Wasteland 2 Game of the Year Edition Coming to PS4

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Wasteland 2 Game of the Year Edition Coming to PS4

Wasteland 2: Game of the Year Edition

Ever dreamed of being a Desert Ranger? Soon enough, that will become a reality. We’re excited to announce we’re bringing our crowdfunded RPG Wasteland 2 to PS4, after an award-winning debut on PC. With Wasteland 2 Game of the Year Edition, we’re eager to open up the wastes to an even bigger crowd, along with tons of enhancements and improvements.

So what is Wasteland 2?

In this hardcore RPG, you take control of a squad of four Desert Rangers — plus any followers you pick up along the way — to keep peace in the post-apocalyptic Arizona desert. But a larger threat looms on the horizon, and it will fall to your team to deal with it… or die trying.

You may have heard of the original Wasteland, which dates back to 1988, and is the inspiration behind the Fallout series and the godfather of post-apocalyptic games. With the help of over 70,000 fans, we’ve delivered a sequel that’s been able to benefit from 25 years of innovations, taking the deep character building, engrossing game world, branching story and reactivity from games like Fallout, and tactical turn-based combat in the vein of XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Wasteland 2: Game of the Year Edition

More than anything, our focus is on reactivity. We crafted a game that truly reacts to your choices. Save someone from overgrown mutant honey badgers? Break into someone’s trunk of supplies? Shoot some punk in the street and deliver some “wasteland justice”? The game accounts for your choices and reacts accordingly, and no two experiences will be alike. The fate of the wasteland is in your hands, and the outcomes aren’t black and white.

For the Game of the Year Edition, we’ve ported Wasteland 2 to Unity 5, the latest version of this highly versatile game engine, which has let us overhaul the game with some new visual effects, improved character models, upgraded environments, and Unity 5’s physically based shading to get more realistic lighting and shadowing. This is all something we wouldn’t have been able to do on the previous generation of tech.

Wasteland 2: Game of the Year Edition

We are also not afraid of a rich narrative and memorable characters. Wasteland 2 is full of interesting and quirky personalities to interact with, logbooks and lore items to uncover, and detailed descriptions of the environments you’re exploring. We’ve even managed to go back and add new voiceover for key characters and story moments. We want the wasteland to be a place you really feel immersed in, and that goes beyond just graphics.

Of course, that’s all great, but how does it play? In this new edition, we’re beefing up our existing gameplay and adding some new features. You’ll be able to customize your squad even more with our new Perks and Quirks (traits) to add unique bonuses and characteristics. Our new Precision Strike (aimed shots) system will let you target individual body parts to cripple or stun enemies, or shatter their armor so you can mop them up, giving you even more options in combat. And you’ll need those options, because we’ve been hard at work hand-crafting each battle you’ll find yourself in.

Wasteland 2: Game of the Year Edition

With Wasteland 2, it was our goal to deliver our fans a game they wanted, and we were honored by PC World’s Game of the Year endorsement along with all the other accolades we received. With the Game of the Year Edition, we are totally thrilled to be able to bring that same hardcore gameplay to the PlayStation crowd in a bigger and better way this late summer 2015.

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3 Author Replies

  • Unity 5 truly is a versatile engine, so versatile that even runs on some obscure handheld everyone tries to pretend never happened!

  • Great game. I was in on the Kickstarter and played this extensively on PC. I will add that if you have NOT played Wasteland 1, do not let it deter you. This is a fantastic, DEEP, western RPG. I’m happy that it’s getting a wider release, because it certainly deserves your attention.

  • So glad this is coming to a platform I own, I’ll be able to play it at last. Thx!!

  • I’m a backer and I have the game on Steam. I am willing to “double-dip” as it were, but only if the PS4 version supports mouse/keyboard. I have a mouse/keyboard for FFXIV and it works great. I’d really like more games that use it as an input device. And since the game is primarily a PC game, it should be a perfect fit.

  • I don´t have a gaming computer and was sad that I couldn´t play this game, awesome news!

  • Suhweet! Thanks for the great news! Day 1! Woot!

  • Whew! Thought that this was going to be an XBone exclusive.

