MLB 15 The Show Goes to Spring Training

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MLB 15 The Show Goes to Spring Training

As the winter snow melts and we turn towards spring, baseball fans across the world are making their annual pilgrimage to Arizona and Florida for Spring Training. This year the team at MLB 15 The Show reported, too.

We drove the MLB 15 The Show Bus to the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues in order to show off this year’s game to six of our favorite players: Yasiel “Wild Horse” Puig, Hunter “Captain Underpants” Pence, Eric “The Hos” Hosmer, Russell “The Muscle” Martin, Andrew “Cutch” McCutchen, and Adam “Stay Hungry” Jones.

These guys had the time of their life picking up the sticks and seeing why baseball is better in MLB 15 The Show thanks to enhanced visuals, their favorite legends, licensed equipment, and Year-to-Year Saves.

It was amazing to watch players training for a long season become so excited to play this year’s game.

Which is why we can’t wait to show you all the great moments, baseball insights, and MLB 15 The Show gameplay we captured. We’ve got a whole lineup of amazing content that will be coming your way until our game launch on March 31st, but for now, check out the trailer batting in the leadoff spot:

With such great athletes and so many game-changing features added this year, make sure you follow MLB The Show on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to ensure you catch every piece of content.

And don’t forget everyone’s essential Spring Training ritual: pre-ordering The Show. Pick up the 10th Anniversary Edition — while supplies last (Physical/Digital) or Standard Edition (Physical/Digital) of MLB 15 The Show for PS4 to ensure you receive your DualShock 4 skin from Skinnit and — if you pre-order from GameStop — your bonus 6 item packs.

Also be sure to check out all the archived MLB 15 The Show Developer Twitch Streams and be sure to follow the channel for updates on more live streams as we near launch.

We here at PlayStation couldn’t be more excited that baseball is back. Play ball!

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  • We need some Vita pre-order love. C’mon you guys can do it !

  • @2 There are pre-orders at retail, it’s just that there are only digital codes.

  • Im feeling the vibe!

  • People, for the love of gaming, STOP supporting these yearly franchises! It’s 2015 and they still use an old engine. And despite what we’re told, they do NOT make the best game they can. If they did they wouldn’t be able to sell new ones every year. There are always issues and a lack of features because the devs always need something they can improve upon for the next installment. Wouldn’t you be happy to go a couple years without a “new” MLB if it meant we’d truly get the best game possible, with solid online, all the features and modes you want and visuals that really take full advantage of the PS4 hardware?
    Remember how incredible Fight Night: Champion was? That game received much needed time and passion and we received something great and different that blew away previous installments. MLB: The Show could be that if you’d stop buying it and force the series to be reevaluated.

  • quick question for franchise mode, since we are going to get “general manager contracts” will we still be able to control multiple teams in franchise mode?

  • Spring? Its 9F outside!

  • Heck yeah

  • 4. pop a midol sweetie.

  • @2 see there is not reason for develipers to stop making yearly games, and there is not reason for gamers not to support them. if your looking for a game changing content for yearly sports games, dont buy them evey year, I for one am a very big fan of these games. I however do not buy every year that comes out, because i dont want them to feel like i have bought the same game twice. how ever in the develipers defence the games do come out with new features every year and they change the way the game feels every game, and as I understand why you feel that much does not change in the games. if you simply wait a few years befor buying another installment then you will see more of a change. is a much easier cheaper way to play sports games. buy a year wait a year.

  • @8 – So, when you disagree with someone, you like to insult women? Interesting.

  • @9 – I understand what you’re saying, but that was only part of my point.
    Think of the backlash that developers receive for rushed games. When we pay $60 for it, we expect it to be as perfect as possible. So why shouldn’t we expect the same from MLB? Like I said: Every year, people complain about problems with the game. Some things don’t work as well as they should. Or people ask why a certain mode isn’t in the new game when it was in the last game. Only possible answers are: 1 – There wasn’t enough time to work on it because it is a yearly franchise, or 2 – They don’t want to give people everything they want in one game and not be able to sell future installments. Standards are set very low with these games because that makes it easy to improve each year. If they spent 3 years making a game, not only would we see drastically better visuals, but animations would be tighter, online would be smoother, every mode and feature you ever wanted could be included, physics would be polished, key things like batting – which people are complaining about being unintuitive – could be exactly where it should be. As long as these games sell well every year, we will never get the BEST MLB possible.

  • Can’t Wait!

  • 10. you’re stupid burns like that of a thousand suns.

  • your* thank you auto correct.

  • @11 i get what you mean, but under your logic then games that had meny years for develipment would mean that we get the best game as they can produce right? what about games that have been in develepment for years, IE destany. I know that game has been under develipment for at least the last 5 years, but that game as fun as it is, is simply not finished. the full game has been released and there is meny problems with it. and in about 8 hours you can compleate the story mode. then all you have left is grinding the same levels over and over again. so there really is no differrence if you develip a game for a year or a few years.

