it as well, though doubtful. Move I will agree with. Sony could do a lot more with since the controllers still work. Microsoft tries to force connect though with some horrible games, but it is still getting games.

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