  • Gosh, I love all these isometric 2D games that have been dropping!

  • Sick of old games for my ps4…why would I want to play classics

  • ^ “Classics?” This game came out last year …

  • Awesome news!

    Any chance for a Vita version? i would seriously name my first child Wasteland 2 if a Vita version happens.

  • Word word word this is awesome this game runs like hell on my old PC. More stuff on unity 5 woot

  • Backed this on Kickstarter but never got around to playing it on PC. Now I’ll wait and play it on PS4….

    Also now let’s hear about how Elite:Dangerous is coming to PS4. Don’t let MS keep that one as an exclusive!

  • This eases the pain after finding out Gone Home isn’t coming to PS4 anymore (unless Sony steps in hint hint). ;)

  • Turn based combat :/ I’ll wait for a major sell not because it doesn’t look awesome, but because turn based combat always leaves me wanting.

  • 1st post drops the HARD TRUTH. :) Still, it’s great to see such a PC-centric IP enter the console space.

  • You lost me at Xcom.

  • Wow…. As a HUGE Fan of this game (and the teams past works) I can’t thank you enough for bringing this here. I may double dip on this.

    This game is amazing! If you never played it’s rpg bliss! Done in the classic style with modern elements. Game is filled with depth that you won’t find in other “Graphics first” rpgs.

  • You had me at Xcom.

  • Day one.

  • If I recall the team behind this also made the first two Fallout games. I have them on Steam and modded to modern standards just waiting to be played. I’ll get this too.

    • Brian Fargo is the creator of Wasteland as well as the producer behind the original two Fallout games (he used to run Interplay back in the 90s). Wasteland 1 served as the spiritual predecessor to the Fallout series, and some of the original Wasteland team was also involved in Wasteland 2’s creative direction. We’d like to think we are taking the best features and ideas from both game series.

  • I back the game on Kickstarter and got my deluxe boxed copy just a month or two ago. I’m so psyched that the games I back are coming to PlayStation!

    what PS4 l-specific features will you be leveraging? touchpad, light bar, motion controls, … ?

    will the original Wasteland be made available as well? I’d love to have that on my Vita.

  • If you put trophies in (with a platinum)… Sold. Again. :)

  • PS Plus title? Day 1 buy if not. Can’t wait.

  • Crazy! Thanks for all the support! We’re really happy we can share Wasteland 2 with you guys.

  • Great news! Looking forward to it.

  • I have a solid PC, but I am glad I can now download this on my PS4. I guess this game will be $20 or more at launch?

  • I love how the PS4 is helping bridge the gap between Steam and consoles. I’m looking forward to this one!

  • This game has Vita written all over it. It needs to come to Vita. I have a PS4 but would prefer this on Vita. Not Remote play but a full stand alone edition that I can bring with me anywhere that I go.

  • If this came out for the VITA?! I think my brain would melt from sheer joy. Even more than if X-COM had been logically ported to the VITA. It’s so awesome it’ll never happen.

  • PS Vita version plss….

  • I Will definitely be looking forward to this. I played part one years ago and hopefully this will bring me joy and stave off boredom. Thank you SCEA.

  • Supported it once & QUITE pleased, will support again simply to see the differences between PC/Steam version I console one.

  • Nice to see some RPG love for the PS4. I’ve never played this one, but look forward to doing so. Kudos.

  • Please tell me there is no weapon degradation? I hope not. If so, I’m all over this lol

  • The Good News? Wasteland 2 (AKA How-Fallout-3-Should-Have-Been) is THE BEST ISOMETRIC RPG OF THE LAST DECADE, and one of the best RPGs of All Time.
    This Masterpiece’s arrival to consoles is like the 2nd coming of Christ. So…AWESOME news!!

    The Bad News? This game WILL -probably- FAIL. Badly.
    For 2 simple reasons:
    1) Console gamers think a piece of garbage like The Elder Scrolls: Falllout 3 is a “good” game. So that’s the kind of “target audience” inXile has over here. Just take a look at #9’s comment. Nuff said.
    2) This game NEEDS to be played with a Keyboard+Mouse combo. MANDATORY. Porting this to PS4 “adapting” controls to a Dual Shock 4 will be an EPIC FAIL.
    As horrendous as Blizzard trying to force us to play StarCraft 2 with a DS4. So if you don’t throw the DS4 to the trash and do a *MANDATORY* K+M control scheme…you will be BUTCHERING the game. And that, my friends, would be like spray painting over La Gioconda (AKA Mona Lisa…you know, that “doodle” from some guy named Leo Da Vinci?). So PLEASE don’t do it.