  • @15 – So many ways to answer that. No, time alone does not make a game great, but it is a requirement. Destiny is the biggest cash-grab in history. Bungie is not a great developer. They are far more about money than doing something creative that they are passionate about (perfect for M$), and all they do is create yearly games (Halo, in case you didn’t know), and because Halo is their big game, I don’t believe they ever wanted Destiny to outshine it. Just like how DICE made a HORRIBLE multiplayer for Medal of Honor (2010), because they were also working on BF3. But Destiny/Bungie is just one example. A lot of development time doesn’t guarantee that a game will be good, but when a new MLB game has to come out every year on a certain date, nothing about it is going to be the best. They just pull all their existing stuff from the last game – engine, modes, menus, physics etc.. – and slightly tweak some things. It’s basically just a more polished clone of the previous game and it doesn’t take much time. You’ll never hear them say they delayed the release because they wanted to deliver the best game possible. No. They want to sell it and start on MLB 16.

  • If you want to see where time does great things, look at the Metal Gear games. Look at the Gran Turismo series. GT spends so much time in development because Kaz is SO passionate about what he does and he wants those games to be PERFECT and authentic as possible. To satisfy customer demands, he released GT5 and GT6 in unfinished states, but PD kept working on the games for years after to finish delivering everything, and they never charged us for core updates. A game like MLB is huge. There is so much that goes into making those games complete and it’s absolutely impossible to build from scratch and have it ready in 1 year. It’s a cash-grab, just like Destiny. As long as people keep spending millions on it, it’s never going to change. Same as Call of Doody, Assassin’s Creed, NBA games etc..
    Unfortunately the same is happening with Uncharted. Everyone was SO blown away by 1 and 2 that even though 3 was horrible they still believed it was amazing and believe that UC4 will be too. I hope it will be, but eh… Uncharted is just our Halo now.

  • I get the point of games only improving little features here and there but if it’s that big of a deal quit buying games and find another hobby… I for one love the show to me the best sports game on PlayStation.

  • @18 – It is a very big deal and certainly not a matter of opinion. There are very big problems with the gaming industry right now. The same problems that led to its complete crash in the past. The same thing needs to happen again so the real talent can separate from the companies that care only about quantity over quality. Ironically, you would argue for these terrible practices when, if you truly cared about gaming, you would stop supporting this franchise and all others that suffer the same treatment, because they know modern “gamers” are suckers who don’t know what else to do to occupy their time. If you have ever complained about Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed or any other yearly franchise, you are biased and a hypocrite and you have no business addressing me.

  • The only problem with your thoughts is that if you don’t support the game you love, they will go away. i for one am a huge fan on Saints Row, but even though the game is very popular they my never make another one, THQ is no longer a company. they came out with some really amazing games, but they made poor decisions when they got to popular. because they made poor decisions with there games and they did not capitalize when they had a good franchise they did not survive the full life of your some of your favorite games. that is just one of many gaming companys that did not support there fans or fallow the trends and listen to there consumers. I can honistly say that out of all the different gaming genre out there sports games have always kept up with there fans demands. they have out lived all other game brands out there for a reason. there vastly popular, they move the gaming industry along, and they have come up with some of the best games out there.

  • They use there own Physics engines, because most of these games are simulations games, and if you know anything about simulation games they have to be as real as possible, most of them have to have to life graphics so they have to put in every player on every team rendered to life like graphics. that’s some 1,000+ players in some cases. That’s a lot of work, not to mention there stats for every year. yes they recycle a lot of there work, but to the scale that some of these games that go like GT do this over the process of 5 or more years, and they are always working on new stuff in the background. new features when they are finished are put on the next game to push sales, but there projects are always going, they make the next game and move on, yes this is true, and they only come out with a little at a time, how ever the work they put into there games is better then some of the games that come out a few years at a time. they have to keep up with there sport, fans expect to have one game for every year due to roster reasons, they fallow one team or one player and they buy these games to play as there favorite player.

  • you and I play games to be the hero, that’s a given we are core gamers. we play games because there fun, and its what we love to do. most the people that support these games yearly release only play these games, and wont for the most part play anything else. I get your frustrated with these games because they never seem to move anywhere when it comes to progression of there game play, but they are still good games none the less, they are a lot better then most the games that have been released. and there a hell of a lot better then almost all of the other yearly release titles. but they have there limitations. as you should always hold developers accountable for there actions and support the games that make good games. you should not judge the entire community due to what they love to do, you and I are a small group of people that game for games sake.

  • as the popularity of games have made is a media cash cow, it has always shown that we can still get good games out of these multi billion dollar companys. they know deep down to make more money they need to make us happy. so they have to look at what is making us happy and make assumptions to see what works and what doesn’t. With the new console release they dont know what is expected of them, the new releases of indie games that are blowing peoples socks off, and the ever increasing complications from new technology. gaming is in chaos, but a lot of the weak will phased out for what is fun. so the gaming industry will work its self out. it always does, we lived through the ET incident. if its not good then it will be gone. but if its fun then we should support it, because we like them.

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