  • So…we’ll see what happens when this hits the shelves. For now…just THANK YOU, inXile. =)

    Oh, and BTW… @ Mr. Eric Schwarz: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SUPPORT VAN BUREN’S DEVELOPMENT!! We, the TRUE FO Fans DESERVE ITS RETURN! Please give Brian all the support he needs to make that miracle happen. Please.
    You guys are contributing to the resurrection of THE BEST RPG FRANCHISE OF ALL TIME and you’re correcting Interplay’s sad mistake of not giving it to Obsidian instead of you-know-who. So THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for that and please keep doing this…history has a special place for Heroes (too much? =P) like you. ;)

    I know you’re not on that boat anymore…but thanks for keeping faithful to the “By Gamers, For Gamers” motto. We needed that in the RPG Realm. ^_^

  • Wow, seriously? Is this real?

    Damn, I’ll buy it as soon as it comes out. I loved the first 2 Fallout games and I always wanted to play Wasteland.

    Thank you!

  • Aw man, this is some happy news! I’ve been wanting to play this, but doubt my laptop could handle it.

    @37 you do realize that Fallout only happened because Brian Fargo couldn’t get the rights to the original wasteland, right? So Wasteland 2 is the continuation of your beloved franchise in the manner you desire.

  • @37 and you are so mistaken; Fallout 3 is a good game, rightly considered so by millions and a majority of gaming websites. No, it’s not the successor many Fallout fans were wanting, but it stands fine on it’s own.

  • Poopookakabumbum

    Is this going to have a physical release or will it be digital only?

    I don’t do digital.

    • We’ll have more news going forward on exact release formats and details – a bit too early right now to comment.

  • I love that this is coming to PS4. I was a backer and got my Collector’s Edition but I never was able to get the time to play it. I am super excited because I will buy this again on PS4 and I will play it there.

    Can’t wait InXile and keep up the great work!!

  • With this and ESO, might be time for me to get a PS4.

  • Day one buy for me. Hopefully it does well enough that inXile eventually brings Torment over, as well. Hell, maybe it could spark a bunch of “CRPGs” coming to console. Here’s to hoping.

  • Hey Eric, please put ALL future inXile games on PS4, especially Bard’s Tale IV. I will buy them at a HIGH PRICE!

    Even though I already Kickstarted Wasteland 2 boxed copy and will do the same for Bard’s Tale, I just can’t get myself to really play PC games anymore. Console is where its at for me!

  • As someone that has played original Fallout and Fallout 2, and even Fallout Tactics, I am very open to playing a game like Wasteland 2, especially as it is made in that inspiration but also benefiting from decades of innovations since.

    Expect one purchase from me when this game becomes available on PS4 (sorry, I can’t play on PC cause I just don’t like the interface nor burdens of having and maintaining the right PC hardware config).

  • Could this mean a Torment:Tides of Numenera conversion too down the road?

    More people need to know the wonder that is Numenera (and Monte Cook)

  • OH my god i am so so so so so excited i actually jumped for joy when i seen this thank you sooooo much…

  • @39: Umm… YEAH, I know that. I SAID IT IN MY 1ST COMMENT. So…what’s your point? o.O

    @40: Well… you think that piece of garbage is a “good game”. I think it’s a PATHETIC piece of junk and that Bethesda desecrated one of the Best Franchises of All Time. -_-
    So… you’re entitled to your opinion…and so do I. Ain’t Democracy great? =)

    @46: Actually…it’s the other way around, bro: it’s Fallout the one “made in inspiration” of Wasteland. The 2 franchises were made by the same people though, so it’s not a “who rip-off who” kind of situation. ;)

  • Another title wasted on the PS4.

    Vita could use more, and it is better suited for this.

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